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  1. Flash Sale

    Well that's a Road to Damascus type conversion for sure!
  2. Flash Sale

    Looks like a new manufacturer has been found for next season! Hope you've got your money monkey lover!
  3. Question

    Think you need to face the fact that unless there's a change of owner, you'll never see oldham back within the town boundary
  4. Question

    Why on earth do you think the council has a duty to help a privately owned sports club financially? As said above the perfect solution would be a ground share at latics, but that door is closed due to unpaid bills from last time. Stop blaming the council and blame the real culprit. The man you assist every time you go through the turnstile at a home game
  5. We appear to owe Oldham Council £70,000

    Shameful behaviour from him Monkey Lover. The best any of us can do is to highlight to as many people as possible to avoid business dealings with this man. From reading your posts earlier in the season it would seem you've gone above and beyond to provide shirts and other goods and have been treated appallingly
  6. Question

    Tosh, the club has had a good season on the field but can you not see it's been a result of using other people's money to be competitive? Are you happy that the club owes the local authority such a large sum at the same time that the council has had its budget cut by 50% over the last five years and services for vulnerable people are being slashed throughout the borough whilst a privately owned rugby league club with a few hundred fans thinks it's above paint it's way?
  7. Question

  8. Question

    I'd imagine it's somewhat easier to recruit players if you're neglecting to pay other bills and effectively paying players with council tax payers money (something I'm personally not happy about) The sooner he's brought to book the better. Nobody in their right mind is going to give that clown money to buy a club almost half a million pounds in debt. Get it closed and get shut of him and start a new club.
  9. Question

  10. Question

    It's a limited company isn't it? One with a shocking track record of paying it's bills. No room for sentiment when it's public money. Businesses in the town centre would have been closed much earlier if they had behaved in such a cavalier way towards rent and rates.
  11. We appear to owe Oldham Council £70,000

    The council have been extremely lenient with this circus show of Hamilton's. They had better chase this debt because it's council tax payers money.
  12. Question

    The council have been overly tolerant towards Mr Hamilton and his backsliding over rent payments. It was kind of them to let him have the less embarrassing option of surrendering the lease on White bank. They have said they will still pursue the debt for payment and as a council tax payer I'll be contacting several councillors I know to see that they do!
  13. Summer bash

    Joke chairman, joke club! Really feel for the genuine fans and the players. God only knows what will happen next season back in division 1!
  14. Summer bash


    It's a valid point about the pitch, it was in poor repair for the last few games of the season. Still think that the only long term solution is BP though. Whitebank is never going to be improved. Even Jim Mcmahon said the club are now on their own with the ground