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  1. Raiders v Toronto

    I presume I’m one of the 3. I’m not sure where Barrow’s extra 12 points should have come from but iv never said Barrow shouldn’t have won, they were quality and the score line reflected the game that it could have been won by either side, Cresta’s tactics were spot on working over short sides against a bigger quicker team as Barrow were going to find it hard going round them on big spread plays, I’m as big as supporter as anyone that watches week in week out, I don’t watch games however with Blue & white tinted glasses, I call things as I see it. After watching the Evening Mail clips & the OBrien incident, it gives a better angle than where I was stood and it should have been a yellow card, however unless Dec Hulme has turned into Usain Bolt he would never have touched the ball down before it went dead. Il throw another decision in the mix, on Barrow’s first try did Big Joe impede a defender from getting to Martin Aspinwall, we got the try but on another day could it have been disallowed? its all if, buts and maybe’s but for sure if Barrow can keep that level of performance up weekly it’ll be championship rugby again next season.
  2. Glen Riley

    I blame Sunday’s ref! Its common knowledge that whatever is being spoke about, plenty don’t know what the rumour is! Myself included.
  3. Raiders v Toronto

    I thought he was ok, there were decisions which could have gone either way, were there any complaints about the officials when they disallowed a TW try for a forward pass in the 1st half when it wasn’t forward? I can’t imagine there wasn’t. The only other main ‘major’ decision was when O’Brien caught the chaser, it could have been a sin bin but the decision of a penalty rather than penalty try was correct. Your right Renfrew I wasn’t there, I dreamt the above incidents.👍 Il stick with my earlier post though, it gets tedious the constant whinging about officials.
  4. Raiders v Toronto

    I’m with you Rooster, it gets tedious the constant whining about officials.
  5. Mud

    I wasn’t aware Barrow was the only place in the UK that has had heavy rain in the last 8 weeks.
  6. Commonly Misunderstood Rules

    Dont get me started on this thread! The knock on rule: if the ball is dropped but goes backwards it is NOT a knock on... over the past few years refs are over thinking it and are giving ridiculous scrums when clearly the ball goes towards the offenders try line, that amongst many rules that are just over thought by refs. if a ball carriers leg is lifted it isn’t a penalty, when the leg is lifted that is when the ref should call held, so many fans I know think it’s a penalty, those are 2 without even thinking about it
  7. Is it only me but is Jake Connor becoming the most over rated player in SL?
  8. April 2nd

    If there was a power surge how come only Craven Park was affected over a mile away?
  9. Raiders v Sheffield (league game)

    Totally agree, Iv not really seen much of Jake Spedding until today but he was quality, the Eagles were impressive early doors but when Barrow started controlling the ball you could see the game turning, great game and all 3 three officials were good which is unusual to say! Usually there is a gripe if we don't get the decisions but were there any complaints with Dec Hulme's pass to Shane for his last try? The highlights will be on the Evening Mail online in the next day or so and the camera isn't level with the pass but it looked doubtful!
  10. DALLY

    Unfortunately if that’s the case he has previous, like you say though it happens 20+ times every game whether it’s accidentally or with a purpose of unbalancing the attacking player, again consistency is all everyone asks for, when I watch the TV games this week il see how many times it happens and if they get caught by the refs assessments when they review it, I’m not expecting many!
  11. DALLY

    That leg wrap he got done for last year? Knowing the RFL it was probably for late contact on a kicker! That’d be quite ironic!!
  12. DALLY

    What we as the actual ‘dangerous contact’? A head shot, cannonball tackle?
  13. Raiders V Batley

    March 2014 was the last time we played (and got battered!) at Batley.

    Fair play, I think he still lives in Askam though, the ‘sandrats’ Don’t like leaving the village 😀

    Duerden is from Askam unless he’s moved from there, possibly Tom Loxam lives South Lakes/Kendal area