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  1. That’s a real surprise to me. I always thought England had a much better set up. Anyway , congrats Cook Islands
  2. At my local cinema every seat is a leather (probably fake leather) recliner with heaps of legroom.
  3. Lebanese press. Also in print edition
  4. Languages

    Indonesian and English. Indonesian is great as it has no tenses, it does not have grammatical gender and rarely uses plurals. Yet it all works perfectly. It does, however, have a system of affixes that can give a root word 15 plus different meanings depending on the affixes used. Indonesia is so different and contains 100s of different cultures. With my language skills I’ve been able to travel off the tourist trail and have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life there. I’d love to learn Auslan (Australian sign language) but I’d struggle to maintain it with my current lifestyle.
  5. Lo & Behold!

    Great looking stadium in the background! 👍
  6. I’ve been blocked by multiple people so can’t see the angry ones anymore. :-) My favourite post from the night though is this (it’s not me) due to its “you’ve got to be kidding” feel. Italian ambassador also claimed to be working with RLIF.
  7. Some people associated with the group that played in Pakistan seem to be quite annoyed online now after fans started bringing information to people in Pakistan.
  8. I tried to buy great seats for the Super League game in Wollongong next year but they refused to sell prime seating for kids. Adult prices only in the good area.
  9. International rugby league fans are moving into Twitter now with a range of targets in Pakistan. Just remain polite, positive and informative and no ranting.
  10. Others have given him all the links and details. Pakistan might not want to deal with a “rebel” body if hosting a major event. They could be made to look foolish when they actually want to improve their international image.
  11. Somebody, not me, asked the Italian ambassador to Pakistan this on Twitter. I wonder if they’ve only started working with them after the match?
  12. Bought myself a chip butty while drunk in Carlisle and it was fried carbohydrates mixed with baked carbohydrates. Not healthy and if I ate a lot of them I’d probably get bowel cancer and all sorts of other ailments but boy was it tasty!
  13. Does an English team have to be involved? I mean England A/Knight etc won’t bring in extra fans will they?
  14. Obituary thread 2017

    Charles Manson (83) That’s the end of an era right there.