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  1. Bank holidays give a day less for those who need as many days a week as possible to do their job properly.
  2. I suppose some could say that they didn't feel Diskin was the right appointment in the first place. Can you imagine the outcry if they had said that at the time?
  3. The rumblings of discontent from the last 3 weeks are quickly gaining volume. How long MD has got to put this right is what nobody knows. There are going to be growing numbers who doubt he will be able to do so. Whatever each fan's thoughts on this are, it is clearly not the start that any of us wanted.
  4. Think that's rather fun. Another good video.
  5. And there it is; a famous win for Swinton! Fully deserved. Where now for Huddersfield?
  6. Now they give it away again in their own 30..... 1 minute. They somehow survive 8 m out.
  7. Swinton hand Huddersfield posession on halfway, but it comes to nothing. 2 mins.
  8. Kick successful. Swinton lead 28-24 with 3 minutes on the clock.
  9. A scrum 15 metres out for Swinton! And they're over. A shock is going to happen! Wolfpack consolation try 22-29
  10. Swinton force a drop-out. 7 mins to go.
  11. Swinton hanging on manfully under constant Huddersfield pressure and posession. Still 22-18 with 14 to go.
  12. Swinton 22-18 up at Huddersfield. Huge problems mounting for the Giants if this comes off. 18 mins left.
  13. I refer my honourable friend to the answer I gave some moments ago.
  14. Why not just ensure you have a coach who is good enough to do the job on his own. Diskin may turn out to be that man, or may not.