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  1. Mumby Magic

    Whatever Happened To....

    Yeah but I wanted peoples thoughts one Being on TRL naked
  2. Mumby Magic

    Whatever Happened To....

    General Exposure anyone?
  3. Mumby Magic

    Is RL fading away in Yorkshire?

    Well to say I'm taking my 9 year old Queensbury lad over to Elland to play them for a 10am kick off in this weather I'd say definetly not.
  4. Mumby Magic

    SL could increase to 14 teams in 2021

    And a majority of this thread is why the game never has stability. Half baked ideas and flight of fancy thoughts. Toronto was built (along with money!!) on 3000 attendances with Canada. Catalans likewise. The next Overseas team should be Jacksonville, that's it. They've managed similar attendances for games and the Axemen must have been going for over 10 years now;
  5. Mumby Magic

    SL could increase to 14 teams in 2021

    What another change to structure in RL? Never. I also don't see the obsession with 14 teams particularly to make more fixtures? Then we wonder why we never do anything at International level. Look how strong the Championship will be next season. Something to shout about. It's getting similar to footballs championship with supposed big or bigger teams in the division. People say "replace Salford with" or Bradford should be....." is plain disrespectful. It should be done on the pitch, end of. It's like Leeds United calling Bournemouth out because they are a supposed big club but have been in the top league for years.
  6. Mumby Magic

    London in Superleague

    Maybe select a couple then and market the hell out of them. A base needs to be set long term now. An opportunity has arisen so grasp it. For the point, out of the 7 or so Broncos grounds I've been to over the years, Ealing is one of my faves.
  7. This is why there should be a collective points system over a career. A record like this would be edging towards Sine die.
  8. Mumby Magic

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    For me at the moment talks of New York and others are pie in the sky. Toronto was built on Canadian International crowds of 2800+ meaning there was interest in the game straight away. Anyone know how much interest is in NY? Plus with Ricky Wilby at the helm....... The next 2 overseas project based on Toronto's (and Catalans) model should be Jacksonville. Who ironically have averaged the same for games played there than that of Canada, and a Barcelona based side. (crowds in 5 figures 9 years ago plus next years match could be a yardstick.) The only other "new" team could be RSB. However that may be a few years away and will depend on local interest there. From established clubs, I only see Vileneuve coming forward.
  9. I actually fancy being on it next year! Me Parky and Scotcy chewing the phat.
  10. My Bulls team would be: Mcnally Grant Hitchcox Gibson Ryan Keyes Chisholm Crossley Lilley Green Garside Storton Minicheddars Subs: Gorgeous, Hallas, Peltier and Bustin Two big props on bench and two hookers to turn their pack around. Hallas can then cover other forwards.
  11. I'll be Mr naïve on here then. I am assuming that Leigh don't have an u 19s or U 16's then?
  12. Didn't realise that. But Hitchcox should be on the wing. McNally and Mini cheddars can play in centres too. I can only see Mikey Wood not being near. Think its our strongest 19 of the season TBH.
  13. Mumby Magic

    Zak Hardaker (Merged Threads)

    Well it's down to morals with Wigan. However I suppose they still played Sam Tomkins after his alcohol fuelled "situation"
  14. To be honest with you I'm nervous. As daft as it sounds this game is bigger than the final, that's what you get with RL tinkering. This is do or die and I'm with AA on this. (Amber Avenger not Alcoholics Anonymous). Fev away to make the play offs the other year and I think we got nilled. Remember Chizzy being nowhere for the only time that season. IF we get two bites of the cherry I think we will go up but that is IF.
  15. To be honest I'd wish TWP would be a bit forward thinking in their approach to the game.............................