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  1. Statement regarding Head Coach

    Clayton Friend in the area, maybe got him lined up to be new coach. HW
  2. Anyone out there been watching Educating Manchester on Channel 4. Gary is Head of Behaviour and a Maths teacher. Nice to see ex players branching out into a new career. HW
  3. Bradford relegated

    They are getting £150,000 apparently, according to twitter.
  4. York game

    Gone on a day trip with Dion Aiye. HW
  5. Today's game

    The Wallace try was a fiasco, TJ was never in a position to give it. HW
  6. If Tompkins is FB, we will win nothing. He is not up to tackling big forwards if they make a break. Nowhere near the player he was before he went to Oz. HW
  7. Lottery

    Seems you have similar problems to those at `Haven, trying to get results is sometimes very hard. You shouldn't have to be chasing things like this up. HW
  8. 9 games for Acton

    Ironic that Acton was absent due to an injury in training. Seems to me they didn't want him there. HW
  9. Poor Read in your Programme

    I believe it was when you played All Golds. HW
  10. London Skolars, must win.

    Players in the Refs ear is becoming a pain, Keighley were the same today, and watching the last 2 Egremont games, it's been pitiful listening to players trying to Ref the game. HW
  11. Poor Read in your Programme

    Bearing in in mind the leagues leading scorer plays for them. HW
  12. Squad News

    Gibson hates Town and Haven, he is a Barrow fan. His bias is a disgrace. They got rid of Cox and was it Walsh, to save money, yet they must be paying Gibson more. HW
  13. Referring standards

    Watched a few games this season at Egremont or Wath Brow and officials haven't been too bad. Worrying is the games when there are no linesman. How can u expect the ref to cover the whole game is beyond me. Also so the players need to concentrate on playing instead of shouting Forward Padd, or Offside, impossible for them to tell when they are behind the ruck. HW
  14. With both yourselves and Haven really struggling for numbers, would the option of a Joint Reserve Team keep fringe players fit and give them game time, rather than them feel unwanted and return to their Amateur Roots. HW
  15. SL With 12 Teams Or 14?

    Whatever the outcome it should be compulsory the teams run a Reserve or Academy teams. Using DR is not working . HW