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  1. Been trying to advise mine on this. Have said about keeping distance and only touching brake lightly. Should you steer out of a skid? I've never done it ??
  2. God mine is boring: Oxford English Dictionary Bromley Anonymous Books Grapevine, Texas (??) eBay o2
  3. Done. Very interesting. Hope she gets lots of responses.
  4. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Just sent text to daughter saying Alice had died. She replied Dibley or Cooper? Loved the Alice character they must have had fun making the series.
  5. Whisky

    I was relaying this to my daughter today as my mum's second husband always had a glass or two of whisky in the evening which mum served with a small jug of water. Back then I thought it would taste pretty horrid with water but reading the above it now makes sense. My daughter was asking if having it on the rocks would be the same or would the ice just ruin it?
  6. Mortality

    I've got my funeral music planned.
  7. Pets corner

    Boo hoo I can't join in. Sadly lost our Tibetan terrier last year at the grand old age of 18! Over the years have had all sorts. Cross bred lab/GSD, GSD, lab, Belgian shepherd, Anatolian shepherd, pair of Rhodesian ridgebacks, weimarana. Also when the kids were growing up budgies, rats, snakes, gerbils, hamster. My favourite character has got to be the Belgian. Absolute nightmare but you had to forgive her. Over the years she saw off a bag of raw Brussels sprouts, a dozen eggs and the box, all the Christmas tree chocs off the lower branches and while we were dozing off to the Queen's speech had managed to leap the child gate into the kitchen and was caught in flagrante over the leftover turkey. Lovely thread, Looking forward to more pics.
  8. TRL poll: Tie dimples

    Oh great. I'm already cursed with my stupid brain checking out the stripes direction to see whether they are the European or American way. Now I have a whole new thing to look for.
  9. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    My daughter applied for job seekers a month or so ago. I have waited outside for her on three occasions and each time she has come out in tears. I know it's a c rappy job and they probably have to put up with a lot but do they have to be so nasty to everyone. Do they think people enjoy having to go to the food bank to feed their children?
  10. TRL help

    I've tried Google but my head is going to explode. We haven't had a working electric shower for ages as the old one is kaput. Our bath has mixer taps with an integral shower attachment and it works well with quite a powerful water pressure so we haven't missed the electric one. However the boiler has gone on the blink a couple of times this winter meaning no hot water so if I buy a new electric shower will that work if the boiler doesn't? Also if I buy a new one who do I need to fit it an electrician or a plumber? Thanks.
  11. Food and drink thread

    I had lasagna in Venice in 1995 and never found anything close since. It was divine.
  12. Christmas decorations

    My tree's still up on account of I've done my back in. It'll have to sit there till I'm ready
  13. Mortality

    I don't think I thought too much about my own mortality until grandchild number 5 (of seven now) came along. She has brought joy into my life every day for the last (almost) 6 years. Myself, her and her mum have spent most of our waking/leisure time together since her birth and we've had such good times. It was only when I sat having lunch alone in our local noodle bar I thought of the 18 year old Dani being in there with her friends laughing and having fun that I realised I may no longer be around when she is 18. It dawned on me that I am not going to be there for her forever. I spoke to a work colleague who is my age with grandchildren and she admitted she had also thought about this but tries not to dwell on it. As Robin said getting old does suck
  14. 2017 and 2018

    I've had the worst year ever. If Social Workers start to be reported in the news as dying from horrific injuries that will be me. Here's hoping 2018 is a good one for us all. Happy New Year xx