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  1. Havenwarrior

    Haven reaction

    Patrick Ah Van playing for NWC on DR. HW
  2. Havenwarrior

    Haven reaction

    He’s been spotted in Keswick watching Footy, surely he had commitments after the game, even if he didn’t want to be interviewed. HW
  3. Havenwarrior

    Haven reaction

    It comes with the job, Barrow have just shipped 72 points, but Cresta gave an interview. HW
  4. Havenwarrior

    Haven reaction

    No Radio Interview from Pryce,he is worse than Veivers. HW
  5. Outstanding effort by Mayfield , down to 10 men for 45 minutes, they only lost 28-22. 4 players sent off and Egremont Coach. HW
  6. Havenwarrior

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    So you think SL clubs are living within their means, they are surviving on Sky Money. HW
  7. Havenwarrior

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    Don’t worry as long as no SL clubs get relegated this season all is rosy in the game. But in all honesty it’s about time the RFL looked after all the game, and not just them at the top. HW
  8. Havenwarrior

    Club Statement

    https://barrowrlfc.com/2018/06/statement-from-david-sharpe-on-behalf-of-the-club/ HW
  9. Havenwarrior

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    To play 4 games for the same club would be fine, but to be allowed to play for 2 different teams, shows how much of a farce DR is. Was never meant to be used like this. HW
  10. Havenwarrior

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    You have Leeds saying he has signed and Fev saying it’s a loan. So you know something is underhand, but they are breaking no rules. In the earlier infancy of DR I seem to remember a player playing 2 games over the weekend ( Fri to Sun )for 2 different teams. This shouldn’t be allowed. HW
  11. Havenwarrior

    A dissenters XIII

    Chris Hill as to be in there. HW
  12. At 1 point last night, Eddie said we will go to the Video Ref so he and Cummings can make a decision. Thats a very ill informed statement, as enough folk already think, theatrical Sky have influence over the VR decisions. HW
  13. Egremont 10 Thatto 30 Kells 12 Brow 13 Nice to see Egremont having a bucket collection for Ross Ainley, who suffered a bad break against them the previous week. #rlfamily HW
  14. Here we go again, shocking discipline. They need to start giving 10 minutes for running in. HW
  15. RFL really need to crack down on this Dissent to the officials. HW