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  1. Northern Eel

    RL community fund

    The world cup grants are reliant on match-funding. This takes time to secure and the bidding process has only been open 2 months.
  2. Northern Eel

    Dear Diary

    Perfectly highlighting the benefits of shopping around and taking references (either though word of mouth or otherwise). It's quite clear that quotes don't necessarily reflect the quality of work, but more often the willingness of the contractor to take on the work. It is the sort of thing that I fear the oldest generation spend incredible amounts of money on unnecessarily.
  3. We are way over due a fan's panel which has a genuine remit to hold the governing body to account, but also be a sounding board before these preposterous own-goals are considered. The only people who can establish that are the RFL. I will not hold my breath.
  4. When are we going to gather our pitchforks and make a stance against this abject hierarchy? This is the most outrageous and misjudged decision yet from the deplorable governing body, and that's saying something. Come on folks. It's time....
  5. Not since they've been called all these daft names, anyway.
  6. Northern Eel

    Dear Diary

    There might be something more political that alludes me, but my initial thought was that they were expecting many casualties when in fact, most if not all of the 11 residents were killed instantly. Were they expecting survivors from the plane wreckage itself?
  7. Northern Eel

    Bears Complete a Cracking First Year

    Always a pleasure to read about new junior clubs. Here's hoping the good news continues in year 2.
  8. Northern Eel

    PDC World Darts Championship 2018

    Have the two ladies played yet? Darts strikes me as a game where there ought to be no gender gap in terms of quality, but I imagine that’s not the case.
  9. Northern Eel

    Dear Diary

    Last night, I arrived back from Valley Parade as a block of ice and I’ve only just warmed up this morning. Great 4-0 win, but perhaps the coldest I have ever felt at a football match. Brrrrr.
  10. Northern Eel

    Hull kr v Hull fc

    They’re looking for someone to light up the pitch.
  11. Northern Eel

    Great RL Photos

    Were they in the main crowd or the one that was stuck on after? 😂
  12. Northern Eel

    Elite Results

    Any plans to replace it? From memory, that was the only stand with a roof? Lovely, traditional ground.
  13. Northern Eel

    Elite Results

    How is the Lezignan ground looking since the demolition of that iconic stand? It must be a strange sight?
  14. There might be, but I can't work our who this is on about in Jeremiah 5:6. He was a prophet of some repute mind you, so it could well be an anti-RL expansionism piece warning off international suitors to Super League.... Therefore, the Swinton Lions out of the forest shall slay them, and a Warrington Wolf of the desert shall destroy them and a Castleford Tiger shall lie in wait over their cities; anyone that goes out from there shall be torn in pieces because their rebellions have been multiplied, and their backslidings are increased.
  15. Northern Eel

    Great RL Photos

    One of my favourite ever international tries.