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  1. The guy seems a great bloke,everyone will think different but for me the best player I've seen in the last 30 years, inc Lockyer,Lewis,Hanley et al
  2. He does it because it would be stupid if he wore the opposition's colours
  3. Thank you,remind me next time not to ask a genuine question, I can't understand why this forum has lost so many contributors
  4. Well strangely enough I might be,that's why I'm asking 345 in advance
  5. Just wondering if the date has been confirmed for next years GF?
  6. If Chris Hill is average,I'd love a team of average players!
  7. Fair appointment really Michael,the TV games he's done this year he's been pretty good,obviously impressed when the cameras havnt been there also,even when he's done Barrow over the years he's not been as poor as fans seem to make out,if you take your 'Barrow' glasses off he doesn't make that many bad calls,unfortunately like most refs he doesn't get as much help as he should from the liners.
  8. Iv got to agree Shawy,they weren't comparable,Walsh picked the attacker up and in my opinion threw him to the floor landing on his back,it was doubtful it as a penalty,Danny's incident was nasty looking and the bloke was drilled head first into the ground,I thought Danny was really unlucky as he hit him with a great shot but it looked from where I was that the joining defender added extra force and it tipped the attacker over onto his head/neck,it's a real shame Danny is going to miss a few as he was looking a real threat on our right side.
  9. Good player,done well getting him
  10. On the last Keighley try why did everyone dispute it? Was the ball in touch?as it looked a try from where I was
  11. I can see what people are saying totally re the club playing the games when maybe they could have left it,I didn't realise it was the same local ref which deemed the pitch fit for the first 2 games yet when a SL club start whining all of a sudden it becomes an unplayable pitch,which has had a great deal less rain in the week leading up to it than the previous games
  12. My point is about Warrington though,yesterday a local ref deemed the pitch playable,today Warrington have demanded another pitch inspection and despite the pitch seemingly improved from yesterday the same ref has deemed it now unfit,Warrington have made it obvious they haven't wanted this game to be played and so now have got what they want,maybe it's me being suspicious but has a Wolves official been in the refs ear?
  13. Absolutely stinks of corruption,Warrington havnt wanted to play all week and surprise surprise they get what they want,by all accounts the pitch is slightly better than when it was deemed fit yesterday,how can Warrington demand another inspection,also wasn't the inspection meant to be at 3pm? Gutted for Liam
  14. I agree it is a grey area,the RFL I'm guessing must have some protocol to follow with this sort of negations regarding payments,like I said in an earlier post,RL is a small circle and people hear quickly when the cash is being spent,obviously over time the club must have been investigated thoroughly as they seemed to come up with a precise sort of figure which was over spent, in hindsight maybe Catic should have been employed as an admin assistant to deal with 'extra' contracts
  15. What I'm saying is by breaching a cap you can't be doing things honestly,I'm not saying illegal payments don't happen either,I'm presuming you meant Des J instead of SJ when talking to the RFL? Whatever 'truths' he told the RFL didn't help him as individuals don't get a 7/8 year ban from the sport for a bit of overpayment