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  1. No disrespect but your local MENSA champion wont be soiling his pants
  2. I would take the same stance
  3. I know he knew he was conscious, so how did the tribunal come to a different conclusion? Facts - passed head test and managed to start and participate in a brawl playing rest of game. My thoughts are with the mental health of the player badly wronged in this kangaroo court.
  4. Can you prove he didn't if he says he did? That tends to be how the law works
  5. He wasn't out of it though
  6. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FEie7maojvr0&h=ATMtKv-JG4QlJc86wpziEBvrfIQfl_I8aEs5b3ASrFBDUFU4O1Opdd9BJXWb85QFMmsBOUQoaG_bWVsOOOmsjCTfKPU-vrMvRraMkLtnoF1FzJXZ39-GElJYxMWNQziVuykQEtCvc_wBMzoVssCE25jC Missed 10 SL games
  7. It's perfect for him, easy games, mates around him, good fans and made to feel special
  8. This is why two divisions of 8/10 in SL is so right. RL needs a strong London, let them continue to grow in SL2 with likeminded ambitious clubs with benefactors. Toronto Toulouse London HKR should all be in this set up
  9. It will be an intriguing M8's again. We (Leigh) have shown we can compete with and beat most teams, and that we can also go to sleep against the lesser ones, only 1 from 6 against the bottom 4. A lot of disruption throughout the season but looking like we have a full squad going into the comp, but the fate of our best forward will have a huge impact. HKR's ability to mix it up front will dictate their chances, our ability to sort out our halves will have the same impact
  10. As would any club not running one. Unless you are playing in the SL academy it simply isn't worth disrupting the local BARLA under 19's
  11. LSV very disabled friendly
  12. What I didn't miss was hundreds of folk getting herded like cattle through a singular small gap to exit the ground, this is the disaster waiting to happen. It would have been very hard to throw pints of urine from the MM stand at just away fans below but if you say so. Witnessing women and children being threatened physically and verbally in the main stand is a sight I won't witness again
  13. Duffy is a great bloke and a potentially great coach
  14. As a Widnesian that would be the least of your worries
  15. imo the funnel exiting/entering the covered end is too small, especially as the other funnel is closed off to let the players leave the pitch after the game. In an emergency I believe this to be an issue and surprised it hasn't been picked up by the local council. The ageing supporter base are getting as bad as Whitehaven in the main stand.