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  1. League One's Future

    The best way it can grow is not to have a ceiling playing wise. Your point about split in division with Heartlands and non-heartlands may change eventually with the addition of non heartland clubs (possibly Bristol next).
  2. There are obviously rumours but is nothing definite yet? There are 3 initial ones that springs to mind in Bristol, Manchester and NY. Any others lined up?
  3. League One's Future

    How does this answer what I typed? Reality IS the Bulls are in League 1. Not SL or the Championship. So are York. Teams shouldn't be "hoisted" up. Currently teams are allowed to grow, plan and get promoted from bottom division to top.
  4. League One's Future

    If league one is cut off our sport doesn't deserve any credit or media coverage. Bulls took half of the crowd ton a "SL" team. in a cup game. York get 3000+ against a team with limited away following today. Some SL teams need to get their bottoms in gear and do the great work that Fax, Newcastle, York, Fev, are doing below them.
  5. Video Games

    I'm 41 younger than a majority of contributors to this thread ad I haven't a fishcake what you are all on about. RL Live, Football Manager, FIFA and that's me done.
  6. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    No not that one. May have been the home kit then.
  7. Food and drink thread

    I work on the Frozen department in T*S*O. The despair that goes on with customers if they can't find frozen mashed potato amongst other things. Really? Lazy nation we are becoming, Well having grabbed bargains from work veg wise over the last month, I have prepped then frozen a handful of each one veg to try my own roasted veg. At a cost of probably 6p per handful I've just whacked them all in the oven now with some Tuna steaks. The irony that the Garlic oil I coated them in was £2 for a small bottle :/. Got to love the plastic microwaveable boxes for freezing extra food than needed for another day.
  8. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    I agree. Magic W/end or Bash or a weekend of classic shirts. Saw a rip-off Northern Hooped shirt on Sunday. Just not the same.
  9. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    Could have swore it was Purple. Beazer Homes sponsor I think. I'll stand corrected though.
  10. Your Favourite Ever Rl Shirt

    What Chinese troll? I can't really recall a classic design in the 10 years since I started this thread, for the bulls. I think a lot of memories of great shirts are equalled with the amount of success in them. Two crappy ones in recent years are the 2 that looked like there were claw marks on them. Wigan "Norweb" with velour stick on letters. Fev away Orange and purple early 90's. Halifax "Websters" home. All goodys.
  11. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Ivan Mauger 78 - Speedway great
  12. Widnes - A Club in Limbo?

    I agree with you Scubby they do look a little lost. However they also seem to be a club that has a budget and sticks to it!!!
  13. Just a bit sad

    I'm all for it. Forward thinking Knights have a team. What a league 1 team with a women's SL team. Indeed.
  14. Biographies

    To me they have to have a bit of a "story" to be able to release one. Barrie Mc's was a good steady read whereas Leon Pryce's who declared it would bare all wasn't that. Disappointing. RL recent players to read : Gene Longy or Morley. Avoid Pryce or Iestyn Harris.
  15. Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    The thing is the RL mentality of if it's not popular this year, we should scrap it, is what's wrong with our game. Next year there is potentially the Bulls, York (who's crowds have grown nicely due to the great effort there), Newcastle (as York) and Workington (who are investing heavily with players let's hope it pays off and they invest in more marketing). Clubs on the up. Leigh have dropped down this year and will take a fair few. You have Fax and Fev too. In addition how can it be judged when BOTH Toronto and Toulouse will be there (I assume) Finally why do I keep using brackets? (I don't know)