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  1. Oh dear!
  2. Cheers. I thought he went well yesterday.
  3. Where did tom curwen come from? Amatuer?
  4. Is that 78 against and 10 for in two games? Its early days but that must be worrying given the rumour of the coin put into that squad.
  5. We saw a 40/20 from the Widnes kids and they certainly worked our FB (who did well)with kicks on the ground and in the air. Not much from us from the boot but very early days. Some good plus points.
  6. Well thats certainly back to basics/new start. Team looked unrecognisable during the warm up. A good work out. Scott rooke looked good and some other promising youngsters. Do need a bit of experience amongst them lads. Kicking game needs worked on a bit.
  7. Tee, alex, howarth,patrick, fitzsimmons,mossop+ 3 signings early next week one of which wiĺl be the best signing so far (i am told)
  8. Admission pricing for this game will be: £10 Adults, £7 concessions, £3 U16's. Like this Quote Quote this
  9. Well done to the club for securing this player. 😊
  10. Thanks gary thats good news.
  11. Getting some loans from widnes but not DR donald.
  12. I think fans are gonna have to dig deep with loyalty this season. You can only spend what is in the pot and thats the bottom line. If you look around WC the semi pro players pot is low and it needs replenished so it has to be addressed.
  13. Thanks for the update gary and hopefully some announcements soon. When we look at the bulls situation as fans we must see that budgets must be stuck to. God help any small clubs that have met these unrealistic wage demands. Now that is, playing with fire.
  14. UPDATE: The RFL have had around 10 serious expressions of interest already for a new club in Bradford. The RFL has set a deadline of noon on Monday 9 January for people to bid for the club. The Executive will work their way through each bid and meet with any serious bidder that week to analyse their proposal. Hopefully they'll then make a recommendation to the Board by the end of next week. Though this could run into the following week #BradfordBulls
  15. Whitehaven 'not contacted' about replacing Bradford in Championship Whitehaven, one of last season’s relegated sides, have not been approached about replacing Bradford in the Championship for 2017. The Bulls’ liquidation was confirmed on Tuesday, together with a statement from the RFL that said they would be keeping their spot open in the game’s second tier for a “new Bradford club.” This is reportedly due to the feeling that a replacement club would simply not be able to get up to speed in time for the new season, which is little over a month away. In its public statement on the Bradford news, the RFL said: "While a number of alternatives were considered the Board were most mindful of the planning already undertaken by all other clubs in the competition structure, the season tickets already purchased and the players and staff who will now be seeking employment in and around the sport in 2017. "Accordingly the Board has agreed that the wider interests of the sport is best satisfied if it offers a place in the Kingstone Press Championship to any new club in Bradford and that such a club start the 2017 season on minus twelve points.” It has prompted a mixed reaction amongst fans and media alike, with some saying that as a new club, the newco Bradford should be forced to start at the bottom of the professional game, as the newest club to the ranks, Toronto Wolfpack, have been. Sources at Whitehaven have confirmed to Love Rugby League that their club has had “no contact” from anyone regarding the situation or asked if they would be willing to step up at short notice. Discussions are ongoing with parties interested in forming a new Bradford club, and the feeling is that it is very unlikely that the new season will start without the Bradford name in the Championship. Based on last season, starting with a -12 handicap, Bradford would need to win 15 of their 30 games to avoid relegation to League 1. In 2016, the Bulls won 19 of 30 and their season, and ultimately the current era of the club, culminated with a Championship Shield Final victory over Sheffield.