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  1. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    If he hadn't gone shopping with his mates he would still be a TW player
  2. SL Attendances (After 9 rounds)

    Wigans average has suffered due to no Leigh home game, normally their second biggest after Saints
  3. Leigh v Toronto, Leigh go 12 nil up. Fast pace to game and it suits Leigh, Toronto players looked shell shocked. Subs come on, game gets niggly, TW hold down far to long but get away with it and win convincingly. Fax v Leigh few of years ago, Fax 20 points up, Bring on subs and a few brawls later Leigh win game. With good refs Pauls tactics against equal teams mainly fall short. Don't understand why such poor refs are allocated TW games

    May I just say how much more friendly your fans are compared to those of your neighbours
  5. Antoni Maria

    The heart has been ripped from the club, we have a disease that has spread like wild fire. Administration and rebuild from C1 is a probability
  6. Neil Jukes Resigns

    Derek is a very loyal bloke, he knows Neil will come good but at present a change was needed. KC has been excluded from attack coach, KP is in full control and the smoke signals are all positive with MH back in.
  7. Micky Higham back playing

    Higham didn't want to retire, Higham had contract offers from a few Championship clubs but they meant he turned his back on a long term role within the club - he came very close to signing one
  8. Micky Higham back playing

    The new coach lives even closer, his lad plays at LMR and he helps out with kids coaching at LMR also
  9. Micky Higham back playing

    That's what's ###### the fans off, and jukes has paid the price
  10. Micky Higham back playing

    He shouldn't have played in the MPG as he wasn't fit after missing the previous 4/5 games, and. Chunk of those towards the end of the regular season. He lost loads of weight when he appeared in the MPG, he looked bigger and back to his normal weight in the pre season this year. We need a spark and some passion, if he gives us 2x15 mins then it will be a success
  11. The huge mistake of forcing Micky into retirement has been reversed, he looked very good v Wigan pre season and Purtill is starting to reverse the work of KC already
  12. Neil Jukes Resigns

    We didn't have a bucket to urinate in between 94-99 which goes someway to the regular coach churn, at one point local lad Keith Latham stepped in without pay. Anyway happy with Purtill as he wont allow happen what has happened with the Elephant in the room
  13. Neil Jukes Resigns

    I really do not understand your comments on this. The fabric of the club is the fans, we don't have enough so need a benefactor to feed from the top table until we can start growing our own again, which wont happen outside SL. I assume the second paragraph related to better times and fans reaction to the official HP attendance announcements - good old cash turnstyles
  14. Neil Jukes Resigns