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  1. Looking forward to this. TV booked in so wife can read her 50 shades of dysentery upstairs whilst the games on. Want TWP to win to shake the old fellas union of SL up and have them quaking in their boots.
  2. We are getting there now with the current system to be fair.
  3. Mumby Magic

    West Wales Raiders

    People will have a dig mate, ignore 'em. WWR are this years, Skolars or Thunder of recent years. (yes I know but not by the scorelines) As someone who keeps track of whats happening at you club, I'm fully aware of the level of junior participation you have at the club at the moment. This is why you must keep going. Others can't see that.
  4. Mumby Magic

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Jim "the anvil" Neidhart. Part of the successful Hart Foundation "franchise" of the 90's. 63 y/o
  5. Don't know why we are trying to pick the thread to bits but, if anyone says that RL is dead in London and a waste of money just don't get it. Challenge Cup Friday and the Skolars are having a party too. Surprised it wasn't us Bulls against Skolars for that one too!!
  6. Mumby Magic

    Lack of RL DVD's on the market

    I get that but I'm old school. Streaming sites then? I want to watch 201 greatest challenge cup tries? Any streams? Honestly? Just what I want to open Xmas day is a link to a stream.
  7. Mumby Magic

    Lack of RL DVD's on the market

    Fair point but is there that much to stream? There is an abundance out there. I mean Offiah could have 101 best tries on his tod.
  8. Am I missing something here? There seems to be a distinct lack of DVD's to watch on the market. There must be a whole vault of Challenge Cup, Internationals, World Cups, SL and Stones bitter championship games on video, hard drive or DVD. Release them!! Any new ones due out?
  9. For me, Leeds haven't had the production line of juniors they have had previously. I think only Oledski and Walker have the makings but needs to cut out the penalties. To answer the OP I think Ablett is a definite. They have to be careful though. Don't forget McDermott dragged most of these to the title last year. Just saying.
  10. Mumby Magic

    The ideal Super League roster for 2022

    Hence it's called freesports...........
  11. Mumby Magic

    The ideal Super League roster for 2022

    Here's one, how about teams get promoted by what they do on the pitch. Another. Sky are not the only TV contractors out there. Why not negotiate part of our game, say, U-19's to Freesport for example?
  12. Mumby Magic

    Rugby league teams as dishes...

    The Bulls are like a flat pint you drank too fast. You can feel them slowly coming back up!!
  13. Mumby Magic

    New York - Gone a tad quiet

    But that's the point. Why should team"A" be allowed in a higher division but the Bulls, York, Whitehaven et al compete at league 1 it doesn't add up. As far as I'm aware TWP helped subsidise away fans. Maybe a feature of any overseas applicant.
  14. Mumby Magic

    New York - Gone a tad quiet

    So basically we can't have overseas expansion side based on this?