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  1. The Truth

    Your dragging something on that doesnt need draggeed on mate. Let it go and move on.
  2. Statement regarding Head Coach

    I'm sure some good applicants will come forward when its advertised. However no doubt it will come down to money as the club have to be sensible. Oh for a sugar daddy or two to step in and get a buzz going around DP again.
  3. Statement regarding Head Coach

    The club have made the right decision. Best of luck to DC for the future in whatever he does.
  4. Next season....

    Correct 👍
  5. Next season....

    So do you think its the wrong word to use or its hitting the nail on the head ?
  6. Next season....

    Hatred is a strong word mate. Any person coaching in any sport will know they are in the firing line for criticism whether its justified or unjustified. There are calls from some fans for him to be replaced but i wouldnt say its hatred.
  7. Next season....

    Sorry mate but i disagree. Size wins games in RL. We didn't have the pack to go toe to toe with anyone.
  8. Next season....

    Ok,some valid points. I could list some to counter them but the message would be too long.
  9. derby game

    Was that the 20-6 town win. Haven came with their Parramatta style tops. Haven fans were expecting 50pts but it all went towns way on the day.
  10. Next season....

    I don't think the negativity on here means he has to go. The seasons performamce means he does IMO. As for the haven game the damage was already done and the result was no suprise. As for The barrow game why did he try and go toe to toe with a much bigger pack for the majority of the game? Players could have been better yes but the buck stops with the coach. One of many examples that stand out for me is when the york fans said egremont rangers gave them a better game.
  11. End of season review

    Well said.👍
  12. Well

    Fair enough. Forums are for opinions and discussion and at the end of the day we all want the best for our club.
  13. Well

    Blinkered? Is that in your opinion mate.
  14. Well

    Whingers? or fans with constructive critisism. We all want the best for the club and everyone and has different opinions. If you don't agree with someone then tell them why.
  15. Well

    Oh we couldnt half do with a positive to discuss on the forum ATM. Retain as many as possible 2 props and a coach and we move forward. UTT