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  1. Everyone kicking off about the size of the crowd yet i havnt even seen it published yet? There maybe other ways to monitor the numbers passing through without having to worry about clicks on a turnstile.
  2. Get yourself there mate. The more the merrier.
  3. Just to add, plenty of dogs fans clapped the Swinton players off at the end.
  4. Plus 1 on the tram and whoever else i can manage to drag along.
  5. The Burnley of the rugby league world. Plenty of overachieving, especially the past decade. We just need to remember not to get too dispondent when things aren't going so well such as last season. Thats a credit to everyone involved though that a mid table champ finish is a disapointment. Heres to many more heroic seasons from the Gallant Youths.
  6. Accessible by train to Manc and then tram out to altrincham for anyone that wants to get train.
  7. Apart from our mid season blip we haven't lost back to back games this season so although it will be a tough game I fancy us to produce the goods. Hopefully we can finish our home campaign the way we started it. It would also be foolish to underestimate London but there are a lot of things that point in our favour for this one.
  8. Yes mate, for the Batley mom.
  9. Hi Kevin, i'm member 105 so going on posts above I have won a prize? If so, I would like to donate this to whoever wins man of the match against London.
  10. If Bradford win today an Halifax lose ar Leigh it will switch them round and aslong as we keep on winning we will meet Bradford in the middles 8s which will do better for our attendance if we meet them at home. Just gotta keep winning.
  11. I must've been 30 seconds behind you as he was retrieving something from his car and seemed to be in a happy mood!
  12. More exposure to build the profile of this great club.
  13. That was Batleys aim a decade ago and after keeping our heads above water we managed to establish ourselves and progressed to being one of the better teams on one of the lowest budgets. We are lucky that we have a bigger pool of players to pick from and less travelling etc but most of our team was made up of local lads that had that desire to compete against the bigger teams. You have some decent amateur teams up there and with the right attitude could easily achieve something similar. Your friends at Haven have managed it in the not too distant past.
  14. A thing of beauty.
  15. I think that we are being a bit cautious in our predictions as its a type of game we haven't come across yet this season. I'll settle for any kind of win but in reality there is no reason why we cant win it by a decent margin.