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  1. Can't remember my first few cars (old age!) but I remember being totally in love with my Renault 17 with the gear stick on the steering column. Wish I still had my dad's Ford Prefect though. The rear window had a little roller blind, the wipers were absolute rubbish and the indicators were little arms on the side of the car which were meant to pop out but invariably didn't until we banged on the inside to force them 😂. Bet that would be worth a shilling or two now.
  2. heartofGold


    Daughter's latest exchange with year 9 lovely Daughter: Can you please take your coat off Clarke Clarke: Man's cold innit Daughter: I suggest mans takes his coat off or mans will be in detention..........innit Clarke: [removing coat] Harsh fam!!
  3. heartofGold

    Have you ever won anything big?

    Never won anything big but left work in 1984 to go on maternity leave and entered a draw in D H Evans in Oxford St on the way home. A few weeks later I was at home with newborn son and received the winning hamper which was full of luxury items, body sprays, bath stuff, perfume, manicure set, silk scarf, leather purse, etc. It wasn't much in the grand scheme but the timing was perfect and taught me never to visit a new mum with baby grows and Johnsons powder. I always take mum some luxuries instead. Have done Euromillions and Thunderball tonight though so I'll let you know tomorrow which island I've bought so you can all book flights 😂
  4. heartofGold

    Glass top garden table fire hazard

    Will do. Been a flipping customer for donkeys years paying an extortionate fee for nothing but sky sports
  5. Grass in the garden caught fire this week. It melted the tool chest with mower, strimmer and garden chair cushions inside which also burned, buckled the living room window and upstairs bedroom window, melted the guttering and the Sky dish and but for the quick response of my neighbour (I was at work) would probably have caught the curtains in the open bedroom window and been much worse. Neighbour called the fire brigade who were great. They put the blame squarely on the glass table and said they are attending grass fires all over the county ten or more times a day now. Just thought I would mention it so no one else has the same problem. Could have been worse, no one was hurt, son's brand new car was not on the drive and it's off season for football so not too many 20 somethings crying into their beer over the Sky dish 😀. Bl00dy Sky are charging a £65 call out charge to come and look at the damage though!
  6. heartofGold

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    [Hangs on to Derwent's every last word in desperation]
  7. heartofGold

    It's just been raining in Hull...

    Don't judge me........I used a hose 😟........daughter's wheelie bin had something in which had attracted flies and hence maggots. Had to give it a quick surreptitious clean all the while feeling bad about wasting precious water. However as I speak much more cloud cover than blue sky here in the SE tonight so you never know.
  8. heartofGold

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    Not sure where my loyalties lie then 😆. Funny that me and Bucksyed are both in Bucks though.
  9. heartofGold

    Rant thread

    ...............and don't let me catch you here come next snowfall
  10. heartofGold

    Rant thread

    If you're complaining about the heat and you complained about the snow then there's one hell of a slap coming your way
  11. heartofGold

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    It's! @#$/^& coming home lads 😂
  12. We haven't gone that far yet with the staff books but all the kids books and toys have gone from the waiting room for the same reason sadly.
  13. Where I work we have 45-50 staff. Those of us who read always bring in the good ones and leave them in the staff room for others to take and recycle. Luckily many of us are crime readers so there's always a good selection. I have Amazon Prime which offers a good selection of free downloads every month and have joined a few libraries across the UK for e-books. If you join more than just your local library you get more chance of getting the most popular books. They are easy to download and you get 21 days to read a book all for free. I got the latest Jo Nesbo from the library while it was still in hardback on the shelves in the supermarkets!
  14. I've read all the Harry Hole books and never been disappointed. Outside of the Hole series The Son is a great book
  15. heartofGold

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    BT repair man "The lines all fixed now.. er.. do you mind if I sit in the van on your drive and er.. watch the football?" 😂 Crack on son