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  1. From little things big things grow.. http://www.georginagriffinsrlfc.ca/
  2. Not really. An old building, albeit a significant one, was destroyed. That’s all. Fortunately it appears nobody was killed and in the modern age all of its symbols, architecture and artworks have been recorded. It’s good to see them in real life but everything is destroyed eventually.
  3. Bateman’s hard head inflicted some pain on Blake Ferguson last night..
  4. I’m impressed he knows the local term for Cronulla’s territory.. ”"A place like Adelaide has got to woo one of these Sydney clubs over. As an individual club you might say, ‘we are safe in the Shire, we have got our fan base, we have been here for so long, why should we move'.”
  5. Championship clubs are not banned from attracting rich investors or from building more income streams in order to compete. Complaining about increased competition in a sport as adversarial as RL doesn’t make sense.
  6. It’s strange isn’t it? Some people out there with almost no understanding of left v right ideologies have gone and totally redefined what it means to be on the left or right. They’ve ascribed, seemingly at random, all sorts of philosophies and world views to different positions on the left v right spectrum. They are impossible to debate with either because they define the fundamentals of left v right very differently to the traditional sense.
  7. Any ambitious small club would absolutely love to have decent international exposure and TV coverage. It’s a huge step up from a column in the local paper.
  8. If they aren’t allowed into SL, it’ll do wonders for the championship. International TV coverage, international teams and travel. A lower level SL team may look forward to relegation.
  9. I get the feeling they have an approach of go large or go home. What if it doesn’t go large in season 1? Both Toronto and Ottawa seem to be run on a sensible initial scale.
  10. Someone needs to see if Israel Folau is feeling right. On one level his behaviour is bizarre. If he’s ok and he’s using vulnerable and confused young people as a cynical tool to get out of a contract then he’ll go down in history as one of the biggest ##### Australian sport has ever known. If he’s just expressing his genuinely held religious belief he needs to understand that because his beliefs are based on religion it doesn’t make them sacred and deserving of a special category of public announcement. He needs to understand that vulnerable and confused young people can commit self harm when high profile people rant like this. The vulnerable need to be helped not threatened with some bizarre punishment. The ARU clearly wants all parts of society to feel comfortable in the Union family.
  11. That doesn’t seem to stop him. The NRL won’t touch him.
  12. I’ve never been to an away game in my life. If the NRL built a model that depended on away fans it’d go broke.
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