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  1. His game and discipline have improved no end this season.
  2. Oldham, with all their history should at least be a strong Championship Club. I hope that one day they can become one and have a decent Stadium in their own town.
  3. Agree, as I have said before, refusing a Club entry who have fairly and squarely won promotion, and want to take their place in SL, will open a real can of worms for the game which for me would done untold damage to the games credibility.
  4. You may well be right, but nothing would suprise me with that lot running the show. If they did exclude anybody who had won promotion fair and square, I think the media would have a field day reporting it. What message would that send out to anybody considering investing in the game?
  5. If Featherstone did win it, and it is a big if, as Leigh are looking very strong and there are tough games ahead, how bad would it be if Lenaghan and Co refused them entry, with their unknown criteria and conditions tripe. For me they would send out a very bad message doing untold damage to the game as a whole.
  6. Well if the likes of you get your way, me and I am sure many others will never watch RL again and Club's may as well pack it all in. I cannot believe for the life of me why you want this closed shop scenario that stops smaller Clubs ambition stone dead. Elitism is a terrible thing.
  7. Is Robert Elstone still employed by SL? With the big fanfare he came in with there never seems to be anything much from him.
  8. I went to a game there q few weeks ago in the Hospitality and the ground and facilities are excellent.
  9. Oh come on, without P&R it is easier to get in to North Korea. And would you be happy with all those meaningless games?
  10. So do you want a closed shop where everybody can love each other and sod the rest?
  11. Leeds can't complain, they had London at Anfield.
  12. Don't you think that maybe because finishing top means nothing, apart from collecting the wheel hub. I know I might be a Dinausor, but what was wrong with the team finishing top being the Champions, and then we had the Premiership Final at Old Trafford, along with the Championship game. Was it really that bad? Because I thought it was a great Rugby League occasion.
  13. Surely the game being exciting wether it be at the top or bottom or in the Championship, League 1 or the Cup is the main thing.
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