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  1. Plan of Attack

    Jarrod Sammut leaves London Broncos

    I wonder if will turn up at Barrow? after all they are just down the coast from sellafield😉
  2. Plan of Attack

    New Signings

    For once I wont mind being proven wrong
  3. Plan of Attack

    New Signings

    I 'd rather not see him sign for us personally as I think he would ruin the team spirit we have built up over the last few years
  4. Plan of Attack

    New Signings

    You forgot Cresswell
  5. Plan of Attack

    Visit Toronto!

    I bet if you do go up(and I hope you do) all the super league teams will moan about having to travel to Canada
  6. Plan of Attack

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Litherland as far as I know is retiring as his back is kaput (correct me if I am wrong)☹️
  7. Plan of Attack

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Not ALL the Cumbrian clubs allegedly voted in favor
  8. Plan of Attack

    Officials for Sunday V London Broncos

    Who did Ben Thaler upset😄
  9. Plan of Attack

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    It might be nice to suggest these sort of things but sadly the reality is having multiple French teams in League 1 would be a financial disaster for some of the teams currently there trying to survive on crowds of 300-400 the cost of travelling to France 3-4 times a year and the fact that the French teams would bring next to no fans would quickly kill off quite a few clubs in that division. A nice idea would be to have a two legged play off between the team that wins whatever the comp is for those teams that dont take part in the super 8's and the winner of the French elite League
  10. Plan of Attack

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    I prefer rose but at £1 a pint there might be a lot of drunk people😄
  11. I wonder which French and Canadian teams that will be then😈
  12. Plan of Attack


    so we really want to be aiming for 8th(4th) which gives us 3 games we will have a chance of winning
  13. Just as a matter of interest just how many super league dual reg players took part this week end. I know that Sheffield had 5, Barrow dont/wont dual reg, what about the other teams
  14. Plan of Attack


    This from red says it all you cannot beat a team with 5 saints in it and I think a player from castleford as well SKY now Reply With Quote Yesterday, 14:31#2
  15. Plan of Attack

    This weeks Ref

    This weeks ref is Steve race , for those who travel this is the ref from Newcastle last year who kept the game flowing and took no ###### from their players :-)