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  1. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Is there a Cornish word for rugby league?
  2. Toronto

    No surprises re Dave Taylor. I guess he can go back to pulling beers in Queanbeyan.
  3. To keep the first team fresh for the NRL.
  4. No. If it happened I’d hope the Raiders sent a junior team for developmental purposes.
  5. The Revolutionary Code

    There’s nothing right or left wing about overcoming racism. It’s an appeal to everyone.
  6. They’ll offer TV blackouts.
  7. WCC Scheduling

    What Australian channel is Melbourne v Leeds on?
  8. That might be locked up under previous deals or could be announced later. I don’t know. However if a sleeve deal brings in one of their biggest deals ever the future is looking good.
  9. The thread that keeps on giving..
  10. Well done! That’s over AUD$1 million or £690k That gets them on the sleeve.
  11. Kato Ottio

    It was complications from heat stroke
  12. Kato Ottio

    He only took up rugby league a couple of years ago. His PNG team mates and community have, naturally, taken it hard. So sad.
  13. I think a generation after people stop throwing bananas at black people is a good time for that advertisement. People might then think it’s just cute.