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  1. Copa

    Park Run

    I did 10k in 44 minutes a few years ago but really bad plantar fasciitis put an end to my running. I still really miss it and wonder if I should sign up to my local park run but I’m worried the pain will return.
  2. Actually I suspect the populations of some states would not be too concerned. WA has historically been handed a significant amount of money raised in eastern states (esp NSW and Victoria) because they have a less diverse economy. Since WA started digging holes in the ground everywhere they have had to send some money back over east and they complain bitterly about it. In the long run; however, WA will be a drain on the east as they don’t have the sustained economic diversity and strength of NSW and Victoria. They are also so far away the cultural and family links aren’t as strong as it is along the eastern seaboard. anyway.... I digress so I won’t mention WA again.
  3. Copa

    Dear Diary

    I’m not sure but I’m seriously considering it. It just looks really hard with a lot of falls between starting and competence. My partner said something (all in good humour) along the lines of “ha ha! You already have a ukulele and now you want a unicycle. Where is this heading?”
  4. Copa

    Dear Diary

    My son’s friend rides a unicycle to school and has been teaching my son how to ride it before school starts. This has been going on for a few months. I recently bought my son a unicycle and he now charges around the neighbourhood and elsewhere looking like a circus act. He is begging me to buy another unicycle because he really wants to go unicycling with me. The task looks impossible but my son REALLY wants to do this with me. I’ve sent off an email to a major online unicycle store requesting suggestions for a model suitable for a guy my height and weight.... I’m still not sure though. It’s really testing my commitment to being a great parent! This is a scenario I never anticipated..
  5. Copa

    Clubs' Websites

    I know it might be obvious but I’d like details about the next game to be right at the top of a home page.
  6. Copa

    Jamaica v USA live now

    Yes, but they have a longer more convoluted path now. They’ll also have to be able to travel as a group to play against teams from Middle East/Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.
  7. I know. Our political structures are quite different. However, I was suggesting some may feel threatened by the supranational feel to many aspects of the EU and its impact on national sovereignty.
  8. Federation of States indeed. I suspect that type of comparison with the UK and the EU is what some feel threatened by. I’d love for Western Australia to leave! But like I said above, you’ve had decades to develop a politically palatable way to engage with Europe and have either totally failed or simply being part of the EU will never be politically palatable by enough people. Those who want to remain should have been listening to those raising issues (be that rational or irrational), acknowledge those issues and make changes, but no, that didn’t happen to a sufficient degree. I suspect many were showered with a sh*t storm of sneering condescension instead. If you ever rejoin the EU you’ll have to do it on terms that don’t cause too much political unrest.
  9. ASEAN is nothing like the EU, there’s no ASEAN courts, politicians, free movement of people either. Australia also isn’t a member of ASEAN. The EU is a type of supranational government compared to many other blocs around the world. These are the principles of ASEAN “Mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity, and national identity of all nations; The right of every State to lead its national existence free from external interference, subversion or coercion; Non-interference in the internal affairs of one another; Settlement of differences or disputes by peaceful manner; Renunciation of the threat or use of force; and Effective cooperation among themselves.”
  10. It’s possible to thrive in or out of the EU but after decades within the EU the UK was not able to develop and maintain a politically palatable way to engage with the EU. If it was possible to rejoin after a few years you’d have to do it very differently or the same brexit issues will surface again and again.
  11. I can tell you it’s possible to thrive outside of an EU style group. Thrive very well indeed.
  12. Now they are in a WC I suspect a lot more pro or semi pro players with Jamaican heritage will want to join the team. I hope they maintain some domestic players.
  13. Having lived most of my life in a rich country outside of an EU style block the absolute hysteria coming from some is bewildering. You’ve had decades to come up with a politically palatable way of engaging with Europe and have failed to do so. Now you’re leaving and just have to get on with it. You’ll be fine ...... eventually! 😀
  14. Copa

    Jamaica v USA live now

    Great to see rugby league grow! How do Jamaicans view expats and heritage athletes in other sports? Are they like people from the Pacific islands who have strong favourable views or do they see them as foreigners?
  15. Copa

    9s World Championship

    If it’s really successful tv will demand more.