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  1. Tom Johnstone

    For what it's worth it is don't believe Johnstone is the fastest player at Trinity. It's either Reece Lynn or Caton-Brown. Whist the tries he scores make people sit up and take notice, his real value is his work rate, ability to learn quick and adaptability. He takes the ball up well, unfortunately that's how he ended up injuring himself. He was getting hung out to dry by the Sky idiots re poor defence, who completely ignored the deficiency of the defensive structure on the inside, but he has improved this area no end and can usuall deal with a 2/3 on 1 better. His footwork is immense to and his aerial ability is outstanding. I hope he fulfils his early promise.
  2. Challenge 1000

    Seriously selling season tickets for £100 in the hope of the increased numbers spending money in the ground nearly sent Trinity under again during the Glover era. Hope it plays out well for Doncaster though.
  3. It is a bizarre chain of thought, but I guess the RFL have to be seen to be taking some action against the clubs who are not meeting the minimum standards some how, otherwise there is no point having them.
  4. AFAIK Trinity are ok to play out of BV as long as there are plans to move into a new/upgraded stadium in the near futute. The caviate being the club are now on reduced central funding because of this.
  5. Who knows? Perhaps the same structure as before, upfront loan from the council with funding from the NM development paying it off when the trigger point is achieved (recent reserved planning application gone in for that). Carter previously offered to pay the interest. Council offered £2m to the project in the past. I still remain doubtful until I see steel being erected.
  6. So; Hard to keep up with this. We shall see.
  7. Kickable penalties did us. England rarely looked like scoring but had a few opportunities to knock one over but chose to run the ball and lost it. Great specticle though. Tough, really tough game. Thoroughly intense.
  8. Yes, quite the rock and a hard place.
  9. Effectively that is what is happening. Trinity are on reduced central funding this year due to the state of BV and are on borrowed time in terms of their stay whilst still playing out of the old girl (as it is). I believe if no progression is made in the next year or so then that will be that. If we move to Dewsbury then we're straight out.
  10. It will be money they already have allocated for the provision of community facilities but hey this is the council saying they want to contribute to the scheme so take it up with Box should it ever transpire. It's likely the offer would be recinded just as easily as it was proffered. Now that you mention that, that money tree does seem to find £1.5m per annum of public money in order to pay for just 17 of the council leaders/officers. I know personally which will offer more value fo money to the public as a whole.
  11. If it happens it means the developer has or will be stumping up, the council have said they will contribute £2m (capital expenditure rather than rate payers money), however this seems to vary on which way the winds seems to be blowing. Carter has said he would pay the interest on the loan whilst it' ever outstanding. No money to be taken from Joe Blogs of Featherstone etc. Ultimately if there is nothing untoward going on behind the scenes between developer and local authority then there is no reason why this project shouldn't go ahead. Newmarket is a prime logistical locaton and it should be built out already. It's not even about Trinity anymore as bizarrely the council have said they will construct the stadium regardless of whether the club use it or not and have invited interested clubs to come forward. I hear FC Barcelona have yet to get in touch though.
  12. If it ever were happen, tax payers wouldn' be contributing anything to it.
  13. Ultimately it's all ####### in the wind. There will be no new stadium at NM or BV. The council (or in particular Box) are full of and up to their necks in it hence the crazy statements they have been making over the past week or so. This is the last throw of the dice before their actions are trawled over by someone who may uncover something that some may want to kept hidden. The best thing that will probably come from this is the removal of Box, and maybe no more units above 60000 sq.m plus what's already there built at Newmarket, limiting the amount of money Yorkcourt will make. Sadly I don't see how a stadium will be built from it. The develop doesn't want to fund it despite the planning gain on greenbelt.