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  1. I read it on Hull page yesterday πŸ˜‚
  2. The brilliantly named Hull youngster Zeus Silk?
  3. I'm hoping for a big push with the Toronto game. Most other clubs have had an increased attendance when the Wolfpack have visited town so hopefully York will too. I'll certainly be trying to get a few more along.
  4. Yep they had around 4 or 5 cameras there and all the gear to go with it. Haha, the ground was like concrete, it was in an military base and they were doing drill and PT at sides while we played.
  5. Full highlights of the York & District tour to the Ukraine below. The lads had a fantastic time and a pretty successful tour winning 3/2 in the 9's tournament, been pipped in the final in the dying minutes. A great experience and the start of the Y&D tours. The Ukrainians were very welcoming and put a lot of effort in with us and the tournament. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ixgZfQ1vpcY
  6. What a fantastic idea, I for one would definitely partake. In a similar vein York & District are touring Ukraine in a couple of weeks to help promote the game there. We are all also planning to take some old shirts etc. to give to the local players which obviously over there they struggle to get and will help promote our great game.
  7. http://ydarl.pitchero.com/news/york--district-select-embark-on-historic-tour-18703/
  8. Haha no worries, I believe it was probably at the RI. Which have had a bit of investment on their pitches by RFU and their clubhouse but also money from Football foundation and others. They are good facilities but not really state of the art, more like good amateur Ines. Needless to say they don't want a RL club there but that's a whole other story.
  9. Not to hijack this and make it in to a us and then debate; They do spend big in schools particularly 1 or 2 here in York, with the caveat of not playing RL attached to it (not officially, but it is) in doing this though they have alienated other schools. They thrown the big bucks at a few and seemingly ignored the rest, where as the Knights are in every school working hard spreading the gospel of RL. Which in the long term will work out better. What I am interested in though is this state of the art 'rugby' academy, have you any more information on this? I'd say York is firmly an RL city (in terms of the rugby codes) it's the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire we need to crack. In 20 years I'd hope that the Knights are a top Championship team and the four York clubs are flourishing perhaps with 1 or 2 more springing up too. I realise this isn't a York thread but that bit caught my eye.
  10. I'd ask your advice about putting you on ignore but you'd talk a load of b*llocks about that too. Information here below about York's Foundation. CITY KNIGHTS FOUNDATION Welcome to the York City Knights Foundation, we are a registered charity (1112571) which works across York and North Yorkshire. All the work of the Foundation undertakes in our communities come under one of the following headings: Health / Community / Education / Rugby League The Foundation is run by Neil Gulliver and Adam Prentis Neil Gulliver, Foundation manager – I am from York and have worked in sport for over 15 years. My role is to lead the Foundation and its staff and to make sure we grow our partnerships and support the communities across our area. Adam Prentis, Delivery Manager – Originally from Leeds I studied at York St John University and have been involved with the Knights for over a decade. My role is to ensure the projects we are delivering are of a high quality and are providing the best environment for people to benefit from our projects. The Foundation has a vision of β€˜Inspiring Communities and Changing Lives across York and North Yorkshire.’ The work you see on our pages in constantly evolving with many new projects in development so please do keep checking back to see how we are growing.
  11. Don't even start it mate, it really isn't worth the hassle.
  12. Now are you sure York Knights don't do that? And they haven't introduced players in to the squad through it? I will let you investigate that as I know the answer and I've got a terrible hangover from our clubs fantastic sporting dinner and I don't feel like suffering fools today.
  13. If you agree why are you saying SL clubs develop their own players?
  14. And who develops them for Hull and Cas? I said it's the amateur clubs that develop them, so I'm not sure what you're talking on about? It's just the youth set ups at pro / semi pro clubs which bring them on. York have brought plenty through (that started at amateur, so you can calm down before you start) without the help of others. Also I don't support York, I'm from here and like to see them do well.