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  1. Top 5 to remain as it is, except Wigan in place of Cas. Despite a brave effort, I think London will go down.
  2. We now have five sides separated by just two points and all of those sides are in danger as the bottom three sides are all picking up wins. I've had a look over the tables in past years. The highest points totals for a bottom placed sides are: 1. Catalans in 2006 - 16 points 2. Huddersfield in 2001 and Salford in 2007 - 13 points It is quite likely that whoever gets relegated may finish on a record number of points for a bottom-placed side in Super League. It will be a shame for whichever sides goes down and for the league, as all 12 sides have contributed to the league this year. Saying that, whoever does go down this year, if they retain the bulk of their squad, should bounce back next year. Maybe in 2021, we will be in a position to expand to 14, but I don't think we should rush to it, as I don't think we have the player pool and quality to sustain it at present. Interesting watching RL Back Chat this week, hearing Francis Cummins saying that we should change the rules to prevent Leeds getting relegated. If we believe that any club is too important or too big to go down, then we cannot have automatic relegation from Super League. One thing that is quite unique about a relegation battle (in rugby league terms) is that it makes every round gain importance. Everything else in our sport is decided solely in a one-off match. In an ideal world, I would quite like a 14-team Super League, with bottom place relegated automatically and first place in the Championship automatically promoted, with the 13th place Super League team having a survival play-off or perhaps entering the Championship play offs as the first ranked seed, as they do in Scottish football.
  3. Big win for Hull KR. No doubt satisfying for Tony Smith on a personal level. A record points haul may be needed for London, Hull KR and Leeds to survive. Massive game next Thursday now, especially for London. As for Wire, top may prove beyond them now. For any chance they have to beat us in 2 weeks. But, even if they come second (which is likely) the top 5 system puts them in a great position to get to the Grand Final, and then it's just a one off match. No way can they be written off in those circumstances!
  4. Huddersfield didn't really throw much at us in attack, for which some credit has to go to our back. We clicked in attack last night and Coote was imperious. At the start of the season, I questioned the signing, saying we would have been better moving Lomax to full back and signing Austin when the opportunity was available. However, Barba's indecisiveness meant that opportunity passed us by. I am delighted at how wrong I have been. Coote has been wonderful at full back and Lomax is having his best season yet for us. We seem to using the squad smartly too, rotating Grace, Lees and Peyroux for squad players.
  5. A good point mentioned earlier about the previous internationals at Anfield. Whatever your views on The Sun, losing coverage from a national newspaper isn't good for the sport. Slightly off the point, but I have often wondered why The Sun's journalists are banned from Anfield yet other papers such as the Daily Star, Daily Express, the Daily Mail and The Times are welcome, despite their papers publishing similar and in some cases identical stories regarding Hillsborough in the aftermath of the disaster.
  6. Final two points... No doubt some of our fans who criticised Holbrook not for rotating last year will criticise him again now for rotating. London may fancy their chances again when we go there again in mid - late July. I expect us to rest a lot the week before the cup semi final.
  7. Only listened on the radio so it's hard to make a judgement. We rested a few but the team we had our were more than capable of beating London. Usually, I would be critical of us losing to the side sitting bottom of the league. But it's one to look at the bigger picture. In any job, you can't be at your best all the time. You're never going to win them all. There will be some names back next week and I'm confident well get back to winning ways. A word on London too. To get 5 wins in 16 games is a brilliant achievement. In most years, it would be enough to see them not just off bottom, but clear. With a limited budget and resources, they have had a great year to date. In some ways, it's a shame a side will go down this year as the gap between the bottom and middle of the table is small.
  8. That Morgan Smith miss was crucial. Still, golden point is a lottery... Saints to receive the ball - wonder how significant that will be? Oh wait, we've knocked on. Great chance London!
  9. The kick to send us to Golden Point for the second time in one weekend! Richardson isn't usually bad under pressure kicks...
  10. Two sets for London to defend, two for Saints to score...
  11. We are really on the brink of a huge shock here. Big kick coming up, would leave Saints needing two scores to win.
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