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  1. I think I have nothing else to say after a super performance in a classic match. For the first time the backs have been able to play the ball fast and wide and have been fed by the halves. In addition the forwards tackled like trojans. Just a pity for us that Swinton beat Toulouse last night. I would have given MOM to Jake Carter. The gate was again over 1000 and was about 1300. The points for the bottom 6 Clubs are Batley 12 Swinton 10 Dewsbury 9 Widnes 8 BARROW 7 Rochdale 2
  2. A number of these messages seem to be on the wrong stream.
  3. Totally irrelevant but I was born in Barrow and lived there all my life. I'm a proud Lancastrian. I only left a comment but I have enjoyed reading the debate.
  4. I see that David Argyle has resigned as Chairman over a racist remark. Does this mean he has left the club and will it affect the clubs future.
  5. Couldn't get to the game unfortunately but watched the whole game on phone in App Our League. Coverage in both stream and commentary were brilliant. Certainly in the 2nd half Raders played some lovely rugby. I thought MOM were Smith & Dally. Susino had a good game but they all did in the 2nd half. Good to see over 1,000 again but the main stand seemed very scarce of spectators. Before the Rochdale game the players, coaching staff and particularly Cresta took a lot of stick from quite a few on here. I know that we played bottom of the league and an U19s but you can only play what's in front of you. Any game has to be won.
  6. Can't imagine ST can be used because surely it'll be a split gate.
  7. Halifax beat Bradford this afternoon so I don't know what sort of team they will field on Wednesday. I personally think we should concentrate on Championship although there is talk about only one team being relegated.
  8. What about the gravity of Charnock's tackle.?
  9. There are interesting short interviews with Dally & Cresta on YouTube after the Rochdale game.
  10. Interesting article in League Express concerning Mark Aston' Ninja tackles by Charnock & Smith (never heard of Ninja tackles). Apparently Glover could be out for a year and Jones for the season. Aston none to pleased. The tackles happened in the 1st minute & 22nd minute. The disciplinery hearing will be tomorrow.
  11. Reading Peter Wilson in League Express he gives Daly as MOM and says that he was the architect of the victory. He also wrote that Amean was taken to hospital with a dislocated shoulder in the second half. Sorry about the error with Fev. You are quite correct it is an away game. We have done well to have home gates over 1000 throughout the season. According to my stats the only gate under 1000 was 898 against York in the CC. I think Sheffield, Swinton, Rochdale are consistently under 1000 and Batley & Dewsbury very often.
  12. Things still don't look good. We have the following league matches: League Points 26/5 Widnes a 4 Halifax h 16 Featherstone h 18 Toulouse h 22 Dewsbury a 7 Leigh h 18 Swinton a 8 York h 20 Bradford h 16 Sheffield a 18 Toronto a 28 Batley h 12 Barrow 5 7 home and 5 away
  13. Completely agree Anonymouse. I hope we get apologies from those who slated everybody particularly the coach and players. I regret I could not make the game so listened to the commentary. Without seeing the match I would make Daly MOM. His field play seemed to be spot on and he got 9 out of 9 goal kicks. The tries were scored by Puara, Susino,Stack, Spedding,Star 3, Ritson & Toal. I have to say that Charnock was hardly mentioned. As for Rochdale being a poor side they looked pretty useful against Swinton in the Blackpool Bash. Does anybody know the gate. Having seen Leeds struggle to beat Broncos Leeds may well be relegated or will RFL change the rules. LOL
  14. 7 kicks out of 7 for Daly and Star got a hat trick.
  15. Smith & Charnock playing against Rochdale
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