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  1. The current concert scene in Canberra includes Bananarama, Suzi Quatro and Leo Sayer. Paul McCartney would fit right in.
  2. Copa

    NRL live stream

    Yes, you have to sign up (I think). It’s free.
  3. Copa

    NRL live stream

    I clicked my fingers and tapped the screen, Fonze style.
  4. Copa

    NRL live stream

    It’s now working..
  5. Copa

    NRL live stream

    The NRL App
  6. Copa

    NRL live stream

    I got this on the app
  7. Copa

    Female pundits

    Ladies Who League podcast
  8. Copa

    PNG players in the UK

    If they were Aussies they would be. Here’s the flyer for the representative Papua v New Guinea match (look at those surnames) and a team photo from a different year..
  9. Copa

    PNG players in the UK

    In some old RL photos of PNG RL there are a few white faces floating around in playing gear. There’s bound to be the occasional expat playing at some point.
  10. Copa

    PNG players in the UK

    Had there ever been a UK player in a PNG competition?
  11. Copa

    Irish Rugby League

    16 fully pro clubs in the top league all playing in front of 30k plus crowds.
  12. He’s Australian. He ate Weet-bix. 😀
  13. Copa

    Well done Sri Lanka

    There are a few prisoners I’d rather see dead however the risk of an innocent person being sentenced to death is too high. In Canberra, after a retrial, a guy was recently found not guilty of murdering a senior police officer 30 years ago. He spent 20 years in jail for it.