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    9s, more marquee players,

    These are good proposals and the upturn in quality players joining our clubs whats needed, but the international game needs the RFL to be proactive because that is ultimately what will drive our sport.

    Widdop - Wire

    Warrington have announced he has signed a three year deal.

    Widdop - Wire

    Simon Moran is not on his own with regards to funding Warrington, there are three main investors who all put money in ,the general running of the club is within revenue the club gets from use of the stadium 7 days a week.
  4. Trouble with the originator of this thread rugby only started in his lifetime, not the 120 years of its history. So this a thread about when Australia dominated the sport .
  5. Two hall of fame inductees are British full backs. Sullivan and Goldthorpe so better judges have already judged them all time greats. And to the people who stated the GB sides only dominated because of their pack most Hall of fame inductees are backs.
  6. You need to know your sporting history. The skill set these wonderful players have is totally different to the past eras. Unlimited tackles and the pitches of old you needed a great boot and kicking skills and good defence, attacking skills only can be used when you had the ball. Don't decry the past players who made our game ,there were some top fullbacks of the game in a time tgeir skillset was required.
  7. Thought this was a pointless thread with Rimmer showing no sign of going ,but it is now only a thread to get someone to 100 posts, a complete waste of time.

    Season ticket sales

    Warrington regularly as the season goes sell season ticket in blocks of 6 ,they havr done it for years.

    Season ticket sales

    I have looked for an update but nothing announced, noticed that junior tickets have been pushed recently. High profile stars are a big pull even the mention of Widdop seemed to excite lapsed fans.
  10. Well lets look at what hes trying to deliver and what the RFL are doing. I know who i would rarher have running my sport.

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    I as a barla coach taught rugby in two junior schools over a period but it is impossible for any sporting organisations to cover every child in every school, you tend to pick certain years, you would also do both girls and boys together. But every parent would not all be aware of every session in school and many of warringtons work is in recent years. I saw little work in the 80s and 90s. But they are now working like they should, I am not part of the foundation or personally active in any direct coaching but still have an interest. I have lived in warrington all my adult life and l can see the difference but maybe some people don't want to see.

    Challenge Cup Solution

    The only way the rfl can be moved is through the clubs. Instead of badly written petitions people need to force their clubs to collectively tell the rfl to stop this farce. The clubs also need to actively promote the cup as a requirement of membership of the rfl or SL. Any change to the sport in this country is done with the backing and commitment of the clubs.
  13. Read the opening statement it asked is there a local side in Liverpool who could benefit like newcastle did on the friday before magic in Newcastle.All my replies are on this ,not if a full stadium will have benefits,but i have had various replies on nothing on this angle, I am not knocking the concept or venue .
  14. You've lost me , l was replying to who benefits locally, I hope its successful and l will be going and l work in Liverpool and people will go who are not attached to any rugby teams. But the benefit wont impact a local side .But a full staduim looks good and may help with getting sponsor's.