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  1. Great signing for you, always gives 100%, and will get you going forward. HW
  2. You looking for the Jam Filter HW
  3. Cant believe he has been left out for Brooks again, the bloke is stealing a living. HW
  4. Fast PTB in SL, you must be joking. The players are coached to wrestle and get hands in too slow the game. Josh Hodgson is a different player since he went to the NRL, were the second Ref polices the 10 for offside. HW
  5. Out of Scot game with Concussion. HW
  6. Well done, would have picked Brett instead of that Rugby Imposter Sam Brooks, was a disgrace for Haven early season, and only featured once or twice for Widnes.. HW
  7. Gibson hates Town and Haven. His commentary is pathetic, but Radio Cumbria like him. Would rather have Walsh and Coxy. HW
  8. Atkins in at 4. HW
  9. Just remember to cancel during the month. HW
  10. Jack Smith HW
  11. Straw is an inept cretin, who is not up to champ rugby. HW
  12. Can only see a Town win, we have been pants for the last month. HW
  13. If its has often as the times they have been cited and up before the Disciplinary, they will be well top. Barlow has been a loose cannon for years, and putting Hock in the mix, has just about topped it off. HW
  14. Two tries tonight takes up to Leading Scorer for Haven. HW
  15. No wind up, he scored.