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  1. Halifax predictions :

    Quite right Dogfather. Unless you risk spending huge amounts of money on a gamble of finishing in the top 4, you are stuck in a mid-table fit, too good to get relegated, not good enough for top 4. But my bet is that the funding will change and not for the better for the Championship.
  2. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    Silverback - had you watched the Toronto game you would have seen a much different performance. Batley and Dewsbury are both well-run financially but the disparity in central funds mean we are almost certain to finish 7/8th. The best we can hope for is to pick up the odd surprise win. But that's it and for me that's a poor situation.
  3. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    Batley did well a couple of years ago, but you are 7th, one place above us.
  4. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    If the lying on at the tackle was stopped, it would be a much more fluid game.
  5. The game I love is dying before my eyes.............

    Unfortunately the way the prize money is distributed in the Championship means league positions become a self-fulfilling prophesy as bigger budgets mean you finish higher meaning a bigger budget next season meaning you finish higher....and it also means teams dont commit to the Challenge Cup as they'd rather get knocked out and concentrate on the league.
  6. Halifax predictions :

    We have had a run of games against full time teams and part time teams with far bigger budgets. It's obvious we are missing two props but our kicking game was far inferior to Halifax who also were allowed to slow our PTBs down whilst we failed to do the same to them. We lack composure near the line and don't build any pressure. More pain next week at London before we have a good chance of a win at home to Rochdale.
  7. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Guess most of the Rams team aren't from Dewsbury. I genuinely hope Toronto do make SL, think their best bet will be the Million Pound game this season.
  8. How to redeem offers at Rams v Toronto this Sunday

    Credit to the club, if they had done nothing, the gate would have been lower. And having so many other games locally would have meant hardly any floating supporters.
  9. Toronto predictions and team :

    Just watched the TV Replay and Rowley still saying they scored six tries. A man so full of his own arrogance he can't even count.
  10. Toronto predictions and team :

    Yes time will tell, but to give you a comparison, SL teams who have come for Cup matches with weakened teams usually score 10-12 tries. We should be able to hold you for 60 minutes and then you run away with it in the last 20 minutes. The reason the Toronto players are in the Championship is simply they are not good enough for SL. But you will have a chance in the Million Pound game.
  11. Toronto predictions and team :

    Thought the boys did well today, still could show more compurse on attack near the opposition line, just need to build pressure. But defensively excellent. Spoke briefly to Paul Rowley on my way out. I said his team will have their work cut out in the Middle Eights but he said they'd scored six tries (well actually five!) and he only had 23 fit (full-time professional) players to choose from and when Leigh got promoted they won quite a lot of games by only a few points and all teams raise their game against Toronto. I said we haven't even 23 part-time players to pick from. Thought some of the Toronto players were just not fit enough, yes they won but given a budget I guess 3 or 4 times ours and a full-time squad, it was a poor effort from Toronto. Suspect we will be seeing them again next season.
  12. Rams season Ticket offer for Toronto game

    GDPR legislation comes into force 25th May Tom just so you know.
  13. It's been asked on another thread but can someone from the club explain how it will work. I will be bringing a friend who doesn't watch the Rams and don't want to waste his time on Sunday.
  14. Featherstone Rovers V Dewsbury Rams

    BSJ - why have we seen the last of Gareth Moore?
  15. Dewsbury Rams v Halifax RLFC

    It's off see Twitter