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  1. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Was hoping it was Hamilton in Scotland would have been handy for me.
  2. \\rlwc \programmes

    Thanks m8.
  3. \\rlwc \programmes

    Can anyone confirm that there were four programmes to cover the full tournament, so I know what I'm looking to obtain?
  4. \\rlwc \programmes

    From what it said on Ebay there is one programme to cover the group games and then one for the quarter/semi and final.
  5. \\rlwc \programmes

    On Ebay the full set of programmes for all the games four programmes £99.95!
  6. At work relying on being kept up to date on here. Keep posting.
  7. Programmes for sale

    V HKR. I'll check what one's I'm looking for.
  8. Programmes for sale

    Are you selling individual programmes?
  9. "Open Rugby" International Star Post -Cards

    Reckon someone's stuck in a high bid thinking I'll get them and someone else had the same idea.
  10. "Open Rugby" International Star Post -Cards

    Hi I was bidding for a set of these cards last night on Ebay. I thought I had won with a bid of £10.55 with seconds to go. They went for £53!
  11. Pre War Finals

    Sorry just seen your post. log onto SportingGold website you can access the catalogue.