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  1. Quality of Rugby League

    Aye, he's put some timber on.
  2. Quality of Rugby League

    I was on a downer after the unforgivably inept Catalans Dragons performance on Thursday. Today i watched both Fax/Toronto and York/Bulls and they were both great!
  3. Football

    Reputational damage was done well before Hawkeye came out today and described what they wanted everyone to hear. A multi-billion pound corporation produced a play school sketch 'by mistake' and then made it available to broadcasters. They explained it was an accident, they didn't explain why it happened and how on earth it ended up being broadcast. How long do you think VAR has got now as a result? Longer, the same or shorter? If you don't think that the shambles that took place live on TV was in any way detrimental to the trial, then you are in complete disagreement with many pundits and fans. That is of course your opinion and I am happy to concede that we are unlikely to agree on any part of it. It just makes me laugh that the FA can preside over such an embarrassing and unnecessary mess - again.
  4. Football

    In a game where the fans come second every single time, it's no biggy for most fans; you're right. It was more the damage it does to the reputation of the FAs newest trial fad. I can't see it lasting too long at all.
  5. Fergie time winner for the Bulls who were pushed all the way by a good York side. 4k plus in the ground is magnificent.
  6. Enjoyable game that Tornoto Halifax match,
  7. Quality of Rugby League

    Halifax v Toronto has been a really good first half. Some faith restored.
  8. If I remember correctly, when Joe Keyes and Alex Walker signed pro-deals at London, Brentwood Eels received around £85 per player as their 'incentive' for providing them a club in their youth. There are far greater incentives than the financial ones in being involved in community rugby league, but not many people really get what they are.
  9. He may be for sale, but he's not 'for Sale*'. * See what I did with that?!
  10. Football

    In the end, the goal was disallowed for offside. Apparently, those lines which were shown to the public weren't the ones used by the officials who eventually made the call. Nobody is sure where they came from and why the director allowed them to be shown, but it did untold damage to the VAR system which is struggling to get the public approval.
  11. Football

    Yes, couldnt be clearer. Imagine had there been an element of doubt and someone had drawn some lines by hand that weren’t even parallel to the field markings. They’d have been in trouble then.
  12. Are we being monitored?

    It might have been me that put that one out, and I received not one expression of interest for the post. There's jobs around for those who want to work!
  13. Football

    BT Sport just broadcast this for an offside decision using the new VAR technology. I still can't believe what I've just seen. We like a moan in RL circles, but this is an absolute shambles for soccer.