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  1. From The Metro, via The Sunday Times :- " The DUP insist on Nigel Farage having a role in Brexit negotiations. Nigel Farage could become a bargaining chip in talks between the DUP and the Conservatives. Theresa May wants the support of the Democratic Unionist Party to form a government with a ‘confidence and supply’ deal.But the Northern Irish party reportedly wants Farage to be brought into Brexit negotiations. " Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/11/the-dup-could-insist-on-nigel-farage-having-a-role-in-brexit-negotiations-6701540/#ixzz4jodRBjYO
  2. Agree with the above, although Karen Carpenter had a wonderful voice whatever she sang.
  3. Good .....
  4. Still NOC in Cumbria County Council but Tories now largest party with increase in their seats by +11 at expense of labour -9 and Independent -2.
  5. BBC just said " Labour has lost full control of Glasgow City Council for the first time in 40 years. With only 43 candidates in 85 seats, the party needed to win them all to keep overall control - and they haven't."
  6. This year I have taken a step back from the committee, not left, just not doing as much, the crowd funding is a great idea CF and one I will bring up at the next committee meeting. Cheers.
  7. But they have to sell themselves. Last season at one of the St Albans games I got chatting to a 'new face' watching the game. Local man from St Albans with two boys, likes all forms of rugby and came down to watch. He said he would like to see a higher level of rugby but didn't fancy going into London to watch Skolars/Broncos. I told him about Hemel in League 1 and he said he had never heard of them and didn't know they played rugby league there - and that is only ten miles away from St Albans. If someone living in the next town hasn't heard of them, what chance the whole of Hertfordshire. On another tack about development, when I got involved with St Albans in the early noughties we had our own development officer. An Australian lad who absolutely loved his rugby and could connect with the kids. He linked up with the Hemel development officer and they set up the Chiltern Junior League - 2 teams from St Albans, 1 from Hatfield, three from Hemel and one from Aylesbury. Seven teams in, I think, two age groups. Not only that, but with the help of committee members and players, both development officers went into their junior and senior schools to run lunchtime and after school rugby league clubs and Saturday matches. ( In St Albans case, It was an amazing success, I was approached by a school teacher I know who wanted to know if all the junior schools in Hatfield stopped playing inter school football, could we as a club teach and run an inter school rugby league league instead. We were also approached by numerous senior schools from Potters Bar, Watford and Welwyn Garden City who all wanted the development officer to come into their schools to teach and play rugby league. The demand far outstripped the resources. We also noticed a drip down effect in that our seniors were getting bigger crowds of juniors and parents to watch. I believe we approached the RFL with all this information and asked for another development officer to help out at Hemel and St Albans. Unfortunately shortly after, funding was withdrawn from our development officer - and numerous others - and we lost him.) Very slowly, as we could not keep up with demand, schools began to drop away. Now we have three very good volunteers running our three junior teams at U11, U13 and U15 level, but apart from these three volunteers we don't get into schools much any more. I think the point I am trying to make as far as Hemel/Herts development is concerned, that there is the demand for rugby league down here, but you have to spend money on a few more development officers to help support the clubs.
  8. I'm sorry, but this deserves its own entry - The wife has just come through to see why I am laughing ......
  9. St Albans Centurions 2017 strip -
  10. "Nine MPs used their parliamentary expenses to fund Amazon Prime subscriptions" Nine MPs claimed Amazon Prime subscriptions on their parliamentary expenses. Some of them said it was a mistake, or were caught in a "subscription trap" after taking out a free trial, the Daily Mirror reports after new figures were revealed. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, responsible for handling expenses claims, told the newspaper subscriptions could be claimed but MPs must "justify the subscription is used for parliamentary purposes". http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/nine-mps-used-their-parliamentary-expenses-to-fund-amazon-prime-subscriptions/ar-AAo82RO?li=AA59G2&ocid=spartanntp
  11. I used to work in Hampstead when Michael Foot lived there (in his multi million pound house in Pilgrims Lane just off Hampstead Heath) and he was a little 'strange'. You would see him wandering around Hampstead mumbling to himself looking a right mess, a real absent minded professor type. Workmate of mine saw him one day and said 'Morning Mr Foot' as he walked past - total blank - until the lady that was with him (probably his wife) said 'Michael, that young man just said good morning to you, answer him please.' and Michael Foot said something like 'Oh, ha, what, yes, er, good morning Mr ...erm?' I believe he was exceptionally clever, but obviously not a great people person, so when I hear stories of him turning up at official functions in a bit of a sartorial state, I can believe it.
  12. I really enjoy Sky Portrait Artist of the Year, (maybe it's because I can't draw a straight line), some very talented people out there, but as jacksy, above, says, some of the comments from the 'experts' are laughable. Best one so far from judge Tai Shan Schierenberg the "award winning painter" ... "Just because its a portrait doesn't mean it has to look like the sitter' ...
  13. Labour have lost their direction. Last night on the beeb news, the leader of the labour party in Scotland said that they 'would have to engage with disgruntled labour supporters in more north eastern towns like Copeland' if they wanted to avoid more defeats. Copeland ... a town !!! .... in the North East !!! .... my wife had to come through and ask why I was shouting at the telly .... again. Maybe the daft woman should go to Dundee in the Orkneys and ask them !!!! (Kezia Dugdale that is ... not the wife...)