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  1. If there is evidence that attendances for clubs in new grounds are increasing or holding up better than clubs in old grounds, then fine. If not, it is hot air. I agree with speeding up the game, too much lying on, too much time wasting at drop outs, introduce the shock clock like the NRL, but it's five drives and a kick we need to eliminate somehow.
  2. Well I look forward to RL taking off in China, but I am not holding my breath.
  3. Growing a sport in a new country is massively challenging. Remember NFL Europe? Sport has cultural roots, transporting those to other countries rarely succeeds. Football is the exception, but beyond football, can anyone name a successful export it a sport to a new country?
  4. Wakefield Ram

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Think a change of coach would be good for TWP. Rowley is not a SL coach, his success had been based on having full-time teams in mostly part-time leagues. And his tactics never change, nor does the indiscipline. Hopefully, a new SL standard coach will bring a better game to TWP and will get them promoted.
  5. Clearly jet lag only affects unprofessional players. So the British Journal of Sports Medicine and numerous other studies are all wrong. Denton Rovers - just post a link to any science-based website which states that jet lag can be completely eliminated by preparation. If it's true then TWP should have no problem doing alternate weekends of home and away matches next season.
  6. Google jet lag and sports performance then
  7. Well I'm glad we have conclusively proved on this forum based on no evidence that jet lag has no effect on sporting performance. The British Journal of Sports Medicine says otherwise. https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/32/2/101 Yes proper preparation can mitigate but not eliminate the effects of jet lag. Check lots of other websites if you want, just Google them. And to explain again travel time and travel zones are completely different. I would not suffer jet lag flying from one end of the UK to the other.
  8. Wakefield Ram

    Support our league now

    Done mine, this is an easy way to help the club.
  9. a) I stand corrected, it's 5 hours. b) There is a difference between travel time and travel zones. Type "overcoming jet lag" into Google and take your pick.
  10. 6 hours is not a small time zone differential. It will take more than two days to fully overcome the jet lag. It's approximately one day per time zone.
  11. Hard to believe, but true. They went down to 12 men midway through and then to 11 men in the last 10 minutes due to injuries. Not sure what will happen in the Championship Shield Final next week. But credit to the large following of Leigh fans who turned up and supported their side to the end.
  12. Wakefield Ram

    Leigh home

    Well I enjoyed watching the Rams stuff Leigh, disappointed we didn't get more. Worrincy takes the award of "how to not score when it's easier to score" award off Jack Teanby. Why he cut inside when he just needed to jog to the line I don't know, it's not like we needed the conversion. Some great tries from across the teams, if we'd been a bit more clinical we'd have had 70-80. Credit to the large number of Leigh fans who turned up, which is more than some of their players did, but give credit to some of them like Higham and even Acton for trying to the end. Turning up to a professional RL match with 13 players is a joke. Not sure what's going to happen next week in the "final" - if they turn up with 13 against Featherstone, it could be 100+
  13. Wakefield Ram

    Way to support the club

    Sale on at the club shop today
  14. Wakefield Ram

    Leigh home

    Given Leigh sound like they are in disarray, I'm expecting a Rams win.
  15. Wakefield Ram

    Leigh home

    Things must be bad if they're not even up for fighting 😱😱