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  1. I listened to the full commentary Ron. I felt so sorry for the Bears. Pity the Raiders v Skolars game commentary wasn't as good.
  2. It seems that this game was postponed until today. Does anybody know why this was.
  3. Full commentary on RC this afternoon. Seemed to be a grim game by both sides but Raiders won 20-10 in the end.Each side scored 3 tries and the remainder of the points were penalties and conversions. Cresta has been interviewed and said that Bullock was ill ,Cresswell was injured and Hume could be out for some time. The match officials seemed very poor and the half backs struggled on the small field. Although the Club didn't run a supporters trip to the game there was quite a lot of shouting for 'Barrow' Anyway we are second in the league until tomorrow.
  4. I was also amazed there were no comments. At one time loads of people left thoughts but this time nothing. The same thing happened to another game recently until I left a message. I couldn't make the game so had rto make do with RC. Updates throughout the match but I thought the reporter was very poor. Had to make do with Twitter feed. Main match was Haven and although they were running in a load of points commentary stayed with John Gibson on that match. What was even more annoying there was no interview from Cresta because bang on 5.00pm RL finished. In the football season the programme ends at 6.00pm. As for the match it was a shame about the penalty at the end but Donny are always a hard team to visit. It's in the Mail that several players are requiring tratment after Sunday.
  5. Brilliant report on Canada experience Chris. Really good read because I was away on holiday I only knew the score.
  6. Just recemtly got back from hols. Nice to see you on the Forum Steve after all this time. I'm sure you can clear up any other team and scoring discussions in the future.
  7. It's a very long time since there has been so much activity on this Forum. Long may it continue. But with good news about our great game.
  8. I agree but that would be a bit tough on Raiders supporters who have travelled. I think the flight left early this morning. Why has Dalli been turned away. Has he no visa. The whole thing is a pathetic farce looking at it from this side of the Atlantic. I believe the accomodation is unsuitable as well. Cresta said on RC this morning that the accomodation for Oxford was unsuitable and Raiders have been given the same accomodation.
  9. The last one I can pick up now Ron is 4th May. No update on Raiders or Bears Forum.
  10. Seems to me Toronto will be 6th. York,Oxford,South Wales,Keighley & Leeds making 5 leaving him available for Toronto.
  11. Rugby Leaguer says 9.30pm
  12. I'm surprised only you have left a message Richie. I listened to the full commentary and it was nice to score a couple of tries. I agree there was nothing to be ashamed of just look at St Helens and Catalans. Roll on Canada and Blackpool. 2 more victories would be very nice.
  13. I picked up the programme from Coventry Bears Forum.
  14. I do miss the weekly show. What's happened?
  15. I bet Steve Andrews will know Dave.