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  1. Ref's own words were 'knock on'. Ignore the commentary clowns
  2. I will go for 2 who could work an audience with facial expressions and body language before a word was spoken, and one who is getting towards that. 1. Eric Morecombe 2. Tommy Cooper 3. Tim Vine
  3. I was privileged to watch him play at his best before going to Australia to make further success in a tough game for a pom in that era. A great ambassador for the game. For anyone who wants his full story his book 'Stevo: Looking Back' is a great insight into the game at the time and what he faced in Australia. I hope that in time his commentary style that irked the well informed fans of the game will eventually be seen as it was, Showmanship to sell the game to the new viewers on Sky.
  4. There is always a danger in passing judgement of what went on beyond most of our own recollections. We now have 2 differing versions of the tour of 1957 (and there are probably more). We can never know for certain what the real version was. The form of prejudice highlighted by the OP is thankfully eliminated from our sport and always will be. My own preference is to look back at Rugby League history with a positive spin, and to that end recall first ever seeing Billy Boston play, I was about 8 at the time and was in awe of him as he both outpaced other players and powered his way to a hat trick of tries against my team.
  5. A 'absolutely furious' second stanza' 'claret' treble for me.
  6. Mucky fat, now there is a treat that is getting harder to find. It should be given a regional protection.
  7. I have to agree on this one, the litter ejecting traveler/motorist is a big annoyance to me, the sight at the side of slip roads as I am queuing to get off is sickening. Always the same stuff, well known brand takeaway wrapping/boxes, ale cans and a lot of clear plastic bottles with orange juice in them although I am not sure that's what it is. On points on the license I know of one person who got £60 fine for throwing a cigar butt out in stationary traffic, done by a copper walking by. I will add my rant now - the 'environmentally confused' who pick up dog droppings from over the fields where it would break down naturally, bag it, then carry it and then hang it in a bush as they leave the field. How do they think that works out.
  8. Gin

    Sloe Gin is good but you wouldn't want a pint. If you are into things home made it is not hard to make, sloe berries will be ripe at the end of this month in the hedgerows, recipes and methods online and it will be ready for Christmas.
  9. Gin

    Fever Tree tonic with elderflower adds a further dimension to Johnoco's gin, tonic, cucumber and ice mix.
  10. I can go back as far as the 1961 final and none other than the ones involving my own club have held me like yesterdays final, all players gave every last reserve of energy and the ref had a flawless game. It was an absolute classic which will be appreciated even more as time goes on.
  11. Be sure that it is worth it, if your monthly pay is £2000 for example you pay in £200.00 then tax relief of 20% is added making it £240.00 and your employer puts in£230.00. Every month for every 200.00 you save you are given £270.00 free.(Personally I love free money) 10 years on and you have a healthy pot to build further.
  12. I first started taking an interest in annuities in the late eighties and remember simplifying it to £10000 p.a. per £100000 and got heavy into pension contributions with a vision of making enough of a pot for a decent pension income when the time came, naively thinking that they would at least stay there. However it appears that annuities are almost worthless. I am currently studying the workings of drawdown income and I am fairly impressed so far, and also need to check out St. Toppy's buy to let idea as maybe part of the income. Any more ideas to consider?