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  1. sweaty craiq

    Grand Final Crowd

    its not an organised brawl, it tends to be a few ###### heads who hack off other fans, the beauty in RL is fans tend to not tolerate the dick heads and let them know, that can lead to a bit of sporadic violence. Should happen more in society as the rather record it on the phone than help the innocent does really hack me off
  2. sweaty craiq

    Grand Final Crowd

    The sport is no longer unified, its about mememe. 25 years ago fans from all clubs in great numbers descended on RL events - finalists didn't matter as it was a calendar date. Rank poor leadership has got us here today and the sport isn't big enough to be fragmented
  3. sweaty craiq

    Championship Club Attendances 2018

    Crowds go up if Leigh can stay in the comp. Bradford v Leigh will draw a lot of travelling fans as will Widnes. Losing London and gaining those 2 will make next season the highest for a while
  4. You’ve nailed Mustapha in one there elbows and high shots everywhere, big dirty quick prop, would have him at Leigh in a second
  5. sweaty craiq

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    TW were required to experience the riggers of travel for the first time and it hurt them. The played London after travelling to and from Leeds, no advantage and it showed. Local rumours months ago said Rowley was gone, local rumours as to why i wont comment on
  6. We (my business) set a business plan in October for the following year based on actuals and forecasts/trends, a few years ago the banking crisis had a huge impact on forecasts - our assumptions/trends etc were spot on in October - but something we hadn't allowed for meant we had to shrink the business to survive. Shrinking PAYE is easy (not nice) Shrinking contracts is not. Nobody would have forecast Leigh not to make the T4, the contingency was what if Leigh came 7/8th in the M8's. The option the 'Know-Nowts' seem to favour is don't put a squad together capable of competing with SL clubs at the start of the year so that you can be equally as uncompetitive the following year aka the Faxplan -sorry not what the 8's should be about. The unknown the club didn't factor was over paid players who thought they were too good for the comp who simply DNGAF, the huge error was letting KC do the recruitment.
  7. and for a game we will get slaughtered at nearly 600 pre sales from Leigh fans up to today
  8. T4 and not making SL would have saved us as the owner would have topped up the 500k shortfall, he is not willing to fund those who simply DGAF for a second year
  9. Steve, its a strange one at Leigh - we have some player contract issues to get the fixed costs down, but other than that the debt is to Derek who will either write it off or continue with it. We've even paid the tax man!! If we can resolve the outstanding contract issues we will be a decent contender next year, if not we go under and spend a year in C1 - the players badly let down the fans this year, but they could organize a ###### up in a brewery at least(-;
  10. Leigh started with a reserves 6 cancelled fixtures later it was disbanded, if they had placed us in the SL reserves .....
  11. Fev cant raise 17 despite having Leeds players available on DR and have the same opportunity. Leigh will go pop close season due to the stupidity of contracts offered by the clubs biggest ever mistake being multi year and binding unless we can offload, Derek has learned some harsh lessons. Should we go pop the only debt bar dereks will be unpaid contracts, no hmrc.we started this campaign in august with 25 players, 2 agreed the reduced contract took the 2 months upfront and left the country. 6 havent agreed of which 2 are injured the other 4 played on sunday, 12 others are injured, we are battered but without the injury crisis we would havs competed to the end. Roll on 2019
  12. sweaty craiq


    Been some great contests between our clubs, sunday aint one
  13. Both French lads had been paid what they agreed to Alan is the word, a pay cut was asked for and all but 3 agreed it. I understand they are the vocal ones at present. That's the joy of mercenaries and contracts, think we have one lad who has missed over half the games in his first year on 80k, Cunningham has left us in a right mess. sundays game is 9 a side