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  1. The first move in USA should be Jacksonville. Over here I'd like a third London team over the next decade.
  2. I'd go with that to an extent. Don't trust Wilby as far as I could throw him.
  3. For me it's down to Kear's selections which way the game will go. "Resting" one of our best defenders over the first 2 games (Hallas) against 2nd in the table (Sheffield) was a curious one for me.
  4. Mumby Magic

    PNG players in the UK

    Boas brothers have been doing pretty well good kick throughs etc. More impressed with Tetehs tackling against us.. There must be near double figures playing in the leagues now.
  5. Mumby Magic

    Great RL Photos

    Got to love a car boot for bargains. Ray French's Top 100 Great RL Players for 50p. There's some crackers of photos in there. One of Des Drummond being chased by Frenchman Cyril Pons. Can't find the pic via google but is a corker.
  6. Mumby Magic

    Obituary Thread - 2019

    Bruno Ganz (downfall)
  7. Didn't think Chizzy would play after becoming a dad. Milnes isn't the finished and I'd have had Pickersgill who is a half back originally at SO, Hitchcox to FB and Foggin-Johnson to the wing. Fair play to the Eagles, we couldn't break their line. Having Keyes and Peltier back later in the season will be like new players for us.
  8. Mumby Magic

    Mumby Magic's Programme Sell Off Rugby League Programme Joblot including 1985 Cup final and 82 replay. 1p starting price!
  9. Mumby Magic

    Mumby Magic's Programme Sell Off

    Reet back on it: 1992 Australian VS Great Britain at Lang Park: and 1992 GB Tour Game VS Newcastle Knights
  10. Not at all. However saying there's no interest in the sport in Sheffield was your main point. However for Sheffield to build a permanent home would help
  11. If 2 or 3 people are interested there is appetite. They get a hardcore of 600 fans? Batley have a hardcore of 800m or so. So no appetite for RL there then. It's how the picture is painted. When the Bulls played the Broncos in Leicester there's appetite for it there. It's as a game and ruling body we struggle. I'd go as far as saying there's an appetite for TGG in practically all Cities in England. If we don't know how to manage the game, sell the game and a biggy HAVE CONFIDENCE in the game then we will never succeed. As a game we have changed the structure at the top level some 20 odd times in 30 years with regards to P and R etc. Does that show us as a sport that knows what it wants or just as an indecisive short sighted sport. Take the joke that was asking Catalans to pay 500k or whatever it was to enter the challenge cup because the RFL can't work out how to market the game if a foreign team gets there! Err how about cheaper tickets and incentives to clubs. No lets have the defending champions coin up half a million. Joke. With regards to Manchester. Wasn't bonds in the past priced at 80k or around that mark. Why 500k now?
  12. As I've stated earlier they should, as I feel any new team or Franchise should, put 50k down for investment in the local amateur Junior teams. If there are not any, a definite should be to set up and fund some clubs. I'm not aware of what clubs are in Liverpool if any. If this had been instilled in previous "new" clubs like Oxford, All Golds etc things may have been tad different.
  13. Mumby Magic

    R2 Attendances

    So Salfords would be 36?
  14. Mumby Magic

    R2 Attendances

    Make the 4k to 2k
  15. How much for a ####### that tastes of ###### with added #### from the shop please?