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  1. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    Surprised this hasn't hit fifty pages by now with the amount of moaners we have.
  2. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    I am in my late fifties and still love and enjoy the game but I can see one of our problems, too many moaners complaining everything is poorer than the past yet when I see old matches from bygone years I cringe and think how poor was that. And for the poster who prefers football now I use to watch all sports football included now I haven't sat through a football game for years it bores me. The game needs new fans not the many moaners who shout the loudest in our game.
  3. Watched the superleague show and the winger looks to have grounded the ball but the winger throws the pass forward on the breakaway try.
  4. The benefits of watching wire at home is they have a big screen that replays moments of the game, I sit quite close to it and watching the replay at first glance made you think if it was a try but bizarrely it looked OK maybe the superleague show will confirm or deny this. Just thought I say why the row has a break.
  5. Rovers had there spells and played well, mcguire is critical for them as all quality play involves him. from Warringtons angle I think Price will have to get used to using a squad rather than keeping the same 17 bar injuries or he will find games were better teams will take advantage.
  6. I think most of the squad has played in the last five games so not much rotation, the game in the Cup next week will allow some rest and rotation, you could tell the games we're catching up and the temperatures were higher than usual so draining all the players.
  7. Toby King misses the game and will be replaced by atkins, cooper is passed fit.
  8. One Club Men

    Parry Gordon twenty years at the Wire.
  9. Ray you have the wrong end of the stick, it is the matches at Wigan not home crowds, sweaty craiq stated that Wigans crowd is lower because of not playing Leigh and after Saints it is Wigans best crowd.
  10. I don't know the crowd Wigan got for the Leigh game but Warrington and Leeds have had crowds ranging from 16k to 21k over the last few seasons.
  11. Definitely fatigue, both teams are playing on auto pilot
  12. Goodwin back at centre Atkins on the bench.
  13. He will have a chance to see the previous Salford player ratchford at full back but he will be unable to see the most recent Salford player to impress the Wire BMM.
  14. Livett was in the mix before Easter, he had four forwards on the bench against Cas but that was for the Conditions, he will revert to a back on the bench.