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  1. KR lost twice to Toulouse already. Wonder who they will prefer to play in the 8's.
  2. Then potentially Toulouse away in the final. might aswell relocate to France.
  3. Has everyone booked on an organised trip? If so just wondering what the price was and what you get for your money, flights, hotel etc? Cheers.
  4. Surely loan players can be called back if needed.
  5. Great gesture. Needs plenty of marketing for it to work though. I'll go for a crowd of 1150 happy bulldogs.
  6. Its exciting on here today in it!!
  7. I agree with his points but he does look a bit silly crying poor mans tale when hes happy to criticise the opinion of another fan just because he lives abroad.
  8. Why didn't we just keep Ulugia? Couldn't we compete with the financial clout of Fev!
  9. Always wondered if we could sell our allocation at Old Trafford.
  10. Almost as if we are last seasons Sheffield/Halifax. Their successes of the previous year weren't built on and they felt the pressure of raised expectations from the terraces. Seems Fax have calmed down a bit since then and are getting themselves back together (although they were even on suicide watch after losing at Mount this season which is probably a good example of how quickly things can change in sport). Plenty of off field positives to take on board like adding gym facilities to OUR stadium and although people are mocking our new wrestle facility due to this seasons on field calamities hopefully we can bear the fruits of it in future seasons. I'm not trying to make excuses for how poor we have been this year but we have had more good seasons than bad seasons over the past 10 year and im sure fans of Keighley/Barrow/Hunslet/Dewsbury Etc would bite your hands off to be in our position.
  11. Look at mr positivity.
  12. How do you know so much?
  13. It certainly is a useful tool for those unable to attend.
  14. Last 30-35 minutes camped on their line pretty much. Add in a few disallowed tries and couldve been more comfortable. Fev lost at home today. Not many easy games in this league. Would take a 1 point win every week.
  15. Radio Yorkshire have had full match commentary on our last 2 fixtures aswell.