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  1. Not very good with attaching pictures!!!!!!!!! but above is Leighs away shirt for some reason we have held it back and only put it on show yesterday
  2. Leigh will be competitive that's all that matters
  3. Ignore score but we will be competitive
  4. You take what you have and set objectives to where you want to be - targets. Sales people have them written into contracts of employment, operators, cash collectors etc Examples could be playing numbers, profitability, revenue growth, etc Whatever is agreed should be easily quantified and consistent. eg to grow the revenue within the game to £xxxm by 2020 etc
  5. Had a cracking sharps cider the other year in Falmouth
  6. All the board should be on fixed term contracts and performance based, the comments of some people recently involved in the Bulls situation may explain our inability to negotiate deals with large organisations who wish to position there brand correctly
  7. Its change Bob, the excitement of the unknown. A bit like a first date, problems start when you end up stuck with em
  8. Most HKR fans of early 2000ish know gates had fallen to 1500 or so after a sustained period in the lower levels but KR have history and a great catchment area, so the memories will have been chewed over many a beer during this period and this was shown for one off games like NRC or CC run based on previous financials Hudgell will dip into his own pocket to the tune of £500k imo this year, could he do that again and again? Two tens is needed
  9. HKR have grown a new fan base over the past decade, Leigh showed you can win promotion, 2017 will be a party for HKR's newish fan base, the challenge will be if promotion isn't gained unless we see sense as a sport and introduce two tens for 2018
  10. We have two good packs that contains Weston Hock Vea Stewart Acton Patterson Hansen Green Maria Higham Hood Pellisier Foster. Could see Foster as a season loan if you need a good young hooker and 2/3 forwards every week depending on injury. Less wealthy in the backs but 1/2 should be available.
  11. Two teams in the 12 would be in the 10, everyone else benefits, as would the two from stability
  12. After the laughing has stopped and my sides have stopped aching, its a good move for both as a one season agreement. Sheffield need players and Leigh need game time for the squad before the academies and reserves enter in 2018. Do Sheffield ST holders get any deals for Leigh games?
  13. This is why two tens is the structure moving forward, we must seize the opportunities that cashed up expansion clubs can bring but at the same time not throw our middle clubs to the lions. Twenty is plenty, and very affordable without diluting the current money to the top ten. Toulouse and Avignon regions to join Catalans, with Toronto and New York/Miami if possible