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  1. Warrington v Wigan is the big one for me.
  2. Some cracking matches. Here is the full draw
  3. How long has DJ been coaching.?
  4. I don't agree entirely with your comments olray but it is very disappointing and it's very difficult to see where our next win will come from. Our next 6 games are against York, Leigh, Toronto, Bradford, Halifax, Featherstone. As far as playing as amateurs compare those teams against Champ1
  5. Can't make the game today so have to make do with the radio. Yet again Radio Cumbria are pathetic and cover Haven and Newcastle. We are constantly treated as second class citizens and Raiders gates are usually as good as Haven & Town combined. I think the only coverage we have had this season is when Haven and Town have not played.
  6. The full draw is Sorry I've just seen that full draw has already been included.
  7. League Express says 2.30pm GMT but I can't see what channel it is televised on.
  8. Sorry I put a message on Toronto stuffed stream but it should have been on this stream
  9. The League Express states that the game on Saturday will be televised with a 2.30 KO.
  10. It was a filthy day weather wise with strong winds and torrential rain. I reckon if the weather had been like today we would have topped 2,000.
  11. The commentary had Smith at MOM. I agree we must beat Swinton and they lost again 12-30 to Leigh. I think all the teams round about us lost. Dewsbury, Batley & Swinton together with Sheffield who I think will also struggle a bit as the season goes on.
  12. I couldn't make the game today so for full commentary had to listen to Radio Merseyside. Not a patch on John Gibson but Haven had main commentary and Haven won by 70 odd points in front of a small crowd. I think that we should be classed as the senior match.Haven are lead commentary next week because Workington play on Saturday an Raiders are at Toulouse. As far as the match is concerned it seemed from Cresta's interview and the commentary that it was a much improved performance in awful conditions. I'll be interested to read others views but I think next week at Toulouse is going to be a problem.
  13. I've always been against DR like a lot of people but when you see that Rochdale played 5 DR players yesterday and Doncaster had 3 from Hull maybe it's time to change minds. I see that Rochdale played Livett from Warrington yesterday. He played some very good stuff in SL last season. Maybe Wigan would come to our rescue.
  14. The order of the next league matches is Widnes-h, Toulouse-a, Swinton-h, Leigh-a, Toronto-h, Bradford-a, Fev-h, Fax-a This takes us to 5th May and there is CC as well. Difficult to see where our next win is going to come from. Maybe Swinton?? I'm sure I'm being too pessimistic. Let's hope so.
  15. Must be a different game I'm listening to,Olray. Last 15 minutes were scrappy by both sides but until then seems to be very close game. Anybody's game yet. Widnes beating Fev 28-0 at half time.
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