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  1. Best thing about today was being closer to the action but won't the crowd be closer now at DP after the current pitch work is complete?
  2. Good win despite a whistle happy inconsistent ref who wanted to be centre of attention. Some really good offensive play. Just need to tighten the goal line defence. Well done lads.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing marwood playing. Going by the video clips from the last match he is gonna inject some pace into the halves
  4. Yeah but he is probably in shock as they are actually playing an away game.
  5. I bet theres some town fans like KT who could give us some good crack about games on BP. Its a return to the past
  6. Town back at BP brings back memories. Can't wait.
  7. Speaking of other cumbrian clubs barrow looking like they are gonna be losing touch with safety if scores stay the same today. That squad must have cost a fair bit to put together as well
  8. Do our jam nosher neighbours ever play away from home?? They always seem to be at home. They must have a string of away games coming up.
  9. Well done lads Good win on the road. Only oldham have scored more than us in the league. Tighten the defence up against the better sides and who knows.
  10. Make that 3 in 2 minutes!
  11. Only one try so far 2nd half
  12. Good start lets get some points difference racked up UTT
  13. Good start. Lets get some points difference racked up UTT
  14. Think danny tickle has picked up an Achilles injury today. Hope its not a a bad one
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