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  1. andyram

    Ned to step down..

    Though I'm sad to see Neil going, it seems strange about the timing of his decision. I would imagine he has been negotiating with new players coming in for 2019, as well as hopefully re-signing some of the 2018 squad, knowing full well about what budget he will have to spend. Packing it in now leaves us already behind the rest of clubs getting ready for next season. We need a new coach, possible assistants too, who might want his own players to sign, instead of the ones Neil has signed up. A ugly ending to a coach who did so much for us in his first spell and saving us last season. This won't be good for season tickets sells.
  2. andyram

    1st September

    Toby always reminds me of Keegan Hirst, he has the build to destroy defenders, but never seems to show the potential to show what he can do. He might do this with the Bulldogs next season though.
  3. andyram

    Ch Shield: Featherstone v Dewsbury

    Funny you should say that, he had a great game against Fev. Will be a big loss for us if/when he goes.
  4. andyram

    French Scene

    Thanks for the information barnyia, will be looking out on these games. We need a strong competitive French league.
  5. andyram

    French Scene

    When does the new French season begin ? I'm hoping that the FFR will be showing live games on their YouTube channel like the season gone. Really enjoyed watching these matches and seeing different grounds in Elite 1.
  6. andyram

    The Dewsbury Faithful

    Been really busy over the last few weeks, will pop into the Bailey's Bar before the Leigh game to give my £20 contribution to you or Graham. Well done to all concerned in the collection.
  7. andyram

    1st September

    Nice to finally see some official deals for 2019 been announced by the club.
  8. andyram


    In my opinion, it would make it more simple, spilt the difference and make it £16 all round the ground. Wouldn't be surprised if people walk round the terraced areas and go to the North Stand to sit anyway, when the stewards are doing other things.
  9. andyram


    Sounds like a sensible idea to try.
  10. andyram

    Sheffield away.

    Always good to see local lads given the chance with the club, will always show the passion that is required. Saw the Thornhill Trojans game today, one or two players there could do a job for us, given the chance.
  11. andyram

    Sheffield away.

    As i didn't go to last night's game, sounds like Brad Daleney took his chance well, maybe we have found our new number 7 for the future. Does anyone think he has the qualities for the Championship, week in week out?
  12. andyram

    Players For 2019

    Re-signings : 1 = Gareth Moore 2 = Dale Morton 3 = Tobias Richardson 3 = Adam Ryder 4 = Jode Sheriffe New-signings : Departures : 1 = Toby Everett ( Batley Bulldogs )
  13. andyram

    squad 2019

    Out of all the squad, I would be most disappointed to see Guzdek, Glover, Teanby, Brown and Speakman leave. Would be even worse if one of these players left to go over to the dark side and join the Bulldogs.
  14. andyram

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Welcome to the relegation dog fight Batley Bulldogs.
  15. andyram

    Sheffield Eagles Game