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  1. Does that mean a silent commentary from you Mick? Bliss!!
  2. Well his I assume summing up commentary will not say much just like his announcement's on what the Club is doing! I expect Duffy will be worried you'll learn something before he does! check for bugs Mick when you get in the box!
  3. Now that's an oxymoron!
  4. Perhaps they have Dissociative identity disorder or they are Ventriloquist's who couldn't make the grade orally!
  5. I'm surprised CKN hasn't twigged that Webmaster and John Drake are the same, he's got away with that for years!
  6. Andy Burnham

    This may be a better link to start with
  7. Amazon r us.

    Wasn't there Big League and that was also Sky!
  8. What's happening with Odsal?

    This should clear it up Not!
  9. Perhaps folk should read this book Eccentric Orbits, The Iridium Story - John Bloom, the amount of back stabbing, plate spinning and string pulling to get a successful result is gob smacking And then try to understand the rise and fall and possible rise of the Bulls from 1995/6 onwards!
  10. He's also advising Madge in his new referees post but don't tell the Aussie hacks!
  11. Perhaps Chalmers level of English literacy is of a similar level so it will look fine to him!
  12. Isn't that bureaucratic speak for management cock up?? Adey you must have seen a few of those I suspect! Hopefully Norris will get the Bulls pointing upwards and onwards results wise!
  13. Tougher than Origin?

    That Final is up there with the best Origins match's that are an attritional arm wrestle. I was surprised the Roos fatigued as much as they did, but they found ways to stay in front while England found ways not to cross the try line! The Origin mentality of hanging in there during tough times was probably the difference! England need more high quality Internationals and the RFL & SLE need to accommodate this properly to promote and improve RL in the UK!
  14. The best athlete in the world in 2017

    But has he won the BBC's Overseas Player of the Year? No! Has he won the NRL Referee of the Year? No! (That's despite being nominated throughout last season by most of the Ozzie hacks) So not quite the perfect year for him!
  15. James Graham not sorry for cheating claim

    It a good job no one referred to it as a "Biting" remark otherwise the Ozzie Hacks would been baying for another 12 week ban!