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  1. Christmas decorations

    My tree's still up on account of I've done my back in. It'll have to sit there till I'm ready
  2. Mortality

    I don't think I thought too much about my own mortality until grandchild number 5 (of seven now) came along. She has brought joy into my life every day for the last (almost) 6 years. Myself, her and her mum have spent most of our waking/leisure time together since her birth and we've had such good times. It was only when I sat having lunch alone in our local noodle bar I thought of the 18 year old Dani being in there with her friends laughing and having fun that I realised I may no longer be around when she is 18. It dawned on me that I am not going to be there for her forever. I spoke to a work colleague who is my age with grandchildren and she admitted she had also thought about this but tries not to dwell on it. As Robin said getting old does suck
  3. 2017 and 2018

    I've had the worst year ever. If Social Workers start to be reported in the news as dying from horrific injuries that will be me. Here's hoping 2018 is a good one for us all. Happy New Year xx
  4. This happened to me too with my sister's second husband. He has 3 kids of his own who visit them every year to exchange gifts. Everyone was so ungrateful with comments about exchanging the gifts or "Really? Me in GREEN!". I was shocked. We were brought up to buy well thought out gifts, something that you knew the recipient would be pleased to get or you knew they wanted and yes as you say be grateful for what you got.
  5. Yes. I'm afraid in the dark and I have tinnitus so I like noise even if it is just a tv on or music.
  6. Been told I do that. It must be insanely annoying!
  7. Silence and darkness. Can't bear either. I think it's how we are as a family. Lights are always on, kids TVs/xboxes etc, doors are always open.
  8. If I were a Superhero

    This sounds really tempting. I would have a field day with the added addition of my laser powered eyes taking care of arachnids inside my house
  9. Languages

    British sign language. Went to classes back in the 90s when my youngest had hearing problems. He's fine now but I'm glad I did as it does come in useful at work.
  10. people on tv that you are not too fond of

    Gah! Totally agree. Never disliked anyone more before or since. Grease is the perfect description. Smarmy g*t
  11. Proud moments

    Bless him. Congrats. Be unashamedly proud
  12. I agree. I voted DUP and I have to say, these left wing Nancy boy conservatives are not what I wanted
  13. Old movie assistance needed.

    I remember this. In my head it is a Two Ronnies sketch though so not sure if just a sketch or a clip from a movie (did they make a movie?)
  14. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    My son has bought me a pair of Jimmy Choo's!! I have no one to boast to so please tell your other halfs so I can feel smug
  15. Best singing voice

    No this was just about vocalists past and present not what people are actually listening to right now.