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  1. It was decided to play it at a neutral venue, away from the four clubs grounds. And as Knights don't currently have a ground York RUFC was the best possible venue. We where made very welcome and well looked after, they've done a fair bit for RL over recent years. In saying that it would of been nice for an RL club to get all those bar takings. Perhaps if the concept carries on in the future maybe alternate it between the clubs.
  2. There will be a programme available Marauder.
  3. http://ydarl.pitchero.com/news/evans-memorial-game-17366/ This will be a fantastic day and would of been something Stuart would of thoroughly enjoyed, he would of loved to have reffed it too. Leigh and the rest of the organizers have done a fantastic job.
  4. They finished last year in Pennine Champ, but didn't enter this year, they want to start the YML fresh.
  5. New Earswick All Blacks are joining, I imagine aiming to be in the first or Premier.
  6. I'm going into this with unwavering optimism, if England's supporters don't believe we can win, how can the players? The 17 I'd like to see: 1. Lomax 2. McGillvary 3. Watkins 4. Percival 5. Hall 6. Widdop 7. Williams 8. Graham 9. Hodgson 10. Taylor 11. Whitehead 12. Bateman / Farrel 13. S. Burgess 14. Clarke 15. T Burgess / G Burgess 16. Hill 17. Cooper 24-10 win.
  7. Maybe, with the relaxed eligibility rules we can pick an American.
  8. I believe Snoz is Gale. I think on account of his large nose?
  9. That's just your dirty French mind
  10. I'm a bit of an anomaly as I'm an optimistic rugby following Yorkshireman. Seriously though what's the point in been negative? Like positivity it's infective so I'd prefer to infect people with a positive view of the game.
  11. Save the first 20-25 minutes I quite enjoyed that game. International rugby league to me is so much more interesting than anything domestic, the lads pulling on the Scotland shirt seemed to play with pride and enthusiasm maybe more than they would for a club game. It was a shame they concedeeded that last try to get the 50, but they did themselves proud. Realistically Scotland et al are not going to win the big three but they need to be playing more and more of these tests to be exposed to the higher intensity, and the scores will come down and the spectacle will raise. Liam Hood impressed in defence and Kavanagh and Brieley won't stop smiling all week, fantastic. Yes the venue and crowd was very disappointing but I bet the Scottish lads loved it despite that. Role in tomorrow and I'm not sure England should worry too much but will still need to be on top of their game to beat the Aussies.
  12. A brilliant piece of RL poetry. https://www.facebook.com/Yorkshireprose/videos/1613572568943852/
  13. So when you add the NRL contingent, I'm guessing Burgess x3, Graham, Widdop, Whitehead, Cooper, Hodgson and possibly Hodgkinson, that leaves 5-6 places for players from the last 4? Or is this is not the final 24, are we naming an extended one?
  14. We have a Spaniard, Nigerian, Hong Kongese and a Norwiegan (sort of, grew up there) at York Lomimotive. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/yorklokomotives/news/heritage-world-addition-1586655.html (The Russian isn't really Russian)
  15. Me too Bromley. Tight b*gg*rs eh! Although train costs a bit.