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  1. London Skolars Prediction

    How long since we were in their half?
  2. London Skolars Prediction

    Now scholey gets a yellow. Killing ourselves here.
  3. London Skolars Prediction

    And disciplie.
  4. London Skolars Prediction

    Too many errors so far. Need to sort it and now its cost us
  5. London Skolars Prediction

    Doran over on 3 mins. Try converted 0-6
  6. London Skolars Prediction

    No gordon maudling today
  7. Cumbrian lakers

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but isnt that the mentality that stopped the last proposed stadium.
  8. Karl olstrum

    You dont know which players LP will play on GF. i am sure you would have welcomed a DR link up if you could have got one. Yes you dont have one hence you have gone into games with less than 17. Both town and haven will hoping for luck with injuries this season as they dont have the biggest squads.
  9. Dual reg with leigh

    Good post mate
  10. Dual reg with leigh

    Some excellent positivity but you may have left some cheese on the trap
  11. Dual reg with leigh

    Good luck to the lads tommorow. Bring the points home lads
  12. Karl olstrum

    Your haven supporting workmates might not want him but they dont have the responsobility of having to have 17 fit players to field.
  13. Karl olstrum

    That info is apparently unofficial. I wouldnt be suprised if he plays in the good friday derby.
  14. Karl olstrum

    Reading that i will be suprised if he plays for them again.
  15. Dual reg with leigh

    Yes they must shake their heads in disbelief at some of the comments on this thread. Eveyone is entitled to an opinion but for gods sake see how it goes before condemning it.