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  1. Hi long time no chat, just seen nerarly 200 programmes on E Bay ;listed by

    dating from 3early 1950's to laTE 80'S , THOUGHT YOU MAY BE INTERESTED . . . . cHEERS

  2. H/T Ireland 20 - 0 Scotland.
  3. robins up north

    Salford Programme

    There site dosen't name the bidders.
  4. robins up north

    Salford Programme

    Sale was on Thursday it sold for £90 +17% buyers premium + vat!
  5. robins up north

    Salford Programme

    Salford programme in Sporting Gold auction seems steep unless Man U fans are interested? AT OLD TRAFFORD 1958 Salford Rugby League home programme v Leeds, 5/11/58, first Rugby League match to be played at Old Trafford, Manchester United ground. Slight fold, team changes. Generally good £110 - £120
  6. robins up north

    Malcolm Andrews

    Very sad news always enjoyed his column and several of his books.
  7. As a neutral it would be great tee a Cas v Warry final.
  8. robins up north

    Catalans to play at Barcelona in 2019

    Don't think the Spanish national team would go down well in Barcelona.
  9. Can see Widnes sneaking this game.
  10. robins up north


    Didn't know Fulham did a pennant another one I'm looking for, still need Fev one.