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  1. Thanks for that thought which I now can't unthink!
  2. Just spat my coffee out at that
  3. My granddaughter loves The Gruffalo and I love reading it
  4. I'm going to give it a go. (Currently stuffing my face with cherry liqueurs in case that is cheating after midnight). Happy New Year all.
  5. As a child I cherished my beautifully illustrated copy of Treasure Island. Teenage I suppose Lord of the Rings. Can't decide on the "everyone" as I'm not well read as an adult but my life was enriched by reading D H Lawrence. I read them as an escape during my 20s whenever I had precious time to myself when the children were young. Couldn't pick a favourite though I loved them all.
  6. Ye gods 53! Can't believe this very morning I filmed 4 year old granddaughter with her new microphone singing Last Christmas. What was a funny video has suddenly turned into something really sad. What a day to go with such a famous christmas hit. RIP
  7. In my opinion its much easier to fill the car on the "wrong" side anyway. You can see the pump reading much easier without craning your neck and youre not squished up between the car and the pump.
  8. Pump queueing drives me insane!!! What is wrong with these people? And PIN numbers ..........dont even get me started. I actually want to cut people. I love this thread though I feel better already just reading posts about stuff.
  9. I'm struggling this year for the first time in forever. Me and youngest would in all honesty like to be left in peace and hit McDs when we are hungry. He will be working Boxing Day. Not sure daughter will allow this though and usual fare at hers will be turkey, stuffing, roast pots, parsnips, sprouts, pigs and yorkshires followed by family tradition of traffic light jelly and cream (no one likes christmas pud or mince pies). I'll probably make the effort for the g/kids but it's all a bit bleurgh to be honest. Won't drink as taking youngest into work Boxing Day as it will be impossible for him to park due to sales hysteria.
  10. I do. I understand its Biff, Chip and Kipper nowadays according to granddaughter
  11. How very progressive. It was Dick and Dora in my day
  12. AOB is weighed down from time to time with political threads especially during elections and when bigger events occur as in recent times with the referendum and the US election but the thread titles usually give you a heads up on what it's about so once you have identified its content you can then choose to ignore it and move on to other less political threads if you choose or participate/read on.
  13. My mum died on the operating table many years ago after a reaction to the anaesthetic (Suxameth something. Bleep will know) and was resuscitated. Afterwards she told the oft recounted story of being above her body and looking down at herself. I wonder if this is a dream state experienced by many under anaesthetic. The only thing I can think of myself is being in the sea aged about 10 and a huge wave sweeping me off my feet. Thought I was drowning for what seemed like ages (actually only seconds) then my dad lifted me back up to safety. Was terrifying though for those few seconds thinking I was a gonner.
  14. Fine on Firefox and I'm usually the first to go down with the warning
  15. Wasnt that last year?