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  1. Sure I read Vainikolo did 100m in 10.6 secs somewhere.
  2. I'm all for it but what is the plan going forward? Ottawa is a far better choice than New York for me. Ottawa Cardinals as name choice.
  3. "I had a dream..............." I said don't right us off. How I felt after that game I haven't felt since I got married!!! It got to the stage near the end that it wasn't because it was Leeds that I didn't want to lose it was because they were shi-ite. Honestly what a poor side Leeds have become.
  4. Don't write us off. 2 strike players didn't go to Canada in Webster and Roche. Looking forward to Webster VS Hurrell too. My lad plays for Queensbury u-10's (not even pushed into it, a RL dads dream) and one of the secretaries says that there is set to be 36 junior teams there to play and be involved. Parents paying in as well will add to the game. As some will no I'm always optimistic and I will defo back the handicap. Thaler ref, no qualms there either.
  5. Rhinos a poisoned Chalice now. Going back to my previous point, I don't think luck is the right word with regards to the golden generations. However they seem to have taken their eye off the prize. It's so rewarding at the Bulls now to see a shed load of Bulls kids (even three that have come back) matching the best of the championship. To see some dross being signed at Leeds instead of an up and coming kid must be downheartening for Rhinos fans.
  6. Leeds in the SL era have been lucky to have had 2 lots of Golden Generation Juniors coming through. Now only really Jack Walker has the necessaries to go to the very top in recent years. If it wasn't for him and Hurrell they'd be bottom by a mile.
  7. The Bulls built part of their legacy with strategic free tickets in certain areas/towns. Nowt wrong with it.
  8. I'll get settled for 5.30 and take it as it comes.....
  9. In no particular order. Go to Toronto VS Bradford in Canada Go To Les Cats VS Bradford in France See Bradford beat Saints in a major final See Bradford In Australia See Bradford win in Australia
  10. The ideas in this thread is exactly what is wrong with our game (amongst other things!). Change again, do it mid season, licensing, no relegation from SL all in the space of one page. Here's an idea let's keep it the same so new fans who at times we struggle to attract know what the flip is going on. Here's another thing there is no ideal SL line up. Let's have 4 international teams in SL and license it. What happens if Buenos Aires Bear pull up with £4 million to enter our league or Johannesburg Rhinos? Structures within the system are there to be respected but the structures must be there. No changing the goalposts unless the plan is to change say 5 years down the line so clubs can plan for the future. Can anyone tell me why the Championship had to be 14 teams this season?
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