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  1. Michael Ashton


    That's very serious and I think it must be treated properly so that this sort of thing never happens again. I am only going from reading this stream because I sit in the grandstand.
  2. Michael Ashton

    Hands off Cresta

    There are loads of rumours on Face Book about Paul going to Leigh as coach. Put there from a 'reliable source' The whole thing was scotched by Steve Neale. Rugby League press has been carrying rumours. All FAKE NEWS.
  3. Michael Ashton

    Joe Bullock

    Don't forget the sale of Ade Gardner to St Helens, TMF. All together that was worth about 100K and was well after SL & Sky started. Who did you have in mind.?
  4. Michael Ashton

    As Elvis once said....It's now or never....

    I thought Peter Wison's report in League Express was completely spot on.
  5. Michael Ashton

    As Elvis once said....It's now or never....

    The first half was awful and the referee seemed determined to blow the whistle repeatedly to penalize both sides. This kept the game from flowing and totally spoiled the entertainment. I thought Rochdale were a very poor side and in the first half Barrow were dragged down to there level. The scoring in the first half totalled 2 Rochdale penalties. They didn't deserve to score a try which I felt gave them 6 underserved points. The gate was approximately 1030 and thank fully the rain kept off.
  6. Michael Ashton

    Hands off Cresta

    A previous Chairman, Mick, round about 2006.
  7. Michael Ashton

    Joe Bullock

    I see that Shaun Edwards is coach of Wigan in 2020 and Adrian Lam next season.
  8. Michael Ashton

    Hands off Cresta

    That's really good news about David Cairns but the bit about Cresta going elsewhere strikes me as a bit of journalese. I can't see Cresta going anywhere ..
  9. Michael Ashton

    8's fixtures

    Of course Ron. Silly me
  10. Michael Ashton

    8's fixtures

    Is there no game on 26th August?
  11. Michael Ashton

    Raiders Points of Interest 2018

    Barrow is the 5th highest home gate with average 1239 per game. Matches already played against final 7 Home Batley 20-18 Rochdale 20-6 Swinton 16-16 Away Games won Batley 3 Rochdale 2 Swinton 1 Away Leigh 18-46 Featherstone 4-52 Dewsbury 20-22 Sheffield 10-28 Home Games won Leigh 8 Featherstone 9 Dewsbury 3 Sheffield 3
  12. Michael Ashton

    Raiders v Broncos

    I completely agree boat builder. Unfortunately I couldn't go today but it amazes me that after all the performances we have given this season the team and coaches have started to get slated. I understand that a lot of the tackling was weak but also Broncos were a very good and strong side. I think most supporters will be satisfied if we avoid relegation and hopefully the three home games we have should enable this. Supporters often do say they will not watch that rubbish again after a big defeat but also remember the good games and performances. The gate again topped 1,000 and the average home gate is about 1,200 which is higher than most pro clubs below Super League. The score today was exactly the same as the last home game.
  13. Michael Ashton


    The League Express issued today reported that the AGM will be held at CP on 30th August at 7.00pm. This is open to all Debenture Holders and can I suggest that any supporter wishing to attend the AGM and does not have any debentures contact the rugby shop straight away. The article also mentioned that the Club could do with increasing the Board. Application should be made by noon on 16th August being 14 days before the AGM. I presume that at the AGM the accounts for the year ended 30th November 2017 will be discussed and every debenture holder will be entitled to a copy.
  14. Michael Ashton

    More injuries

    Steve Neale has sent the following face book message Playing squad update: I wasn't sure if the season could get any worse on the injury front but it has. We picked up more injuries last weekend and topped the list up with some at training last night. We have to register our squad at Noon on a Thursday with the RFL and couldn't foresee the extra problems. If the players don't pull through we are again struggling to fill our bench. We sought special dispensation from the RFL to register players this morning but we were refused. They were sympathetic to our situation but they quoted rules are rules. The new board are learning lessons and, for sure, a lot are from our mistakes, but we will improve because of them. I'm confident we can get through this situation and move forward together. We have been promised for a very long time that we supporters will be kept right up to date regularly. This has never happened until now and so many thanks Steve.
  15. Michael Ashton

    More injuries

    I agree totally with you about DR TMF but when you see what Sheffield did to us recently it makes you think. I've always been dead against DR and some teams like Swinton have not seen a lot of benefit but it would certainly lessen our injury problems in the short term.