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  1. The excellent cowboy series 'Hell On Wheels' returned this week for its fifth and last series. Cannibalism, three murders and a hanging in the first episode - a bit slow by their standards .....
  2. Just come back from a weekend in West Cumbria for a family party - this was mentioned quite a few times by my relatives and their friends who live in Whitehaven. Apparently the gossip in the town is that if a local is selected then he should be ok, but if its a ' trendy Corbynite' as they were described, then people will be voting Tory to show their displeasure. Edit - and this just in the local paper Just hours after Mr Reed confirmed his resignation as an MP after 12 years, William Hill made the Conservatives 5/4 favourites to take the seat away from Labour.The bookmaker gave Labour odds of 6/4 to retain Copeland. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised in Copeland – where Sellafield is the major employer - for his anti-nuclear views. He backs a steady increase in green energy. That will present whoever Labour's candidate is with a difficult challenge.
  3. Taken almost word for word from German psycho analysts Wilhelm Reichs seminal work on West Cumberland , 'Jam, and where to find it'. and also remarkably like President Kennedys famous speech during the the Maryport jam factory blockade - "Ich nicht eine Jameater'
  4. As my old dad used to say about the Workington voters (and he was a labour man) ' Round here, they would vote for dog s**t if it had a red rosette on.' And I always thought the same about Whitehaven - sorry Copeland. Do not start that .....
  5. I have taken to occasionally watching other news channels as opposed to BBC and Sky News, as it's amazing what our news channels miss out. With regards to the above, on Euronews, they were covering this, and a German official said that Germany is not big on cctv cameras, but if they had the same amount of cctv cameras as they do in London, they would know which roads/direction the truck had come from, and hopefully have been able to have identifying pics of the driver. Not putting this here to discuss merits or not of cctv, just surprised a big city like Berlin doesn't have many of them.
  6. Both BBC and Sky news said yesterday, that the French polls and political commentators all said it was a two horse race between Sarkozy and Hollande. They said Fillon wouldn't make it through the first round, and that LePen does not have a chance. Looks like the French polls and commentators are as much good as the UK's.
  7. And the St Albans Centurions player playing for GB teachers took a pile of our old kit over for the Polish lads as well.
  8. If growing in water, the roots will be very brittle, take care when planting them into pots of soil. My son is a teacher, he had photos of his kids pasted onto polystyrene pots and then let them plant cress in the pots. Great success as all the kids liked their new 'hair styles'. Photo below taken off internet to give you some idea.
  9. Get them to take some fuchsia cuttings, and sell the small plants at any school fairs etc to raise money for the school. They can be taken anytime from spring through to autumn, with spring being the most ideal time. I have just done some with three of my grand kids aged 5 and 7 this week (half term) as it's something kids of that age can do (apart from cutting the stem off the mother plant). Cut or pinch out a young growing tip, about 2 to 4 inches in length, just above or below (preference) the second or third pair of leaves. Remove any bottom leaves (I usually leave two small top leaves on) and, if desired, you can apply rooting hormone, though it's not that necessary. Plant in a small pot and keep somewhere bright and warm, and in a few weeks you should see them start to grow. ​ ​They can also put a fuchsia cutting in water and watch the roots form, then when big enough, plant in a plant pot.
  10. 'Mr Malcolm’s lawyer Dennis Di Mennis' ..... a spoof website !!! I have now put a smiley face next to it !!!!
  11. You won't like this article then ..... "A 34-year-old man from Southend has admitted that he is OUTRAGED after spotting a sign outside James Paget Hospital in Lowestoft that ‘discouraged him’ from going inside as he feels that it is racist and discriminatory. Derek Malcolm, whose grandparents settled in the UK in 1959 after coming over from the West Indies, believes that the declaration that the hospital is ‘smoke free’ is unacceptable due to the way that the word ‘smoke’ can be interpreted to mean ‘black person.’ http://southendnewsnetwork.com/news/man-threatens-legal-action-over-racist-sign-at-suffolk-hospital/
  12. If someone was hurt in the accident, I would like to think that the policeman was thinking about the victims families seeing the photo and in those circumstances would back him. If it was just a 'damage' accident, then can't see any harm in you taking them as long as you weren't in the way. My brother in laws sisters husband was killed in an accident last year. Someone took photos, no gore, just the smashed up cars, and sent them to the press, who published them. Apparently it knocked the family sideways, seeing the pics in the local paper so soon after the accident.
  13. I think it was quite telling on the news yesterday evening when a reporter asked a FA board member who was going in to the tribunal about the 'incident' and he answered along the lines of 'You have to ask, what were Allardyces financial advisers and PR people doing to allow him to get into this?' The inference was not one of 'He was wrong to do it', but ' He got caught out'.
  14. Just caught a bit on BBC London this afternoon about funding the Olympics etc. This chap was saying that each medal that GB won cost just under £3M of funding. He also went on to say that 'they' now 'aggressively' identify certain sports and medal hopes and financially support them whilst they train, to the detriment of others. If this is the case, I can't see RL getting much from the Olympic legacy, other than feeling good over another sports good fortune.
  15. Another bit of my youthful memories gone. Brian Rix and the Whitehall farces were seen as quite saucy in their day. He also spent 60 years campaigning for people with disabilities. RIP Lord Rix.