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  1. Bradford Rumors

    Well for my 2 penneth, I personally wouldn't want Koukash anywhere near the Bulls. Many reasons but I'm not going to spout them here. McNally a great signing and I hope that's the last so we can focus on the season and not be too heavy on players like previous seasons.
  2. Let's try and make each other laugh!

    My son came home from school the other day with a 2 and 3 seater settee that a random bloke had given him. To say I was annoyed at him was an under statement. I've always told him never to accept suites from strangers.
  3. Conspiracy Theories

    Why are we not on there now landing regularly then?
  4. Last Friday I was having a pint and a game of darts with a pub mate I've known for the last 9 years. Suddenly, for the first time, he starts spouting off about conspiracy theories. He believes the earth is flat and there is evidence to prove it. For my part I've always had my doubts about landing on the moon but that's about it. Do any of you have any beliefs that are - shall I say - away from the "norm"?
  5. Food and drink thread

    Looking at investing in a half decent blender and a slow cooker too. Thoughts. Those that have a slow cooker do you use it regularly?
  6. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Was going to say Cyrille was t he first big shock of the year but jeez this blows it out the water a bit. Out of the limelight some years recently we don't know what has been going on. She was banned from a flight recently for spouting random things. Anyway this won't bring her back, her kids now have no mother to look after them. 46 crikey. For as much as I liked their music, it is irrelevant in the fact that she has children who now have no Mother to confide in.
  7. A polite request: Trolls

    Bring back Mick Gledhill pls.
  8. Hock

    I'll meet you on the park bench in an hour.
  9. Hock

    I think hock is over rated. I prefer liebraomilch (spl)
  10. A polite request: Trolls

    Is it me but do Parky and Harry Stottle seem to be similar?
  11. Food and drink thread

    Deli sliced and vacuum packed sir.
  12. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Motorhead joining The Ramones and Jim Hendrix Experience where all original members have passed on.
  13. A polite request: Trolls

    Clues? Or is it me?
  14. Food and drink thread

    Well tomorrow it's Potato spinach and chick pea curry with some 30p reduced to clear "mega" naans from work! Work has got a third party company in now instead of inhouse and we now have a chef in our canteen instead of member of staff/cook!! The menu is still discounted though so everything in the curry is fresh and has only cost me £1.03 per serving. He's also a veggie so he makes this regular. Cheaper and better for us than a ready meal. Those microwaveable plastic tubs are worth their weight in gold.
  15. It could be very dangerous. Plus why are 12 teams trying to control RL?