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  1. The Salford fans also enjoyed this. Brodie Croft with the full on hit, and Elijah Taylor catching him a bit on the side. They certainly weren't fooling around.
  2. It's ok. Leeds are running interference for you in the laughing stock stakes.
  3. Well, far from run rampant, they barely managed to run at all, particularly in the first half. They had more possession in the second half, but all that did was demonstrate their lack of creativity. I think you have to see them live to fully appreciate how very ordinary they are (which explains why that "Sir Kevin Sinfield" character keeps predicting they'll win).
  4. I think Leeds are just amazing, and barely a day goes by that I don't celebrate their very existence.
  5. As you appear to have correctly identified, it is only to be expected that clubs will lose fans when they're on a poor run. People want to watch a successful team. As that poor run gets longer, the loss escalates. Many people are drawn to watch the sport because members of their family and/or peer group take them along to a match. As existing fans turn away from their club, there are fewer people to take that tranche of potential fans along. Wakefield haven't won anything of significance since the early 1960s, nor have Huddersfield, barring a solitary LLS. Salford haven't won anything of significance since the 1970s. It's worth bearing that in mind next time you start wanging on about their attendances. You won't, of course, because this playground level Leeds-are-big-an'-ace-an'-Wakefield-an'-Huddersfield-an'-Salford-are-small-an'-poo line that you like to shovel is all you've got.
  6. Just wait until next season. When you see the difference between Leeds' attendances and those of the other clubs in the Championship, you'll absolutely lose it.
  7. I think that's unlikely. Saints were surprised by the (then) relegation favourites last time out, and I can't see them letting that happen again this week.
  8. Dreadful acting (Kenny Edwards' cramp attacks).
  9. But there's a danger viewers will soon tire of seeing relegation haunted teams, what with Leeds being on every week already.
  10. Leeds are one of those small time clubs that are holding the sport back. Just what do they bring to the competition? They're happy in their comfort zone, taking the Sky money and bouncing around the bottom end of the table. They should be replaced by an ambitious big city club like Newcastle or York. They bring more.
  11. Both teams to lose because it's Rugby League itself that will be the winner in this clash of the shytuns.
  12. Oh I don't know. Either Leeds or Castleford are going to win, so there's an upset right there.
  13. I appreciate that this goes against everything we stand for in this sport, but I have to say that the best team won, and the performance of the match officials had no bearing on the outcome whatsoever.
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