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  1. BARA

    Have you donated to the just giving page yet. Its on £536
  2. New signing

    Should we start a just giving page to sort out his bus fare up here.
  3. New signing

    Just what we need IMO. he will bring experience and clever play to the squad.
  4. BARA

    Who was FB?
  5. Predictions

    We Are "just giving" a good performance to get some match fitness.
  6. Predictions

    Is the conversion record at risk today? 13 successful so far. Was dean marwoods 16 in a game?
  7. Predictions

    Me too. Twitter saying 42- 0 up.
  8. Predictions

    Spot on. Cheers👍
  9. Predictions

    Nothing on social media so the paperwork likely wasn't completed on time.
  10. Predictions

    I think the signing was dependant on papaerwork being completed. The launch been on since 7:15pm
  11. Predictions

    I'm guessing the signing tonight will be liam Harrison
  12. Predictions

    Depends if we see any more signings or not. We are about 3 decent players short of pushing higer than 5th IMO.
  13. 2018 Season Launch this Friday at 7.15

    Going to be interesting to see what style of play leon has put on the squad. Judging by the vids on twitter he wants the lads in top condition but are we gonna be a team that goes around teams or direct down the middle.

    Some good points marra but i disagree when you say "town have a lot of pressure to deliver with the signings". I think an improved season and higher finish would be real progress. But tjeres no pressure to do anything fantastic
  15. Hock

    Irrespective of what forster is or isn't maybe it would be better if you pop over to the haven forum and pass compliments on him while we discuss Town on here