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  1. To be fair it was reduced when London moved to the Hive.
  2. 7 homes games for 1st place, 6 home games for 2nd and so on.
  3. Certainly livened up in the last 10 minutes, just a shame about the first 70. Great try from Percivel.
  4. ###### game
  5. Trinity are hitting a bit of a wall at the moment with a few injuries building up and the ones still able to play look like they have ran out of juice. They fell away badly against Hull last week so it will come down to fitness. On paper Wire should win this as they have the better team.
  6. If Leeds make the top four then I can see them winning the comp. Although Cas have been the beat team over the course of the season they don't have the experience of winning big games so may come up unstuck when it matters. If they do win it will give hope to the smaller clubs that with an excellent coach, a good backroom team and a number of quality players in key positions then competing for silverware isn't an impossible dream. It doesn't always have to be a Wigan, Leeds or Saints.
  7. Game clincher me thinks.
  8. Better game now, Chase hitting self distruct and Widnes suffering. Leigh have stepped up after a poor first half.
  9. Widnes have been very good, Leigh have been poor. Half time score reflects the game so far.
  10. Finn an Williams were a good partnership, Miller and Williams not so much. Bad long term injuries but the squad can cope with these losses.
  11. Great goal kicking too in difficult conditions.
  12. Well Saints now look a shadow of the team that started the match. Wire have stepped up but Saint have been awful since the 30 mark.
  14. I think Trinity got drawn into the forward battle it became with neither team giving it much air. Seemed to be some strange calls but then we've had a few gone for us this year. The penalty against Caton-Brown was rather baffling and the game clincher looked forward to me. I'm gunna have to introduce Tom Johnstone to Finn and Miller. The guy is wasted at Trinity.