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  1. From what I read Bulls are docked 12 points and will stay in Champ. The question is can they avoid the drop to Ch1 at the end of the season. Very strange if Bulls go down and Raiders go up. LOL
  2. AGM

    Many thanks for your prompt reply Mike. Thiis is just the reply I was hoping for.
  3. AGM

    It seems a long time since the last AGM was held. As far as I can recall the last AGM considered the accounts to 30/11/2014. According to Companies House WebSite the accounts to 30/11/2015 were filed in July 2016. Does anybody have any ideas as to when the AGM will be called. An EGM was held in September 2014 to adopt amended Articles. This seems to be the last general meeting of Debenture Holders that the company has held.
  4. How does that draw work because Pool B are the new week clubs except for Mayfield. If we beat Mayfield as we should do we go into the next round.with the other 7 winning teams. We take nothing for granted but surely we should beat the amateurs. I think this competition is a total waste of time and the cup dates should be used to fill in league games.
  5. Couldn't make the game today but I see from the twitter feed that he Raiders won 92-4. What was the gate and could anything be learned from the game.
  6. Personally I like the logo. I know that Haven an Town are nearer Scotland than us but when we mergedwith Carlisle we were called Barrow Border Raiders for a while.
  7. Are all these games at home. Does anybody think that 5 games are too many with the possibility of injuries and frozen grounds etc.
  8. The full amended Ch1 fixtures are in todays Rugby Leaguer and we play York at home in the first match 4th March 2017
  9. When do we play York and home or away.
  10. As far as I am aware the directors can co-opt almost anybody onto the Board but then any co-opted members must be sanctioned and agreed by the debenture holders at the next AGM. At least that's how it worked when I was on the Board.
  11. I see that Dave Clark has been appointed Head Coach of Town. He gave Raiders some good years as player and coach. I wish him all the best in his new roll but hope he comes second to Cresta LOL
  12. Good luck to Dave from a Raiders supporter. Did a good job for us as player and coach.
  13. I'm sure Charnock has signed a 2 year deal.
  14. I was told there would be no commentary Mike but if not hopefully the twitter feed will be working.
  15. Will Liam Campbell be able to do another season.