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  1. Not bone china, but pretty decent. Our Batley friends won't understand, making a Wembley final or winning a major trophy...
  2. I was being ironic....
  3. By the way these are not the Bottom 8s, they're the Super 8s according to the RFL website.
  4. Ideal present mugs with teams, scorers and lead up games for 1929 Challenge Cup Final, 1973 and 2000 Grand Final. Only £10 and on sales at Reception and Shop. They should put details on the website.
  5. Agree that Sykes was outstanding, he's too good to retire. Moore had a superb game, don't think he made a mistake all match. Defence was excellent, especially considering we played 20 minutes with 12 men. Sheffield looked very dangerous at times, but luckily only a few times during the game.
  6. But when we get Fev players they are always crocked, past their best no-hopers. At least you nick our players when they are at their best...
  7. Dread to think what you lot are like if you have a bad season! Should try supporting Dewsbury, we are really happy to avoid relegation.
  8. Robin you forgot to add that" it's only time until our cavalier spending will see us going bust" ..😀😀😀
  9. As long as you don't sign Neil Kelly, it's fine. By the way Fev reject Gareth Moore is not the Messiah, hes becoming our Moses leading us out of the wilderness into the promised land of CC safety 😀
  10. No disrespect to his playing ability but he wasn't going to be a superstar international, there's far more to life than being a SL player. Toronto is a fantastic opportunity, play with your friends, get well paid and be a star or be an little known journeyman SL player in Huddersfield. Know which one I'd go for.
  11. Think he was a BARLA international along with Jon Eastwood the other wing we signed.
  12. This last 80 makes no difference to where HKR finish
  13. As I remember, he failed a drugs test and was suspended.
  14. Halifax may well beat HKR as they may want to rest a few players ahead of the Middle 8s rather than trying to win a meaningless game.
  15. Ward gets through a lot of work on defence, Day just edges it on attack but both very good.