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  1. On social media, from Devon Sharks - We are sorry to say that our application into the newly established National Southern League 2019 has been rejected, below is official notification from the Rugby Football League. ‘The Management Group who assessed the applications felt that at this stage that due to your lack of competitive fixtures in Tier 5 over the last few seasons, that it would be too big a gamble to put you straight in to a Tier 4 competition in 2019, without the knowledge that the club could demonstrate an ability to compete in and complete a full season’. As you can imagine, we are gutted by this decision, and those that follow us on a regular basis, will understand why and how the reason given, was not in our control and no fault of ours. We now have time to regroup as a committee and a club, to discuss the best way we can get back into some competitive rugby league for 2019.
  2. Exiled Townie

    2019 kits

    Well done Town. A smart 'traditional type' top. An early Xmas pressy I think. (Got to agree with the comments about the neck sponsor though.)
  3. Exiled Townie

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Well done Cov, I really enjoyed watching that. Great video.
  4. On social media Devon Sharks are saying that they have applied.
  5. Exiled Townie

    The TV Thread

    I watched it because of all the hype, nothing special, but I did think 'She's sounds just like a female David Tennant'.
  6. Exiled Townie

    TRL on my PC

    Could not log on at all through the day on my pc. Tried five mins ago and still could not get on, refreshed - nothing, refreshed - nothing, refreshed - and now I'm on. Been like this for last 3 or 4 days for me.
  7. Also saw this in the Sun … "Spain is not the only new market rugby league is pushing as a new conference for clubs outside the sport’s heartlands will be launched in 2019. Dubbed ‘League One South’, the competition will feature as many as 12 sides from Wales and the south-east, south-west, west, south and Midlands of England." And from Gloucester All Gold site - 'Preparations have begun for an exciting 2019 which will see the All Golds competing in a new Southern Division against quality clubs from across the region including Wales.' Interesting times indeed.
  8. Exiled Townie


    Got to agree with the majority of posters about this. Few weeks ago I was watching a game when my next door neighbour came in to see me. He sat next to me as the game was on and after a few minutes he said " Is your television picking up an old signal?' I asked him what he meant and he said 'That commentary, it's right from the 1960's.'
  9. Just seen this on rugby-league.com http://www.rugby-league.com/article/53627/expressions-of-interest-sought-for-a-southern-premier-league "The Rugby Football League are seeking expressions of interest from Southern-based community Rugby League clubs who would be interested in joining a Tier Four 'Southern Premier League' for 2019."
  10. Exiled Townie

    Rant thread

    "It's June Dad." It's the 'Dad' I worry about. What's he doing with binoculars in his conservatory in the middle of the day … what's he looking at.... is he waiting for June to start sunbathing …. and in the next advert he shows her his Swedes !!!
  11. Exiled Townie

    Electric cars

    Not a Tesla, but the daughter in laws dad has just bought a Toyota hybrid. The battery charges when you brake or decelerate. He brought it round to show me and it was very quiet. Only sound when driving slowly was the tyres on the road. The more popular these cars become, the more pedestrians will have to pay attention.
  12. A grumpy old man says - Not so much question them as to make a comment. If I stand back and open a door for someone, bump into someone and apologise and they don't acknowledge the fact ( a nod of the head or a smile will do ) then I will say something like 'No that's ok, no need to thank me, you just carry on.' Thing is, most people seem so surprised when you make a comment, they usually apologise. The wife tells me off and says one day I'll get into trouble, but rude and selfish people do annoy me.
  13. Should have kept it, there's one on the interweb going for £27 K
  14. 😮 Now I do feel old ... Starting in 1969 - Austin Mini Morris 1000 Hillman Minx Hillman Hunter Hillman Imp Mk1 Cortina Estate Vauxhall Victor Estate Austin Allegro Morris Marina Hillman Avenger Ford Escort Estate Ford Cortina Ghia Estate Volvo Estate Ford Sierra Ghia Honda CRV Fifteen cars in 48 years. Most of them would be worth a couple of quid by now. And the funny thing is I can remember the registration numbers of the first two, but not the one I have now.
  15. Exiled Townie


    It was a long time ago but for some reason I remember this. Junior school, Workington, early 60's. Five of us sent to the headmasters office for the cane. Headmaster lines us all up and after a telling off says to each one in turn, "Cane or 100 lines?" "Cane sir" says I, and three others. "100 lines please" says Mike. "Right" says the headmaster, "you four back to class and don't do it again". Mike got the cane and the 100 lines for 'not behaving like a man.'