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  1. Be good to see them back
  2. Basically If he is fit then we will see him, if he's still not ready then we won't. I think its fair to say we all haven't seen him as much as we would have liked this season but you seem to ask about joseph all the time on here. Fit yes. Not fit then no like any other player
  3. The people who run the club deserve credit for doing it on a limited budget. If there was ever to be progress and development on a large scale it would take a big cash injection. I do wonder if semi pro RL in west cumbria is sustainable with current budgets and terrace support. Also the amatuer game is not what it used to be and that will have a large affect on the semi pro game if it carries on.
  4. Both sides might eventually have no choice
  5. I don't think theres a hate mob mate. Some people have different opinions but it is a forum. I think we just all want the best for WTRLFC
  6. Hate mob????
  7. FT 28-18. Well done town. A big effort away to a team whos tails are up
  8. Negativity or frustration? Club could and should be 7 or 8 points better off. Good luck to the lads tommorow. Positives are the club is on a much sounder footing and this group of players has the potential to kick on with the addition of a couple of props.
  9. Donny and haven at home with a big performance are winnable
  10. A win at barrow? Are you serious.
  11. Quiet on here for 2 days before a game.
  12. But as i said dave in any sport the buck stops with the coach. Anyway lets focus on york. Good luck to the lads in what will be a tough game.
  13. In any sport the buck stops with the coach. He is the one who is employed to manage the squad and get them to play the way he wants them too and get the best out of them. No he shouldn't be teaching basics but he should be coaching bad practice out of the team and make some progress over a season.
  14. Well dave i think we are two props and a coach off really kicking on.
  15. It's because they are poorly coached