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  1. I'd definitely attend.
  2. Daily Telegraph in Sydney is reporting plans are underway for Wigan V Hull FC at Wollongong's WIN stadium on 9 February 2018. It will be an official Super League match - round 1
  3. But it's all on Foxtel and Australia has very low uptake of pay tv. Super League also does not broadcast every game so following a super league team is almost impossible from Australia.
  4. I don't think it moves any merchandise for Wigan in Australia though. Turning awareness into money is another matter altogether.
  5. Ha ha! It helps that Wigan is probably the most famous English rugby league club in Australia. Nearly all Australian fans have heard about Wigan. Significantly less would know about Hull. It's a great opportunity for Hull to leverage Wigan's fame in Australia.
  6. There's speculation Wigan and Hull will also play a Super League match in Sydney.
  7. You've just started another one.
  8. Not true at all. Green Bay Packers have a 50 year waiting list for season tickets regardless of how they perform. NFL and college games get huge crowds regardless of performance. Even my appalling high school American football team in regional small town US got on average 4000 to home games with tv and radio coverage. It was great fun playing there. Matches are turned into events where everyone has a good time. All types of sports are on tv in the US from ultimate frisbee to remote control car racing. The options are unbelievable. Rugby league only needs to find its niche.
  9. One gets the feeling that people fear a Ray Kroc (Perez) vs McDonalds brothers ("don't change too much" northerners) scenario.
  10. The forum has an ignore function in the settings. Quite a few of us use it to block the posts of people who seem to rant endlessly about the same topic on a heap of threads. It works really well.
  11. I should add that while babies aren't disabled they do have mobility issues compared to children and adults. I've only been to one stadium that had a dedicated pram/stroller parking area and it was heavily used and greatly appreciated by the parents using it. It was also undercover and right next to the seating.
  12. At my stadium in Canberra we have lifts for disabled fans, around 30 or so parking spots close to the stadium for them, vacant slots between seats in prime viewing areas to park wheelchairs (carers sit beside them) and dedicated toilets for the disabled.
  13. It's not the money, as the sport is tiny and handouts would be a surprise at this's a lack of official recognition of the sport that can be a handbrake on growth. I'm not sure if the article is accurate or not. I hope it's not bunched in with union.
  14. They need to dust off the Courtney Goodwill Trophy. "3 feet 6 inches (1.1 m) on each side, stands 4 feet (1.2 m) tall and weighs almost 110 pounds"