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  1. My only concern is Hemel. How can a club that averaged 250 ish amateur wise now ave 150 or less when they are semi pro? Is it down to success on the field?
  2. Look at Erikson's and Capello's record which I don't think the OP has and I'd take that under Bennett,
  3. Jeez he'll be on Rugby League Live 8 before he types all these in!
  4. Indeed not the best of SO's but was one of the catapults for the SL success.
  5. If I was a pro/semi pro and someone said to me "errm fancy 3/4 days in Toronto paid for I'd jump at the chance. Life's about opportunities and positive experiences. Obviously work can be a problem but I have two points on this. 1) I would do everything in my power to take the 3/4 days needed, work around it etc. 2) The place of work should take it as complement and dependant on the type of work use it to it's advantage. I work at the supermarket that starts with T and ends in ESCO and if this was to happen. (We currently have a young bull work there) we would embrace it.
  6. Mine's Bulls/Northern from 87 onwards of whom are seen but a couple may surprise but are "heroes of mine". 1. Mumby 2. Henderson Gill 3 Danny Peacock 4 Paul Newlove 5 Lesley Vainikolo 6 Graeme Bradley 7 Robbie Paul 8 Stuart Fielden 9 James Lowes 10 Paul Anderson 11 Paul Medley 12 Paul Dixon 13 Karl Fairbank A peruse of our history and notable players will include: Trevor Foster SR, Ernest Ward C, Jack Mcclean W, George Carmichael FB, Frank Whitcombe P, Jeff Grayshon P/SR, Jimmy Thompson FW, Ellery Hanley (a must in your squad) Utility, Shontayne Hape C, Paul Deacon SH, Brian Noble H, David Redfearn W, to name a few.
  7. This is why I like any concept of promotion. It's intriguing. I think gone are the days where games/results may be a forgone conclusion. To answer the OP, I think they will go up, shows the concept works and should knock any talk of licensing on its head. And by the way concept is my word of the day Unfortunately tomorrow's is meatballs.
  8. Didn't realise that was the case of not playing everyone twice. That's how it should be. And if/when we go down there'll be some clubs moaning that we will not be playing at their ground, and rightly so.
  9. Looking forward to being on it next year.......................
  10. It seems strange that we aim for Wales for clubs and semi pro clubs but Scotland goes amiss. Didn't Partick attract 4 figure attendances. Cumbria for 4 Nations was a joke too. A ground within Edinburgh or Glasgow would have attracted the Aussie students or ex-pats.
  11. Blessed little football fan Bradley - aged 6.
  12. It should be 2019 at the earliest, for any changes.
  13. I think that's because in extreme circumstance if his visa was vetoed. He could have been signing players he wouldn't coach. In addition whats the point in signing players if we are to stay in the league? This is why I feel it would be a joke. (Spending money on players when there was no need. I'm waiting for the war of the roses now and the winner plays the exiles....................
  14. I feel Licensing will strangle the game now. I feel we should keep things as they are. It would be embarrassing for the game aswell as for me and the club if we were kept in this season.