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  1. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    I remember the season adult admission went up to 3 Bob (15p) at Swinton.
  2. Whatever happened to Mushy Peas?

    Mushy peas aka Salford caviar.
  3. barrow

    After the visa episode, nobody can say that they play without conviction.
  4. murdoch sells Sky share to Disney

    Rugby League should have nothing to do with Disney. They're a Mickey Mouse organisation.
  5. Ken Gowers

    Also an accomplished league cricketer. His grandson must have inherited something from him, he's John Simpson, the Middlesex wicketkeeper.
  6. Ken Gowers

    Another legend no longer with us.
  7. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    Anyone else come across Lord Bateman's Motorbike by Chumbawamba?
  8. 'Site Going Down

    Pedants like you should be kicked up the ba.
  9. Kevin Larroyer Banned 2 Matches Squirrel grip is a new one on me. I'd have called it a Wedding Tackle.
  10. You know you're an RL tragic when...

    Bought a bottle of wine today from Morrisons just because it's called Featherstone. Sad. In the early 80s the Co-op in France had a range of wines called Rochdale.
  11. You know you're an RL tragic when...

    You sell your Bentley and buy a Dacia.
  12. Carcassonne 18-28 Lezignan

    Alternatively, the Domec is one of the few places in France where you can buy a chip butty.
  13. You know you're an RL tragic when...

    You say 13 is your lucky number.
  14. Hunslet Wakefield Hull ~ Well done

    Anyone else remember Huddersfield attempting a re-brand as Barracudas? And the stadium changing from Fartown to Arena 84?
  15. Still Crazy After All These Years

    72 A dog running onto the pitch 73 An old guy with a bucket and sponge running onto the pitch 74 A demented woman dealing death with an umbrella running onto the pitch 75 Trackside seats at big matches