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  1. Here are the numbers for tomorrow's draw :
  2. Got to say from my advantage point in the North Stand,it looked like the 4G pitch had finally been sorted out. I couldn't see if the rugby posts was there,but it's great to see things are finally been concluded on that project.
  3. Would have thought unlikely that Pryce will carry on his role with the Stags. Can't see us having anything to do with the Stags in the future.
  4. When a new coach arrivals at any sporting club,its not surprising he wants his own staff in with it. With both Pryce and Schofield still there today,got to admire their professional way to do the job today. We all got to trust Ned.still good to see Paul Delaney back.
  5. The draw for the next round is on Tuesday @18.30 on the BBC News Channel's Sports day Programme.
  6. Tom's got a 1 match ban.
  7. I find it best not to look at our scoreboard when the game is on these days. It must be nice when the only thing the Bulldogs can complain about is their scoreboard.
  8. Well I suppose it will be a Good Friday for one set of fans,probably it won't be on the red,amber and black side I'm afraid. Will we have a new coach in charge of this game? Can we play a game where we can be competitive for the full 80 minutes? I just hoping we won't be disgraced by our neighbours too much. Rams 10 - 36 Bulldogs,attendance 1345.
  9. Think its fair to say whoever takes the job must be realistic and start planning for next season in league 1. The way we fall apart in the 2nd half of games means our fittest isn't there,shouldn't happen with a conditioning man at the club.I honestly can't see us winning any games in the league this season.
  10. Here's the Halifax squad :
  11. Any chance of getting a audio recording of the nights events please RogerTRam if your reading this, like you did on the last forum in September ? Can't get the time off work at this short notice.
  12. Can't see anything but a defeat, hope I'm wrong. Here's the Bulls 19 man squad
  13. Game been confirmed on Twitter as a Sunday game at 3.St George day will be derby day.
  14. Here's the numbers for the draw,would love Leeds home or away. Will end up away to Barrow lol
  15. Donald failed a drug test,still waiting for the rfl to decide on what to do next.