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  1. I think there needs to be standards across the country for the "elite" regional leagues. This is why the collapse of the CLS with no concept or idea of a replacement is so disappointing. For instance, if you have a primary tenancy on your ground or have the ability to provide a pitch for a full-season, that should be the aim. For me, the real issue that I've experienced this year more than ever before is the innate selfishness of clubs. In a way, it's unavoidable and in a place like the West of England league, you'd hope clubs are far enough apart to have separate catchment areas. So I'm at a point where I feel that to get to an eight month season, we need a level of cooperation that just isn't there.
  2. It's impossible. Unless you're going to provide a convenient season that is a decent alternative to Union, most people will play Union and dabble in League. Even guys who prefer League, will often get dragged into union because it becomes "the wife" and it's where their sporting bread is buttered. Unless you can provide an eight month season in the sort of arrangement which makes you say "I'll pie off Union because I want to play League", nothing will change. I'm not saying it has to be September to April, though I'm not sure March to October is the answer either. However, without an eight-month season, which will lead to a smaller but more loyal playing base, we're simply urinating in the wind.
  3. Stein wouldn't shut up about Hillary but is strangely silent about Trump and his links to Russia. As for attacking the US, in order: 1. The suicide bombing campaign perpetrated with Iran and Hezbollah to get the Americans and their allies out of Lebanon, such as the Beirut barrack bombings. They started this suicide bombing with the Shias but when it crossed over to the Sunnis, it has come back to bite them. 2. Lockerbie. Libya had nothing to do with it. Syria carried it out on behalf of the Iranians as retribution for the US Navy shooting down a plane. At the time, all the security services said it was Syria but the US Government, with no evidence, said it was Libya because Gaddafi didn't have any allies and would take the fall for the purposes of notoriety, whereas Syria was allied up with Iran and the Soviets. They knew war was coming in the Gulf, they needed allies so as to protect Saudi Arabia. The neo-cons, the Bush family especially, were in bed with Saudi Arabia.
  4. Jill Stein shook out as a Trump shill in the end, didn't she? You know what, Assad deserves to go. He and his old man both attacked the US and got away with it because they saw Syria as too strong and the alliances that surrounded it too complicated to untangle. Now they're on the ropes, it'd be remiss of the US to not finish them off.
  5. I dug up an article from a year ago about Swanage & Wareham RFC playing Weymouth & Portland RFC in League. There was the hope that the former South Dorset Giants would reform. More Easterly clubs now too.
  6. Silverbacks and Medway had a double-header last week against two grades of Royal Engineers RL. The chairman had a chat with the guys from Medway and they said that they'd parted ways with Rob Powell. It was felt that they weren't progressing season-to-season and they've decided to take this season to try to rebuild. I heard from others that numbers fell off last year across the board.
  7. Also, to viably compete in the league, you need to be in Lancashire, Yorkshire or Cumbria.
  8. I think there has to be a convention where for every two expansion clubs, there's an element of consolidation too. Expansion isn't just expansion outside the footprint but inside it too to a certain extent.
  9. The question comes back to which NCL teams would play in a pro league?
  10. 16 games is insufficient. You could argue the current 20/21 (plus playoffs) is probably about right.
  11. I am not an expert on this subject so this is apropros of nothing. As Bob8 says, your priorities are different for pro and amateur teams, especially when you're on a budget like they are. Hemel have essentially gutted everything, just to be a semi-pro side. Essentially, what needs to be in place when a team goes semi-pro is an infrastructure to continue the work you did as an amateur club. So, dedicate a development officer or even some keen volunteers to help get other teams up and running. However, from what I was told, they still have issues with St Albans when they should be trying to get Cents on board with them. It's not like there are a bunch of juniors clubs popping up in places like Berkhamsted or Chorleywood with Hemel's backing/blessing. There's literally nothing. So you've taken away the pinnacle of a development system AND the development system itself and replaced it with nothing. Then you moan about a talent shortage. It's actually so idiotic, it's depressing. Their big weakness - their geography - could also be a big strength when it comes to developing a feeder system. Realistically, their catchment area is perhaps South Bucks, Chiltern Hills, West Herts and South Beds including Luton. Only Luton could be considered big. Watford is just over 100,000. However, all these towns are distinct from each other with their own identity. It could actually be easier to sow the seeds of league in a network of towns rather than an amorphous conurbation like London. As for the leagues, we all read the ideas behind dropping four teams when they change the leagues up. We currently have 12-12-16. The problem with splitting League 1 in half is difficult in itself. There are complaints about playing teams more than twice in a league, playing them three or four times contributes to league staleness, as has been seen in Scottish football. The alternative is an old favourite of mine, the "split division", which is similar to how they did the Cricket World Cup for years. You split the division in two, play a double round robin within your group for 14 games. Best teams from each group play off for promotion, which is exciting, but that leaves the rest playing against teams they've already played. The real issue is that they probably need to go to 4 leagues of 12. Where you get another eight teams from? No idea.
  12. I had it down as 102-0, though I may have missed an unconverted try. I don't know if it was a regional XIII or a regional amateur XIII. Either way, they were good from top to bottom and they had a handful of players Custodians just didn't know what to do with.
  13. It was a slaughter. However, the pitch is a really really nice place to watch a game.
  14. While I'm here, can people stop rattling off this utter nonsense about Toronto being the first transatlantic team, The World League of American Football was transatlantic with three European teams and seven North American team. It's embarrassing to hear people repeat misplaced hype.
  15. The question is not whether he did it but whether they can sustain it. The problem is, a business plan like this involves a lot of upfront costs and, in the case of ferrying players back and forth, a lot of ongoing costs too. Given those two things, the backers will be expecting to see certain revenue targets and metrics met. These backers will have to have a strong nerve because there are business that meet their business plan only to see the money men get cold feet.