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  1. It would help if RL shirts weren't so pig ugly and sponsored up like a Formula 1 car.
  2. Tigres Torrent won the Copa Espana on the 14th in Valencia with a 28-24 win over Custodians Getafe. It also saw a women's match between the same two teams, won by Custodians.
  3. Not as far as I'm aware. Somebody was having a go in High Wycombe a few years ago - South Bucks Bulldogs IIRC - but that faded long ago. Otherwise it's Oxford or Reading. Rutlish Raiders was another I've heard are opening up at open age.
  4. Also, a side note, I've heard of a number of new clubs springing up in the South East at Entry League level. The only one I have even vague information about is that somebody is looking to get into Brockleians RFC, which was the original home of the Kent Ravens. Anybody with any news?
  5. To answer my own question, the league has been announced. It will be split in half this season, two four team divisions; Serie A and Serie B. Serie A features the two strongest teams thus far in Spanish RL: - Custodians Getafe - The Madrid Police have brought Getafe Rugby into the fold, they are former national champions, former cup winners and current Supercopa holders. - Tigres Torrent - The Valencian powerhouses and former national champions are perennial contenders. (They will also play the Copa Espana on the 14th January) two new entrants from the Andalucia setup: - Boquerones RL - The wonderfully-named new entrant from Rincon de la Victoria, just outside Malaga evolved from the Custodians Malaga team - Boquerones is the word for sardines or anchovies - CdR PeƱarroya-Pueblonuevo - from a village north of Cordoba, they're the reigning Liga Andaluza champions. League starts on the 28th/29th of January. Serie B has yet to be finalised, though the calendar and its particpants have been announced though it has a Valencian slant: Irreductibles - first national champions from Valencia RC Ontinyent - new entry from the town of Ontinyent, around halfway between Valencia and Alicante. Alaquas Olimpic/Valencian Warriors - two Valencian clubs seem to be merging to take part this season. Bufals RL - Another new team from Valencia, not much is known currently. I would imagine other teams are filing themselves into the Regional Leagues below that.
  6. Who paid for said kit? My chairman could sell ice to eskimos and if he's saying he's having trouble bringing money into the club, I believe him. Along with the chairman of that club, I managed to get a sponsorship for Reading which will cover a kit purchase and some of the pitch fees. Club lottery hasn't been tried as yet but the club has been firefighting for years and based with union landlords who have frowned on such a thing. As for clubs relying on sponsorship, it's not a level playing field. A few years ago, Hammersmith were basically underwritten by Walkabout Shepherd's Bush. Some players who couldn't get to games were provided transport, even if it was only an all-zones travelcard for the day. They not only had recruitment advantages but financial advantages too. Our players drive to games off their own back, pay their subs and buy the gear we design. It's a highly-competitive environment, we're in a relative-union hotbed with something like 20 clubs within 5 miles of the ground. That means there are curious cross-code players milling around but it also means that there are 20 clubs out there with the word "rugby" in the title that are looking for money. You can't understand it. It's come easier for you but we're economising greatly and the money still doesn't stretch far enough.
  7. There's no money out there from sponsors, pitches are expensive, it's like pulling teeth to get money out of players. I don't know what part of the country you're in but it's a daily struggle to make it down south.
  8. The RLIF is a small organisation. The RLEF is a one bloke in an office in London. They're trying but they're underfunded and understaffed. Australia has no real interest in the international game because it feels that it doesn't need it A lot of these international teams would probably get beaten by a decent amateur representative team from regions in England. Spain has 22 clubs and most of them just started, Germany's governing body collapsed, Italy's setup split in half and one half is now associated with Italian Rugby Union. Sadly, France and Wales are the only two countries with reasonable development setups in the Northern Hemisphere, as Scotland and Ireland piggy-back on heritage players. Beyond going back to winter, there's no way to have two proper international windows a year. Besides, Australia aren't interested, they have disappeared up their own backsides with Origin. Well, except if NZ beat them and then they must avenge their honour. The existence of the Home Nations is to allow non-English players to develop and get a taste of international football. England is GB under another name. Tours can only be viable if they make money. The British and Irish Lions are an utter anachronism but they make money for the SH unions. If RL tours made money, they'd be commonplace. One thing I could concede is that perhaps the European Cup could expand if players were made available. Perhaps Italy, perhaps Lebanon but we're looking at heritage players again.
  9. Any news from the meeting in Cymru?
  10. As somebody who has been a long-term opponent of this dog's breakfast of a league, I suppose I should be crowing. My main problem has always been that the RFL squeezes clubs into a structure which leads clubs to fail. However, could this be worse? Dumping clubs down into a level they're too good for, hurting both them and the other teams?
  11. 34-4 to East. East took a thirty-point lead in the first half, though the second was a closely-fought 4-4.
  12. I've watched amazing and entertaining games between great teams at amateur level. I go back to the London Division 1 game between Beckenham and Newham in 2014, which the Beckenham captain said was probably the best amateur game he'd ever played in. The best players in the even the London Merit League could and should be playing semi-pro, though often the difference is the level of commitment they can put in rather than the level of ability. The problem is the turnover and churn in RL and given we're working with much lower numbers than other sports, it's very difficult to sustain a longer season. I've been an advocate of a trial league in the Autumn for players who want to play or train year-round. 8-10 games between early September and early December. Add that to a summer season and you have a similar number of games as they play in RU and it undermines the idea that "you can't play it year round".
  13. This is progress I guess, though they need to get it into a big city. Negrete is a small town, Los Angeles is around the same size as Warrington. I've not been as far south as Los Angeles, as my wife's family are from a small farming town about 50km northeast of Chillan in the Nuble province. If they can get it out of the Bio-Bio province and into the wider Bio-Bio region, that'd be fantastic. The Gran Concepcion conurbation is the real prize in that area, which is a patchwork of different cities that add up to around 1m people. However, until it's in Santiago, it's never going to be big. They do have Union in Chile but, bar one club in Vina del Mar, it's a country club game like tennis and polo.
  14. I've read the two proposals; one from Wales RL and one from Nottingham (I think) about creating a Southern RL body. In both cases, all I've heard is that no team from the West of England region considers themselves strong enough to sustain at a CLS-esque level.
  15. Any news on the start of the league season? They had the Super Cup but no word on league fixture.