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  1. Depends who will be coach and how he wants his team to play, a lot of young 'starlets' play 13 at junior level as it's seen as a glamour position, a lot of these move a bit wider into the 2nd row as coaches like a running footballer out wide, like mentioned loose forward now in a lot of team patterns are used as a 3rd prop to get them to 'points' to attack from, Morgan Knowles as a kid was standoff/loose forward so has a passing game, id like to see him change his colours to white from red in a couple of years.
  2. Glenn Riley

    Where's Brad going?
  3. Help wanted

    I think the job would be up your street Rooster!
  4. New Balls Please!

    I was involved with the game when the balls were swapped from Steedens to Rhino's, if people can remember that 1st season the amount of catchers dropping kick offs or misjudging the flight of the ball was mad, the balls were too light and the balls wobbled in the air that much it made catching high balls so hard, they changed the balls to have thicker skins to give it a truer flight, Iv bought £25 Rhino balls for my amateur club and they've only lasted 6 games, so it's back to steedens for us, has anyone else noticed the opening on Sky TV games the ball is a steeden not rhino, it's been like that since the changeover, little bit of useless info there!
  5. New Balls Please!

    Correct, Rhino balls are poor, for keeping the grip
  6. Big loss

    I thought Oliver was very good the last couple of months of last season, his experience and ability will be invaluable in the league above
  7. Pop Concert

    A win on Sunday as well Rooster and its happy days #Finalists&bants🔵⚪️
  8. Pop Concert

    Long may the banter continue #lovefriendlybants
  9. Pop Concert

    Nah me & your mate Holty😂 Bit of Crackling Rose & Sweet Caroline!
  10. Pop Concert

    Some folk are too easily upset Rooster! Anyway I'm hoping those food & drink outlets are open at next year's gig as il be partaking in a few! Hope to see you there!
  11. Pop Concert

    Why should the club need to disclose figures from an event? Hasn't Pete's first reply answered the main question? saying the club did well out of the concert, I'm also not sure why people need to know figures to then encourage them to support further events involving the club, surely if you are interested in the event or to support the club you go to it.
  12. Away Day Blues

    Certainly do, one of the best games I ever played in, HKR had beaten Wigan 5 months previous (when Wigan won everything) before they got relegated then somehow we turned them over, it wasn't even a bog of a field as it was in October
  13. Away Day Blues

    Yeah I remembered that after I posted it, won 19-18 was it with Steve Mossy dropping a goal? Yeah played at the Boulevard, Headingley & Knowsley Rd with Widnes Academy in 1992. With Barrow we had a Regal Trophy game v Hull at The Boulevard around 1994ish. In 1997 I think, Bramley's home ground was Headingley so played then & also played in a West of the Pennines v The East as a curtain raiser for a Rhinos game in 1999. iv never even stepped foot in Odsal however!
  14. Away Day Blues

    1.warrington 2. Leeds
  15. Just wondering but have Barrow got a game versus Toronto coming up? Jeez a volunteer group trying to raise a few quid has put rugby league into meltdown.