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  1. 2017 and 2018

    What a fascinating insight. Thank you very much for sharing this. I’m so impressed with your foresight to instigate and develop this over such a long period of time.
  2. Christmas Cracker Jokes

    Or, how did Darth Vader know what he was getting for Christmas? He’d been feeling his presents...
  3. Xmas films

    Gremlins, ET and Muppet Christmas Carol, all with the kids.
  4. Artificial Intelligence

    So long as they tune into Katie Hopkins we will be absolutely fine, as she says absolutely nothing that has any grasp on reality. It would throw them the biggest red herring known to mankind.
  5. Homeless

    An interesting and emotive topic. It is worthy of recognising that there are many, many people who can’t make good decisions for themselves and a few who can, but won’t. The differences may sound subtle, but the reality is leagues apart. There are very few people on the streets who choose to be there for an easier life, but they do exist. That said, if anyone thinks that this ‘easier life’ is a simple choice, they’re sadly deluded.
  6. Google Earth

    My 9 year old lad is a geography nut. He loves google earth. He has an app on my ipad that uses google earth as part of its functionality. Basically, it randomly selects 10 worldwide spots (not famous landmarks) and you get points for how close your guess is to where it actually is in the world. It floats his boat! One of my favourite google earth pictures is the Hippo Pool at Katavi National Park, Tanzania. (6°53’53.00″ S 31°11’15.40″ E) On another similar thread, some of the photos that come from the International Space Station (I started following Chris Hadfield on twitter when he was up there, in particular) are simply mind-blowing. I can't find them currently, but he used to post things like American aircraft graveyards etc.
  7. I think the underlying issue from some supporters of 'traditional teams' is that their clubs have been left hanging by the excellent progress of these two new clubs. They aren't interested in watching such teams develop as they will have to do it from behind their sofa. Whilst these same folk think their team has a perpetual, divine right to play in the Championship/Championship 1, they are also mindful of their clubs' inadequate marketing that has led to the compromising of their status. I can see why they aren't interested in this mouth-watering fixture.
  8. Obituary thread 2017

    Well said. RIP.
  9. Virgin Holidays?
  10. Obituary thread 2017

    I found him a revolting man, but he had a family, who are most likely not revolting.
  11. Mortality

    Being a Headteacher has its challenges, but dealing with the death of a pupil or their close relatives was one of the scariest things I could imagine. In reality, having experienced it a few times, it’s not as terrible as it might seem (although in extremely difficult circumstances) explaining to pupils that their friendl won’t be coming back or working with a child to help them over a bereavement. The fact is, without wishing to make it sound trivial, if you tell the truth and not wrap it up in cosy language (which later draws confusion and upset), most children are incredibly receptive to the finite reality of death. Sure, there’s tears and questions, but the key is to tell it as it is, in black and white. The biggest things to avoid are phrases like, “He’s gone to sleep” where children can pick up ambiguity. It’s not true; dead people are not asleep in anything other than a metaphorical sense. Such phrases often lead children to be afraid of going to sleep, for example, in case they too die. Whilst the natural instinct might be to find the most vague and fuzzy language to dress up the difficult news, there's a danger this language is used for the benefit of the news breaker, rather than the receiver. When kids ask about Heaven, God and Jesus, that gets really difficult, as, quite clearly, there's nothing black and white about faith and belief. Tough stuff to get right,
  12. Mortality

    We all know there is one absolute certainty in life; death. Yet, it is only usually in our advancing years that we sense our mortality so vividly. Children are remarkable when confronting death. Life scars us in a way that makes it almost impossible to deal with death with the same resillience many young people do. I always find it interesting that we spend our adult lives coming to terms with death, yet in many cases, it is often only in our final hours or days that humans become at ease with their destiny. I try not to dwell on the certainty of death. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to predict how and when it will happen to us and our loved ones. We feel robbed of time and experiences with our loved ones when they die, but you may be like me; left feeling you could have made so much more of the times you had together. With that in mind, I’d suggest that whilst you can’t control the certainty of death, you can fill your days with so much more if you can put a positive mindset on living for the day. It might be yours, or someone else’s last one. I’m thankful to wake up every morning. Peace.
  13. Marketing

    Bassetlaw Bulldogs (Based in Worksop/East Markham). U9s and U11s starting in February 2018.
  14. Marketing

    As I say, not living in the area prohibits my ability to be around very often, but I emailed Kevin directly, following up a message we had exchanged after the charity walk. I offered a number of 'remote' voluntary services and accept that they may not be required. Just a reply is all it needed. I've since donated my time to the establishment of a brand new Junior RL club in Nottinghamshire.
  15. Marketing

    Volunteered my services to the club to help with anything I could (given that we live a reasonable distance away); didn't even get afforded a reply.