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  1. He should be embarrassed for not implementing the laws of RL, as stated by Phanton Horseman a directive was sent out to clubs last year or year before saying deliberate passing of the ball at a defending player on the floor will be penalised, if a top level referee and his assistant’s didn’t deem Shenton to intentionally pass to a prone defender we have serious problems, when Gigot also did this deliberately in the 2nd half he had no option to make the wrong call again only to make it consistent.
  2. I don’t know who should be more embarrassed when they watch it again, Shenton or James Child for giving Cas the penalty, another example of why I’m getting more frustrated watching the sport, it needs sorting now.
  3. The Vet


    Non that I’m aware of
  4. I always thought Dale Cardoza had the talent but never fulfilled it
  5. It was always a signing that would split fans, I thought he would certainly add to the team, unfortunately injuries can happen anytime, I hope we get to see him in a Barrow shirt
  6. Do lots of fans not understand how contracts work? Unfortunately he got an injury in pre season but because someone has a long term injury you cant just release him unless he agrees to it, if he has said he won’t be playing til July well unfortunately that’s how it is and the club will have to honour his contract. I don’t think many (if any) injured players would agree to having there wages stopped before they were fit enough to start playing again.
  7. Is it just me but does anyone else think he doesn’t look as big and powerful as he used to be? If physically he’s not as imposing it could impact his confidence and performance?
  8. The other 6 inducted have impressive stats against their names, to be alongside them and who is already in the H.O.F is an honour.
  9. Thanks very much Rooster, much appreciated.
  10. Powerful player is Rio, his Walney Central teammate Luke Broadbent is Gary’s son.
  11. 2nd supporters bus from Barrow is almost full, trying for a 3rd bus so there will be a few travelling over.
  12. Yeah Farrell was a handful too, I thought Sheffield were a decent side.
  13. The score line reflects the closeness of the game but I thought over 80mins Sheffield probably deserved the win, their ruckspeed was noticeably quicker, a key point in the game for me was when Ritson made a break up the middle on tackle 1 and somebody ended up kicking to nobody and going dead, instead of playing down their end Sheffield took the 20m restart and scored on their next set of 6 to draw level, possibly aided by a penalty? I think we saw good signs today from the PNG lads now they can feel their fingers! For Sheffield I thought Ben Blackmore on the wing was outstanding for them.
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