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    Attendance Obsessives....

    Whether all the points are relative doesn't matter because all I was showing that RL fans would concentrate on the attendance or ticket sales first in any circumstances which other sports don't. Attendance levels are important for any sports but not the most important.

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Bournemouth had ten thousand on Monday in the fabled Premier league and there was no mention of it in the press or TV, on here we would have over fifty pages on a thread.
  3. I think your own coach may have a different opinion, he has been our most reliable player this season and certainly would not swap any saints backrower for him. So garbage is a ridiculous comment even for a one eyed saints fan.
  4. Typical Wiganer put a Saint in front of him and he turns into a devil.
  5. Wire rest Hughes and Clark this will end Jack Hughes run of not missing a match.
  6. According to the guardian, I was surprised. Hope he gives young Johnson another chance and I think Roberts will be starting.
  7. Looks like Hill, Cooper, Roberts, Brown and surprisingly BMM has recovered so a stronger looking wire side and expect saints to do the same.

    Tongan Train on Squad

    Doubt murdock masila will be available due to having operation.
  9. Middle eights generate interest to who, certainly not the non RL people only to RL diehards, certainly not the paying spectators. It only generated interest in who would fail. Best gone and never used again.

    Tom Johnstone

    Double what, depends on what he is on now, but to put some realism in the cas fans your last three left wingers have all been prolific so it's more likely that it's the style of your play and the other players than Eden.

    Tom Johnstone

    On top scoring English winger, Charnley has scored 28 tries in 21 league and Cup games. And doesn't Johnston play outside Topou who is expected to be the dream team centre.
  12. Wear your crown you are the king 👑 of moaners you are a true rugby league fan.
  13. You are just a long list of RL moaners so no point trying to justify your moaning.
  14. Top game you miserably fans go and moan some were else, well done manfredi you deserve it. Wire have been good tonight.
  15. Really we are the world champion of moaners. As a wire I am more than happy with the first half.