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  1. Yorkie44

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Aye, I can't even fathom why they have done it, there is no real need to advertise to a wider audience other than existing clubs, who would have joined it regardless; they were obviuosly hoping to piggyback on the name of cricket but to what end? Why not just 'National 20's League' NTL?
  2. Yorkie44

    War of the Roses coming back?

    It looks like it is this: https://www.rugby-league.com/article/54079/rugby-football-league-launches-rlt RLT20, T being 'transitional' To be fair it seems a good concept, hopefully it will address the loss of a lot of younger adults that aren't ready to 'step up' to full open age.
  3. Thanks very much, a bargain. Let's hope the weather holds.
  4. Does anyone have any information on how much the admission at Cas will be tomorrow? Also do we think it'll just be the main stand open? Thanks.
  5. Yorkie44

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    Just to be pedantic, York is not or has ever been in North Yorkshire. Traditionally it’s the City of York and the three Ridings (of York’s Shire), of the North (North Yorkshire and the lost lands of Middlesbrough et al), West (Now West and South Yorks) and the East Riding (still the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull). But there is a recognised unity between all of us that we are the one county. Again this could change like it has many times in the past, I suppose we could go back to calling it The Kingdom of Jorvik, or why not encompass the rest of the North and call ourselves Danelaw, Northumbria or even further back and call ourselves Brigantes and Parisii. Times and peoples identity change constantly we’ve just been lucky enough to be born in a period and place where we are known as Yorkshire folk, long may it continue, but if I were born a thousand years from this point forward or back I would/will probably see myself as something different. Still the greatest place on earth (subjective I know) which it will be until we end up under water, cooked by the Sun or frozen by an expanding universe.
  6. Yorkie44

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Do they serve this at the ground or any pubs in the area, also anyone know a pub that stocks it?
  7. Yorkie44

    Grand Final band

    Well I suppose in theory yes, you could have anyone for the right price, would it be a good idea to waste a fair chunk on a big act to an event we usually do well selling anyway, I’d probably say no. Now the CC would be a much better place to schedule a ‘big’ act.
  8. Yorkie44

    Grand Final band

    Well I guess it's subjective, but I really like them and they're a pretty big band, in Indie circles, the Radio X listener if you will. We're never going to get an Arctic Monkeys, Muse or a massive pop star so '2nd tier' artists are probably the best bet. I was happy when I read this news today and will probably sway me going along to the final (I have enjoyed the other bands we have had too, but they didn't sway my decision) unless it's Wigan v Saints, any other combination is appealiong to me though.
  9. Counting down the days until Saturday. I really hope that Catalan can win, as it will be great for them. Failing that a stoic performance and not a capitulation will do. Couldn't give a flying duck about the crowd, I've bought the tickets I want, I am happy with what I've paid and will be watching what's going on the field rather than staring at empty seats and grinning smugly. Along with everyone bar Warrington fans (who probably won't begrudge the Dragons a win) I will be cheering on the French side. Can't wait, I do love a Wembley trip.
  10. Yorkie44

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    See you in Wembley way Boyny* Bruce will be loving it! (If you’re the one I know 🤔)
  11. Yorkie44

    Plan 'B'

    Can’t be ars*d though. It’s not a lot of money relatively speaking, you should be paying that much for sporting final tickets. It’s been covered a million times before but RL fans now expect cheap tickets for top games and I believe that is something we need to get away from.
  12. Yorkie44

    Plan 'B'

    Mint, I just bought two £50 tickets earlier this week. Ah well least I’ll hopefully get to see Catalans Win the Cup.
  13. Yorkie44

    Team names on forums

    They've already answered their question, it's a pack up! Or snap tin/box. But I do like your reply.
  14. Yorkie44

    SL Club Attendances 2018

    I suppose how to grow a crowd and who to target and how to go about it is a never-ending question at all professional sports clubs. One obvious area to target would be, and I know this sounds strange but rugby league fans….. I can obviously only speak for myself here but I also have a good indication of my friends and family. Personally, I am a huge RL ‘fan’, I visit (mostly read) this site more or less every day, I look on RL related websites again every day, well at least every work day. I have played and still occasionally play the game since I was 8, so 23+ years. Most of my friends have been made through rugby league and many conversations I have with other people (away from work, also sometimes at) probably have some element of an RL background. I own a plethora of RL gear and jerseys, I’ve bought my son loads of shirts since he was born 3 years ago. I have a subscription to Sky and watch the games when I can (or allowed to by the wife), I record the magazine shows and usually watch them. When I go around to my parents my Dad always has the League Express and RL World on table. I would also say the majority of the lads who I play or have played rugby with are in pretty similar to me, in fact I would guarantee it. Also, my friends that don’t play anymore or who have never played also have some sort of interest in the game. Yet, I have attended a total of 6 pro games this year, York v Bradford and York v Catalan because there was a big buzz and an event made of them, a couple more York games and two Hull FC games. If pushed I would say I was a ‘supporter’ of York and Hull FC but in the past, I’ve been to plenty of games not involving either team as I just like watching rugby. I usually attend the CC Final and Grand Final, I go to a few England games when we have them, I can also say that this is the situation for a good 30-40 people I know and I’d guess at a whole load more too. Why is this? I haven’t really got a clue, it is possibly because I am not in the habit of going every week or that I cannot make every week, although I know I could make a whole lot more games than I currently do, I just don’t and I don’t know why. I know if I said now to a few people do you fancy going to watch Leeds v Toronto in qualifiers I would get many yes’s, the same is true when someone asks me out of the blue but it is of a very ad hoc nature. I’ve contemplated about getting a season ticket for York but the lad is still a bit young to sit through a game, I’ve tried a few times but I’ll probably get one when he’s a little older and I can take him to the new stadium instead of the delipidated Bootham Crescent. I don’t think it is cost either York is quite affluent and the majority of people I know have good jobs and plenty of spare cash, I know a lot of people spend time doing other things but I know that I and others have ample opportunity to go but don’t. I know I really enjoy it and speaking with mates, family etc when they go they love it too why we don’t go more I don’t know? I’m guessing also there are many other people like me, my family and friends with this blasé attitude for attending games?