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  1. Copa

    Knights Tour of PNG

    This is the official Australian government advice for travelers to PNG.
  2. Copa

    cronulla v brisbane

    You just can’t ignore fans of the Bye Team
  3. Copa

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    While I wish Australia all the best and hope they win at least one match, I’ll be watching the NRL instead of their match against France.
  4. Copa

    Dewsbury Rams @den

    I’ve never seen that here in Canberra for NRL games. Counting tackles in your head becomes second nature. Just watch out for the “6 more tackles” and “last tackle” hand signals. I suppose a tackle count on the screen could be helpful for newbies though.
  5. Copa

    2019 NRL Kick Off

    If you want to make a crowd of brits and Australians realise how culturally similar they are, bring Americans into the room.
  6. Copa

    2019 NRL Kick Off

    Bunnies, Melbourne and Brisbane in the mix. Most likely in California
  7. Copa

    2019 NRL Kick Off

    It’s only helpful if it’s supported by a proper plan or it will have the same influence as the State Of Origin that was played there ages ago.
  8. Copa

    2019 NRL Kick Off

    This is an unusual thing for the official NRL media to say as they’d know the real situation. “Multiple media reports say the game is set to be played in the US, with planning already underway to make it a reality.”
  9. Copa

    London Broncos Game

    Do they use ball boys/girls in Toronto to run the sidelines retrieving and giving the balls to the players?
  10. Huge numbers of NRL fans enjoy the Warriors and want them in the competition. To suggest otherwise is to reveal personal prejudices.
  11. It’s the perfect kind of rugby!
  12. I don’t think that’s hard to do. They probably just pay the fee and up it goes
  13. Copa

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Why is he doing that with everyone walking slowly in the background?
  14. Yes
  15. Lifted off Twitter. This is in PNG