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  1. The Vet

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    It was very amateur, I’m looking forward to watch them play though, they will give the team a real spark.
  2. The Vet

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    I think your playing games with us now TMF by pretending you don’t have the faintest idea about RL.
  3. The Vet

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Apart from the scrums it’s probably similar as ‘back in the day’. Being a good defender. Being a good passer from dummy half, to either the forwards or wider to the halfbacks(being able to pass long is needed as players go up levels). make the right decisions when to run or pass. im sure there’s other skills within a modern hookers game.
  4. The Vet

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    When Iv made sense of it il reply... possibly the PNG hooker can fill the roll of...a hooker
  5. It might be legal to have marijuana in Canada but a failed drug test is a failed drug test anywhere in the world no matter where you took the substance, taking steroids isn’t a criminal offence in the UK...
  6. The Vet


    Matt Johnson & Dave Johnston not related, I believe Matt is a big fan of rugby and is a good guy so good to have him involved.
  7. The Vet

    2019 Away Shirt

    Every club sends the RFL a design of their kits pre season, before the season even starts the RFL will have sent each club details of which kit they will wear for each fixture for the season.
  8. The Vet

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    Ah yes, short working hours on a Wednesday!
  9. The Vet

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    I went to the rugby shop at 11.30pm tonight to get my oversized season ticket (that il use once a fortnight for 2hrs so don’t really need it in my wallet at all times) and you’ll never guess... it was only shut! If Tesco, Shell Garages etc open 24hr in this day and age it’s a disgrace the rugby shop can’t go with the times also😡😡
  10. The Vet

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    Did your book of season tickets fit in your wallet?
  11. The Vet

    Steve Neale NWEM

    Absolutely no idea what this means but I hope you get your £1000’s back👍 I think only administrators can close a thread.
  12. The Vet

    Steve Neale NWEM

    Holty & Plan of Attack and we make it up to the full £1 funding!
  13. The Vet

    Steve Neale NWEM

    How much funding do we get for the 8 users who now use this forum?
  14. The Vet

    2019 Fixtures

  15. Correct Tane was a great player, alcoholics drink most days, Tane rarely drinks! A Scotsman who has been missed is Stewart Magorian, played centre/wing.