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  1. I'm pretty sure we won in a tight game (21.01.96) 16-17 but yes got slapped in the other game!
  2. Another one for the list, Barrow played Carlisle at Carlisle RU in a midweek game, Richard Henare who went to Warrington scored a hatful against us
  3. Come on the 'Braves'!
  4. Sunday, the crowd was a massive 278😂 Lancashire Lynx played at Preston Grasshoppers RU for a season Raiders played Harlequins at The Stoop about 2006 Regarding Doncaster after Tattersfield they played at a greyhound stadium not athletics I think, also they played a couple of seasons at Belle Vue. Huddersfield played at Leeds Road (Huddersfield Town FC) after they left Fartown, which I think is more or less where the Galpharm Stadium is (if that's what it's called now)
  5. Bit of a shock reading a thread which doesn't involve playing Saturday nights or Sunday afternoon! early 2000's we played Gateshead at a ground called Percy Park, Bramley played at Leeds RU which is now the Rhinos training ground I think, there's probably more but need to think about it
  6. Iv been reading all sorts of threads about visa issues and how Barrow havnt done this or that and they've had since the fixtures came out to sort it etc all these so called experts on visas from clubs around the country seem to know everything but non have mentioned that Moi Moi signed in November and only last week was granted a visa? Does this mean Toronto Wolfpack are run by amateurs for not getting it sorted earlier?
  7. Just over 5 thousand is the 'official' figure which I think is less than when Donny played them in the last round, I was stood with 2 Rhinos fans and they laughed when the attendance was announced, they said there where at least 1500 more fans there on Sunday than the Donny game, shame but I'm sure it happens everywhere
  8. 41-40 win wasn't it? 1982/83ish?
  9. There's gonna be a great following Sunday, 10 buses from the club, 1 from Walney RL & 1 from Ulverston,anymore buses organised going? Plus no doubt a few travelling in cars,we must be taking 1000 at least?
  10. Maybe he pleaded not guilty was due to fact there wasn't anything wrong with the tackle... only a thought
  11. What an absolute joke! After seeing the incident a couple of times I still can't see how he is even cited let alone banned for longer than a grade D, which stipulates (3-5) games, it happened 5m in front of a touch judge who gave nothing, 10m in front of the Town bench and nobody reacted which is usually an indicator, the lad unfortunately got injured while being tackled,is this now going to be standard procedure when someone gets hurt being tackled, the defender is not going to play for a month and a half! Is it any wonder why people are getting disillusioned with the sport when it seems so corrupt by those who run it.
  12. Morty... il agree the ref was shocking but I don't usually bag the ref as he was the same for both teams ish! IMO, I will agree though that was the worst we have played this year by a big distance, but Barrow dropped plenty of ball in exits, gave a lot of penalties (most were justified) which is no fault of the ref, it's only because of how well Barrow can defend, Town tonight had the field position/ & possesion to win 2 games tonight & probably would have beaten every other team (apart from Toronto) in this league as I thought they looked pretty organised in attack, again that's only my opinion
  13. The ref wasn't great but Barrow weren't either to be fair, too much dropped ball coming off there line and too many penalties given away, to be honest I thought Town played well and it's only because Barrow's defence this year is great is why the scoreline wasn't closer,remember Town are where we were 3 years ago rebuilding with a lot of amateur players, however though it shows the sign of a good side when Barrow defended there own area for 10/15 min spells 3 times during the game and within 3/4 tackles at Towns end of the field scored a try
  14. If you fellas play like that every week you will win 80% of games this year no doubt, like I said earlier in the week Barrows defence is pretty impressive and it had to be tonight as the discipline was poor and gave Town loads of possession in good ball areas, both teams can take big positives from the game,Cresta I'm sure will not be happy with how they played but defended well & im sure Clarky will be happy with how you bounced back after last week, I enjoyed the evening and as usual your travelling fans were great
  15. I can't comment about Hulme for you fellas last season,whether it's the coaching/the environment he's in or whatever reason, all Barrow fans are enjoying watching him play at the moment though