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  1. Exactly. We have stories to match other sports. Don Fox, Pendlebury's Tackle, Karalius, name passes me as I type but the player who broke collarbone/arm and played on in the 50's for Britain etc
  2. You have to remember where you came from. Plus you missed off the Leeds Rhinos golden generation!
  3. Think the way our game is at the moment other kids TV characters should be included. Teletubbies, Morph, I'd love a Wigan "Bagpuss" edition!
  4. For me it's something we should push more. On Sky there is "Time of their lives" or whatever it's called where famous sportspeople talk about their memories of sporting achievement. Also NFL have America's game where the Superbowl winning teams of the past tell their story. RL have been mentioned on time of their lives with Edwards, Offiah and Hanley sharing their memories. We can have The Leeds Rhinos "golden generation" (cries), obviously Halifax 87, Bradford back to back titles under Fox, Widnes Laughton years etc etc
  5. Beck is another.
  6. Likewise I have Tawera's if you want to borrow it.
  7. A majority of the time I don't think lyrics matter if the tune is good. T-Rex and Oasis are two particular examples. In addition I have been getting into German Industrial/Electro Metal band Rammstein lately but I haven't the foggiest what they are on about most of the time!
  8. Question. If you left a job In South Korea to start a new job in North Korea, would this be a bad Korea move?
  9. Most of this. I like Caro but has been injured.
  10. oops to much Tesco's lager when I last looked...
  11. Leeds born isn't he.
  12. Brung up lad.
  13. We have a few Londoners in our squad. Caro, Macani, Thomas and Magrin is Maltese by birth but brung up in London
  14. Sean Lock, Milton Jones and Stewart Francis are all down in Halifax throughout the year, will 100% see at least 1. (although Francis is with a few others on the bill)
  15. Crikey he only wore it about 8 weeks!!!!