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  1. Sydney also had a lot of on field coaching when they played Saints in 2015, stood around 10 yards behind the attacking line, almost like a full back, telling players where to go and organising numbers. It was infuriating to see at the time, and as many say, it's not noticeable on TV.
  2. Chris22

    WCC Gold on Sky Sports

    The Brisbane 01' WCC is one of my favourite Saints matches of all time. The end of the 2000 season and beginning of the 2001 was the greatest period of watching Saints, by far surpassing our 2006 season (in my view, of course). Also, how good is that Brisbane try at 2:20 in the above video?
  3. Chris22

    Nou Camp

    I think we should reign ourselves in here from talk of 40,000 - 50,000 fans. The last game Catalans game in Barcelona against Warrington, albeit 10 years ago, drew a crowd of 19,000 or so. The fact that Catalans are now the cup holders, have had a decade to grow their brand, are playing the Super League champions (that stuck in the throat) and are at Nou Camp should draw an increase, but is unlikely to double or treble the crowd. I'd be happy enough to see the regular season record of 25,004 broken for now. This would still be double the capacity of Stade Gilbert Brutus, and Catalans highest home crowd. I worry that, if we get a crowd of around that figure, many fans will be critical, due to their over-ambitious targets, potentially jeopardising future games at the Nou Camp. It would be in years to come, hopefully once this is established as an annual May game at the Nou Camp that we could see further incremental growth into the 30,000 + mark. Here's just hoping Catalans do go back, and it isn't left for another decade, or as is often the case in rugby league, we never go back at all.
  4. I've come across a couple of interesting articles. Both are good, but the first especially gives an idea of how difficult it is to grow attendances and how simply saying the answer is "marketing" may not be the answer (something I have probably been guilty of in the past)!
  5. Chris22

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    It is sadly ironic that we scrapped the four nations at the precise moment that a "fourth nation" could provide a genuine challenge to the other three teams. If I recall correctly, the Great Britain revival concept was the brainchild of the now-departed Nigel Wood, and I suppose this has lumbered the likes of Rimmer with the problem. It may have worked if it was a 3 match series against Australia, but a thrown together at the last minute tour was destined to struggle. If anyone knew that this tour was planned, it would be embarrassing for the sport. But the reality is, many even within the sport didn't know the tour was planned. To be honest, it may be a bit embarrassing now, but some good may come of it, in that the Great Britain concept is left alone. I wasn't necessarily for scrapping GB, but once that decision was made, we needed to stick with it and go all-out for the England brand. Hopefully there is some kind of back-up plan to host some England internationals over here this year (at World Cup host venues), building to the test series next year and World Cup in 2021. Or, maybe that's wishful thinking?
  6. I'd have taken any win before the match, so happy. Wakefield were obviously going to respond to a bad loss last week. The main concern with leaving Richardson out is our lack of goalkicker. Not a slant against Percival who is doing a job that he isn't suited to. We missed six points in kicks and say we kick two of those, it would have been slightly more comfortable. I wonder if Coote may have a go with kicking in the not too distant future? Still, the reality is that performances aren't that important at this stage of the year, and to go two from two is as good as we could have got.
  7. Chris22

    R2 Attendances

    Anyone have any idea of the Catalans attendance last night? It looked pretty full. Maybe a boost of season ticket sales following the cup win last year?
  8. I wonder if the view of the touch judge or referee, who must have seen something to issue a yellow card, would be taken into account. Logically, if a yellow card was given, I accept that a ban shouldn't follow, but in the past that hasn't been the case.
  9. The camera angle is quite inconclusive. If the game was on Sky, there would almost certainly have been an angle showing the point of contact. I imagine that Austin will get a ban, as the RFL have to be seen to be protecting players from head shots, especially when they are in vulnerable positions like Tomkins was. As there's little conclusive video evidence that an elbow was used, and only a yellow card was issued, I imagine it will be a 2 match ban at most, as opposed to 5 or 6 games ban Austin would be looking at, if there was evidence of use of the elbow.
  10. In football, teams get fined for late kick offs. Also, nothing to do with the match, but I wonder how many times Chris Kendall says "get square" per match? Must be hundreds. Oh, and 10-0 Cas ktc. Looking ominous for Hull.
  11. Chris22

    R2 Attendances

    I've not seen anything about ticket sales, but the figures seem a bit optimistic. I think the floating Wigan fan will save their money for the WCC next week rather than go tomorrow. Similarly, if Warrington drew 13,000 for a round 1 Leeds match, I would anticipate a greater drop than 1,000 for Hull KR. I wonder why this game is being played on a Saturday? Hull FC usually have good support and if they could get 12,000+ considering the end to last year that would be excellent.
  12. I thought that soon as I posted It! And Salford are at home, so will be favourites.
  13. Back to the match, as gripping as the discussion about academic studies is... Interestingly, London play Salford next week I believe. One of those sides will remain unbeaten and joint top!