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  1. 2018 Sponsors

    Strange one, all 50 clubs will wear Rhino Kits!! Surely they should be able to get their kits from wherever they want. HW
  2. Complained

    They have tweeted this morning , about us carrying on our Perfect Start. Obviously losing to Aus doesnt count. Its pathetic!! HW
  3. 2018 Squad

    Newton can only pass one way , and is very erratic. He is very active scooting from Dummy Half, and always gives 100%. Miller is a strange one, left Town because he wanted to play 1, but you lads don’t see him as a 1, so will he be happy on wing. HW
  4. League 1 Fixture Delay

    Strong rumours on Twitter that they are delayed. Believe clubs haven’t even seen Draft List of Fixtures. HW
  5. Any truth in the rumours that the League 1 fixtures will not be released tomorrow? HW
  6. Premier division play offs

    Up the Brow. HW
  7. Premier division play offs

    Hang on its started raining ☔️☔️
  8. New signings

    Not sure how you quoted that post, but it’s not mine. HW Sorry HW, it was a post I put on but not by you.Sorry.....
  9. New signings

    All teams need those sorts of players, will have played more game than PJ. HW
  10. New signings

    Chris Coward 👍 HW
  11. Restructuring of league 1 next season

    That was Ralph Rimmer, he couldn’t lie straight in bed. HW
  12. Haven game

    Even Nigel Wood didnt know that, he was asking the Match Commissioner, why they carried on playing. HW
  13. What’s Inside League Express: September 25th edition

    Cant believe the Haven V Barrow game didnt get a mention on Front Page. HW
  14. new coach

    You would need to break the bank to get Rooney. HW