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  1. Welcome to Town Gordon.
  2. They're getting comfortably swept aside on their own pitch by fax 6-24 @ HT. Fax will either take their foot off the gas or it will be 50ish
  3. Yes Chamberlain shouldn't be keeping locals out but fell hasn't settled yet and as you say he has had a fiery baptism. Howarth I.M.O we are lucky to have and will prove a good signing over the season. The jury is still out over PJ.
  4. Who are the "long" distance travellers not cutting the mustard?
  5. As well as rebuilding the club need to keep fans interested by making the product on the pitch as good as possible. I agree genrally with what your saying but we do need one or two from out of the county to boost the squad ATM. i think the balance is right and with injuries etc most should get their chance at some point.
  6. Crack is he doesn't need an op. Thats good news.
  7. They were going down with errrrrrr injuries everytime town got a roll on. A bit of a coincidence eh.
  8. I agree the balance is right. Whilst developing the squad we need some travellers to add quality to the squad so the product on the pitch is better.
  9. Think the radio said 1100 and something.
  10. Good post mate,that sums today up in nutshell .
  11. I think a draw would have been a fair result as neither desereved a win. You are right though we need some forwards.
  12. Yes some were warranted but some were milked and he fell for it. There's no good refs in the lower leagues but all we can ask for is consistency. Ref didn't cost us the game though we did that all by ourselves
  13. Yes his knee was heavily strapped before the game. But with 15? 16 or 17 we should still have won it but blew it by conceeding a penalty every 3 and a half minutes in the first half and so getting ourselves pinned back in on our 20 and we had no forwards to drive it out.
  14. Anyone hear Dave Clarkes post match interview?? I would love to hear his explanation of that first half show.
  15. The ref fell for their penalty earning tactics hook line and sinker especially in the first half and the constant team cries with arms in the air was embarrassing.