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  1. Michael Ashton

    Dewsbury game

    Totally agree it was a brilliant performance and well done to Jarrad Stack who scored 3 almost identical 2nd half tries and Dally who converted all 3. Just a pity we let some soft tries in when the score was way out of Dewsbury's reach because points difference might be important.
  2. Michael Ashton

    200 Club

    I'm sure a lot of people are like me, Pete, and are already members of various Club lotteries started over the years.
  3. Michael Ashton

    Paper rumors

    I get League Express and haven't seen it in that.
  4. Michael Ashton

    Come on someone cheer me up

    I was about to put a similar message on Ron. I thought nobody was at the match. So sorry to see the score of Coventry against Keighley. 98 is bad enough but just be thankful your not involved with the other Raiders. After last weeks 144 against York they let in 124 against Bradford. I missed the first 20 minutes today and the score was 6-2 to Batley. I said to the steward not to worry I was in the ground and we would win. It was mighty close against a good Batley team and I agree they would wonder how they managed to lose. I think this game was vital for league position. We must be able to beat Batley, Swinton, Sheffield, Rochdale and Dewsbury ideally at home and away but at least at home or away. We have now beaten Batley & Sheffield once, drawn with Swinton once, unexpectedly drawn with Toronto and beaten Leigh once. We should have beaten Rochdale but for the unreasonable sending off of Jarrad Stack. We must beat Dewsbury next Sunday and Sheffield at Blackpool the week after. Sheffie4ld and Dewsbury were both beaten at home today. The gate today was about 1200
  5. Michael Ashton

    Round 7 West Wales Raiders

    Well done York but I agree results like this don't do the game any good. Not your fault of course but your certainly going great guns. The standard in the Championship is very different and I'm sure you are aware of this. We have a decent team at Barrow Raiders but we are finding games very tough. I think you have broken our record which was 130 something against Nottingham years ago. Perhaps somebody can confirm this. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  6. Michael Ashton

    Leigh away

    I realize that everybody or nearly everybody uses FB and other modern devices but I've always used the Forum and I hope that some others will continue to do so. I listened to the full commentary on the Leigh game on RC and at last we got full coverage. For those that don't know we lost 46-18 but the score totally flattered Leigh. The score was 18-22 to Leigh until 10 minutes from time and it could have gone anyway but judging by the commentary we just ran out of steam and made errors and Leigh scored 4 more tries. Martin Aspinall and Dan Toal were injured in the first 7 minutes and were substituted. We had to play the rest of the game with 2 on the bench. Batley, next weeks opponents, lost 50-12 at Featherstone. York beat West Wales 144-0 with 15 tries which I think is a RLrecord. One player scored 7 tries. Barrow once scored 130 odd., I think. I'll be interested read any comments from supporters who travelled to Leigh for the match.
  7. Michael Ashton

    Cup Draw Rd 6

    I agree totally with comments on CC but it must be said that CC crowds reduced drastically long before the RFL change. This is obviously why RFL made the change but now there is little chance of say Wigan or Saints against Barrow.
  8. Michael Ashton

    Raiders v Toronto

    Final result Lost 16-12 but it seems to have been a cracking match. Gate was about 1100. It seems that nobody is going to put comments on here.
  9. Michael Ashton

    Raiders v Toronto

    Raiders 16-12 down now at 4.20
  10. Michael Ashton

    Raiders v Toronto

    The general coverage of the Raiders from anywhere is pathetic. There is virtually nothing on this Forum but at one time it was worth reading. My main grouse is with Radio Cumbria. I cannot make the Toronto game but what about RC. Nothing available on online but on the radio there is coverage on AM. For the second week John Gibson is giving lead commentary to the Whitehaven game and had Haven last week as well. Surely we are the senior club this season and should have more than feeble summaries for the Fev game last week an Toronto this week. I think Radio Cumbria should let us why we are continuing to be second class. Barrow Bluebirds certainly aren't treated like the Raiders. The latest score I think is 12-10 to Barrow.
  11. Michael Ashton

    fevnut's blog: Barrow v Fev

    Another 1000+ gate. I think it was about 1230. At 22-22 with 15 minutes to go I was sure we were going to get something but a knock on that wasn't a knock on and a dropped high ball almost under our own sticks and it was all over. Well played lads.
  12. Michael Ashton

    Come On Fev

    I still remember the interception try that won the game for Fev in 1967. Can you imagine Barrow or Fev or indeed Workington getting through to the CC Final ever again. I can't.
  13. Michael Ashton

    Raiders v Sheffield (league game)

    Message on FB that Luke Cresswell has ligament damage an on his way home
  14. Michael Ashton

    Raiders v Sheffield (league game)

    What an amazing game. Sheffield started like a house on fire, the referee blew for endless penalties and Barrow made loads of mistakes, All this was in the first half and Barrow looked well beaten at 18-0. Having said that Sheffield did look a very good side and were too fast for Barrow. The second half was a different story. Barrow were a lot better after the break and also received a lot more help from the referee and scored tries from Litherland, Bullock,DanToal and 3 from Shane Toal. The end result was 36-22. The gate was about 1,200. The downside is that Cresswell was carried off on a stretcher and taken to hospital.
  15. Michael Ashton

    Challenge Cup results.

    Cresta was very impressed with our 'new' half backs. Apart from 1000 gate for Kells which seems to be estimated ours was the best CC gate. I wonder what Toronto think about coming to beautiful Cumbria again after playing Kells.