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  1. A fellow Salford fan has asked me to post the following. I had to watch it again to see the first one, but he's right! Blimey, I completely missed that!
  2. It's noticeable how da yout' like to change the meanings of certain words, so, for example, they use "sick" and "dank" to mean "good". Here we have another example, with "trolling" being used to mean "demonstrating a deeper understanding of the relative merits of the two teams than I have". To be honest, last night just showed what an absolute shambles of a club Salford are. We know from the expert opinions of this forum's various experts that Salford are in a tailspin towards oblivion. In fact, Parksider - the expert's expert - has expounded the theory that the sale of Gareth O'Brien was part of the club's preparation for life in the Championship. It's clear to anyone that has eyes to see with that the club is doomed. It's just bloody typical of such a poorly run club that nobody thought to tell the players. What a bloody mess.
  3. The greatest thing to come out of Australia since Steve Gibson. They released this as a new single at the back end of last year, and I've had it stuck on permanent play in my head ever since. Superb. New album soon too! CAUTION: Contains cuss words. In fact, as with most of their stuff, any radio edit would pretty much have to be an instrumental. Just beautiful music.
  4. why no RED devils at st helens?

    Seriously bud? Were you watching on 405 lines or something? There is a red chevron across the chest of the Salford alternate kit. The RFL's operational rules require that each club's alternate kit should have a different base colour to its main kit, which, in Salford's case, effectively means little or no red. It wouldn't be fulfilling the basic requirements of an alternate kit otherwise now would it? It's also worth bearing in mind that the ersatz Red Devils - Manchester United, an Association Football club, and the second biggest in Greater Manchester, no less - have this as their alternate kit. Notice anything missing? I mean completely missing? It's red. Not a trace of it. It doesn't appear to have adversely affected their marketing, as there seems to be no end of people willing to be fleeced by them. The Willow tree on the club badge is etymological, not sentimental. The Willow is of the genus Salix which forms the basis of the name Salford ("the Willow ford" or "the Willow by the ford"). The old stadium was named after the city's etymological origin.
  5. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    The Salford club has issued a statement: There appears to be no suggestion of the impending Salfageddon that the usual Chicken Lickens on here are predicting. The money isn't going to pay a tax bill, or keep the bailiffs away, or get Dr Devil back from Cash Converters. It seems they're intending to use it to strengthen the squad. Extraordinary behaviour from a club that the internet has decided is in dire straits.
  6. Best cover versions

    Surely, the kings of the cover version are Snuff. This is arguably the one they're best known for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOlk_3kyY9g but I prefer this one
  7. There's a (small) article about the match in today's print edition of that magnificent organ The Manchester Evening News. It's about whether co-captain Mark Flanagan will be picked now that he's fit again, and has the headline something like "Flanagan may miss out if Sale's game against Saints switched" Jeez, never mind "what do they contribute to Super League?" They can't even contribute to the headline of an article written about them.
  8. I think it's easy to explain. 1934 was, of course, the year Salford became the first British club side to tour France, and was when they were given the nickname 'Les Diables Rouges' - The Red Devils - by the French press. With BBC Sport being based in Salford, it seems natural that they should view Rugby League through the prism of Salford, hence the error. I know this may surprise and disappoint a few, but there are some Rugby League fans who are quite sore losers, and, when their team is beaten by Salford, get a proper mard head on and flail around trying to belittle the club with irrelevant whines like 'what do they contribute to Super League?'. Well, here's your answer. As far as the BBC is concerned, Salford are Rugby League. Probably explains the lack of coverage.
  9. I think you're being a little overgenerous by arbitrarily setting the bar at only 6000. I would suggest that clubs attracting average attendances below 10,000 are contributing little to Super League, which just goes to show how dependent we are on the likes of Leeds, Wigan and the much bigger of the two Hull clubs. However, it's not just poor attendances that are in danger of dragging the sport down. There's also the lack of a viable international setup and the absence of any recognisable 'stars' in the sport at the moment, together with the lack of press coverage that these seem to engender. I would add another factor to these: the greater sporting public's perception of Rugby League fans. In my experience, Rugby League fans are seen as fairly miserable, sulky creatures, and, unfortunately, we often manage to reinforce that perception. Far too many followers of our sport are such poor losers, and will randomly lash out when their team is on the receiving end of a bit of a striping, as if it somehow restores the natural order. In addition to the hardy perennial bleats of "two poor teams" or " a decent team would have put fifty past us", we now have "your crowds are rubbish"; "you contribute nothing to the competition"; "your stadium is poor"; etc. It's asinine. It may not be everyone, but, as I'm sure you'll agree, those who do it demean us all, because they make us all look as childish as they are. Anyway, I feel we're straying far from the topic. Would you care to talk about Friday night's match?
  10. What they contribute to Super League is a team that, on Friday's performance at least, is better than Hull KR's. While membership of Super league is based on team performance rather than any assessment of the club as a whole, having a better team than at least one other club is all they need to contribute.
  11. Unfortunately, the quality of Super League at the moment is such that there are ten other teams you could say the same about.
  12. Are we being monitored?

    Yes, you're being monitored. Remember, " If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold". So, every time you use your Android phone, Google gather information about you that can be sold to vendors in order that they can target you with what they deem to be 'appropriate' adverts. Same with Apple and iOS.The amount of information Google hold about you is pretty staggering, and it's up to each individual to decide whether the level of convenience Google offers is worth the invasion of privacy that comes with it. If you want to deGoogle your phone as much as possible, there are some tips in here (along with some basic security stuff), but the important ones are switching location services off and removing your Google account from your phone.I think there's been another release of Android since that article was written, and you can now set permissions at app level (i.e. whether any particular app should be allowed to view your contacts, photos, etc.). If you want to deGoogle your phone completely, you'd have to take Android off it altogether and replace it with a different OS, such as Ubuntu. Not for the faint hearted.
  13. The first competitive match at the AJ Bell Stadium was played in a snowstorm, with temperatures apparently dropping to -7C at times during the game. Last night was positively balmy by comparison. You're just being nesh. Update: it's about to get much, much worse. The Manchester Evening News is reporting a yellow snow warning. Not just cold, but unpleasant too.
  14. Well, here's a little something to cogitate upon. (It's all from memory, so I may be out a little bit, but I don't think by too much.) So far this season, Salford have conceded eleven tries. All bar two of them have come from kicks, some of which have been little more than speculative efforts that took a lucky deflection or bounce. So far this season, Salford have score eleven tries. All bar two of them have come through hands. Not bad for a team that, I'm led to believe, are slightly less creative than Hull KR in their halves.