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  1. The Vet

    Ground share

    Cost would be an issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if it cost £500k to lay a 4G pitch also are pro soccer clubs allowed them? I don’t know that...
  2. The Vet

    Ground share

    I’d preferably stay at CP but this would definitely be an issue if both clubs shared, especially during preseason the Raiders just wouldn’t be able to train on the pitch at all, I know there is the college facilities which are good but it’s not a full size pitch so possibly may not help especially when they are doing team runs. Only a thought
  3. The Vet

    Barrow Afc

    Which takes me back to this quote and asked if I was being serious.
  4. The Vet

    Barrow Afc

    Again like iv said to rooster, I’m agreeing with everyone that the rugby was very good to watch ,the best for a long time, we spent at least 25% more on wages than all other clubs (so approx 25% over the salary cap!) so I’d like to think it would be with the players we had, I hope Steve and the BOD get us stabilised which I’m very confident they will, I know Steve has visions for success but I’m hoping and I’m sure it won’t be as reckless as the 2008-2011 era, hope that makes my reasons clearer
  5. The Vet

    Barrow Afc

    Definitely, the team was successful and crowds were decent, unfortunately the ‘vision’ nearly finished the club, this is why I’d hate to see a repeat.
  6. The Vet

    Barrow Afc

    Believe it or not TMF I am serious, after 1 season of being successful in the championship where did Des’s vision lead to...
  7. The Vet

    Barrow Afc

    I certainly wouldn’t like to see a repeat of the same ‘vision’ from this BOD.
  8. The Vet

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    A smaller squad? Didn’t we play 2/3 games without a full team, let’s hope we stay injury free.
  9. The Vet

    Hull & Barrow league 2018

    Pl W L D Pts Roose 13 12. 0 1 25 Dalton 13 9 3 1 19 Askam A 14. 7 5 2 16 Barrow Island A 14 6 7 1 13 Walney A 13 6 7 0 12 Millom A 14. 5 8 1 11 Ulverston A 14 2 12 0 4 Hindpool A 13 1 12 0 2 This is the latest iv seen, I’m sure the remaining games have been played now.
  10. The Vet


    Maybe know one knows what’s happened to Liam so are unable to comment??
  11. The Vet

    Shane Toal

    If Richie has spoken to Dan & RAIDERSRUS has spoken to his Dad both intimating the same thing there possibly could be some truth that he’s not too good.
  12. The Vet

    Wigan sign Bullock from Barrow

    6ft 5” and il be surprised if there’s a quicker prop playing the game, I’m sure some techno savvy Barrow fans can tag clips of him scoring 60m try’s and going round fullbacks!
  13. The Vet

    More injuries

    Dan Toal Matty While Jono Smith
  14. Your righto, its frustrato for English clubs to savo players careers, then when they get some formio they then claim the home sicko card and get back into the bigo time.
  15. The Vet

    Over 12 or under 4 directors

    Who are the 4 directors left? Steve Neale joined recently, Peter Hornby? Was it in the evening mail saying John Coward has stepped down? I’m sure I read it somewhere. Is Murph on the board or commercial side? I’m only wondering as it’s a small BOD as it stands