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  1. heartofGold

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    BT repair man "The lines all fixed now.. er.. do you mind if I sit in the van on your drive and er.. watch the football?" 😂 Crack on son
  2. heartofGold

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Diego Costa you filthy ba$*@rd I miss you 😂
  3. heartofGold

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    I'll probably get struck down by lightning but it amused me. My son works in one of the fashion retail outlet centres. He worked in Kate Spade for a while a year ago and now works in Jimmy Choo. He said to his boss "Kate Spade's dead" George replied "Yeah I think it's quiet everywhere mate"; "No George, Kate Spade the woman is deceased"
  4. heartofGold

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    I'm in. Thanks for organising
  5. heartofGold

    Denmark bans full face veils

    So do I and I am Catholic
  6. heartofGold

    the impending awful wedding

    Schools seem to be having a party day on Friday. Grandkids being asked to take in food and dress up etc. Fine when they are 5 or 6 but older ones 9 and up will be fasting during Ramadan.
  7. heartofGold

    Rant thread

    Which makes me appreciate this forum so much. On such occasions I can come here and hide which I will be doing next month to avoid the wedding
  8. heartofGold


    The sounds and smells of Sundays. Bacon and eggs, dad's liniment that he slathered on before going off to play Sunday morning footie, mum would start cooking dinner listening to World Wide Family Favourites on the wireless and the house would start to smell of gorgeous roast, dad would return from the pub smelling of beer and pipe smoke. After dinner Sunday afternoon TV. Laredo, Rawhide and other westerns. Teatime dad would go out to the local seafood van for cockles and winkles which we would have with bread and butter. Sunday evening The Black & White Minstrel Show and Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Good times.
  9. heartofGold


    Thanks for that snippet My youngest has been working at one of the high end outlet villages for a few years and fell in love with watches a while ago. He wears a Montblanc to work but his dream is a Breitling
  10. heartofGold

    TRL Helpdesk

    Thanks for that. I looked on the o2 site and they seemed really expensive. Will have a browse.
  11. heartofGold

    TRL Helpdesk

    Thanks I will look further into it then
  12. Never had one before always had PAYG, top up £20 every month, free texts, job done. Looking at the contract phones I don't understand the 'data' bit. 98% of my phone usage is texting and taking photos. Phone calls per year is probably under a dozen. If I am at home or work I can use the wifi to go online so prob just to check the news, whatsapp, banking, on here, email etc (at home would more likely use laptop). So with this data business if I am at home/work and go online am I using the data or still using free wifi? And stop all that eye rolling if I'd wanted that I could have asked my kids
  13. heartofGold

    Happy Easter!

    I've gone for the more traditional bacon roll but it's my daughter's birthday today so we'll be having easter eggs, chocolate birthday cake and April fool jokes all on the same day. Happy Easter all.
  14. Been trying to advise mine on this. Have said about keeping distance and only touching brake lightly. Should you steer out of a skid? I've never done it ??
  15. God mine is boring: Oxford English Dictionary Bromley Anonymous Books Grapevine, Texas (??) eBay o2