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  1. If Trinity had been relegated they would have gone part time. Carter is a realist and he does not spend what the club doesn't have.
  2. Hopefully not, the middle 8s prove good viewing in a car crash kind of way but the other two 8s seem so flat and devoid of purpose. I'd like to see a push for two conferences of equaly status which interchange towards the later stages of the season to ultimately crown the SL title winners. It could start with say 8 in each which can be built on and added to with clubs who wish to be professional both existing and new.
  3. England winning the World Cup would be a huge boost, but that would be completely wasted if the current CE of the RFL was still insitu. So these two please.
  4. Belle Vue, Wakefield? Nothing is happening sadly.
  5. Nothing to see here.
  6. There's not a chance anyone from Cas or Featherstone would support Trinity. There's not a chance anyone from Featherstone would support Cas and vice versa. I feel the Wakefield public are less tribal however the one who are bothered would probably support Leeds before Cas or Featherstone.
  7. Usurp Wood. It can only get better after that.
  8. Horrible player, glad Trinity managed to offload the waster.
  9. Wednesday and United pretty much soak up the sports fans in Sheffield I reckon. Although in the lower leagues both are big clubs.
  10. Redevelopment into something other than a stadium perhaps. After all there still could be the 'predatory' developers knocking about that exacerbated this entire farce in the first place.
  11. Have to say I wasn't keen when I saw the red but it has grown on me. Shame about the number sponsors though. Warrington's jesery looks so much better for the lack of them.
  12. New Trinity 'home' shirt!
  13. ... and on the last page or so of posts is why RL struggles as a sport. It's core support are a bunch a tight buggers on the look out for discounts. Is it any wonder premium brands stay well clear of the sport.
  14. Ah the annual off season HMRC wind up order. How I miss those days! Hopefully all is sorted soon.