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  1. Salford fans aren't really all that noisy. What you're actually hearing is the sound of a thousand sphincters simultaneously snapping shut as the latest evidence for the impending Salfageddon - being forced out of the stadium because Sale want to buy it, losing all their (or, more often than not, there) best players, you know the drill - appears on forums like this.
  2. What about Andrew? He's got a bit of slack in his diary. "Would you like to be patron of the RFL, Andrew?", "Sure", he'd say, "No sweat". That'd be nice, wouldn't it?
  3. That would definitely see the sport elevated to the front pages of The Mail and The Express. Unfortunately, the spume flecked headlines would be something like "Feckless Yank Parasite Sponges Way Into Event For Simple Northern Folk While Lovely, Lovely Kate Knits Puppies For Orphans" Still, any publicity...
  4. ...that the then Private Pepper decided to put a band together. On that very same day, Salford brought an end to Wigan's 8 year Challenge Cup hegemony with a 26 - 16 fifth round victory. Video here, from a time when people didn't have well defined features, or edges, or anything. Caution: NSFW (not suitable for Wiganers).
  5. Yes, and should Junior Sa'u and James Bell be able to recapture the very high level of performance that they displayed in the NRL, and should Derek Beaumont be able to sign a dozen or so world class players, then Leigh could well challenge St. Helens, Greg Inglis’s team, and Bevan French’s team for silverware this year. If that happens Super League could become very exciting this year. If/should logic is brilliant. You can demonstrate absolutely anything with it.
  6. It's all kicking off. It seems that the club has told Neil Baker and Tim Street that they won't be allowed inside the stadium together.
  7. Had to happen with the new coaching setup. You just couldn't have Holmes and Watson together.
  8. Bloody hell, he looks about six years old. He's going to get smashed all over the place.
  9. He said his Mum cried when he told her. I would imagine any mother would cry if she found out her son was joining Salford.
  10. All off the top of my head, so no guarantees, but... of the eleven clubs we know will be in Super League next season (ten if you allow for Salford being minutes away from financial meltdown / about to be kicked out of the stadium / insert your favourite fantasy Salfageddon scenario here), seven of them have British coaches. Of the remaining four, only three are Australian, and one of those three has never coached (at club level) outside of Great Britain, and has, I think, taken British nationality(citation needed) Of the clubs in with a shout of taking that twelfth place, only one ha
  11. By way of comparison, while Richard Marshall was coaching Halifax at the top end of the Championship, Ian Watson was (briefly) coaching a hapless, hopeless Swinton down at the bottom end of the same league. Richard then went on to be assistant coach at a club that won back to back Super League championships, serving under a coach who is now coaching in the NRL and under another on whom the jury is perhaps still out, while Ian Watson went on to become assistant coach at a club that regularly featured in relegation battles, serving under a coach on whom the jury is very much back in and has deli
  12. But Richard this time. New Salford coach.
  13. Is having someone called Just Browny commenting on the Joel Tomkins finger incident an example of tautology?
  14. Leigh Leigh A Leigh East Leigh-on-Sea (obligatory expansion club) Leigh Dzrhinos Leigh Ningtowerofpisa Leigh Dingwiththeelbow London Leythers ('The Exiles') Leigh Rangers Leigh Miners Leigh Minors Leigh Majors Automatic P&R, but with Leigh related clubs exempted from relegation in order to give them time to establish themselves. Save a lot of arguments, won't it?
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