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  1. Mumby Magic

    Will Odsal ever get redeveloped?

    I can never see it being a full development personally. There are things that can help with a modest budget but I think that could only happen if we ever got back to SL. I would: * Knock down the dilapidated Touchdown Bar, looks an eyesore. * Try and eventually go down the Fev Rovers route for acquiring seating. Ex Scarborough seats I believe. * Update/Utilise the area around the Ticket Shop. There are empty Units there and within 100 yards there is a bar taking considerable monies from the club. (Q Gardens). I would try to develop one of these into a bar, pub, hall of fame, Bulls/Northern museum where fans home and away can ponder over Cup final shirts and legendary players over a coffee or a beer rather than a) go to Q Gardens or b) go the cardboard box that is the Touchdown.
  2. Mumby Magic

    Great RL Photos

    There's one of St John Ellis at Cas that was in the Rugby Leaguer, of him running down the wing like he was floating on air whilst his legs were pumping in his own unique style will try and find it.
  3. Mumby Magic

    Great RL Photos

    If John or Matthew bring out a book on the back of this I'll have a bag of monster munch pls.
  4. Mumby Magic

    Great RL Photos

    Adding to the picturesque grounds and remembering the time we regularly did threads like this I thought we could compile just some great photos of our greatest game. Put up some legendary ones and some that are unique. Starting with mine, I "stole" this from twitter the other month.
  5. u sure Thought he was Bulls academy
  6. yeah checked them after typed. Crikey some still going strong.
  7. I have it down as Paul Sykes as the last one standing now. Will play this season for Dewsbury.
  8. In addition I feel the Championship may hit some records this season. York (new stadium) plus opening against the Bulls, Fax/Bulls derby amongst some enticing fixtures.
  9. This is where Marketing PR and the like come into it. Criticise Chalmers as some do but we have Halifax (and if we win a potential pre season final) Toronto, York (of whom we attracted 6500 at home last season) on Boxing day and I believe we are playing Cas too. Might be wrong think it may be Huddersfield but you get my point. Decent level Opposition that will attract 4 figure crowds for friendlies.
  10. Tis true and will help our International team too.
  11. Well as far as I'm aware the Bulls have only one 2 Bash/Magic games ever. Time for a change?
  12. Mumby Magic

    Summer Bash

    2023 Ullapool
  13. Mumby Magic

    The RLIF and Steve Mascord?

    The Phillipines top is a pearler.
  14. Mumby Magic

    The RLIF and Steve Mascord?

    Having a tiny bit of knowledge on Mascordbrownz basically there is Steve and Phil Brown in the front line. Phil has moved back to Australia to introduce more tagz games to the aussies masses. It is relatively small scale at the moment but where else could you buy Spain, Albania and Phillippines official International Shirts?
  15. Mumby Magic

    2019 Predictions

    Well London won't finish bottom in my eyes. Any stats on promoted teams to SL and how they got on the following year?