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  1. I agree. I voted DUP and I have to say, these left wing Nancy boy conservatives are not what I wanted
  2. I remember this. In my head it is a Two Ronnies sketch though so not sure if just a sketch or a clip from a movie (did they make a movie?)
  3. My son has bought me a pair of Jimmy Choo's!! I have no one to boast to so please tell your other halfs so I can feel smug
  4. No this was just about vocalists past and present not what people are actually listening to right now.
  5. Corey has an amazing voice as does Till Lindemann of Rammstein.
  6. Ooh yes to Greg Lake lovely resonant voice. I think Aretha Franklin came a close second on the other forum.
  7. Just thought of this reading the Eurovision thread mentioning Abba. This was a topic on another forum a while ago and the clear winner there was Karen Carpenter who I agree had a beautiful singing voice. I listed my choices as: The blonde lady from Abba, Freddie Mercury, the Simply Red bloke, Elvis and the Wet Wet Wet bloke (sorry rubbish with names and none of these are my genre). None of these have ever been part of my music collection as I dont like their music so I guess it's not all about vocal talent, rather the overall package but who gets your award for best vocalist?
  8. Toasted peanut butter and tomato sandwich. Doesnt sound like it will work but it really does. Red pepper dipped in taramasalata which is probably not that random but I only just discovered it.
  9. So!

    Don't hate "So" as nearly as much as the very annoying written use of "Erm". It's not like you are going to get their attention any faster when it's written is it? As in "Erm.........and you thought that would change things how exactly?"
  10. Where I work "Head of IT" at the moment is the apprentice
  11. I'm not at work today but havent seen anything untoward on emails so assume we are ok in Bucks. What sick b&%$+rds would do this?
  12. Son has told me I'm not allowed to buy any more tester pots. I now have 10 that all looked palest blue in the shop but are shriekingly loud blue on the wall
  13. Don't think I can moan about today's lyrics when my generation sang along to the likes of "I'm as honest as the day is long. The longer the daylight the less I do wrong"
  14. Love Rammstein. Don't even care about the lyrics Till has a wonderful voice.
  15. I married in the 80s (pre consoles and the like). My husband had the cricket version which he would painstakingly set up and play for hours. Dont know how much it cost but he definitely got his money's worth and enjoyed every minute. Can't get any spare bits for it now. The pitch needed replacing every so often too which you can't get anymore. Shame.