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  1. Shame, but that's how it goes. Widnes just not good enough.
  2. Not sure what he was trying to say, but everyone else was shouting for taking the two points.
  3. A couple of big plays for the Wolfpack who look like they are finishing strongly. Penalty makes it 20-12. 10 to go.
  4. This series has developed beautifully. Thoroughly entertaining. So much so, I have hardly watched a game in the race for Old Trafford.
  5. 2 mins left. Time has probably run out for Rovers.
  6. Getting unnecessarily squeaky for Hull KR, who seemed well equipped to get through the qualifiers. Not so sure now.
  7. Quite a comeback. It's just got very interesting indeed this afternoon.
  8. Northern Eel

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Imagine it being that easy! Why on earth was nobody able to coach this into him before now?