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  1. I agree but after watching the match when I got back his after match comments aren't good, I listen to wire fans blaming our defeats to referees and cheating opposition but a coach at that level should be better.
  2. Totally agree the etihad had the best ground set up for fans.
  3. The hope for this project was to get locals at the games ,but for years we fail to attract any locals in numbers and that is firstly the RFL and now SL who market it poorly in the city's were it has been played.
  4. As a wire fan at the match the stand ran out of alcohol, which tell you the way general Warrington fans behave,but as per usual they ruin the atmosphere for normal fans especially families with young kids who have put up with drunken foul mouthed and now smoke bomb carrying idiots.
  5. Not much choice the fan zone was non existence, the poorest at any event so where I would spend time in the zone I spent more time watching aĺl the games which was agony because of the lack of leg room.
  6. No but I will give him the benefit and hope he has learned from what he did at Salford, but ultimately it his and the others money . If you are right he has wasted his money but even though be has left Salford he still helps them .
  7. If he gets schools playing then he has a chance, they played in the sixties and seventies because I played against a school in kirby for st pauls in Leigh in 1970 and they had a proper rugby field.
  8. The rugby commentator on radio merseys was being interviewed this week and Koukash and his plan were being discussed and the host asked him would it succeed in Liverpool and his reply was that a cup tie in Liverpool between Liverpool city and Warrington drew a crowd of over 34k. Now that was probably in the fifties but it still got the crowd.
  9. Liverpool city attracted over 30k for a cup game against Warrington.
  10. Not due till july, but mamo is fit as his lineham so mamo or charnley can play full back, so its not to bad a cover for Ratchford. Also Burrell is a centre who at a push looking at his size could play second row.
  11. I was sat by the screen and it looked like a clear punch, but if the disciplinary judge it ok who am I to argue, but I have seen my own club up before the panel and have wondered how we got away without a ban. But the result was not down to that call it was a result of good Hull defence, the right tactics and poor play by Warrington when they needed to complete chances.
  12. If he had looked at the screen it would have been a straight red card not yellow. But they were at the far end away from the screen all the replays did was incense the home fans. A match on tv would have stopped the niggle or see the game played with fewer numbers.
  13. Magic doesnt work for me, Warrington have sold the most tickets at just over 3500 and if you pass that through lower numbers for all the rest it does not look good. I bet wigan took more to Barcelona so more games like these are probably better even double headers. But not full weekend set up like magic.
  14. Being at the match you have to admire Hull they got their tactics right and worked hard in defence. Wire got dragged into a scrappy game with Hull dragging them into a spoiling game but if I was hull I would have done the same. Too many players off their game and Price is going to have too earn is money. On side note ben Westwood is on his last legs and should only be used as a last resort.
  15. You obviously don't know Liverpool, hotels they have no shortage, it caters for far bigger visitors than the magic event can provide. On the magic experience I lost interest after two years at Newcastle after going all previous ones. Only going to Anfield because its local.
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