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  1. Meanwhile, in a bid to keep football affordable, Bradford City are once again selling their season tickets (this time for 17/18) at £149 adults, £5 for kids. This effectively means that a family of 4 can watch a game for £13.40 inclusive. This price is irrespective of the league that they are in next season, with a chance of that being the championship. They expect to sell 20,000. That's cracking stuff.
  2. I think this is where Brian McDermott gets his ideas from too.
  3. It's only right that we heap praise on this impressive Cas side, but this is dire from Leeds. Abject and unacceptable for their fans.
  4. What are we watching here? Absolutely stunning stuff.
  5. Globetrotters. Brilliant.
  6. This is scintillating from Castleford. Absolute domination and a high level of skill.
  7. I don't think they have the composure to cross twice. 8 mins to go.
  8. And there it is. I think that is going to be enough... hopefully!
  9. Another really entertaining half of Rugby League. I think Wigan might just be able to do this, but will need to score again, I'd say.
  10. She wouldn't have far to look for a kn@b? 🤓😉
  11. If Warrington produce that sort of performance week in week out from here, they will be unstoppable. Great performance, great result.
  12. Brilliant final 10 minutes in particular. How good was that Leeds defence to keep Leigh out at the end! Both teams need to improve, bottom half of the table quality so far.
  13. Cracking hit! .........and another!
  14. Entertaining game, like last night. Poor skill execution, like last night. The theme for the year?