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  1. Mumby Magic

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    .....and there's me looking at it another way that a Championship player has a chance of SL ala: Hardaker, Hill. Foster etc
  2. I think the way forward is for a League 2 to form over the next 5/6 years. Of course that will mean 4/6 clubs added at some stage. A majority would be so called expansion clubs but then will give them a better chance to build.
  3. Mumby Magic

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Thing is he could have stopped Spain's 3rd goal if he hadn't had stopped still in his own half moaning. Nobody either saw that or is moaning about it.
  4. Mumby Magic

    Lamport Stadium

    Apologies as not gone through whole thread. 7000 + at w/end. Possible 10 to 15% increase IF they are promoted. I feel only Wigan, Hull and Leeds will take up to 1000 fans. Still under capacity. If they move to a bigger stadium, why not for a few games to compensate.
  5. Thought the vid would have been posted. Nearly 300k view helping our game forever more. In this day and age with camera at all angles you'd have thought that they'd have "thought" about what they were doing and their actions. To me far , far worse has been done by many a sportsperson but, alas, cameras nowadays are every where.
  6. What next? Nobody allowed a number two whilst a goal kick is taking place (in the toilet) in case you suddenly parp whilst recovering from the night befores takeaway?
  7. Mumby Magic

    the I word- lets debate

    It's simple. If they pay their taxes and dues. That's ok. If not it's au revoir.
  8. Mumby Magic

    BDO Darts on Freesports

    Almost literally 180 tickets sold for the entire event two days before. They should disclose it as amateur then it would be easier to differenciate between the two. Only now in my opinion would Glenn Durrant consistently match any of the PDC top 16. Previously only Martin Adams and Scott Waites when he was on form (winning GSOD) could match them. Look at former world champs (BDO) in the PDC line up. Raymond Van Barneveld - Yes he has won the Worlds PDC but is classed as a 5 time Champion. He last won it 10n years ago. Christian Kist - Struggling at times to make PDC top 32. Mark Webster - Has been in and around the top 10 and Premier League. No Majors. Steve Beaton - Bit of a ledge. Won BDO version 22 years ago but is regular a top 32 player on the PDC circuit despite being mid 50's. Ritchie Burnett - Struggles for consistency. Jelle Klaasen - Probably the best PDC CV after Barney. Stephen Bunting - Been top 16. However after moving over to the PDC all are wealthy now. £500,000 to next years PDC World Champ (or year after), I believe.
  9. I have long believed this is the way forward for the semis. However I believe it should be held at Fleetwood.
  10. Mumby Magic

    Summer Bash attendance

    Why not use the Bash to try and restart the Blackpool RLFC club?
  11. Mumby Magic

    Summer Bash attendance

    The concept is here it needs to stay. We can't, like we have done for the last 30 years, keep chopping and changing because one attendance maybe poor or a coach or CEO disagrees with something. Yes this w/ends wasn't the best but was a high attendance expected. Who's to say next years won't be 18000? I feel our game now is heading in the right direction but we only need to tweak a few things, not make wholesale changes again. With the women's game a welcome addition we could have "feature" games each gameday. Examples could be: BARLA international, GB Legends game, NCL cup final, Malta VS Greece international (just an example), Womens SL, Bring the league one cup back, the opportunities are endless.
  12. Mumby Magic

    Summer Bash attendance

    Wouldn't surprise me if the RFL jack it in. Add it to the Regal Trophy and Exiles games to name 2 of a long list. The answer is NOPE. Keep it going. Who's to say next years won't break any records.
  13. I think John hits the nail on the head with his first post. If there was a L1 Bash it would be highly likely Bulls vs York. That could effect promotion. The only other two games that could be pegged together would be Hemel/Skolars and West vs North Wales.
  14. Mumby Magic

    Magic Venue Poll

    WE (or the RFL) have to decide what the purpose of the Magic W/end actually is. * Is it there as a celebration of RL? - If so it should be more heartlands based - Manchester, Liverpool * Is it to expand and help develop areas where there is RL played there? - Newcastle, Coventry, London * Or is it to spread the game to NEW areas (to a certain degree)? - Toronto, Dublin, NY. Planning and purpose. Words not relevant regularly in RL. Back to this years and are there any development officers in the NE? If there are surely hitting schools with a few thousand freebies will benefit the game, at least in the NE.