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  1. You making the potential thriller tommorow? I'll be battling the M25 early doors to get there
  2. Well Ealing is on fire once again! There has been plenty of Kiwis/Aussies down this season... Considering how many are in London I'm surprised we don't have bigger crowds.... If we keep winning though who knows!
  3. Even living in most parts of London it's a nightmare to get to Twickenham..... I boycotted it years ago after a particularly bad journey
  4. I'm backing it will be an error strewn thriller.... 32-30 to the Ealing nags
  5. Our forwards have played huge minutes this year as we've been lucky with injuries and a small squad. 4 day turnaround and French trip too. I hope Wardy has done very little conditioning work and ley them recover Think the evens odds with bookies is correct but I'll back us to make it a third consecutive win Plenty of Broncos I know going... KR travel well but Ealing on a Thursday is a big ask.... Maybe 500 traveling fans so 2000 would be decent
  6. If England won the world cup I don't think he'd change his cadence or tone.... Loved him tearing in as an opener back in the day but good god he is dull... Only Ian Botham is a worse punfit
  7. I'm offering marriage counselling.... The 50 year mark in any marriage is a critical time
  8. Did she provide any services along the 50 year journey?
  9. I can trump anyone when it comes to being hard to get things to fit.... Got measured u up in Thailand years ago and order everything from there now.... Measurements change so I keep him up to date... Even had my wedding suit done Highly recommend them .... MBK tailors Bangkok and hell tell you measurements he needs https://www.google.com/search?q=gmc+tailors+bangkok&oq=gmc+tailors+bangkok&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l2.3950j0j9&client=ms-android-vf-gb-revc&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#istate=lrl:iv&rlimm=16251337081144583063
  10. Easy day at the office Why on earth is Bob Willis still on TV.... He reminds me of my old granny... A miserable old moaner... Never liked her much either
  11. We Have to keep Wardy and Langers.... then open the wallet to get decent spine to replace Walker/Abdul and others
  12. Is a special time to be a Bronco..... certainly my best period since the 2013 Cup run.... Since the million pound game win it has been so unexpected what's happened.... If we stay up and get up to 3500 crowds by season end with better weather I'll be very happy. The good will from virtually all the fans we meet is great and encouraging... Just need more of us locals getting to games
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