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  1. Well I'm mister optimist and I don't think we'll be whipped every week. Hull KR away week 1 is a bit of a rough 'un (can't the RFL delay our season a week or so?). A backline (if kept) of Campbell Ryan Oakes Pickersgill Caro Pryce Chisholm is a top 4/5 backline. I dare say we'll have one of the best HB partnership. Our foundation is still there. My major point is Rohan stays. I will say it now. Give him three years and we'll be SL. (or 5!) That's if they keep him on. I think we'll surprise people. 23 players "staying on" as it were says something about the club. Sad that Moss left as I feel he'll more appreciated and loved at the Bulls and it'd be better for him career wise but I suppose I'm biased. 1964 all over again so I can't be too judgemental on my own team as I started watching in 1986/87 so I was watching a reincarnation of the original Northern anyways...
  2. Has the Foundation gone too or was this separate entity?
  3. They're going to make Odsal the Wembley of the north.
  4. Wouldn't say that an 86 year old and 72 year old who are the only two really known to the general public, on this thread, is similar to last years strange events.
  5. If they keep the Bulls moniker then yes. To me its just like the administrations previously, debts wiped new holding companies formed etc. If they come back with say Bradford Bananas or Balloons then I feel people won't have a connection. Ask Jim in Adelaide if he's heard of the Bulls then he'll say yes. Ask him about Bradford {add moniker} he'll say no.
  6. Really. Has links to Jewish news etc?
  7. Green tweeting if Bulls fans thought he F'd them over watch what Chalmers does now.......... Nice.
  8. Probable first notable death of the year. Futtocks, at what time did you get to the scene?
  9. So is Chad Bain the only player to sign then?
  10. I typed evaluation but it didn't appear...
  11. I find it shocking and embarrassing in every sense. The one dismissed is a rumour but it seems it is someone either close to the admin or well in the know. Everything has been 100% right so far but still effectively a rumour. And no it's not Gledhill! The main part about this is this could be Wigan, Leeds or Saints. The whole game needs a big
  12. In addition: One of the four has been dismissed by the RFL. One has 350k for the year. One wants to play League One and another has links to Green. I give up.
  13. Well still 15-20 trained gym wise together an hour ago including Moss. Kavanagh had an option to go to Huddersfield Vultures but has chosen Swinton apparently. Smith has flights booked too..... we will see.