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  1. I'm changing my advice. Do something else with your time, don't get involved with Rugby League.
  2. That's unfair, Skolars have plenty of failed SL Academy players.
  3. From what I've heard, a lot of the players in the NCL will need a season to cycle the gear out of their system before being subjected to UKAD testing.
  4. And who radicalised SaintsLass? That's who ISIL needed. She used to be vaguely lefty and is now spouting far right talking points. Utter madness. Was it one of you lot?
  5. Twitter and Facebook are private platforms with rules against hate speech. Unless you're big business like Donald Trump and then they'll let you get on with it. In saying that, anybody who supports For Britain clearly has no sense of irony and I don't trust people who have no sense of irony.
  6. If the club isn't called Bournville Boulevard RL, I'd consider it an opportunity missed.
  7. I find the obsession in some newspapers with the fact the milkshake cost over £5 to be some sign of an out-of-touch metropolitan elite but have they tried to buy a milkshake recently? That's the real out-of-touch metropolitan elite. Personally, when I have a milkshake craving, I just buy some strawberry milk from Tesco. If you are going to pelt a liar, the cheapest I can find is Jack's, where it's 79p. Buy 7 litres for around the cost of one milkshake from Five Guys. And it's not good stuff, full of stabilisers and stuff that'll take more than one dry clean to come out. This is advice for the Farage hater on a budget, of course.
  8. London should leave the UK, claim everything inside the M25 and erect a border fence.
  9. "Proudly British" but born and raised in Ireland. You literally can't make it up.
  10. Was listening to an interview with the guy who invented Arena Football today. When he taught sports marketing, he boiled down his ideas to something he called the three knows; kNOw your market, kNOw your sport, kNOw your finances. The NO is capitalised because if you don't know any of these, you shouldn't proceed.
  11. Sure but only a fool would suggest that they are better than Chargers, who are in 4th, 1-1-1 because they've faced all the pre-season favourites. Maybe it's the travel. Everybody is stronger at home. I saw Bedford get toyed with by Hemel pre-season and fancied that they'd struggle against the better teams in the league. They have some excellent strike runners though and, if you can't stop them, they'll rip through you, as they did to North Herts. Let's judge again in mid-June.
  12. Would've fancied that Eastern would win that one.
  13. Seems to be back now. I was very surprised at the Bedford/Eastern score.
  14. I was talking about losing to Eastern Rhinos... I've seen Hemel twice in the flesh now. My view hasn't changed. They've retained or won back a significant number of pre-Dewsbury players. They're composed in contact, they know what they're doing. They're probably going to finish fourth or fifth if they can keep it on the rails. However, from what somebody else told me, they did have some cross-coders, which surprised me. One thing that I said to one of their coaches on Saturday was that they're probably going to put a beating on somebody at some point soon. Both sides made mistakes within the opposition's 20, both sides defended well within their own 20. If they're genuinely pieing off the East League, which is frustrating on one level, it's probably for the best. They need to complete this season for the good of the club.
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