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  1. Toulouse announce Leigh fixture in Albi

    only ground they could play on would be Carlisle FC
  2. Minga

    Just announced he has signed for Toronto
  3. If memory serves me right the live CC games on BBC1/2 get between 1m-1.8m viewers
  4. VAR

    Agree Scubby, the distance a pass travels greatly influences the perception of forwardness -take Australias winning try in the WC Final, miles forward but with it being a short ball it never gets picked up. Think we should use this when going to the screen.
  5. Hock

    Has been superb at Leigh, but misses lots through injury - no off field issues at all, only good comments. Bet he wishes he had grown up a decade ago, massive talent who if we had him and acton in the 8's we would still be in SL
  6. Toulouse show SL intent?

    it will end up a double header
  7. Most pubs in most parts of the world have a dart board you can walk up to and throw a few arrows at. You have a huge base of interest from a player pool, same with snooker to a degree. RL doesn't have these advantages for a Barry Hearn to ignite, what it does have is the toughest sport in the world with a shrinking player pool in this country that is perfect for TV. We must get the correct value from TV deals, we must get back to terrestrial TV in a highlights package at worst to showcase to a wider audience, we must get the sport played and taught in all heartland schools again (as a start), we must use touch to engage all abilities and ages to increase the player/interest pool. We need an inspirational leader to drive a vision with income goals, but equally as vital we need all clubs working together to increase school participation by training teachers to become coaches and providing presence from players to support schools embracing this - the team of people to implement this is more vital imo as we expand this into further education, currently dominated by Union
  8. A polite request: Trolls

    Agree fully, someone using multiple names should be openly identified by the mods
  9. Toulouse show SL intent?

    The change may make it easier for fans not already booked, the only flight to Toulouse from Manchester went through the roof the day the fixtures came out. Fans are travelling to Bristol and Stanstead to get flights to Toulouse. The Carcassonne flight opens up opportunities for cheaper local flights. Over 500 will be at the game
  10. Have they put a flag in the ground by moving the Leigh game to the 13000 capacity Albi stadium in June, interesting call this as Albi seem to attract good gates to events
  11. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    Next season TW wont be allowed the same benefits in SL, they must use BMO and get used to H/A fixtures
  12. Income generation, perception management, player increase and effectively dealing with a load of shopkeepers are what matters
  13. Salford Transfer complete

    May I wish them the very best of luck in taking Salford RLFC forward, my concern is that they do not have the cash to fill the gaps when needed, they need the fans to back them through the till and sponsors to do so even more -unless MK is still pulling strings and funding losses
  14. League Restructure 2019

    TW and any other NAM club should be allowed unlimited Non Feds, reducing to say 15 after 5 years 10 after 10 years - the available player pool to establish a strong club is not this side of the water. The pool of potentials from Colleges is huge, and just 1% taking up RL would feed a great league in a decade. NYC/TW could compete in SL 2020 if allowed to spend what they can afford and with unlimited non feds. 2 x 10 in SL is needed for expansion without destroying the heartlands
  15. There has to be a Championship board formed for the next TV negotiations, because the product will be theirs to sell