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  1. Michael Ashton

    Sheffield game

    Point of interest. According to League Express penalties were pretty even at 13-12.
  2. Hello Michael, I'm concerned that I've not had a xmas card from Pete Phazak, we met at Paulines funeral, I'm an Eagles fan. Stuart, I did read he has dementia, is he still fighting for the cause.   Good game today, bad choice not to drop one. With all good wishes Stu

  3. Michael Ashton

    Sheffield game

    I think a draw would have been a fair result but I cannot understand why we did not go for a drop goal at almost the end of the game. As far as the time of the game is concerned I agree that the game finished 2 minutes early according to the clock but my watch said that the first half was 50 minutes long. The two playing disappointments to me were the poor tackling and defending in mid field and the lack of ball that Spedding and Loxam had. I hope we can maintain the gate.
  4. Michael Ashton

    You do realise..

    I watched the video of York and Toronto. Toronto were the better side and had the ball most of the time but York will surprise a few teams this year and we a shade unlucky to have 2 tries against them in the last 10 minutes. Until then thee score was only 4-0 to Toronto.
  5. Michael Ashton

    Well done Barrow

    Either the Eagles are very good or Swinton very bad. 64-10 and Thackeray got 4 tries. I think they will find Barrow a different proposition next week. Let's see Spedding do to Sheffield what he did to us last season.
  6. Michael Ashton

    19 fit men

    I agree. how on earth do they balance the books with gates like that.
  7. Michael Ashton

    You do realise..

    Thanks for those stats ritchie and Steve Andrews. I heard 2001 mentioned several times but brings back memories to see the team names all those years ago.
  8. Michael Ashton

    Josh Johnson signs from Hull KR

    Steve Neale says quite definitely that Hock will remain a player for 2019.
  9. Michael Ashton

    This Forum

    It's terrific ritchie and no slide comments at anybody. Let's keep it up.
  10. Michael Ashton


    Certainly it looked good on the screen. Much netter than CP for Wigan game but it rained a lot more on Saturday than Sunday.
  11. Michael Ashton

    Dec Hulme

    That's a shame for him because he was out injured for a long time last season.
  12. Michael Ashton


    I watched game on YouTube and Millom lost 18-10 with try in last minute. It was not completely live so after it finished went onto BBC sport website and Millom were winning 38-10. I'm totally lost.
  13. Michael Ashton

    Wigan 26th Jan

    Thanks Duk
  14. Michael Ashton

    Wigan 26th Jan

    I think the gate was about 2200. It would have been much more if the weather had been dry. Does anybody know the lottery winning number. I didn't hear it on the tannoy.
  15. Michael Ashton

    Wigan 26th Jan

    I don't think there has been a word on local radio. Probably because it's not football.