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  1. Seems to be doing the rounds in Leythland
  2. We covered this topic recently at physiology convention in London and its down to most UK males sleep on their left side
  3. We need two tens that includes Toronto Toulouse HKR and Bradford
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about facing us on Saturday, we are in the middle of a huge injury crisis that has meant the team has picked itself for a few weeks now and is even more depleted for Saturday - probably see a couple of staff on the bench.
  5. We are struggling to get 17 players on the pitch today, we have named a 19 with at least 2 in it who have no chance of playing - we are out of players
  6. Thought Cats would lose this one after a bruising Friday last week
  7. Drinkwater returns on Monday, not being risked Friday and no Hock, Tonga, Patterson and Clare, restricts our options. It's a chance for the half backs to show who plays with Drinkwater and gives McNally another run out to get match fit. Salford by 30
  8. Great idea, it allows the Perth populous to show they want a franchise and market each fixture as an event
  9. A huge game for both sides. Both teams were poor at the weekend
  10. Like the comment about Ricoh being closer than StJames for fans, weekend in Newcastle or Liverpool or Manchester or Leeds or Cardiff or London or Dublin is way ahead of a weekend in Coventry
  11. Saints pack is soft, Roby looks uninterested and there is not a move in them
  12. Saints would struggle in a brothel at this rate, playing very narrow to Owens wing- is he really that bad btw unless they ask a few questions Salford will run away with this
  13. I also think its fair to add that this era was certainly not affordable for Wigan as eventually you don't get to Wembley and the mounting debts become a burden, forcing the family silver to appear at the local car boot sale. Indeed the grapevine has Wigan struggling with the terms at the DW which restricts income significantly and a move away being a distinct possibility should the cards land right. RL is cheap entry for any relatively successful local lad/girl, from C1 to SL is probably a couple of million. It wouldn't be that difficult for Wakey to rise bigger than Cas or Hunslet to challenge Leeds as the citys dominate club within very small timelines
  14. I saw a pattern last night from the side terrace, which is hard to see from a tv screen, one team taken back noticeably further than the other. Consistency should not be difficult in the key areas managing 10m and ptb. It seems we have a lot to learn here, refs will always get calls wrong and sometimes make decisions on a players historic reputation, you can live with those. Every penalty Leigh conceded was a penalty but the consistency was missing, it was not a dirty game and Wakey were well beaten in the first half - was the ref trying to keep it close??