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  1. andyram

    CC 3rd Round Draw

    Thanks for the information.
  2. andyram

    CC 3rd Round Draw

    Which game have the BBC chosen to stream live in the 2nd Round ?
  3. Dewsbury Rams will be producing a match day programme for 2019, all articles contributed by volunteers.
  4. andyram

    Players For 2019

    20 years old Leeds Rhinos Academy player Harvey Whiteley.
  5. andyram

    Players For 2019

    A new player announcement this evening.
  6. andyram

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Congratulations on both teams and supporters for the way this concept of the Yorkshire Cup has been supported today. Hopefully this can be grown into the pre-season programme in the future, and extended into more clubs playing
  7. andyram

    Shot Clock

    Just wondering what plans the club have in place about the new Shot Clock ruling for the new season. Will we have a 30 seconds run down on the scoreboard, the counting down on the p.a system. My personal favourite of the Countdown T.V song been used or just the hooter going off when time's up ?
  8. andyram

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    When there's a stoppage in play when the shot clock is required, just put the Countdown T.V music on for the 30 seconds required, will do the trick and fans can join in with the song too.😁
  9. andyram

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    Interesting to see that Macaulay Hallett has found his way over to Fev Rovers on trial looking for a contract for 2019.
  10. andyram

    The Dewsbury Faithful sponsorship

    Great idea to support the local lads in the squad when possible.👏
  11. andyram

    New shirt

    Nice looking shirt
  12. andyram

    Players For 2019

    Jacob Thomas added to the list, could be a useful addition to the squad. Looks like he might add competition to the half back spot, as well as playing at full back.
  13. andyram

    Players For 2019

    Another new signing later today.
  14. andyram

    Rob Spicer

    Think when Rob walked out with the team at the last home game of the season against Leigh, was a good indication that his playing days was over. I do agree that some kind of "official thank you" for Rob's time at the club should be organised for him though. It's very rare for players to last so long at a club in the summer era.