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  1. Sportsman's Dinner

    Good Afternoon all, York Lokomotive will be hosting our annual Sportsman's Dinner on Saturday 14th of April, not only will RL legend Leon Pryce but treating us to undoubtedly brilliant anecdotes about his playing days, but he may also give us an insight to one of the Knights biggest rivals, Workington. There will also be a comedian, meal, other entertainment and the Grand National will also be shown. If you're interested let me know or the contact is on the poster, perhaps a KISS table could be put together? Thanks,
  2. Amateur RL websites

    If you type 'NCL rugby' or 'NWML rugby' etc. it is the top result on Google. Just writing an acronym won't be too great as a lot of things could share that. I do agree that the websites are terrible though, hardly ever updated on time and after requesting our contact information be changed on numerous occasions it still hasn't been done.
  3. They're a strange breed out that way, I remember going to my mate's Granddad's out Helmsley way, not a word. Strangely not just the odd few words, I've no idea why she pronounces them like that, her Nanna was from Howden so perhaps that's it?
  4. Like a lot of you on here I find this topic really interesting. I am always astonished how British accents can change over minute geographical areas. Here in York we are sometimes told that we have a 'posh' Yorkshire accent probably because of the perceived affluence of the city, perversely we have been called 'pikeys' many times by our usually West Yorkshire friends. Anyway been an Acomb (west York) lad there is a difference in accent to those who live on the wrong side (east) of the river, maybe only noticeable to those who live in York, also the Clifton area seems to have its own twang too, with words as far as I can see not only unique to York but the Clifton area too e.g. 'bimph' meaning cold. There is also the weird posh / middle class accent that seems to be everywhere now, you know the ones that go UP? at the end of sentences, the over use of the word like and the calling of tea, dinner???? My wife who is also from Acomb strangely also has the East Riding twang of 'werking narne t' farve'. I vaguely remember watching a documentary when I was in Saudi of all places on a farmer from deepest darkest North Yorkshire who could converse well enough with Norwegians. I do think it is sad with all the dialects and languages disappearing and becoming slightly generic (obviously a long process) and for this reason every time I leave the county I thicken up my accent, just to let people know, you know. Weirdly though when I've been in London I have been asked quite a bit if I'm a Geordie?
  5. Yorigin II

    All the information you need to know about Yorigin II - East (NEAB & Heworth) V West (Acorn & Lokos). Our special guest and great supporter from the very start of the newly formed York and district side, is the one and only Alex Simmons, Alex who attended the first east v west game last year and got the guys some great coverage on his rugby league show rugby am. Venue/ York rugby union shipton road ground Date/ Saturday 4th of November Kick off time/ 12:30 Food/drinks/ outside catering with hot drinks and the bar will be open inside the club house for alcohol Ticket price/ £5 adults Free for kids Wrist bands/ like last year it will be wrist bands at an extra cost of £1 to gain entry to the up stairs bar where the presentation will take place with Alex, these can not be saved and will be on a first come first serve basis Other events on the day are our newly set up under 9s York and district team, they will be playing at half time also running out with the open age players, ball boys and bucket collection. The first game to kick off at 11:00am is the York acorn and heworth under 13s, who will be battling it out for bragging rights in York for a cup set up a few seasons ago, heworth hold the cup and will be looking to keep hold of it can acorn cause an upset. Any questions please ask Any volunteers for the day please get in touch plenty of jobs to do to help out. There is some really good stuff going on with Y&D over the coming year, which bodes well for the sport in our city.
  6. 1. Sam Tomkins If he has a solid 8's and gets somewhere back to his best, if not Zak Hardaker 2. Jermaine McGillvary 3. Leroy Cudjoe 4. Kallum Watkins I know he usually plays on the right but I believe Cudjoe's relationship with Jerry would give a better outcome if not Watkins I'd go with Mark Percival 5. Ryan Hall 6. Gareth Widdop 7. Luke Gale Again Luke is prodiminitly a left hand side pivot like Widdop but I would struggle to put Matty Smith although it wouldn't be the end of the world if he was picked. 8. James Graham 9. Josh Hodgson 10. Scott Taylor 11. Sam Burgess 12. Elliot Whitehead 13. Sean O'Loughlin 14. Daryl Clarke Tough choice this but I just think he would be better off the bench than McShane, Roby or Houghton. Bring him on and Hodgson to 13 if Lockers needs to come off although I wouldn't be adverse to any of the above hookers either, I'd say they are full 80 so no Clarke on the bench and George Williams on to it. 15. Any from: Tom Burgees / Alex Wamsley / George Burgees / Mike McMeeken / John Bateman / Ben Currie / Liam Watts 16. Any from: Tom Burgees / Alex Wamsley / George Burgees / Mike McMeeken / John Bateman / Ben Currie / Liam Watts 17. Any from: Tom Burgees / Alex Wamsley / George Burgees / Mike McMeeken / John Bateman / Ben Currie / Liam Watts
  7. I believe your friend called me on Saturday morning regarding the York Loko's game and unfortunately I had to inform it was off, but we, the Loko's only found out on Friday afternoon that the opposition couldn't raise a team and we did publish this on our Facebook page, I do appreciate that everyone doesn't use Facebook / Twitter but that is our clubs best way of communicating, I should have probably updated the website too, but that is always a second thought and I find Pitchero really clunky and annoying to use. Perhaps he will be able to attend this Saturday with our top of the table clash with Whinmoor. Regarding the number of game called off, it is really frustrating when this happens as we have not had a game for 3 weeks now leading into our vital clash this weekend, granted we had a two week gap in the fixtures and organised a friendly which was called off a few days before too. It does really p*ss us as a club off especially since we are a club who have always fulfilled our fixtures in our 10 seasons we have never failed to put out a side, yes there is the odd occasion we traveled with 13 or roped people in but we have never let anyone down, contrast that to clubs who don't seem to give a fig about ringing us the night before and saying we aren't coming now and it is laughable although our call offs pale in significance to our friends over in Scarborough who always get the sh*tty end of the stick when teams have to travel to them. I don't know the answer but perhaps a Merit style system would work better as Bob8 says maybe just a couple of event fixtures a month rather than week in week out league structure, although this maybe tricky in keeping some of our sponsors happy. I feel the league really does need to be more stringent with teams who call games off, maybe ban them from the league for a season or larger fines, although this I guess would not stop 'new' teams popping the following year, it may put those ad hoc clubs off and and ensure we get committed ones though. Regarding juniors the Yorkshire Junior league really doesn't give you a helping hand either in fact the way they treated us was not great and put us off dealing with them and nearly made us lose our first junior team which is now not in great shakes anyway.
  8. Be nice if a handful or even one of our clubs could do that then.
  9. It would be nice wouldn't it if they did that with lower level rugby. I vaguely remember reading about how non-league soccer managed to attract a number of trendy young melinials and the such, perhaps as I say Toronto do with the craft beer, this is something lower league clubs could do to attract the above (and others obviously) as both RL and 'the hipster' are synonymous with good beer (subjective I know). Perhaps even flog a few retro shirts too....
  10. With the a potential move of Channel 4 to Yorkshire (other cities are interested too) it may be possible that they could look into rugby league in some capacity. Although they won't have the financial clout of Sky et al they may pick up some lower division stuff? Possibly not on their remit of been an edgy hipster type channel but if we can present RL in the way which Toronto are it could be the right fit?
  11. Ross Osborne

    I read it on Hull page yesterday ?
  12. Ross Osborne

    The brilliantly named Hull youngster Zeus Silk?
  13. Attendances

    I'm hoping for a big push with the Toronto game. Most other clubs have had an increased attendance when the Wolfpack have visited town so hopefully York will too. I'll certainly be trying to get a few more along.
  14. York & District tour to Ukraine

    Yep they had around 4 or 5 cameras there and all the gear to go with it. Haha, the ground was like concrete, it was in an military base and they were doing drill and PT at sides while we played.
  15. Full highlights of the York & District tour to the Ukraine below. The lads had a fantastic time and a pretty successful tour winning 3/2 in the 9's tournament, been pipped in the final in the dying minutes. A great experience and the start of the Y&D tours. The Ukrainians were very welcoming and put a lot of effort in with us and the tournament. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ixgZfQ1vpcY