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  1. Northern Eel

    Goole Vikings are back HOME

    Bassetlaw Bulldogs have a few games booked in with them this season. Junior set-up only I believe.
  2. 30 seconds left, scrum to London on halfway. That's it folks....
  3. Enjoyed that. Good win for Les Cats, but that was there for the taking for Warrington.
  4. I agree. If that was on the touchline, that would have been deemed to have not been played at, wouldn't it?
  5. Northern Eel

    Where from here

    It’s a very poor start, that’s for sure. The Board have shown unrivalled loyalty to the coach over the past year. Is it going to continue?
  6. Northern Eel

    Widnes problems

    Dave Woods is certain a deal has been reached.
  7. Poor start cost Wigan, but did well to make a game of it.
  8. This has been a big 5 minutes for the Roosters. Have they weathered the storm?
  9. The Warriors have found some energy and the Roosters are in a game.
  10. That might be the start of it..... Try!
  11. Wigan let themselves down with terrible execution of the basic skills again. Surely they will pay for that now?
  12. A few grubby hits on both sides.
  13. Terrific Wigan tackling on this occasion but that would have been a tiring effort.