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  1. Must win game for us on Sunday, lose this and bottom two could be ours come end of season. Win it and it builds confidence for future games. Any chance that we could have Sykes back for this one? We need him back as quickly as possible. Rams 34-20 Hornets, attendance 831.
  2. andyram

    1895 Trophy

    This tournament had got a Leigh-Widnes final written all over it. Would be great if one of the so called smaller clubs could spoil the final. If we can't do it, which is highly likely, would love the final between Bulldogs - Eagles to spoil the wishes of the RFL.
  3. Izaac Farrell has been released by Huddersfield Giants, and a Championship club will be announcing his signing very soon. Think he could do a decent job at half back where ever he goes.
  4. andyram

    1895 Trophy

    Junior season tickets can be used for Sunday's game, think it's £12 adults and £10 concessions. Can see the attandance similar to the West Hull match.
  5. I for one enjoy my day trip to Blackpool, a weekend might be pushing it for me though. If the weather was good like last year, it gives me and my son a few hours to do the seaside things before going to the Stadium for the feast of rugby. We need more events for Championship clubs to have their day in the sun. The negative side is, it would be nice to play on a Saturday, and dare I say it, a different opponent one year might be nice.
  6. Sadly work commitments will stop me from going to this one, but hopefully a place in the last eight for the mighty Rams will happen.
  7. Hopefully a improved performance, with a bit of character shown on Sunday.
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