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  1. London and South East RL

    Doesn't matter if it's short, so long as it's consistent.
  2. London and South East RL

    Hello sir, noticed you weren't refereeing anymore and wondered where you'd got to. Hope all is well. Last year wasn't all that bad a year as it goes. Refereeing is in complete crisis, with many games not getting a referee assigned, but the game overall has been in worse shape. Skolars A were flaky, as they always are, and Richmond didn't handle promotion all that well. Surrey folded for the season but that, sadly, is all to be expected. Without automatic promotion and relegation, the bottom teams get disheartened and have nothing to play for. There was a plan to have two leagues to replace the Conference League South, which disbanded at the end of the 2016 season. However, this didn't get off the ground and, instead, it seems the London League's big four will welcome one of the better teams in the Midlands and one from the East to create the beginnings of the planned Eastern League by stealth. As such, that leaves Surrey and Richmond, and perhaps Skolars A, looking for a new league. There's a league meeting this week to thrash out the structure. I think it's at least a season too soon for London Division 1. As with every Merit League season, it was a disaster and a triumph. Brixton , us (South London), Wests A and Chargers A put up decent figures. Sussex and Newham played games but had their own issues, both losing a lot of games. Reading were encouraging. Elmbridge were up and down, struggled for numbers and now look to be a bit directionless. Invicta and Weald both struggled with player numbers and off-field organisation and neither played. Last I heard, both want to give it another go this season but that remains to be seen. So, as I said, no better or worse than any season. What really dragged the Merit League down was this awful, arcane bonus point system. It was created with the best of intentions to serve a merit league in 2016 that was supposed to stretch from Southampton to Colchester but created a situation where teams who got to play, for instance, Sussex got bonus points. We fell largely in the middle of the footprint so missed out on these. Hopefully, they'll be gone next season.
  3. We're one country, we really should be one league system.
  4. Everything's wrong with the game in Scotland IMO. From the top end down to the bottom.
  5. South London Silverbacks

    Hey all, Our 2018 kit has been ordered. We will show off our new club sponsor, Archive UK, on the front. Last season was black, this season we've gone for the other club colours of primarily grey and red. Open age pre-season starts on 6th February but the Silverbacks Touch sessions are continuing across the winter, run by our head coach Junior Paul. Masters will be setting their own fixture list across the coming season, probably spreading their wings a little and even hosting a tour side!
  6. Replacing CLS

    So as to not start ANOTHER thread, we're probably looking at a wee bit of a shake-up at regional level because these East/West Premier leagues didn't come together. Anybody with any news? Hearing a couple of teams might move into the London Premier League from other regions.
  7. Regarding Belgium and North Brussels, they're still at it. We played them in a friendly in May but they either have to go to France or the Netherlands to get a game. We are trying to get a tour side together for 2018 to get over there to return the favour. They're really good for amateurs. They have the quality to have a good game against one of the top sides in London and beat us handily. Problem is, they've no competition domestically and need to go abroad.
  8. Regional leagues 2018

    I think the West either needs to regionalise or go to promotion and relegation.
  9. Valencian Nines were played on the 1st October. No surprises, Tigres Torrent won the competition, Warriors and Bufals gave it a good go, though they finished second and third. Ontinyent won a tight game against Roosters Xativa to take fourth, though the new club can be proud they were only blown out by Tigres. Roosters are going to be based in Xativa, a historic town of around 30,000 people, which is between Ontinyent and Valencia. The league starts on the first weekend of November. Still no word from Andalucia on their structure, though some seem to have begun pre-season training for whatever is supposed to start in 2018. At a guess, and this is a massive guess, I'd assume they'll start something in January/February and follow the calendar they followed this year.
  10. As I recall, the current guy Rodrigo would've been one of the original Griffons. I also found out what has stunted the growth of the game and led to some clubs throwing their lot in with Union clubs; insurance. Apparently, in Union, the players register with the FER, the clubs pay a premium and everybody is covered. However, the AERL has no such arrangement and it costs €250 per player for insurance. So, going forward, League teams may have to be subsidiaries of union clubs so they can get covered. This is my understanding, please don't take this as gospel.
  11. It is news, rather than great or even good news. As DoubleD points out, they still basically have nobody to play locally but, given the club didn't even have a working model to regularly train in a cost-efficient manner, this is progress. The aim is to get a base of players together and play friendlies. The National League teams play twice a month so there's plenty of scope for that. RL Comunidad de Madrid have been trying to get people to put their hands up to run a club, offering operational support, training materials, beginners clinics, coaching courses, refereeing courses and so forth. However, as yet, we've seen nothing. There has to be an element of growth from outside the city too, even outside the Autonomous Community. The local union federation also encompasses some of the cities outside its borders in places like Segovia, Avila, Guadalajara and Toledo, even up as far as Valladolid. If Ontinyent can have a League team down in Valenca, then surely this region could put together three or four teams from outside the city. It's not like the facilities aren't there.
  12. More news. I was on Facebook last night and a notification popped up on my feed. The Facebook page of Madrid Griffons, the first RL team in Madrid and one of the leading lights just three years ago, had undergone a name change to Mirasierra Rugby. I mentioned before, the Griffons were based at various places; at one of the universities and at two different football clubs in NW Madrid before packing it in due to lack of local opposition. Our mod Brooza knows those lads very well. Well, I posted on the page and then exchanged messages with the former Griffons president and he said that he's getting involved with this new project, Mirasierra Bunnies XIII. He's going to be running training sessions at Parque Canal de Isabel II near Plaza Castilla starting next Monday. To some of you, this obviously means nothing. However, as I discussed before, it's difficult to create a London Chargers-esque model because of a lack of suitable facilities in the centre and a different working culture here. However, this changes things considerably. Plaza Castilla is the edge of the inner city, it sits at the north end of one of the major thoroughfares, approximately 3.5 miles north of the centre and 1 mile north of Real Madrid's stadium. It's a major site in the city, everybody knows where it is. It's also one of the major interchanges for the bus and the metro and is one stop away from the suburban trains that go across the region. They're currently looking at a new field in one of the northern suburbs, Tres Olivos, for games. The council approved a €750,000 budget earlier this summer to take an existing dirt football field and turn it into 3G rugby field. This is 10 minutes north on the metro.
  13. Replacing CLS

    We've discussed everything there is to discuss. You can't help people that don't want to help themselves.
  14. Replacing CLS

    Insufficient applications to make it a viable proposition apparently. Will be revisited in 12 months.
  15. A post lost to the ether. AERL have announced Serie A for next season, which will run from November 2017 until March 2018. It seems the Andalusian teams have decided to decamp to their own league, which chimes with what I said earlier in the year. From a travel perspective, this makes total sense. So this leaves Custodians Madrid and Tigres Torrent from last season's Serie A. Valencian Warriors, Serie B co-winners, Ontinyent, Bufals and new team Roosters join them. I can't see it being much more than a bit of a mess. Custodians plus five Valencian teams, only one of them are all that good. Warriors spent last season merged with another team. Ontinyent and Bufals will probably be better due to the experience factor but were the worst sides in Serie B last year. Roosters are a complete unknown and a bit of a gamble.