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  1. Yes, Oxford, I naturally assumed you weren't tarring everyone with the same brush, my point being that some (but clearly not all) of their issues would appear valid, even though they don't pass your points test.
  2. A word of warning; if you're putting in a low bid for a house that has been on the market for some length of time, whilst you are immediately benefiting from the reduced price, you should consider the reasons why the house has been for sale for so long. Possibilities might include; already over-priced, requires too much work, in a less than desirable area etc. Some of these issues you may be able to rememdy, others will be the same when you come to sell.
  3. I've done all of these things and continue to be a strong, positive voice for the promotion of the game, especially through expansionism. On the quality and impact of the RFL management, I feel very strongly that they are not up to the job. Hopefully, that opinion can be respected.
  4. I'm asking for a friend, but how do you start a vote of no confidence in the RFL management and would anyone be likely to support it?
  5. Spy in the wild, BBC1 - fascinating wildlife programme where robotic animals are sent into habitats to film undercover, from within. The penguin bit..... flippin' hilarious!
  6. Really well summed up Jeff. He was an extremely passionate, loyal and trustworthy custodian of a number of teams and these characteristics appear to be in short supply these days. In latter years, I always found him to be an interesting and insightful summariser on the telly/wireless. RIP.
  7. Victor Lownes, 'Long-standing' Playboy director/executive, 88.
  8. It's an often held view that one must experience significant downs in order to truest enjoy the high points in life. These things tend to work in cycles and I hope everyone can enjoy much about 2017.
  9. Very sorry to hear that Bearman.
  10. 3.17pm - No deaths so far.
  11. I've appeared on one of his albums. It was one of the best experiences of my professional life. I love his music. Working with Ruby Turner and Beverley Knight was superb! I'm unapologetically biased. Happy New Year one and all.
  12. LATEST: Discussions continue with further bid after consortium bid rejected.
  13. You're right! However, Nigel Wood makes an unconvincing Skeletor.
  14. Meanwhile, back in Twitterland, Rohan Smith is asking Bulls fans to 'be patient'.... seems it might not be all over yet?
  15. The administrator has rejected the Andrew Chalmers bid. Martyn Sadler is unsure as to whether this is the only bid on the table, or whether there is another one to accept (the mystery millionaire perhaps?)