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  1. Havenwarrior


    The teamsheet was shocking, some of the Haven names were spelt appallingly. And to make it worse the Facebook commentary team, were trying use the wrong names. HW
  2. Havenwarrior


    Such a shame, but success is expensive, and like all the local clubs, attendances are not covering Winning Pay. Sad state of affairs, but reality. HW
  3. Havenwarrior


    Fixtures will be out when they can work out the best formula for having all 4 West Cumbria clubs home on the same weekends. HW
  4. Havenwarrior

    2019 Structure

    Shame that the 1895 cup will now be a straight knock out for the League 1 clubs. Seems only 8 league 1 teams will enter giving 4 of them just 1 extra game. How they can expect teams to survive on what could only be 11 Home games Is beyond me. HW
  5. Havenwarrior

    New NCL Teams

    Hensingam, Batley Boys and Heworth voted in. HW
  6. Havenwarrior


    Is this giving teams who don’t have to travel to Toronto a financial advantage. Yes, so called expenses are covered, but surely clubs not having to make the trip are better off than those that have to. HW
  7. We’re not winning this one, Sutton is giving them everything. HW
  8. Havenwarrior


    Typical Chairman speak, none are gonna admit why they take up other offers,or talk down their own club. So it’s the usual topic of Better Offer that rears it’s head. HW
  9. Havenwarrior

    Squad for Bradford

    Flappy McNally, he will take off one of these days, he been watching too much Footy. HW
  10. Get in London, poor Rowley looked shell shocked. Wonder how Nobby will explain this one. HW
  11. Havenwarrior

    If Warrington win the Grand Final

    If Wigan defend like they did last night, there will only be 1 winner. HW
  12. Havenwarrior

    Hunslet P

    Well done, great achievement to go unbeaten all season. A great benchmark, but hopefully you will be challenged a bit more next year, especially by the 3 Cumbrian Sides. HW
  13. Strange to see Joel T in and around Wigan Bench. So much for shaming club. HW
  14. Alternating Home and Away is way nearly all sports work. If they cant do that, they should never have been accepted. HW
  15. It TW win, what will their fixtures be like. Last 2 seasons they have had carte blanche. The 11 away games in League 1 was a joke. HW