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  1. Look at mr positivity.
  2. How do you know so much?
  3. It certainly is a useful tool for those unable to attend.
  4. Last 30-35 minutes camped on their line pretty much. Add in a few disallowed tries and couldve been more comfortable. Fev lost at home today. Not many easy games in this league. Would take a 1 point win every week.
  5. Radio Yorkshire have had full match commentary on our last 2 fixtures aswell.
  6. Transitional. A bit of an early learning curve for our new coaching set up. Certainly not going to panic after 3 games. We were tonked worse than that last year by Fev so nothing new.
  7. Away wins seem to be at a premium so far this season in the champ so i'll go with Batley although Fev certainly always seems to be our toughest home game of the season so can see how its so tough to call.
  8. It was mentioned during last season that they haven't lost a league fixture at The Mount in a something like a decade.
  9. If Fax would've held their nerve with 2 games to go you would be singing a different tune right now. I personally enjoy rugby at our level and ever since ive been watching there has been little money and poor crowds. It is what it is. You either enjoy it or you dont. But as in any sports there are swings and roundabouts so dont worry as im sure Fax will be fighting back again at some stage.
  10. A couple of massive home games coming up already. Lets hope they are ready to right a few wrongs from Saturday.
  11. Don't worry Roger, just seen a few man mountains strolling around Manchester airport!
  12. Came across the above titled book online and was surprised to find that it was about the Gallant Youths of Batley. Looking forward to its release in May and can't argue that there hasn't been plenty to write about over the past year and more. Good to see Batley RLFC putting the town back on the map!
  13. Booked for the Batley game in a couple of weeks. Friday to Sunday via Manc. 1 day off work. Flights £70 and 2 night in a city centre Ibis hotel £35.
  14. I particularly liked the bit where he said Dewsbury will be looking over their shoulders.
  15. To be fair we are the hottest ticket in town. Just got to look back to last season when the clamour for tickets to see us away at Leigh resulted in their highest ever attendance.