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  1. I think Trinity got drawn into the forward battle it became with neither team giving it much air. Seemed to be some strange calls but then we've had a few gone for us this year. The penalty against Caton-Brown was rather baffling and the game clincher looked forward to me. I'm gunna have to introduce Tom Johnstone to Finn and Miller. The guy is wasted at Trinity.
  2. Still wasting you're time posting about a game you have no interest in? Say what's the score by the way.
  3. It really is. Looks they've dropped on lucky with their developer (who seem to take their obligations to provide a stadium as an offset for the planning gain seriously), not to mention a certain local council leader who is making damn sure everything runs as smoothly as it can for his team.
  4. Cas will own it. It will cost them a quid.
  5. The council could've done what they've just done right from the off. No negotiations needed. The fact they chose not to and still haven't explained why to me speaks volumes. I don't believe Trinity are being persecuted. I think something far more serious has gone on and still needs exposing.
  6. All that had to happen in the first place, why it's took exposure in the media and social media pressure to get the council to do what they always should have done is ridiculous. They fact they've done such a upturn speaks volumes to me. They don't want the details of what went behind closed doors uncovering. Anyhow that 40k of the 60k accounted for. Rumors of a brewery taking up residence at Newmarket would further boost this number. Still a long way away from a new stadium but a lot closer than this morning.
  7. It's good stuff, I don't expect a new stadium will come of it all, but it's good to see the worm that is Peter Box squirm. It seems he is hiding something and the more this is picked at the more will be revealed. This goes deeper than just new sports facilities. In my view there could be some deep seated corruption going on that needs to be exposed.
  8. £2m won't buy . Can't believe this thread is still running.
  9. Well in Newmarket it was a facility everyone in the WMDC could use of they wanted to, Trinity, Cas, Featherstone, Stanley Rangers, Wakefield FC, Sandal RU etc. Five Towns Park will be a private stadium owned by Cas.
  10. WMDC will not, and can not, fund any new stadium development. They don't have the cash. Both stadiums were/are relying on private investment .
  11. To be fair they can't enforce it yet anyway, the current unit wouldn't be enough to reach the stadium build trigger point of 60000m2. The really issue though is that they council let the great big white box be built outside of the UU agreement so although large, not a single centimetre will count to reach the above goal. They refuse to answer why they did this and hide behind apparent legal advice, although they are unable to provide evidence of this.
  12. You really needed that to realise this was a none story from the off. Still the YP revenue will have taken a nice boost this morning.
  13. Tough call. Trinity had been solid if not spectacular until they played Leeds last week. Other than against Cas, Leigh have looked good. Trinity need to match if not better Leigh's enthusiasm. If they don't then Leigh will win comfortably. Scoring points is a struggle still.
  14. Complete rubbish. It makes no sense. If it was a three year licence then it would be more believable but there is a high probability that Trinity won't be in SL next season to sell their spot? Also there are only two shareholder who I am aware of and one of them is Carter. Still £20m and whoever wants it can take over tonight for me.