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  2. Looks like all the players are closely related.
  3. Chinese backers for an NRL club? I wasn’t expecting that.
  4. Seems capable.... I guess those in the uk would know more about him.
  11. It clear that the editors of the Betoota Advocate are from rugby league country... they seem to have quite a few rugby league articles. I’ll put some in this thread.
  12. Figure 1: Mr Onoda, Japanese soldier, being led out of the jungle in the Philippines in 1974 when he realised WW2 was over. He managed to kill over 30 locals after WW2. It’s believed he went on to live in NSW where, in his later days, gave advice to all those angry about the Super League war on how to maintain the rage.
  13. On this weekend. Joel Monaghan and other former NRL players will be involved.
  14. Playing at a higher level

    Being more athletic than your opponent is a great start. At the lower levels a solid fitness and appropriate strength regime can make you stand out more easily than at the higher levels where everyone is working hard (they should be anyway) on their strength and fitness.
  15. Goodness, it took me a few minutes to work out his joke.