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  1. Seem to remember we were saved a few years ago by Barrow breaching the salary cap? Wasn't it Des Johnston their chairman.
  2. Yes he did score, but it was a simple catch and put down which Adam Ryder made for him. If you want to give him credit for that, it makes him minus two tries. If you've seen the game, you might want to look at Paul Sykes reaction to the first try down his wing.
  3. Because he gave TWP three walk-in tries by not staying on his man. Whilst it didn't affect the result on Saturday, other teams will have spotted this and given Swinton look on the up and Barrow are now just two points behind, not sure we can afford this sort of defensive lapse. If he'd done it once, I wouldn't have posted it.
  4. Do we think LG can coach him to stay on his winger? Watching the replay, he's let in three tries so far.
  5. Getting massacred. But TWP playing very well. Half-strength team nowhere near enough and Rob Worrincy cannot mark to save his life. How can you play 300 games and be unable to mark your man? Oh and having to listen to Phil Clarke's drivel just makes it worse.
  6. You're playing the mighty Rams, of course it's a big game.
  7. As the SL clubs will have to fund their own travel costs, it will be interesting to see what happens. I think that TWP don't get central funding so if the SL clubs get to share the funding of the relegated club it might be okay. If not TWP will need to offer some financial benefit to SL
  8. Not expecting a win but a good performance will build on the couple of wins and get us ready for Barrow. Expect Sykes will be resting his leg this week. Hope the boys enjoy the trip and put in a good performance. I'll be watching on Sky, hope the fans that do go have a good time.
  9. Assuming we can win at Rochdale, then Barrow (H) is a big game, but it only takes a burst of good form, get a couple of wins and we are all in it. But yes, think Rochdale are relegated now. Losing by big scores to Barrow and now us suggests they might not win again this season.......except probably against us!
  10. It will depend on what budget LG has. You need money to build and retain a team. As previous coaches have found, the better players get offered more money elsewhere and move on. And that's assuming we stay up.
  11. Well this is a must win game if ever there was one. Hopefully the team will be on the up after the win over Swinton. And put a marker down to win the away match.
  12. Interesting watch, Lucas Walshaw unlucky to have a try disallowed, didn't see much obstruction but Kyle Trout lucky to score off what the touch judge said was a forward pass. But thin defence from both teams.
  13. Agree about Sam Day's passing, but he did a mountain of defensive work as the Swinton forwards targeted him through the whole game and he played the full 80, ran well and scored a couple of tries. But against better oposition, we can't avoid these simple errors. Ward has one more game of his ban, so will take the pressure off Sam Day.
  14. Well we won and it was good to see Jodie Sherriffe and Toby Richardson playing well. But still littered with errors and penalties. In the last 20 minutes we showed some spirit and well done to Dale Morton for creating two tries. Sam Day turned in a great 80 minutes despite being targeted relentlessly on defence. But even at 38-20 with 12 mins to go I wasn't confident of winning. Hopefully we will be good enough to beat Rochdale next week
  15. Good on Beaumont for sponsoring the Trophy. The complete absence of any reference to the financial side suggests it's very small. And that the RFL can't find a sponsor for a final at Wembley is worrying, but would you want to sponsor a final at an empty stadium?
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