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  1. 2018 Squad

    Sorry I wasn't ignoring your earlier post millomite but it didn't seem to be right up to date. I used your original posts and amendments as a guide.
  2. 2018 Squad

    As tthere have been no comments on my message I have made an attempt to list our 2018 squad. It's probably way out but it's just an attempt.
  3. 2018 shirts

    Thank goodness the yellow away shirts have gone.
  4. 2018 Squad

    It's a while since the updated squad was shown on here. Can somebody update this stream regularly like happened last season.
  5. Jono Smith

    What was the long ban for?
  6. Final Position

    I think whatever happens we must avoid relegation. There are various other Clubs wanting to make progress in the pro game and it seems that, as they should, they will start in Ch1. In 2018 we have Bradford Bulls with a full time squad and it could be New York in 2019. I also read in todays Rugby Leaguer that because Ireland did so well in the WC they could be putting a team forward to Ch1. That could be 2020. This means that once in Ch1 it will become very difficult if not impossible to get to the Championship once relegated.
  7. Geoff Fletcher RIP

    I see Tommy Smales died this week but it was a different Tommy Smales that played for Barrow and Fev. I seem to remember that he was the principle architect in Fev's win in the CC. He played for Barrow the previous year. The Tommy Smales that died was former GB coach.
  8. Big loss

    He played 14 games but only about 3 in the 2nd half of the season. That was out of a total of 32 games includinjg4 friendlies.
  9. Big loss

    According to the Evening Mail Website Ollie Wilkes left partly because of the attraction of working with Leon Price.
  10. Match Day Next Season

    I think us senior citizen ST areĀ£110.
  11. Damage at Craven Park?

    Thanks Allan
  12. Damage at Craven Park?

    It was mentioned on RC this morning that the hurricane had caused a small amount of damage, Does anybody know what damage?
  13. Fixtures

    Usually the fixtures are sent to Clubs on a certain day, say 16 Oct, and then Released to the press a bit later, say 1 Nov. This gives Clubs the opportunity to request a change of certain dates. At least I think this is what happens.
  14. Workington Town

    Sorry entered here by mistake. Entered this on Town as well by mistake.
  15. Workington Town

    I see in the League Express that Leon Pryce has been appointed coach.