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  1. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Seem to remember the Adamson brothers were setting up a business and couldn't do and travel to training.
  2. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Thought Batley were better in every department and deserved the win. But early days. Gareth Moore will be more involved when the real games start.
  3. Toronto Wolfpack

    Playing all their "away" games in one block and then all their home games in another block means less travelling for Toronto and another advantage. Find it hard to believe in a city of Toronto's size there is nowhere they could play a couple of games.
  4. Toronto Wolfpack

    Why are Toronto to play two games n England? Is there not another sports ground in Canada where they could play? If not they should play away games only until their pitch is ready.
  5. Who would want to buy the lease on a rugby stadium in Wakefield? Answer is no one. I have coached junior rugby at Sandal for years and there is zero chance of Sandal going to Trinity. Great deal for Trinity, but a bad deal for ratepayers.
  6. Where is the money going to come for all the running costs? The anchor tenant has a history of financial problems and if the stadium is built will be in a very strong position to negotiate a cheap rent as there are no other professional teams who need a rugby stadium. And the ratepayers of Wakefield MDC will be left footing the bill for decades. Great deal for Trinity and their supporters, a very bad deal for Wakefield ratepayers who will be on the hook to pay for the Stadiums upkeep. The Community Trust will just fold when they run into money problems and the Council will have to step in.
  7. 2018 Membership news

    I joined on the Presentation Night and if you're a season ticket holder it's a no brainer as you get £5 off your season ticket.
  8. Presentation night.

    Attendance was okay, all the tables were full, but it only lasted an hour and that included a pie and peas break. Short speech from Ned and Mark Sawyer a short highlights video and the awards. Nothing wrong but the one 2-3 years ago with the compere/comedian was a lot better. Joined the Amber Ribbon and Charlie Coates did a good auction, so wasn't a wasted trip.
  9. Bradford Bulls Game

    We only had one half back and lacked composure near the line.
  10. What have they done wrong?

    Yes remember the Player Profiles from the programme in the 1970s,
  11. Rochdale predictions

    When you lose by 48 points any blame lies with the players and coaches.
  12. What have they done wrong?

    Think the clue is on the alphabet. Think there are too many players to fit on one page.
  13. Referees

    I ref junior rugby and the above sums it up. I genuinely don't care who wins and anyone who believes refs deliberately favour temas or have an agenda have never reffed. You just don't have time to deliberately favour one side and why would you do it?
  14. Rochdale predictions

    Given todays results think we are safe from relegation now, whereas a few months ago we were nailed on for relegation. It would take a remakable series of results for Oldham Swinton and Rochdale to win enough game to all finish ahead of us, But we are four points plus points difference behind Sheffield so effectively 5 points. So lets hope we can stay 4th and have an away day at Toulouse and a good pay out for the club from central funds for next year. Tpdays performance was great all round effort, good defence and great on attack, to think we could barely score a try at the beginning of the season. Glover was great value for his hat-trick, Potts scored 4 without having to do anything spectacular, Sykes is a class act and the forwards dominated the Rochdale pack. Toulouse will be interesting next week.
  15. This is how it is

    The only way to SL is a rich owner. Beaumont was reportedly putting in £50k a month. You need a full time squad for a couple of years to have a chance. The Middle 8s money is great to be a force in CC but a fraction of what's needed.