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  1. Some tough calls for Smith with the squad named only three missing (Currie, Westwood and Crosby). Looks evenly balanced should be a good game.
  2. He had a double leg break for Warrington and never played for them before his move to Toronto. Hope he's okay.
  3. I watched the TV coverage after getting back and although you can feel for Trinity the TV clearly shows Johnstone grab Evans on the head after failing to get the ball. On the referee and his team at the match the crowd thought he gave most calls against Warrington but when watching back he was generally correct.
  4. Atkins, westerman, Russell and Brown return Clark banned and Toby king and cooper out.
  5. Don't be surprised to see a Saints win, they competed well on Friday and maybe cas are due a blip.
  6. Well with all three in the 19 the minimum is one playing , and upto all three, but with Wakefield coming up on Saturday and plenty of the squad missing some of the games the toll on the players will be not as bad as normal at this period.
  7. Another parallel subject, academy or reserves, make it compulsory and don't give winging chairman /owners a choice. Same old excuses peddled by these clubs and by certain posters on here.
  8. Clark,cooper and westerman are in the squad, so a few bodies back and it looks like Smith has got a rotation thrust upon him by the concussion rules.
  9. Well I admire the way you play this season, but our Aussie coach Smith has given me a pretty good return in top class rugby, seven finals, two Lls. So I wouldn't shout too loud yet. The crowd levels are a more complex issue with Salford than just performance. But enjoy what's happening at Salford and maybe it will last if your lucky.
  10. Brown, Westwood and cooper miss game, Savilio and Jullien added to squad.
  11. Maybe he will say that he couldn't get there any quicker at his age.
  12. I think you are really clutching at straws. Reading your general comments I see you are not a Leeds fan but there seems to be an underlying trend to be anti Warrington. The only team trying to spoil was not Warrington, on Westwood comparing what happened to the Flower incident is poor at best,maybe he could have been sent off and Warrington received a break, nothing like you are implying.
  13. Players going down, westerman went off and did not return and will probably miss the next game, Clark went down but the camera shows his arm being pulled against the shoulder joint. The claim to say Warrington went down to slow down Leeds is ridiculous.
  14. Strong rumours about him and Savillio and drinking both were dropped. Official line is he needed to work on aspects of his game.