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  1. It's time people started referring to Salford by their proper name: table-topping Salford. Anyway, nice to see that, because of the positions the teams currently occupy in the Super League table, the two sets of fans can engage in a bit of pre-match trash talk without it looking like the two kids who are always last to be picked for team games ("I'll take him if you take them two") squaring up in the playground.
  2. Hammerless Nail

    SL trophy name

    Well, returning to the name change idea, with Salford striding majestically to the top of Super League this evening, I'm sure some people would like to see it renamed the Absolute Catas Trophy.
  3. Warning: the following post contains concepts some readers may find disturbing. So, with two games left this weekend, that puts Salford top.
  4. Hammerless Nail

    SL trophy name

    If it was named in honour of former Barrow, Rochdale and Salford centre Tom Brophy, it could be called the Brophy Trophy.
  5. Hammerless Nail

    Unlikely Teammates

  6. Hammerless Nail

    SQUAD DEPTH Can Your Club Compete?

    Salford. First choice 13: 1. Evalds 2. Chamberlain 3. Sa'u 4. Welham 5. Bibby 6. Lui 7. Hastings 8. Mossop 9. Wood 10. Dudson 11. Jones 12. Griffin 13. Flanagan Second choice 13, apparently, courtesy of expert analysis, expertly conducted by internet experts: 1. Winner of the "Win a chance to play for Salford" charity draw 2. The eldest son of one of the club's sponsors 3. Dr. Devil 4. A mate of one of the players 5. Some bloke who turned up at training a few weeks ago saying "he fancied a go" 6. Martin Gleeson 7. Ian Watson 8. A season ticket holder who's a bit on the large side 9. Malcolm Alker, coming out of retirement to play for free in a Kris Radlinski like manner 10. The warden who has to escort him on day release 11/12. Two blokes Ian Watson met in the pub who seemed keen, although one of them can only play second half on Sundays because he has to pick his daughter up from swimming at two 13. Ian Blease
  7. Yes. The world has been waiting for Manfred 'Moses' Mann to come down from the mountain with the tablets telling us what's good and what isn't, but synesthetes will be disappointed to see that all he's come back with is a swatch card full of beige.
  8. Hammerless Nail

    where was prince philip going?

    The exchange of details would have been interesting: "Bloody hell mate, you just pulled out on me. Name?" "Prince Philip." "Yeah, and I'm the Queen of ###### Sheba. What's your name?"
  9. Indeed. He held - and may still hold, I don't know - the world record for the number of tries in a season by a full-back, which, from memory, was 33: 31 for his club and 2 for Great Britain. However, he played for Salford, so the OP may be reluctant to class him as 'great'.
  10. Hammerless Nail

    Salford in financial trouble again?

    For a number of years now, the Salford club has been subject to a steady trickle of negative stories like this, and they invariably peter out into nothing. As a result, the Salford fans have decided to focus on the core business of worrying about things that are actually happening, and have outsourced the worrying about the impending Salfageddon to fans of other clubs, particularly The Daddy: the G4S of Salford's professional mourners.
  11. Hammerless Nail

    Salford in financial trouble again?

    Salford's failure to just lie down and die seems to be massively frustrating to some people.
  12. Hammerless Nail

    Predictions: Who Finishes Where in SL

    In the past when people have spoken about Wakefield in terms that are anything less than openmouthed awe, the response from Wakefield fans has been swift, it's been brutal, and it's been in the form if an Olympic-sized tantrum. Although these tantrums are hugely enjoyable, they don't necessarily portray the sport in a positive light, and so I suspect that, mindful of this, people are predicting a high finish for Wakefield, just to be on the safe side.
  13. Hammerless Nail

    RL's longest hoodoos

    Since the sport's inception in 1895, no team called Manchester has ever drawn a bigger crowd than Salford.
  14. Hammerless Nail

    Marwan's latest project

    If that's true, then he's certainly come to the right place. As this thread - and plenty of others - amply demonstrate, there's a long line of willing punters just queueing up to spaff a sackful of attrention on him. The same names seem to crop up each time, which suggests he's getting a fair bit of repeat business too.
  15. Hammerless Nail

    Salford v Batley 1901

    It was Salford's antepenultimate game at New Barnes. Their final game there was the 11-5 drubbing of Hull on the 30th November, 1901 (attendance - because I know Salford's attendances are important - 8000). The Batley game shown in the film was played on the 2nd November, and ended in a 14-6 victory for Salford. In between, there was an 11-3 victory over Leigh, and a 24-6 victory away at the mighty Brighouse Rangers. There was nothing particularly significant about the Batley game. The film was shot by Mitchell and Kenyon, two early adopters of the new technology of 'movies', who had set up a business filming people in the street or at work, and then showing those films later that day (and charging for the privilege, obviously). Hence the lengthy footage of the people in the crowd. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the film is that it provides a rare glimpse of one of Salford's most revered players - Jimmy Lomas - in action. That's him kicking the goal. He also scored a try that day, and I think that's him scything through to score under the sticks, but I'm not sure.