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  1. 2018 Kits

    For me Cats is the best by a mile (or is that KM). Patiently wait............. O crikey we released it! It's growing on me. No away kit yet and shirts haven't arrived yet. Think we need a new supplier next season.
  2. The PNG influx

    Visas aside, for me it is a no brainer to sign PNG players. I'm surprised that more haven't played in the English game. The above join the likes of Wilshere, Aizue, Lam and Gene amongst others.
  3. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    Toovey was always going to have a job to do with his hands tied. As John said many would have had Kear at the time Lowes was appointed. I would have liked to have seen Lee Greenwood as assistant. According to T & A Anderson Beattie and Kear were the final three. Did Kear apply for the job or was it offered? I hope Kear doesn't change the squad too much as a lot of the players there now deserve a good shot at League 1.
  4. Obituary thread 2017

    Yep a fan of Cheggers too. Almost unique in a way that a majority of people liked him.
  5. 2018 Kits

    -Hoping a classic kit page gets started soon-
  6. 16 teams in 2021 World Cup

    Sick of saying this but there are blow outs in every sport going. It doesn't matter. We had a blowout in the semi against a team who beat a top 3 team! RU glorify it. "England destroy Uruguay 84-0!!!!!" etc etc. Again stuck record mode but I'd have all countries either for this or 2025 that have a ranking no matter what level, play qualifiers. Also to enable regular competition I'd only have defending Champs and host nation/s guaranteed a place, everybody else plays qualifiers.
  7. Are we allowed to go back in the past or is this strictly for the now?
  8. Rant thread

    Why on earth should they?
  9. How can England not regress now?

    Despite regular non-English below par signings still clogging SL, we have some good talent coming through. Keep Bennett. Have an assistant who'll take over after 2021. Playing wise Tomkins should have gone/should play future internationals. There's Shaul, Williams, Taylor, Watts to name a few.
  10. League 1 2018

    Yep we're looking at the Presthaven site
  11. food banks

    Put a can of beans in a food bank last week. Was upset when they only let me withdraw 4 beans at a time
  12. 2018 Kits

    Still patiently waiting.
  13. What's on your XMAS list RL style?

    Random. I assume you are a fan of RL?
  14. Even though I may get something Bulls orientated, I've just asked for Leon Pryce's book this year. What's on your Santa's list?
  15. League 1 2018

    Think they have been strategic about fixtures as Crusaders away is in the 6 weeks jollies. Looking at a caravan in North Wales for a mini break for 3 nights.