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  1. Heard a snippet on the local news over the weekend that said that Britain is now the top investment destination for foreign investors in the world. You would think that this would be broadcast a bit more, feelgood factor and all that, but could only find the odd reference, one of which is below - According to the Associated Press website - 'Brexit may be causing all sorts of uncertainty in Britain but it doesn’t seem to be putting off foreign investors. In a survey on corporate deal-making published Monday, consulting and accounting firm EY says Britain is the top investment destination in the world— overtaking the United States, which has held the top spot since 2014.' https://apnews.com/c879be500904499a97f751ff40916c31?fbclid=IwAR0qXsHgpWQZQ9FtcgSFKy0wtENt0AtBP8A2Yb4rk22eNZX4V2S2UuUJ4Oc Is this a case of rats jumping onboard a sinking ship, or a case of good news being stifled?
  2. Local news just announced that is will cost the UK £900 Million to take part in the Euro elections. The Metro have put it at £100 million. https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/11/britain-will-spend-100000000-europe-elections-brexit-9165816/
  3. Did he try knocking it off then knocking it on again?
  4. Thank you Keith, got it now. It's almost as if they don't want people to listen ….!
  5. Just got back in and looking for commentary of Town game online. BBC radio Cumbria says 'content doesn't seem to be working'. Anyone know if/where I can listen in to the game. Cheers. (Also anyone got the score?)
  6. Here at St Albans Centurions we had a Pitchero website for a couple of years before our webmaster decided to set up a different one. We had to let Pitchero know we wanted to close it down and remove the webmaster, and if I remember correctly, at the time we had to email them at 'support @ pitchero.com' and tell them what we wanted. They required a letter from a club official saying we wanted to leave, and then had have that letter authorised by someone else that the person writing was to do with the club. The address we wrote to was The Support Team, Sterling House, Capitol Park East, Tingley, Leeds WF3 1DR. Hope that helps Marauder.
  7. West Wales Raiders 10 - 30 London Skolars Coventry Bears 12 - 44 Newcastle Thunder Doncaster 18 -12 Hunslet Oldham 28 -14 Whitehaven  Workington Town 42 -12 North Wales Crusaders
  8. Final hooter. Up the Town - Well done Lads.
  9. Up the town - Commentator says 2 mins
  10. Scores for Cumbrian teams so far with 5 mins left - York 56 - 0 Barrow Haven 26 - 16 Keighley Oldham 28 - 32 Town
  11. Oldham 28 -26 Town. 10 mins to go
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