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  1. Paul Charlton. The best I've ever seen play.
  2. Exiled Townie

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    Maybe it's something to do with our tourist posters …..
  3. Exiled Townie

    Great RL Photos

    Here is a great image from the UK in 1966, of Miss Minnie Cotton, aged 57, remonstrating with players in a brawl against her beloved St.Helens. After being removed from the field by police, Miss Cotton said "I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself, I'll never do it again." Several weeks later she had to be escorted off the field again by police for hitting an opposing player with her shoe. Credit: Retro Rugby League by Ian Collis
  4. Exiled Townie

    SPOTY and Soccer

    I'm assuming it's on now, or just been on? Like Damo above says, lost all interest in it years ago.
  5. Exiled Townie

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Oh yeahhhhh ….. 😉
  6. And the sentiment on the front …..
  7. Exiled Townie

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    St Albans Centurions have a nice little ground, very pleasant indeed
  8. What a day that 22nd was,. I'm surprised you forgot that in 1594 Sir Martin Frobisher died, you know, the English seaman who made three voyages to the New World to look for the Northwest Passage. His knighthood was awarded for service in repelling the Spanish Armada in 1588. And who can forget that in 1718 Edward Teach, the English pirate called Blackbeard, was killed in battle off the coast of North Carolina, with a boarding party led by Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard.
  9. On social media, from Devon Sharks - We are sorry to say that our application into the newly established National Southern League 2019 has been rejected, below is official notification from the Rugby Football League. ‘The Management Group who assessed the applications felt that at this stage that due to your lack of competitive fixtures in Tier 5 over the last few seasons, that it would be too big a gamble to put you straight in to a Tier 4 competition in 2019, without the knowledge that the club could demonstrate an ability to compete in and complete a full season’. As you can imagine, we are gutted by this decision, and those that follow us on a regular basis, will understand why and how the reason given, was not in our control and no fault of ours. We now have time to regroup as a committee and a club, to discuss the best way we can get back into some competitive rugby league for 2019.
  10. Exiled Townie

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Well done Town. A smart 'traditional type' top. An early Xmas pressy I think. (Got to agree with the comments about the neck sponsor though.)
  11. Exiled Townie

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Well done Cov, I really enjoyed watching that. Great video.
  12. On social media Devon Sharks are saying that they have applied.
  13. Exiled Townie

    The TV Thread

    I watched it because of all the hype, nothing special, but I did think 'She's sounds just like a female David Tennant'.
  14. Exiled Townie

    TRL on my PC

    Could not log on at all through the day on my pc. Tried five mins ago and still could not get on, refreshed - nothing, refreshed - nothing, refreshed - and now I'm on. Been like this for last 3 or 4 days for me.
  15. Also saw this in the Sun … "Spain is not the only new market rugby league is pushing as a new conference for clubs outside the sport’s heartlands will be launched in 2019. Dubbed ‘League One South’, the competition will feature as many as 12 sides from Wales and the south-east, south-west, west, south and Midlands of England." And from Gloucester All Gold site - 'Preparations have begun for an exciting 2019 which will see the All Golds competing in a new Southern Division against quality clubs from across the region including Wales.' Interesting times indeed.