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  1. Don't think I can moan about today's lyrics when my generation sang along to the likes of "I'm as honest as the day is long. The longer the daylight the less I do wrong"
  2. Love Rammstein. Don't even care about the lyrics Till has a wonderful voice.
  3. I married in the 80s (pre consoles and the like). My husband had the cricket version which he would painstakingly set up and play for hours. Dont know how much it cost but he definitely got his money's worth and enjoyed every minute. Can't get any spare bits for it now. The pitch needed replacing every so often too which you can't get anymore. Shame.
  4. I refuse to pay all that for a miniscule amount of chocolate. Mine will get a bar of Galaxy and like it
  5. Sorry I feel like an eavesdropper posting on this one but your comments are really thought provoking. At work over the last 15ish years we have lost more than a few young men (patients) mostly in the 24-27 range and a couple older with wives and children of their own. Preferred method for men being hanging. I can only remember two ladies both middle aged - one went into the canal and one into a reservoir. A male friend of my daughter's hanged himself on christmas day in 2007. It shocked us to the core as we had seen him that day and had text conversations with him. What I can't get my head around is how in god's name these people have come to that final moment. What could be so unsurmountable that caused you to make the final decision, take the pills, cut your wrist, throw yourself on a track or place the rope around your neck and end it all. The reality of those last few final seconds are something I literally cannot imagine. From the letters I type at work women very often quote their children/mum and dad as being the protective factor against taking the final step. It's horrible and the stresses of being young today are awful. Online gambling is just so easy, drugs, social media, the need to succeed, earn big money, drive a flash car, I pity them I really do.
  6. Pie and mash with liquor obviously South East London style from the pie and mash shop.
  7. I went to a small Tesco (Express? are they called) near work for lunch (sandwich and bits). Used the self scan, paid by card, removed card, picked up goods and left. When I got back to work I had a text from my bank to say "your card has been declined at Tesco"! I went back to fess up and pay for my goods but pointed out there was no audible warning of this as the volume was turned down and the machines dont issue receipts automatically now so I just picked up my stuff and left?
  8. Try working with nurses on that subject. We have a kitchen/sitting room to eat our lunch in but I'm b*gg8r*d if I'm gonna sit there just to have some staff nurse make loud scathing remarks like "don't you need some carbs with that?!". Like you I have also had people making retching noises as I open a can of pilchards. I eat at my desk now................COMMENT FREE AND CARB FREE
  9. How adorable what a cutie
  10. Went to Morrisons cafe with daughter who is vegetarian. Daughter: Omelette meal please Cashier: Sorry we haven't got any omelettes today D: Oh err what other vege options are there? C: Salad, jacket potato, egg, chips and beans? D: What? Wait you have eggs then?! C: Yes D: So why can't I have an omelette? C: We don't have any omelettes. D: So I'll have eggs, chips and beans and can the eggs be mixed up in a bowl before they are cooked? C: No the chef is not allowed to do that. The omelettes are brought in from an outside company. You can only have fried egg. WTAF
  11. Started work for the BBC in August 1972 for £13.64 a week as a typist. With my first wage packet I bought a weekly train ticket, a comb, a purse (to keep the change in), a tin of Balkan Sobranie tobacco for my dad and half a pound of Callard & Bowsers plain chocolate toffees for my mum. Life was so simple then.
  12. Several things have happened recently where I've realised stuff has been thrown out which I now regret. I feel for you it's flipping horrible.
  13. Sorry to hear of your problems and I don't have anything useful to say or advice to give. My only thought reading your post this morning was "11?!! When did that happen? Surely he was only 5 last week!" Time flies and you blink or take your eye off them for a minute and wonder how you have become the parent of a 32 year old. Good luck with everything I hope it works out for the best.
  14. Surely you didn't think otherwise
  15. Oh well. Smurfs in Catford is better than nothing . Maybe I'll move to California