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    That's different though. Whereas the definition of tea cake varies across the country, the definition of a muffin is fairly consistent. This means it can be used in national advertising campaigns, like this one:
  2. Hammerless Nail

    Marwan Koukash

    Why the wrong club and the wrong time? What would you say was the right club and the right time? Broughton Rangers in the early 20th century perhaps? If club takeovers were restricted only to the right club and the right time, there'd be an awful lot of unowned clubs in rugby league right now, including Warrington. The problem with Marwan at Salford is that he lurched from balls up to balls up, and the problems just escalated. Some of the early balls ups could be put down to his inexperience and to the failure of the people who were supposed to be advising him. Later on, though, he started to produce balls ups that were all his own, sometimes aided and abetted by apparent petty RFL intransigence (dropping the academy), sometimes completely self-inflicted (the proposed Manchester name change). I don't know that he would have behaved differently at any other club at any other time. The frustrating thing is that with that experience behind him, if (and it is still if) he got involved with another club, he'd probably make a much better job of it now. Equally frustrating is that the new trust seems to be doing all the things that the club should have done under Marwan (and, to some extent, under John Wilkinson before him), but didn't. It's engaging with the community in a way that I don't think it has before, forging links with schools, clubs, community groups, etc, forming a stronger partnership with the Salford Red Devils Foundation, planning to bring the academy back. Unfortunately, it's hampered by a lack of funds and with the legacy of some big contracts that were renewed before Marwan decided to step aside. If it can get through this season, I think we'll see a stronger club emerge over the next few years. The problem is that things are looking a bit precarious at the moment, and, if they lose their Super League status, some of these initiatives may never bear fruit. I think that would be a shame.
  3. I've never quite understood why we fans expect the team to applaud us at the end of a match - I don't expect shop staff to give me a warm round of applause after I've bought something frpm them - but it now seems to be something we demand. That said, I disagree with your assertion about the Salford players. One or two of them did seem to get involved in interminably long on-field conversations with their opponents and I didn't stick around long enough to see if they did their duty by us, but the rest of them did come over. All in all, I would class myself as "satisfied or very satisfied" that the players showed sufficient level of obeisance in recognition of my efforts of watching them flog their tripes out for 80 minutes.
  4. No, but then I also wouldn't expect a team lying seventh in the league, just two points ahead of the team in eighth (at start of play) to go to the eighth placed team and come away with a win, and certainly not by some of the fanciful margins predicted on this thread.
  5. Hammerless Nail

    One Club Men

    Malcolm Alker was a one club man, although I believe he sometimes favoured the machete.
  6. Christ Oxford, your constant negativity about Salford would get the Laughing Policeman phoning the Samaritans. Are things really that bad? They've got a better pack than last year and the same three quarters (minus Vatuvai, of course). They've also got the same lack of strength in depth they had last year, which wasn't helped by Marwan's decision to scrap the U19s academy (a dreadful decision, and one that the new board have said they intend to reverse). In fact, overall they've probably got slightly more depth than last year, but it's all in the forwards. They were luckier with injuries last year than they have been so far this year. A third of the first choice seventeen were missing yesterday, resulting in a half-back playing fullback and no hooker in the squad. However, the biggest problem by far is the gigantic Michael Dobson shaped hole in the attack. It's like they're playing without a brain. A bit like Zak Hardaker. Fix that (not easy, I know) and they should be a lot better.
  7. Hammerless Nail

    why no RED devils at st helens?

    Back in the days when televisions were the size of a small new-build terraced house, the pictures were drawn in lines rather than by pixel. 405 lines was one of the formats used (the other was the superior 625 lines). 405 lines was, I think, mostly for black and white TV. It meant that each picture broadcast consisted of 405 lines, which in turn meant that it wasn't particularly clear, certainly not when compared to the HD TVs of today. Anyhoo, back to the tale... Hull's change strip is predominantly pink, with the black appearing as indistinct lines within it. I doubt Salford could do anything similar (i.e.produce a design with much red in) because any such design would likely clash with the Wigan and Saints main shirts. As for the devil in the badge, well, yes, I think it would have been better. However, the club's mascot is a devil, and I think they'd be better served using that as a marketing device rather than the badge. Even better would be to have something worth marketing and then to actually market it, regardless of badge design or mascot. Under Marwan, you could argue that they had the makings of the first of these, but they did next to nothing to market it (in fact, they pretty much engaged in negative marketing, and were driving people away). The new regime at the club now appears to be really getting out into the community and doing the things that I suspect other clubs take for granted, and they do seem to make plenty of use of the mascot. It's just a shame that the team isn't quite as strong this year.
  8. A head injury picked up at Leeds last weekend means Niall Evalds is denied the opportunity to impress Warrington. Poor Niall. Wigan loanee Jake Shorrocks (who older readers may remember played 'Bubble' in Absolutely Fabulous) gets his first chance to take a step closer to his (thus far unstated) dream of playing for the Wire, but this likely means Rob Lui will have to try to catch Steve Price's eye from the unfamiliar full-back position.
  9. Ah. Oops. Sorry. That was meant to contain a link to this but I made a right balls of it.
  10. A fellow Salford fan has asked me to post the following. I had to watch it again to see the first one, but he's right! Blimey, I completely missed that!
  11. It's noticeable how da yout' like to change the meanings of certain words, so, for example, they use "sick" and "dank" to mean "good". Here we have another example, with "trolling" being used to mean "demonstrating a deeper understanding of the relative merits of the two teams than I have". To be honest, last night just showed what an absolute shambles of a club Salford are. We know from the expert opinions of this forum's various experts that Salford are in a tailspin towards oblivion. In fact, Parksider - the expert's expert - has expounded the theory that the sale of Gareth O'Brien was part of the club's preparation for life in the Championship. It's clear to anyone that has eyes to see with that the club is doomed. It's just bloody typical of such a poorly run club that nobody thought to tell the players. What a bloody mess.
  12. The greatest thing to come out of Australia since Steve Gibson. They released this as a new single at the back end of last year, and I've had it stuck on permanent play in my head ever since. Superb. New album soon too! CAUTION: Contains cuss words. In fact, as with most of their stuff, any radio edit would pretty much have to be an instrumental. Just beautiful music.
  13. Hammerless Nail

    why no RED devils at st helens?

    Seriously bud? Were you watching on 405 lines or something? There is a red chevron across the chest of the Salford alternate kit. The RFL's operational rules require that each club's alternate kit should have a different base colour to its main kit, which, in Salford's case, effectively means little or no red. It wouldn't be fulfilling the basic requirements of an alternate kit otherwise now would it? It's also worth bearing in mind that the ersatz Red Devils - Manchester United, an Association Football club, and the second biggest in Greater Manchester, no less - have this as their alternate kit. Notice anything missing? I mean completely missing? It's red. Not a trace of it. It doesn't appear to have adversely affected their marketing, as there seems to be no end of people willing to be fleeced by them. The Willow tree on the club badge is etymological, not sentimental. The Willow is of the genus Salix which forms the basis of the name Salford ("the Willow ford" or "the Willow by the ford"). The old stadium was named after the city's etymological origin.
  14. Hammerless Nail

    Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    The Salford club has issued a statement: There appears to be no suggestion of the impending Salfageddon that the usual Chicken Lickens on here are predicting. The money isn't going to pay a tax bill, or keep the bailiffs away, or get Dr Devil back from Cash Converters. It seems they're intending to use it to strengthen the squad. Extraordinary behaviour from a club that the internet has decided is in dire straits.