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  1. sweaty craiq

    A new broadcaster on the horizon?

    By now most fans know 2x10's is the best structure for the game at present. Toulouse, Toronto, Catalans and a third French team - Avignon is my preference - should find their own TV deal. £3m to SL1 and £1.5m to SL2 requires circa £32m pa plus the non UK deals. £250k to the part time third tier would need a further £4m. 100 development officers working out of 10 regional offices would need about £8m, University investment - lets say 24 universities at 100k £2.4m. £2m pa for England RL plus £1m for rest of home nations. £60m per season should allow us to really take our sport forward at all levels. If Sky came up with that then we Partner them and brand everything with 'Sky' - Sky schools RL, Sky Uni etc . We need to understand the benefits of partnership to realise the opportunities ahead
  2. That's another we agree upon - getting worried now. Bradford are a sleeping Giant
  3. Batley12-30 Leigh , great spirit after another Acton brain fart left his team short. Possibly his last game for Leigh.
  4. When were York a giant
  5. sweaty craiq

    Duel Registration Question

    I thought the DR player was allocated to one club for the 8’s and could not play for the other? Hence why certain clubs fail badly in the 8’s
  6. sweaty craiq

    Championship run in

    Giving more money to clubs without fans like Batley is what kills a sport. Two tens is both affordable and essential
  7. sweaty craiq

    Should Championship clubs get equal shares?

    The decision will be based upon a simple question, do you: 1. Want championship clubs with ambition to work within FT structures to make the transition to SL easier 2. Want to allow clubs with no ambition and few fans a better chance of staying alive 3. Create a gap so large between SL and the rest that p&r becomes pointless
  8. Someone mention two FT tens again, it really does tick all boxes and is very affordable if done right
  9. sweaty craiq

    Cas stadium plans!!

    Have Cas been told they have no part in SL’s brave new world of facilities and ring fencing??
  10. Marwan Koukash must be nailed on for this job
  11. You must have PNG and Tokyo in that structure
  12. sweaty craiq


    If fans want a local club they will do whatever it takes to make it happen, was my point. £60k is nothing for a town to raise to keep a club alive, if that was the only problem. Regarding my own club, then if we miss the 4 we will probably have to re evaluate our immediate ambition. Derek has said no more if we miss but that he will write off his loans, so no debt or begging bowls but a new ownership would need to be formed and players released in numbers as the budget gets shrunk to a more affordable level. Should that day come I am very confident we would be competitive and challlenging for T4, the town wants a RL club and is stronger now than in previous disasters
  13. We are on empty at present Harry, huge efforts at Blackpool and CCQF have left us short on bodies Derek needs someone in quick as we have a weak middle that Fax exposed yesterday. Anybody have any props spare?
  14. sweaty craiq


    The club is dead, dig the grave and bury the casket - £60k is a holiday for 12 families surely they have 12 families who love the club