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    That response just confirms what I posted, (up yours!) really, maybe we should be asking some present SL clubs searching questions about why they should be allowed in SL and the growing amount of clubs with long heritage who are slowly dying because their local community is no longer engaged with them.


    Man of Kent you embarrass yourself, the game needs some life blood and all you do is pick holes in Toronto, the game needs them and Tolouse to be successful and for years heartland clubs have tried and failed so why carry on with the constant criticism of new clubs.

    Blake Austin signs for...

    Brown is not getting pushed far from it, word has TWP have been sniffing around this season and although he has been doing great this season the deal he would get at TWP would be longer and better.

    Blake Austin signs for...

    I think Kevin brown may be collecting transatlantic air miles next season.

    Duel Registration Question

    It might be in the rules but it's plain wrong, and Gary hetherington is preaching about other clubs when he does this it really puts the championship in a false position, it's one being on loan, you play for one club in that period but this is exploiting the system.

    Duel Registration Question

    Didn't a player play for Leeds and Featherstone this week.

    What is happening at Leeds

    I noticed that ormonroyd played for Leeds on Thursday and the same name was on the bench for Featherstone today, was it the same player, if so is that an abuse of the duel reg system when a player can play for two clubs on the same weekend.
  8. Do saints still think they have got an easy semi, remember the cheering at the draw.

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    No but the problem is where ever you play it it is wrong for some fans, but the point is it is right in the middle of a host of RL clubs yet fans don't like it, take it anywhere in the country in any size of stadium and there will be a fifty page post on here telling every fan what's wrong. I personally think a game against France should be set in stone every year alternating between the countries and a date known years in advance. But our game doesn't do that.

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    Some whinging on here but this is played right bang in a hotbed of a rl heartland Leigh, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington Widnes, Salford, Swinton, Rochdale, Oldham, and we worry about selling the game. It should be packed out it probably won't but that's down to the attitude of most rl fans and we expect non rl fans to support the England team.
  11. Warrington are quite open on their sales, we past the 6k last week and are pushing towards 7,5k if saint's are similar its probably closer to 18k sold but more issued.
  12. Glad to see Price has put player welfare as his priority resting both players. Puts some of his nrl contemporaries to shame who moan that players are not back from the international. Interesting to see what other coaches do I know saints have named all the players who played.
  13. A few changes for wire, Hill and ratchford rested Atkins and Livett injured, Pomeroy, mitch brown and Toby King and Smith come in.

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    Steve price says more chance of signing the kit man than Sandow.
  15. But we can do that in every position and what did we achieve when the players named were in their pomp, we can wheel Alex Murphy because who has measured up to him since, he's the best English full back playing at the moment and will be replaced when someone comes along who can displace him same as every other player.