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  1. Again the Tigs show a lack of leadership Take it from Woods and give it to Teddy!
  2. Moses general kicks in general play poor but could one say suspect considering?
  3. The Eels will need to be a bit more composed 2nd half as the Tiggers are finding that confidence again and could take the game away from the Eels 2nd half
  4. Too much poor play between tries with sides having the talent to play much better fluid footy!
  5. Now Johnston gives away a try being sloppy in the in goal!
  6. Then Alex Johnson does a long distant try to the corner
  7. Both attacks wanting in the red zone so far
  8. Will the Cows have the same fortitude as Storm to comeback 2nd half or will the Tiggers have enough nous to go on and win, important HT talk for Cleary though to achieve it!
  9. Classic English is not smoked, the Aussie still have this trend of smoking all pork products, a hangover from the days before refrigeration!
  10. Sea Gulls have taken a step back this match while St Jarge are still making small improvements! Ft 35-10 to the Dragacts, Widdop another good game, the fact he's off contract is just a coincidence? is it not??
  11. From Des Hasler's press conference He thinks Coops will retire, the hacks are speculating he wont I hope he doesn't despite saying he's got another couple of years left in him!
  12. I reckon its to get his nose straightened, which he said he would do when he retires, no point in getting it done otherwise, and also to be with his Fiancé, best of luck to Coops whatever he does whether its Coaching or Media I'm sure he'll be a success!
  13. I think the bigger issue is when Bellyache finally retires, your analogy to Man Utd is more apt as they have struggled since SAF retired, I'm hoping that Storm are looking to the future re replacing CB, the playing squad rotation is such that while the Big 3 are irreplaceable in one sense the Squad system will cope maybe with a slight dip in form, replacing CB with the right man while not impossible will be extremely difficult, so like Utd may take several goes before it happens!
  14. Sadly this will be Coops last season with Storm Hopefully it will end with a GF winners ring and another Origin series win for the Maroons Good luck to him he will be sorely missed!
  15. The dislike is led by the pathetic Sydney media, if folk are overly influenced by them that's their problem!