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  1. Then you announce 2 venues, Rochdale would be cheap also
  2. We need a Championship finals day - neutral venue - 3 games. Announce date and venue immediately. Little financial risk, they could have LSV for 10k fully costed incl stewards - TW V TO would draw a good local gate supporting TO
  3. the infamous call whilst walking off in freezing temperatures caked in mud, ''Sorry lads boilers broke, no hot water''
  4. sweaty craiq

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    someone at the top should face a vote of no confidence over this decision
  5. sweaty craiq

    Super league minimum ground criteria

    I was involved with Leigh in 2001, the RFL told Mike Nolan that unless we had 3000+ seats under cover we would not be allowed into SL. So instead of strengthening for the play offs we spent on fully seating the TS stand - Widnes strengthened and went up. Cas and Wakey remained in SL. To this day if we had brought in 2 more players we would have overcome Turleys injury
  6. sweaty craiq

    Season ticket sales

    Hate discounting, and some of the prices asked for ST's are shockingly low. The Fev fan above was saying £150 Adult for 14 games, £11 a game. Leighs are £200 then £220, 1500 sold as last week apparently
  7. sweaty craiq

    Leigh Centurions 'Bucket Collection' !!

    Lisa seem to have raised more than half his contract in 48 hours via membership growth, some going for an ISA and a great set of fans who support it. Lisa do a great job fundraising, 400k since it was formed and tend to come forward in times of need, the famileigh are back again
  8. sweaty craiq

    Leigh Centurions 'Bucket Collection' !!

    Clogdance puts his/her hatred of Beaumont before the love of the club. My understanding is that there are more signings done awaiting SL squad announcements and we are DR with Saints - so numbers wont be a problem. The McNally situation is an emotional one, but comes after we have 'spent' the initial conservative budget so the spare ££ aren't around. LISA have raised 400k for the club since its birth, spent to add player strength, it has dropped off in recent years due to the Beaumont effect but this is being used to ignite the organization again, and seems to have worked. So basically the supporters group and local business have funded his salary.
  9. The CCF was the historical end to the RL season when played in May, even though we often had play offs later on. It was full of History and a date many planned around annually. We then kept may but moved it around, generally successfully especially at Cardiff. The GF is now the end of season spectacle, move it back to May and market it as the first piece of silverware with a history unmatched in our sport - first checking when the trains don't run
  10. sweaty craiq

    Salford in financial trouble again?

    When did Leigh last go bankrupt, if you had said london widnes or wakefield .....
  11. sweaty craiq

    Championship players average salary

    Some way off the mark on here. The cash strapped will be offering 5/6k with a win/lose bonus, plus the odd 12k. The second trench will be on 10/12k (odd 20k) plus bonus spending about £350/450k, then you have the TW situation - nobody less than 40k and a few well over 100k working to £1,800k spend, the same that Leigh spent last year. I would guess Widnes will come in at £1m or so. Gelling is on over 100k
  12. sweaty craiq

    Toulouse sign Vaivai

    Looks like Tarzan ……… is the best way to describe him. Great playing with kids in the bar after games. Our unrest may be the reason for his lack of heart or stamina, we will find out.
  13. sweaty craiq

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Not at all, the events stack up for me. Duffy had no contract, Campbell set up a number of interviews in Australia with a preferred candidate who dropped out but recruited a bloke he feels can do a job for you, who will arrive after Xmas saving a couple of months wages whilst the squad he has assembled gets fit. No need for the smokescreen of breaking a contract. Good luck for next season it will be an interesting comp
  14. sweaty craiq

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    You terminated Duffys employment on the 19th November, 2 weeks later you have interviewed numerous candidates in Australia and appointed a successful one - whom I am sure you did due diligence on - that's some going
  15. sweaty craiq

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Puts some doubt over the Duffy broke his contract claim, when was he interviewing again