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    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    You seem to be a union troll reaching the required amount of posts so you can post on the cross code forum.?
  2. Well they're never going to say average signing. Before his injury he played very well, but after his injury he started showings glimpses and at mid twenties he is definitely not past it.
  3. Yes he and drinkwater are doing the rounds in Warrington, Malmo or drinkwater would be good signings.looks like Price is finally putting his own stamp on the side. So all he has to do is improve on last season.
  4. Warrington have announced they will reveal a star signing at the new shirt launch. Rumours of Kevin Brown going to london so may be a halfback.
  5. I work in liverpool and the taxi system copes with bigger events on a regular basis, the Grand National has well over 50k. As a city Liverpool host big event's on a weekly basis so this will be a doddle.
  6. Radio Merseyside headlines, magic weekend confirmed at anfield.
  7. Maybe we should check cookey comments on the BBC hys, certainly not pro our game.
  8. Seem to remember Leigh being league champions in the last forty years that is something we wire fans have not seen, and with mainly two amateur clubs under their area I think they have punched above their weight for years, some bigger clubs have fallen further than Leigh recently and in the past, they will survive.

    Leeds New Signing

    Merrin staying at Penrith.

    Who Do We Select?

    Everyone is fit and on form is something that will never happen. And Bennett will definitely not start with percival if the game mattered. And Hill would be in the 17 because he never let's Bennett down also Graham has been a great player for club and country but is clearly in on past performance.

    Team For Second Test

    I usually use my eyes, cannot see what they see in Hodgson, in the world cup I thought he made more problems than solved them. If he was playing over here he would not be near the squad. As for other hookers Clark and mcshane are far better but you stick to what believe but I certainly don't.

    Team For Second Test

    Depends what you call thrilling, running eighty metres outpacing the opposition or the acrobatic skills required in the last twenty metres. Would offiah have been as successful now with better organised defences, I doubt he would have the same success rate were the skills in the in the tight spaces near a goal line are different to genuine speed.

    Team For Second Test

    His passing was quicker, more accurate so that's an improvement straight away. I don't rate Hodgson now or previous, I think there are three hookers in sl who offer more. Hodgson is slow and generally causes the play to stay central because he hesitates the only thing I see he has is the short kicking game.