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  1. Havenwarrior

    Time for a rethink ?

    All the RFL want to is expand, very bad for the game. Should be 2 divisions at most, maybe 3 at a push, but too many mediocre teams playing in the lowers leagues. Time the Amateur game went back to BARLA and leave the RFL to ruin the Pro Game. HW
  2. Havenwarrior


    This campaign is not new though is it, i am sure it’s RFL protocol that the Tackle It campaign announcement is made every game. It is at Whitehaven. I agree it has no place in any game be it Rugby or any other, but any Steward or Official who is employed by the club, should be up to dealing with such a situation. Without stereotyping you can guess the Alleged Offender would be a gentleman of the older generation, but these days age and ignorance is no excuse. If it can be proved, a lengthy ban surely can be the only outcome. HW
  3. Havenwarrior

    Bradford Predictions

    OUTSTANDING WIN, well played Town. HW
  4. Brain fart from Emmitt, amazed it took them 75 mins . HW
  5. Havenwarrior

    Under 19s/Academy/Reserves

    Too many EGOS. HW
  6. Havenwarrior

    Falling gates in Rugby League

    Egremont and Wath Brow are also suffering, I try to watch either when I can and their crowds are well down on what they used to be. HW
  7. Havenwarrior

    Squad for Keighley

    In Turkey on holiday. HW
  8. Havenwarrior

    End of season positions

    Kells may well survive if the other Cumbrian clubs do their part. I’m sure Egremont and Brow will not want Kells to be relegated, and will do their best to make sure it doesn’t happen. HW
  9. Havenwarrior

    Sundays predictions

    I’m hearing Gorley, Gorley and Pattinson. HW
  10. Chris Hill is a grade 1 tosser.
  11. Havenwarrior

    TV games

    It’s Egremont V Wath Brow this week. HW
  12. Havenwarrior

    West Wales Raiders predictions

    Every thread always ends up mentioning Haven, and most of the time, It’s Town fans who start it. #IGNORE always an option . 😉 HW
  13. Havenwarrior

    Sean Penkywicz commits to Town

    Great signing 👏👏👏 HW
  14. Havenwarrior

    Haven reaction

    Patrick Ah Van playing for NWC on DR. HW
  15. Havenwarrior

    Haven reaction

    He’s been spotted in Keswick watching Footy, surely he had commitments after the game, even if he didn’t want to be interviewed. HW