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  1. Amusing little incident yesterday: early in the second half, a number of people dressed in primrose and blue (I hesitate to call them supporters as they didn't seem particularly inclined to support their team) appeared to suddenly realise they'd left the iron on or something and had to go home immediately. As they filed out, the Salford fans starting singing "Is there a fire drill? Is there a fire drill?". Made me chuckle.
  2. I did. From the moment The Chronicler of Chiswick predicted "Wire by a shedload", I knew a Salford victory was on the cards.
  3. Interesting little fact: Gareth Hock's last appearance for Wigan before he got pinged for taking snuff was against Salford. Gabe Hamlin's last appearance for Wigan before he got pinged for 'something recreational' was against Salford. I mean, they're obviously getting the gear from somewhere...
  4. Somebody needs to get a hold of this situation inside and outside the European Parliament, with all the national flags surrounding the seat of European Government, its a provocation, clearly demonstrating that we are a sovereign state not a federal state of the EU....
  5. There is no famous rugby league player in the history of the game named Poaching.
  6. Hello Parksider. I feel I owe you an apology. By referring to something you posted, it seems i have inadvertently given you the impression that I want to engage in some sort of discourse with you. I know there are people on this forum who are willing to indulge you, and to take you up on your splenetic, ejaculation filled ("Oh come on man!") dissertations on the impending apocalypse, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them. Unfortunately - and forgive me for saying this - but I find that when you get involved in a topic you tend to find the same people responding, round and round in ever decreasing circles. It's akin to wandering into a bar only to find they're hosting the grand final of the Pub Bore of the Year competition. It's not for me, and, as a result, I generally just scroll past what you have to say. By some sort of happenstance, whilst scrolling past recently, the word 'Salford' has caught my eye and so I've read what you wrote and, I'm sorry to say, on more than one occasion I've noticed that what you wrote was factually incorrect. I don't point this out at the time because, frankly, I don't really care. This one, however, struck me as particularly amusing because it came in the same week that League Express was reporting that Salford were pursuing Ryan Brierley. (In addition, by the way, I happened to know that Salford have had a number of players training with them on a trial basis this season, Krisnan Inu being only one of them.) Once again, apologies for any confusion., and I hope you don't think me rude if I go back to scrolling past your posts.
  7. That's a pretty unique interpretation you've got there. The thought of him being 'marquee' hadn't even crossed my mind, so the fact you believe him to be even less marquee than that must make him whatever the opposite of a marquee signing is. A plebian signing? Subjacent, perhaps?
  8. Despite one of the forum's leading experts expertly informing us recently that "all indications are that Salford have spent up on their squad", the club have just signed Krisnan Inu. Salford's regular failure to live down to expectations is a massive ball-acher, isn't it?
  9. It's been a long time since I last listened to a commentary on Radio Manchester, but I'd agree that Phil Kinsella is excellent. Of Radio Manchester's commentators, he's easily the best, followed by a large patch of daylight, then Trevor Hunt and finally, bringing up the rear (by some distance too, in much the same way as an Austin Allegro would be 'bringing up the rear' in the Monaco Grand Prix) is Jack Dearden. Jacko's offerings are basically stream of consciousness stuff. You'll hear the crowd oohing and aahing in the background while Jacko is describing the traffic flows on Barton Bridge (that used to be one of his favourites), but whatever it is they're oohing and aahing about, Jacko won't be telling you. It's more performance art than commentary.
  10. Well, yes, Leeds did pick up a shock win away at Salford, but I'm not sure I'd call that "a decent start".
  11. During the darkest of Marwan's dark days at Salford, he took to basing their attendances solely on turnstile clicks, even to the point where people who entered the stadium through reception (such as guests of sponsors) weren't being counted. One sponsor found out about this and made sure his guests passed through the turnstiles. Salford's attendances weren't brilliant, but this bizarre act just made them look even worse in comparison to other clubs, and became another inevitable stick to beat the club with.
  12. It's nothing unusual. The entire England Rugby Union team that played...Idon't know...someone or other over the weekend was made up of players whose surnames end in "ers". Here's the official team sheet: Starting Guys 15. Dalers 14. Cokers 13. Tuilers 12. Te'ers 11. Mayers 10. Farrers 9. Youngers 8. Vuners 7. Currers 6. Shielders 5. Kruers 4. Launchers 3. Sinckers 2. Georgers 1. Gengers Replacement Guys 16. Cowers 17. Mooners 18. Colers 19. Hughesers 20. Wilsers 21. Robbers 22. Forders 23. Sladers
  13. That might be true, but could some of Matty's apparent decline be down to the quality of the coaches he's been playing under? As a coach, Keiron Cunningham didn't just look like a fish out of water, he looked like a fish on a bicycle out of water. Shaun Wane, although successful as a coach, didn't, to my mind, coach a particularly halfback driven style of play, and seemed to rely on his forwards a lot. Contrast that to what Ian Watson has achieved at Salford. He's taken players that were roundly dismissed by supporters of their previous clubs - Greg Burke (dismissed as "fat" by Widnes fans), Gil Dudson (who they mockingly referred to as "The Talisman"), Ed Chamberlain ("no better than 'runny semen' " - a term of 'endearment' they used for hero turned zero centre Charlie Runciman), Jansin Turgut ("not as good as he likes to think he is") - and turned them into a competitive team. Salford are a bit like The Wombles - making good use of the things that they find, things that the every day folk leave behind - and I wonder if Matty Smith would be a better player under Ian 'Uncle Bulgaria' Watson's watchful eye.
  14. I'm not sure that was the tipping point, coming as it did after the musical emetic "Ebony and Ivory" and his involvement with Michael Jackson's risible "The Girl Is Mine". "The Frog Chorus" merely revealed that the barrel he'd long been scraping the bottom of turned out to have a hidden basement.
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