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  1. Wakefield Ram

    Beating ourselves...............

    One thing to consider is that as a spectator quite often you get a better view than the ref who's in the middle of 26 blokes most of whom are bigger. Oh and pretty much all of them are trying to "gain an advantage". But the ref does get to see the close up stuff. I awarded a try once when I was about 1m away only to be told by a spectator I'd got it wrong even though he was on halfway.
  2. Wakefield Ram

    Beating ourselves...............

    Expect Hewer has reffed them more often. Refs don't care who wins, yes they make mistakes but they are the only people in the ground who have no interest in who wins or loses. With the exception of the odd neutral fan everyone else in the ground is biased.
  3. Wakefield Ram

    York Game

    Not sure many Rams fans were expecting to beat York. If we can't beat Rochdale and Swinton, we are relegation candidates.
  4. Wakefield Ram

    York Game

    Just watched the highlights and still not clear why Trout got sin binned. And think Cockayne might be seeing the disciplinary committee for his cheap shot on Day.
  5. Wakefield Ram

    A game of two halves

    Unfortunately Rams have lost some of our best players from last season and replaced them with unproven young hopefuls. We are hoping to avoid relegation this season, so last season's carefully selected results (we also lost some shockers at home) aren't really a guide. If we fail to complete and give away penalties like today, we won't win a game all season.
  6. Wakefield Ram

    York Game

    Bit of a mixed bag. If York are one of the stronger teams in the Championship, then we should be okay to avoid relegation. Gave away far too many penalties and dropped too much ball. Pack looks strong, Brown gives us some control and good field kicking, Sykes was outstanding. Disappointed to lose but potential to be better.
  7. Wakefield Ram

    Season of the fake

    Agree about the player going off. If a neck injury is suspected, like a head injury, this is potentially very serious. If a head/neck injury is suspected, then it needs proper medical diagnosis.
  8. To the outside world, RFL and SL are the same sport, having a coordinated media strategy shouldn't be too hard if they stop the pointless infighting.
  9. Wakefield Ram

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    It's okay we've got Elstone complaining about Wigan's penalty for breaching the salary cap. Who needs fans dragging the game down when we've got the highly-paid SL chief doing it for us in the press. Genius.
  10. It is utterly unprofessional. He should have these discussions in private. The following only reason to go public is either to try and put pressure on the RFL or to curry favour with the SL clubs. Pathetic either way.
  11. Why can't this game get some professional administrators who can act in a professional manner? Wood, Rimmer and now Elstone. The game does not benefit from this pathetic sniping.
  12. Why did he not make these comments privately to the RFL? Why did he go public if negative stories should be avoided? Running off and bleating to the press is unprofessional until the final appeal has completed.
  13. Wakefield Ram

    Rochdale away

    They obviously want the snow cleared to give the frost a chance.
  14. Wakefield Ram

    Dewsbury Faithful Update 26/1/2019

    I'll see you at the York game in the Royal Suite after we've won 😀