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  1. Just another site so union trolls can spout their bile.
  2. I was reading about Jack Fish and the record shows he would be in the best also Harry Bath, although we are guided by what we see we should not forget history.
  3. Not Clarke is it, maybe I am wrong but could be brotherly support.
  4. Not rumours, plenty have been confirmed as leaving, Simms, Gidley, Evans, Penny, Dwyer, Dagger, Savelio, and some of the high numbered squad players.
  5. It's like saying Leeds pinched Watkins from Warrington because he was on their books and a Latchford junior, but he decided Leeds was the right club for him. Lots of players were junior players at clubs and signed for others it's standard practice.
  6. Obviously you don't see how many they have brought through recently, but all Players leeds have developed are not all from Leeds, they spread the net far and wide, and as for Clark and Atkins both Cas and Wakefield were more than happy to take the money. .
  7. He is out for a month, Gidley as well for a month. Two direct replacements in Brown and Russell.
  8. Don't agree with you over Hardacker in defence, but I think he won't be first choice.
  9. Widdop will start if fit regardless of what people say on these shores.
  10. Wires and Cats had a crowd in excess of 18k when played in Spain.
  11. Lad from Lymm in Warrington, I coached him for a few years in league, played until senior school, Lymm concentrates on union. Was a decent player.
  12. We're you at the game, nine tries in poor conditions, or only two conceded one very fortunate.
  13. Four for the flying pig
  14. Dawson in for leigh 40. 10