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  1. New signing

    I don't think haven or town will be push overs but they will both need some luck with injuries.
  2. New signing

    If we have the coin to tempt someone like GM i would rather it was spent elsewhere anyway. I'd Personally like to see another prop or back rower
  3. New signing

    I know of some ex fans who say they will probably return to watch some rugby at DP this season and from what i gather its due to LP joining the club. Its keeping those fans interested with a brand of RL and winning games thats key.
  4. New signing

    I wouldn't say its a worry for us ATM.. numerous factors will have dictated our crowd yesterday. I think our crowds will be up on last seasons.
  5. New signing

    If tee ritson had gone to haven burns wouldn't have got anywhere near the FB position.
  6. New signing

    Do you think burns would of got it if tee ritson had gone to haven? EM average? your having a laugh mate.
  7. New signing

    Elliot miller🤔
  8. New signing

    Agreed 👍👍.
  9. New signing

    True donald it would be a nice headache to have
  10. New signing

    I'll believe it when or if the club officially announce it. Its gonna give LP a selection headache if this rumour is true.
  11. BARA

    Have you donated to the just giving page yet. Its on £536
  12. New signing

    Should we start a just giving page to sort out his bus fare up here.
  13. New signing

    Just what we need IMO. he will bring experience and clever play to the squad.
  14. BARA

    Who was FB?
  15. Predictions

    We Are "just giving" a good performance to get some match fitness.