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  1. Wakefield Ram

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    Has grass roots involvement in darts and boxing increased? Involve Barry Hearn in promoting internationals by all means but he's not the man to run the game.
  2. Wakefield Ram

    Toby Adamson on Glenn Morrison

    https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/blog/2018/11/30/toby-adamson-becomes-a-centurion/ Praise for GM, not that he had to say so.
  3. Wakefield Ram

    Can it be true?

    Have we got a scrum half yet?
  4. Wakefield Ram

    Players For 2019

    It was a joke!
  5. Wakefield Ram

    Above & beyond the call of duty...

    Do we get an update tomorrow on how's he's feeling? 😀
  6. Wakefield Ram

    Players For 2019

    Well think that makes 15 players now, so at least we have a team 😉
  7. The only fully funded sides were ones with sugar daddies. This model is not sustainable.
  8. Wakefield Ram

    1895 Cup

    Let's take one criterion, say community involvement. Club X has more money and can pay a community officer to visit schools etc. Club Y can't afford a community officer, but volunteers arrange some events on match days, ht schoolboys games, collections for local charities etc.. so do what they can afford Who should be rewarded more?
  9. Wakefield Ram


    Whilst there is logic in this, there will be no new clubs to replace them. It will just mean a further shrinkage of the semi-prof side of the game. Should we also get rid of Salford because of their low crowds? Take it to it's conclusion, it could end up with a dozen teams in SL. If that's the future, it's a very small one. Like Bramley, once a club has gone, it is very difficult to revive. If Keighley had been promoted to Championship, it would be a different story.
  10. Wakefield Ram

    1895 Cup

    So the more a club makes the more distribution it receives. That will just make the strong even stronger and the weak even weaker. Understand the principle but it will just increase the divide.
  11. Wakefield Ram

    Bennett fumes at Kangaroos snub

    Australia are re-building and were beaten by a modest NZ team. No Cameron Smith, Cronk, Slater, Thurston etc... the replacements are not in the same class. If they came to England, they are beatable.
  12. Wakefield Ram

    Pre-match drinks in Leeds?

    Will do😁😁
  13. Where are people going?
  14. Where are people going?
  15. Wakefield Ram

    Bennett fumes at Kangaroos snub

    Think the real reason is that the current Aussie team is very beatable with probably the weakest team I can remember and that's going back 30 + years. Running scared.