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  1. I wonder which French and Canadian teams that will be then😈
  2. Plan of Attack


    so we really want to be aiming for 8th(4th) which gives us 3 games we will have a chance of winning
  3. Just as a matter of interest just how many super league dual reg players took part this week end. I know that Sheffield had 5, Barrow dont/wont dual reg, what about the other teams
  4. Plan of Attack


    This from red says it all you cannot beat a team with 5 saints in it and I think a player from castleford as well SKY now Reply With Quote Yesterday, 14:31#2
  5. Plan of Attack

    This weeks Ref

    This weeks ref is Steve race , for those who travel this is the ref from Newcastle last year who kept the game flowing and took no ###### from their players :-)
  6. Plan of Attack

    Paper rumors

    It is in the other paper, however 90% of what nosey parker says is ######
  7. Plan of Attack

    Paper rumors

    According to league weekly Joe bullock has signed for Wigan
  8. Plan of Attack

    RFL Disciplinary Panel

    BEN BLACKMORE - SHEFFIELD BARROW V SHEFFIELD - CHALLENGE CUP RANGE OF RECOMMENDED SANCTIONS IN RELATION TO CHARGED GRADE* : 1 Match Penalty Notice DETAILS OF CHARGE / REASON FOR NF : Rule - 15.1(a) Detail – Kicks - Kicks opponent - Light contact Grade - A DECISION: Charge INCIDENT: Kicking in the 70th minute (Litherland)
  9. Plan of Attack

    Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    As far as the majority of Barrovians are concerned we are in LANCASHIRE, Cumbria is just an administrative district created by an overpaid civil servant in 1974 so keep us out of this please we have no interest in being any part of a combined Cumbria team
  10. Plan of Attack

    Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Pitch inspection at 9 a.m.
  11. Plan of Attack


    I believe in miracles because Gareth was fair!!!!!!!!
  12. Plan of Attack


    I never thought I would say this but he has become a lot better ref since he started doing super league and was fairly even today
  13. Plan of Attack

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    Tell that to York who beat them and Keightley who held them to a draw last year, the three players will be a big loss but still cannot see them not making the top 4
  14. I won't be going to this as I will be supporting my team of mainly local players playing in the Championship not a team of mercenaries pretending to be Canadian and French players
  15. Plan of Attack

    2018 Squad

    I Thought Dan Abram has moved up the coast?