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  1. Hammerless Nail

    Salford v Batley 1901

    It was Salford's antepenultimate game at New Barnes. Their final game there was the 11-5 drubbing of Hull on the 30th November, 1901 (attendance - because I know Salford's attendances are important - 8000). The Batley game shown in the film was played on the 2nd November, and ended in a 14-6 victory for Salford. In between, there was an 11-3 victory over Leigh, and a 24-6 victory away at the mighty Brighouse Rangers. There was nothing particularly significant about the Batley game. The film was shot by Mitchell and Kenyon, two early adopters of the new technology of 'movies', who had set up a business filming people in the street or at work, and then showing those films later that day (and charging for the privilege, obviously). Hence the lengthy footage of the people in the crowd. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the film is that it provides a rare glimpse of one of Salford's most revered players - Jimmy Lomas - in action. That's him kicking the goal. He also scored a try that day, and I think that's him scything through to score under the sticks, but I'm not sure.
  2. Hammerless Nail

    St Jonny's soft drinks

    Largely forgettable, but it does have quite a kick to it. Can't vouch for the drink though; I haven't tried it.
  3. Hammerless Nail

    Sio Signs For Salford

    I doubt they'll go for Inu. We know that the club is devoid of a micturition receptacle, and, with Lui, S'au and now Sio already on the books, I'd be surprised if they signed a fourth player who won't bring in much money from the lettering on the back of replica shirts.
  4. Hammerless Nail

    Sio Signs For Salford

    I don't think it's a case of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I think it's more that the Chicken Littles know a lot less than they think they do, and they fill in the (very large) gaps in their knowledge with something negative, borderline apocalyptic. I guess it's the same for all clubs. It's just the way we roll in this sport. The Rugby League family: professional mourners for six generations.
  5. Hammerless Nail

    Sio Signs For Salford

    Three year deal. This suggests that neither the player nor his agent have done sufficient due diligence. A quick consultation with the forum's expert Salfologists would have made them aware that the club's demise is imminent, as it has been for the last few years. Should have gone for three months, tops.
  6. Hammerless Nail

    Channel 4 to Leeds

    I don't think it is. Both the BBC and ITV moved out of Manchester years ago. The former BBC site has been a car park for some time and is now having what looks like an apartment block built on it, while the former Granada studios is supposedly to become some kind of arts venue.
  7. Hammerless Nail

    Gaz Hock

    A gram for £20?
  8. Hammerless Nail

    Koppy leaves Salford

    One year deal though, which seems a little strange considering they've paid a fee for him (albeit probably a nominal one). And for the benefit of Kirmonds (sic) Pouch, it's important to point out that this in no way diminishes Wakefield, and that they remain everyone's second favourite club.
  9. Hammerless Nail

    What now for Toronto?

    I find it interesting that the signings Salford made are invariably referred to as 'Koukash signings'. I don't recall any other club's signings being similarly credited to the owner/chairman. You never hear of 'McManus signings' or 'Hudgell signings'. I suspect it's because that squad was a spectacular flop, and looked more like a social worker's caseload than a professional rugby squad. The fact that people tend not to like Marwan - and I noticed very recently on here someone who hasn't achieved a sufficient level of maturity that would allow them to use his actual name rather than some infantile variation on it (I kind of wonder what they'd do if they met him. Go full on hardcore on his sorry ass, and stick their tongue out at him, perhaps?) - means I suspect they're more inclined to stick his name on the debacle. Had that squad been successful, I think they'd be more inclined to call those signings what I believe they were: Brian Noble signings. And there's the rub. I wonder if the ad hoc panel of experts the forum has convened to tell Toronto what they should do next might wish to cast their net a little wider than just Paul Rowley.
  10. Hammerless Nail

    Hastings signs for?

    It’s not only Salford that’s a football city; I think the same could be said of pretty much every town and city in the country, such is football's dominance. The problem is perhaps more acute for Salford because they have one of the biggest football clubs in Europe – in fact, one of the biggest in the world – right on their doorstep, with a second, lower midtable club even closer, just at the other end of the Trafford Road swing bridge, in fact. However, the city and its surrounding areas should be big enough to accommodate rugby too. The problem, I think, is that the rugby club has given its fans very little to cheer about. They’ve won nothing of note for 42 years, and next year marks the 50th anniversary of their last Challenge Cup final appearance. Mediocrity like this takes its toll on fans, and as the older ones move on, there’s little to attract new ones to replace them. Salford isn’t unique in this: I doubt that any club experiencing such a drought would be doing any better. It’s doubly unfortunate that Salford’s slow decline coincided with the Atkinson/Ferguson eras at Manchester United, and the ethos of ‘buy a trophy and call it success’, which just served to make the rugby club look weaker still. In addition, they now have the new stadium, which isn’t the easiest place in the world to get to and which makes it just that little bit less attractive for people who might want to give the club a try. It all just adds to the sense that there are more reasons for people to not go than to go at the moment. The fact that, in spite of all this, Salford are still capable of attracting as many spectators as they do – many of whom turn up week in, week out, despite having never seen their team win anything – should be something to commend them for, but this ‘Rugby League Family’ we hear about is a pretty dysfunctional one, and it inevitably just gets used as a stick to beat the club with. Looking at the examples you give, Salford City has gone from being an amateur club to being on the verge of entering the Football League in the space of what? 20 years? and their attendances have improved accordingly. Five years ago, you were more likely to see someone walking round in a 'Jim’ll Fix It' t-shirt than anything Manchester City related. Now there are City fans everywhere. I think it’s this aura of success that surrounds the local football clubs that brings the punters in. In a similar way, the rugby club sold around 5000 tickets for their Challenge Cup semi-final appearance last year. A tiny oasis of hope in the drought, but it shows that people are interested enough provided you give them something to be interested in. So, will Jackson Hastings increase Salford’s attendances? Not as much as a Wembley final or a sustained run of success, but I think he probably will as part of a larger package of measures. The club is working hard to reconnect with the community, and the Hastings and Lussick signings will help give the fans and potential fans something to be optimistic about. The club has already said they’ve sold more season tickets in the first week of sale than they did at the end of the first week last year (and now I’ll break off, because I’m sure some gumptard will attempt an attendance related 'joke' here by just repeating some slight variation on something we’ve all heard literally dozens of times before and thinking it makes them the reincarnation of Bill Hicks, so I’ll pre-empt them and say, yes, that probably does mean they’ve sold three rather than two). In percentage terms, I think (or hope) their attendances will increase considerably from last year, but it’s from a low base and so, in absolute terms, won’t be by much, and I doubt it will be enough to stop the bellyaching.
  11. Hammerless Nail

    Salford selling off their pack

    As you say, they might promote from within. I'm sure a keen Salford watcher like yourself will be fully aware that the club aren't letting the current lack of a senior academy become too big a problem, and have been bringing some players through from the education academy to train with the first team, and also appear to have been sending one or two out to guest with Wigan's reserves.
  12. Are you also able to tell us what everyone knows about next week's lottery numbers? I want to know which ones to avoid, like.
  13. Hammerless Nail

    Hastings signs for?

    Nope. Can't be true. Experts on here expertly told us that he wouldn't, and I find it hard to believe that people who are so definite in their predictions could be wrong. This is just fake news.
  14. Hammerless Nail

    Disciplinary - Jackson Hastings

    The situation isn't quite as black and white as you're making it out to be. The scrum half that brung them, Jack Littlejohn, sustained a ruptured bicep a few games before the end of the regular season, and the initial estimate was that it was a season ending injury. The player that would normally have been his replacement, Josh Wood, was already filling in as hooker in place of long-term injury absentee Kriss Brining. The search for a new scrum half began shortly after the Littlejohn injury, and was resolved when Jackson Hastings became available. Around that time, the other hooker in the squad - Logan Tomkins - finally succumbed to a stress fracture in his leg, and, I believe, Joey Lussick was then signed on Jackson Hastings' recommendation. It wasn't quite as simple as Salford signing better players to replace the ones that had served all season. They signed a scrum half and a hooker because, at that time, injuries meant they had only one player to cover both roles. I would suggest a system that could see a team relegated because they are forced to field an injury weakened team in a mini tournament where promotion and relegation are determined is one that is deeply flawed, and the problem lies there, not with the actions of the clubs involved.
  15. "Hello... is that Alanis?.... Alanis Morissette?.... I'm phoning from England...Yes, that's right: London; the queen; casual xenophobia... No, i'm afraid I'm not a fan... I'm just phoning about a rugby match... No, League... That's right, the one where everyone is always moaning... Well, today, Salford played Toronto... Yes, that's right, they are known as the Thugpack. That's what I'm phoning about. You see, Salford had two players sent off and one sinbinned, all for high tackles... No, they're not a particularly dirty team... Well, I just wanted to let you know that that is ironic... No, don't mention it... Thanks for taking my call... Bye... Bye."