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  1. town4me


  2. town4me


    Donald will know the crack.
  3. town4me

    New Assistant Coach

    Assistant Coach or player/assistant coach
  4. town4me

    Jonty Gorley leaves

    Welcome to the forum ray. I think he will be here for the length of his deal.
  5. town4me

    Hemel predictions

    I know some have said rest a few for this one but i do think its a big chance to boost the points difference. This could become very important come the end of the season. If we play the same team as we did last sunday Town by 60 to 80pts.
  6. town4me

    Donny reaction

    Yeah good hands from sam yesterday. Mopped up everything thrown at him and returned the ball well, and good vision and a quality pass to put elliot in for a try in the corner
  7. town4me


    Correct you addressed it but will you be charging £10 for the rest of the season against lesser opposition?
  8. town4me

    Donny reaction

    Yeah the only slight downside was the score could quite easily have been by 40-50pts. Still at very good show from the lads.
  9. town4me


    Yes due to bulls fans in numbers. Just like at ours when we beat them at DP😉
  10. town4me

    Donny reaction

    Comfortable win. Well done lads
  11. town4me


    Serious question. So will you be remamed again to whitehaven 2018? Or will it stay haven2010??
  12. town4me

    Today’s game (Doncaster)

    Town by 14.
  13. town4me


    We would probably have the same response/hope. I am glad you are getting sorted as no one wants to see a club fold. However i would urge caution over these figures donald is going on about. You know when something sounds too good to be true.
  14. town4me


    Donald no disrespect but i think you can't see the wood for the trees mate. Haven like town dont have the fan base or population to support that investment. You would end up with 13 travellers which would cause no end of problems and alienate the amatuer players. In theory sounds great but in practice it wont last.
  15. town4me


    Anybody who thinks someone will pump 6 figures yearly into any semi pro RL club with no return is off their rocker.