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  1. Exiled Townie

    Electric cars

    Not a Tesla, but the daughter in laws dad has just bought a Toyota hybrid. The battery charges when you brake or decelerate. He brought it round to show me and it was very quiet. Only sound when driving slowly was the tyres on the road. The more popular these cars become, the more pedestrians will have to pay attention.
  2. A grumpy old man says - Not so much question them as to make a comment. If I stand back and open a door for someone, bump into someone and apologise and they don't acknowledge the fact ( a nod of the head or a smile will do ) then I will say something like 'No that's ok, no need to thank me, you just carry on.' Thing is, most people seem so surprised when you make a comment, they usually apologise. The wife tells me off and says one day I'll get into trouble, but rude and selfish people do annoy me.
  3. Should have kept it, there's one on the interweb going for £27 K
  4. 😮 Now I do feel old ... Starting in 1969 - Austin Mini Morris 1000 Hillman Minx Hillman Hunter Hillman Imp Mk1 Cortina Estate Vauxhall Victor Estate Austin Allegro Morris Marina Hillman Avenger Ford Escort Estate Ford Cortina Ghia Estate Volvo Estate Ford Sierra Ghia Honda CRV Fifteen cars in 48 years. Most of them would be worth a couple of quid by now. And the funny thing is I can remember the registration numbers of the first two, but not the one I have now.
  5. Exiled Townie


    It was a long time ago but for some reason I remember this. Junior school, Workington, early 60's. Five of us sent to the headmasters office for the cane. Headmaster lines us all up and after a telling off says to each one in turn, "Cane or 100 lines?" "Cane sir" says I, and three others. "100 lines please" says Mike. "Right" says the headmaster, "you four back to class and don't do it again". Mike got the cane and the 100 lines for 'not behaving like a man.'
  6. Exiled Townie

    Help and advice please

    Do they still do 'Letters of Guardianship'? This used to be the court document that the judge signed to grant you legal guardianship.
  7. Exiled Townie

    The TV Thread

    Yes … And you got to see Andy Pandy, Teddy and Louby Lou
  8. Exiled Townie

    Dear Diary

    Last week end the rugby was just about to kick off and this flew overhead. By all the guns sticking out I think it may be a Flying Fortress but I stand to be corrected by people who know about these things.
  9. Exiled Townie

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    Oh, sorry about that … here goes … I haven't watched one game of this here World Cup and I'm through to the QF's. Ha ha ha …..
  10. Exiled Townie

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    My best mate is really into his football. He used to be quite high up in the world of amateur football, and in this capacity was on a couple of committees etc and went to meetings at the FA. He was quite pally with a (now retired) prem league manager. One day when I was doing my usual of calling footballers cheats and charlatans he told me of something that the ex prem league manager had told him when they were having a drink together. He said, along the lines of, amateur football is a sport, but professional football is not, it is a business. And in this business success is everything. Success brings more money, bigger sponsors, better players, larger crowds, higher pay packets etc. and if one of his players can win a game or even tip it in his favour with a dive or some other 'cheat' or foul then it's ok by him. He said that whilst never spoken about openly, and always denied on tv, interviews etc, this was an accepted part of the game between players and managers. I suppose it's the same in the world cup too.
  11. Never heard of it, looked it up and read the reviews, all of which were very good. Now I will have to get the first book in the series and have a read.
  12. Waiting for the latest Uhtred book too. I read books about 'real' history most of the time, whatever that means, but always read the latest Cornwell when it comes out. The man is an absolute natural storyteller.
  13. Exiled Townie

    The Photography Thread

    North Herts Crusaders -v- St Albans Centurions
  14. Exiled Townie

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    High Peak Rhino, Marklaspalmas, JDINTHEHOUSE, Maggie Thatcher, Lord Beaverbrook, Winston Churchill can you hear me … your boys will take one hell of a beating …. Relying on my encyclopaedic knowledge of football, I have one thing more to say …. are Uruguay any good?