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  1. Remember the 1973 game, think it was Jeff Grayson who scored and it was the round before we played Saints in the quarters with 10,000 crowd. But memory could be playing tricks.
  2. The Adamson's are quality players, shame about their injuries.
  3. We are definitely improving. Defence is better, we don't collapse when we go behind and Newcastle aside, our highest score of the season. Better control at the PTB but still need to cut out the penalties and improve our kicking game especially near the line. Finally managed to score from a kick on Sunday.
  4. The league is even more competitive. Think everything went well for you last year from the opening game when you caught Leigh just as they sacked Rowley. I am no fan of squad rotation, it's not like Man Utd in the Champions League, it's pretty much one game a week. We've seen the difference the right coach can make just a few weeks. And who knows amongst the players how they reacted to new players, who got a much improved deal to someone else.
  5. Good luck to both and Schofield will always have the Reserves GF win to his credit. Paul Delaney was with Neil Kelly today.
  6. Well we found a way to win from 16-4 down, which will do the players confidence good. Great defence and better control of the play the ball, but still too many penalties and towards the end we should have been kicking to win the game with up and unders into the sun rather than kicking for touch and sending it dead. But a great drop goal from Fairhurst to win, let's hope we get a good draw for the next round.
  7. Sheffield played the ball much quicker than they allowed us. We seem unable to put players on the floor and slow the PTB down. Our kicking was very poor Sheffield's was excellent and our completion rate in the 2nd half was appalling. We couldn't have made it any easier for a good Sheffield team.
  8. Like I said thought Batley were very poor.
  9. Though we played very well against Batley, they were very poor. Had they played Brambani, it could have been a different result. Instead Walker was left to do all the creative stuff himself. I'm hoping for a win but not expecting it.
  10. I stand corrected 😀
  11. Says they have sold out first home game at 10000 seat stadium.
  12. Be interesting to see if the Rams can kick on from beating Batley.
  13. Page 2 of this weekends FT big article on Toronto, surprising since the FT does not have a sports section and can't remember it ever featuring RL before. Some interesting financial stats.
  14. Didn't expect that 😁. But hats off to the players who really stuck at it especially in the second half when Batley had a lot of possession in our half. To keep any team to one try is a great defensive effort. Batley didn't complete well, their discipline didn't help and Brambani not playing was a bonus. Roll on Monday and hope the players can raise their game again. But for now enjoying the win.
  15. Think 8 losses from 8 a feeble points for and a terrible defence would suggest we have reasons to be pessimistic. Can we stay up? Possibly but we will have to rely on Swinton and Oldham being even worse than us.