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  1. Until you have tried (drained) cockles in brine on a bed of salt and vinegar crisps, you've still got a whole new avenue of tastebuds to explore. Totally uncool, but totally satisfying. Failing that, just grab a bag of Pickled Onion Space Raiders.
  2. Perhaps the clue is in the word ALSO? There are a number of contributory factors. Value for money is important in my decision making. I accept it is not the case for sone others.
  3. Clearly the role of marketing the product widely and effectively would have a significant impact also.
  4. Agreed, but DS also says he thinks its great value for money as a form of entertainment. It can't be both if it's not reflected in crowds.
  5. I don't believe so.
  6. Yet gates would contradict this notion fairly spectacularly.
  7. They are much better value though. £99 for an adult is a cracking deal. I guess I am spoiled to some degree as I can watch professional football at Valley Parade for £306 a year, for a family of 4, to include 23 games. That's an average of £13.30 a game for the family. For Batley, it is £380 a year for a family of 4, and that includes a maximum of 17 games (if you include a Big Bash day which is included - although we don't attend). The average price per game is then £22.35. If i was to miss 3 regular league games each season, that would then translate as £15.30 at Valley Parade against £29.23 at The Mount (including not attending the Big Bash). Whilst I'd stop short of calling it extortionate, I still think it's high for semi-professional sport given it is almost double that of the football.
  8. I think the problem is the lack of value in a season ticket. With most clubs, unless you are a very frequent attender, it's simply not worth the punt. Take my club Batley for example; miss 3 games, and you've pretty much wiped out any advantage. And, we have t remember that this is, essentially a semi-professional sport (in the most part, for the Championship). £17 is steep when you look at it like that, IMO. The grub at the Mount is fantastic and very fairly priced. When my crew go, we always buy food and get a couple of pints. The club sees all of that cash back. Because of the admission prices, that isn't as regular as we'd like. Once we've factored in the return journey from Notts, it starts to stack up.
  9. Meanwhile Hunslet lost 30-16 at London Skolars, which is, of course Toronto's fault.
  10. I can't even wait a fortnight for the brew to ferment, so I'd have absolutely no chance of waiting for hops to grow! Caps off to these homebrew Ultras.
  11. If it means there's no room for that tedious band, then yes. You'd have thought after all these year's they'd at least play the melody for Chase the Sun correctly...
  12. It is being reported that a player at Culcheth Eagles RLFC has died during a game against Runcorn today. Such tragic news. RIP young man.
  13. They're probably running to the nearest pub to watch a rerun of Paterson's classy work on injured Greg Bird. Once they've calmed down, they will admit they weren't good enough to win the game.
  14. All about priorities....
  15. Both. And your point?