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  1. Ram's former player Kyle Trout has signed for the Eagles on a one year dear Eagles's boss Mark Aston says he's just needs a little love to get the best out of the much travelled 29 years old,he will get that here. Sounds like Mr Aston is a changed man,wanting dual-reg,going part time.What's next ??
  2. They have entered a dual-reg with Leigh for 2017,Mr Mark I hate dual-reg Aston said with his squad been slimmer than 2016,he had no choice. This could be bad news for the rams,they will have quite a few Leigh players going there to help them. Eagles would have been around the same area as us in the league table.Every point will count.
  3. During the game yesterday, I noticed the scoreboard time in the first half kept moving even when the ref called time to stop,while in the second half,the scoreboard clock did stop a few times when the ref called time. Wouldn't it be better if we could have the official timekeeping clock working alongside the scoreboard clock so we knew exactly how long was to go in the game?Can't be too hard to do this.....can it ??
  4. This Yowies team could be decent, Nathan Merritt is in the side today.
  5. Probably watch a few Thornhill Trojans games on a Saturday afternoon when I can.Don't think I could adopt a new professional team to watch live. Most likely will go down the ground hoppers route of a new ground or two every year. as well as watching the NRL on the t.v. Let's hope we can support the rams for many years to come.
  6. Seated stand,£10 adults, £5 concessions. Now that Bulldogs got no game,might as well pop down to see the tourist in town.
  7. From the North Stand could not see if these projects have been completed yet,said it should had been done by end of January. Noticed the new carpark floodlights have been erected and working. Hopefully this part of the development hasn't been delayed for any reason. Think the majority of the Wakefield fans were complementary of the ground and would be very happy to play games here.
  8. Going past the club shop on Sunday and seeing it empty of any merchandise got me thinking of a missed opportunity of making some money.
  9. If the game goes ahead with snow forecast for the weekend,anyone heard what the admission prices will be, asked the club's Twitter feed,no reply. Don't really know much about the team, only that they are from the Newcastle area of Australia. Think they toured the UK two years ago. Rams 32-22 Yowies,attendance 522.
  10. Can't see many changes from the team that played on Boxing Day apart from Guzdak,any news on his injury?? Trinity's squad will be mostly youngsters, one or two most likely will be playing for us sometime this season. Keegan Hirst is also in Trinity's squad. Rams 20-30 Trinity, attendance 983.
  11. Any updates of when the new shirts will be available to see and buy at first hand from the club,will the players be wearing the new design on Sunday?
  12. They will be asking my club,Dewsbury Rams if they can groundshare again around August time, like they have done for the last two years.
  13. Happy New Year to one and all,let's hope for a good 2017.
  14. Sounded like a game of two hales,not surprising result in the end,hope the injury to Duzdak wasn't too bad,what was the attendance?
  15. 12-4 at half time to the rams,at least they are giving it a go,even though looks like we will be against the slope and wind in the 2nd half.