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  1. Agreed or Swinton
  2. Don't want to be unduly pessimistic but last seasons 6th round results and gates are shown above. The CC gates right through are dreadful these days. Admittedly only 4 SL were at home last year but the gates were pretty poor. This season Huddersfield could manage only about 1200. Pity it's not at home but hopefully it will be a reasonable gate
  3. Leeds on the 13/5. All the more reason not to play Keighley on10/5
  4. Where did that info come from Lee because I've seen nothing anywhere else. In addition your message was put on the forum yesterday morning. The match only took place on Sunday afternoon so it's remarkable that the 2 clubs could arrange a date and agree it with RFL in so little time.
  5. Let's discuss this after 6.30pm tomorrow
  6. Personally I liked the referees style (one or two errors excluded). As far as I am concerned he let the game flow and I thought it was a good, fast, exciting game that could have gone either way. I'm sure any Raiders supporter who was at the game against Workington will agree that that ref never took his whistle out of his mouth.
  7. I think that's a shocking decision. Is it purely up to us & Keighley or do RFL have a say in it. Why can it not be later in the season. We have iPro Cup semi 30/4. CC 6th Round on 13/5, Toronto away on 20/5 & iPro Cup final 27/5. Now Keighley away 10/5. This could break all the hard work this season. Cresta's already said he hopes York win doesn't come back and byte us on the bottom. Surely there is until 16th July to play the game.
  8. I do appologize ritchie and to all those who hang on my every word LOL. I got it from rugby-league.com and you are of course spot on. This means should we beat York he will not be available for the 6th round. It seems to me that Keighley will have to be a mid week game because there are no more week end free dates until Super Eights. All a question of ifs and buts.
  9. I'm open to correction richie but according to my list if we beat York the 6th round is on 17th June when we are at home to Crusaders (that's 9 matches away). The Crusaders match would have to be changed. The Keighley game is on 14th May. If I'm wrong please let me know and I'll alter my list.
  10. I presume that it was Workington that cited the event. It doesn't seem fair that one of our main competitors in the league has taken one of our best players out of the league for 6 matches. Or am I being naive. It seems to me that Daly will miss the following games- York, Oxford, South Wales, Keighley, Toronto, Blackpool final probably.
  11. Hopefully 3 coaches next Sunday together with road and rail travel.
  12. Oh dear we are slipping behind on points difference LOL Toronto beat Crusaders 80-0
  13. Barrow winning 32-0 into the 2nd half
  14. Final score today Oxford 35 York 28. Cup match against both Raiders. Also Doncaster 6 Toronto 82
  15. Completely agree with those comments. I knew after 5 minutes this was going to happen. All the Raiders supporters were haveing a go at the referee but I think he was bad for both sides. Because of his amazing decisions Raiders had long periods defending. I though it was the worst Town team I've seen for a long tgtime. At one stage they had 4 penalties within 10 to 15 metres of our try line and still couldn't score. Anyway we are top of the league on our own until tomorrow. By the way the gate was 1200-1300