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  1. First round of the shield will now be released on Thursday, with the rest of the rounds released on Monday 31st July. Strange about the delay all of a sudden.
  2. Sheffield's squad,
  3. Has expected been banned for one game for foul and abusive language. Ben Blackmore of Sheffield Eagles has been banned for two games. Both will miss this Sundays game.
  4. Our last regular game of the season against our old friends. Would be a bonus to get 2 points from this one, set us nicely up for the remaining games. Which Eagles team to turn up though ? They can score points, but also let them in by the bucket load. Home advantage might just do it,hopefully !
  5. Can't really blame Guzdek if Rovers come back in for him, and he does come from that area. Would be more than happy to see Hooley back in a rams shirt next season.More local players the better.
  6. Signed for Oldham on loan for the rest of the season.Was impressed with the games he played for us.
  7. Here is the Swinton squad,
  8. I would put Day in,we look quicker at the play the balls,very dangerous near the the line with him around.
  9. Chris Atkin missing from the Swinton team might be the difference between the two teams. Feeling more confident about us winning this one now. Not nice about Swinton's financial problems, but we need to think about stopping in the Championship, and winning on Sunday.
  10. Think the game change when 8-0 up and Alex Brown didn't hold the ball to dive in the corner to make it at least 12-0 with the kick to come.We didn't have a big enough lead going up the slope in the 2nd half. Last 20 mins was all Batley,James Brown was like a man on a mission, we could not stop him. Didn't see the sending off,was out of there by then. Best team won on the day,we move on to the Swinton game.
  11. Not announced official, but If Wilsden Ram say its the same squad as last week on the the rams forum, then that's good enough for me.
  12. Rams 19 man squad is the same as last week,may the best team win #UTR
  13. Batley's 19 man squad,
  14. Think all rams fans are just happy to have a player of Moore's quality, since the days of Thackeray. We have waited long enough.
  15. Really hoping plans are in place to keep Moore and Hallet for 2018,if we are still in the Championship. Know for sure that both players will be looking forward to Sundays game.