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  1. Surprised no Simon Brown and who's Ellis Robson?
  2. I'd forgotten but my son mentioned that Bobbie Goulding Jnr played a few games for us.
  3. Having witnessed his performance as a summariser for Channel 5 RU yesterday, think we should be grateful. Complete with stupid hat, his sheer desperation to speak first every time and be the centre of attention was embarrassing. Even his co-presenters were giving him funny looks. Think Wigan have dodged a bullet.
  4. Reckon Finn and Brown will do well together.
  5. Yes I wouldn't get too excited. Not as good as Teanby. He struggled to get any game time when we only had one half back.
  6. Think there should be a sequel for the return game.
  7. Was it just the one game? Remember it though, Oldham thrashing us in the Challenge Cup.
  8. Read on the main forum he has passed away. Remembering him playing a few games for us in the late 1970s(?)
  9. Think Roger had them for breakfast.....with some fava beans and a nice Chianti ?
  10. Luck was on our side for a change today. Morton's second try was off a forward pass, Samy Kibula could easily have got a yellow for his high tackle in the first half, a few bounces of the ball went our way and Fev only stepping up their game in a few spells in the match. But after some bad luck in a few games, we were due some luck.
  11. Great win for Dewsbury after losing leads in the last few minutes to York, Sheffield and Toronto. Few other interesting results, much more competitive league this season.
  12. Thought Luke Hooley was exceptional today, Finn much more involved and great effort from the pack today. Can't say any more but well done to the boys and hopefully some belief and confidence will see us winning a few more.
  13. Made me laugh, let's hope Sunday isn't a horror show....
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