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  1. I know it's somewhat of a cliche Phil, but, if you can find a way to let time pass, it really is a healer. The rawness of your feelings seem like they will never go away and then, steadily, other things in life begin to fall back into place. I find going for a walk (a good 10 mile trek of something similar) is excellent for clearing the mind. I sometimes spend time on my own when walking, thinking about what positives I can draw from difficult situations and whether there is something I can do to help other people in similar situations. I find it a great tonic and it makes me feel good.
  2. Heading over the Perpignan at the weekend and plan to stop off in Lezignan for the play-off semifinal versus Carcassonne on Sunday. Does anyone have any advice for getting there by car, what we might expect to find and whether we need to buy tickets in advance? Thanks.
  3. It's whether or not you feel you have the right to decide when someone else dies. I happen to think not. I'm not weird.... as far as I am aware!
  4. He will no doubt face stiff punishment if caught on the run. How long can he keep it up for?
  5. It'd make for an interesting Identity Parade.
  6. So basically, you are saying 'If you disagree, you are weird'. Hmm.
  7. I'd be delighted to be wrong and to look like a right clown. To me, that's what it is all about; have your say and then accept the outcome either way. I think it is important to note that it is acceptable to have a view contrary to the board and this in itself is not a signal of a lack of solidarity. Is there really anyone of the Batley fan-base that doesn't want Matt Diskin to succeed? It'd be unfair to suggest otherwise. I think it's right for supporters (many of us who have watched the club play for the vast majority of our lives) to ask questions, raise concerns and make suggestions.
  8. I wonder if being a 'good person' should ultimately define whether you are up to the job. Integrity is incredibly important and it is good to see that the board wish to maintain this. Do you really mean integrity though? How is intergrity to the paying public maintained in this situation of significant underperformance? Loyalty and support for their staff is what the board are trying to admirably uphold here, but not integrity, perhaps?
  9. My own wish for him being incarcerated was to avoid killing him through capital punishment, rather than for his lack of satisfaction at a prolonged life in prison.
  10. Is 'evil' always a choice, or is it ever a condition?
  11. Tom Jones, Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Whitney Houston
  12. Just heading up with my little lad on Sunday this time round. I know many who simply aren't bothering this year. What a shame.
  13. Speak for yourself!
  14. Hull City on their way down. Could make for a very interesting Championship next year (obviously reliant on certain results): Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Barnsley, Hull City, Middlesbrough