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  1. No mate i hope its you giving 'me' a big 'I told you so' at the end of the season. Now Let's get behind the lads on sunday. We need the 2pts.
  2. The point is the coach carries the can for him teams performances. Its his job to get the best out of them. No i wont be chanting 'DC out' but i have real doubts about him. Just a personal opinion.
  3. Bang on mate . Yes we have injuries but we also have 3 of the best players in the league under performing
  4. If it was a few players i would agree it was a bit lazy but it was the whole defensive line at they squeezed in the corner. I would say it was amatuer but that's an insult to amatuers. One larger than life prop has four defenders hanging off his shoulders?????? One round the legs????? Please watch the KO try again. Not a single challange on the KO. and a stroll to the line. If you think that's ok mate then thats ok. My opinion is different. I will be there to support the club this season but IMO the coach hasn't got a clue . RL is all about defence. Who was it that said no point in scoring 3 trys of you conceed 6. Walshie?
  5. Clarke can be blamed because its him coaching the players. We have gone backwards since the start of the season.
  6. shocking defence. The try from the kick off is inexcusable. Give him (DC) a chance somebody said. Yes he needs a chance. A chance to watch that video and sort thats shambolic defence out
  7. I think you have answered your own question there mate. I agree 100% with your middle sentence. We should be learning not to shoot ourselves in the foot at this stage of the season.
  8. TBF he is getting his chance and I am sure he will get atleast the full season. No one is calling for his head as of yet but doubts are being expressed by some for sevral reasons. He does come over as a decent guy on the radio however his post donny match interview had plenty on here very puzzled as to he was at the same match. Mistakes will happen but its, how or if, you learn from them and then address them.
  9. Its a rebuilding season and barring the canadian millionaire circus no team has hammmerd us and TBF no one expected us to pull up trees this season.. However we should be dispatching the basement teams in this league with what we have. We regularly seem to get into good positions and then switch off. Coach needs to address it.
  10. A wins a win but I am having doubts about this coach.
  11. You took the works out of my mouth. That is shocking
  12. Thanks gary. Your efforts are appreciated
  13. Yes its a good idea but its down to the usual thing. ££££££££££££
  14. Welcome to town danny.
  15. Welcome to town jake.