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  1. Cracking weekend and Anfield has much to offer (apart from the legroom!). I must say, despite being very dubious about the venue, I warmed to it very easily and would not be too disappointed to see it return. I really didn’t think I’d be saying that. Still prefer Newcastle and Cardiff. The exhibiting of PDRL and LDRL in particular was superb to see.
  2. Just above freezing point in that first half. I’m expecting them to warm up somewhat in the 2nd half. Was quite looking forward to watching this Salford team live for the first time this season, but they’ve stuttered and stalled up to the last couple of minutes. Rovers looking more lively, more creative and more up for the battle.... so far.
  3. Clearly expecting a much lower crowd today given the number of food/beer kiosks that are closed.
  4. The Sky Try festival in Stanley Park was huge. That hadn’t taken place so close to the ground before.
  5. It was the Truck Fest next door that did it for you, wasn’t it?
  6. Today’s attendance will struggle to make 20k looking at the teams involved. The number of weekend tickets sold will dictate just how high/low it will be. I’ve got to say though, we had a terrific day yesterday and many of my pre-event fears were soon put to bed, much to my surprise. I’m less confident about today, both on and off the field unfortunately. One thing that Anfield provides as a stadium is that the lower tiers collectively accommodate about 35k seats and this helps to keep the crowd more tightly gathered. Legroom apart, the Kop was superbly atmospheric and such an iconic stand had clearly been favoured by 10k or so of the fans. The Wakey fans in there were exceptional and the Wigan fans were too (for 60 mins!)
  7. Brilliant Disability RL match at half time. Never expected such skill and intensity. Magnificent!
  8. First Giants fan spotted, albeit bouncing on an inflatable pea on the Anfield turf.
  9. Fair play to the Wakey fans in the Kop. Made loads of noise. Excellent opening game and plenty of love for Catalans.
  10. Absolutely buzzing to be here. Excellent transport links, plenty to see and do around the ground, great atmosphere between the fans, Kop filling up nicely. Don't sit there counting red seats and deciding that that is the one measure you will use to decide if it was a success.
  11. Looking forward to this game more than any other (partly as I have a soft spot for both). It could be a cracker and quite possibly full of points.
  12. Mick Gledhill reporting 43,000 tickets sold. Just recalibrated my expectations to somewhere between 30k and 60k.
  13. Yes. Done every MW but one since it started, but I’m less enthused about this one by a million miles.
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