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  1. york game

    If DJ did come back which I'm sure won't happen we would be looking for a new coach.
  2. york game

    It's interesting that under the ill-fated days of DJ by 2009 the gates had increased to around 1700 but they have steadily fallen since then. Apart from Toronto and the current York side, they are still better than all the other clubs in Ch1 and some in Ch. Hopefully, if we do get promotion and win some games our gates will increase.
  3. Championship 1 Situation

    Very disappointed I missed the York game and could well miss the remaining games so see you in Championship, Ritchie. On gates big surprise there were only 977 at CP. I thought we would easily top 1000 with a good contingent from York.
  4. Promotion?

    I'm a bit puzzled by the thought of Raiders v Toronto on 9/9 for the Championship. I think Toronto without doubt will be champions and we will win the top 4 and probably (hopefully) beat Haven at home.
  5. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    That's amazing Dave and even Steve won't have details of those games. As far as Little Park or Cavendish Park is concerned you would have to be really old. When was the first game at Craven Park.
  6. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    I've read your message now. My memory certainly isn't what it was. I've been attending CP since about 1957. You mention 1945 but I'll have you know I was only 4 then and didn't know the difference between RL & RU. You seem to remember many happenings before you were born, Steve.
  7. Promotion?

    Haven lost and Keighley drew. What are the chances of promotion. Oh dear I miss the game against York.
  8. Promotion?

    Amazing not a word about todays results. Does anybody care? I won't say anything else.
  9. Championship 1 Situation

    I have just read an article in League Express and it seems certain that Bradford Bulls will be relegated to Ch1. I can't see RFL wriggling out of this. From frightens me and I'm sure a lot of people is that if we don't get promotion this season the Bulls will be odds on for next season. That would mean that in 3 years we would be competing against Toulouse, Toronto, and Bradford. and this would realistically chance to only one other team each season.
  10. Barrow Raiders v Doncaster Rovers

    I agree dreadful day. Very exciting in the end and we just managed to end as victors, I thought the ref was very poor (bring back Gary Hewer). Ref did not keep the game going but Donny got away with holding down and high tackles largely unpunished. As far as I am concerned weather and the ref were the winners. I think it was impossible to use the wingers fully because of the weather and the solid donny sliding defence. A wins a win The gate was never mentioned.butit did not look very high to me.
  11. Wigan v Hull

    Well done John. I have supported both.
  12. RFL Vote of No Confidence

    I never sign petitions but I've signed this one.
  13. Wigan v Hull

    There is a petition going round in an effort to force changes in the RFL Executive. So far 1500 have signed. I feel something must be done to our game or it will die.
  14. Crowd v Wolfpack

    Brilliant result for York and we beat Haven and are second in the league.We meet you at Craven Park on 20th August and I cannot go. We've beaten you twice this season but it'll be very tough for us this time. We still have to go Canada for a second time this season. All the best for the super 8s and playoffs and promotion bu we are hopeful as well. We old established clubs want to get out of Ch1
  15. Haven Away