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  1. True but even our club "should " be able to sort out visa's with 18 months notice
  2. There is a Barrow straight in Canada
  3. Hopefully Barrow will not be in league 1 by then
  4. Toronto v Whitehaven

    Does anyone know how to updated the channels on a freesky box(sky box but no sky account just the free channels) as I cannot see freesports yet.Thanks
  5. Dave Taylor signs with Wolfpack

    It would not surprise me if FFMM retired at the end of this year as he will struggle for speed etc
  6. Expansion Clubs.

    The main problem in league 1 and to a certain extent the championship is the stupid 8's system. this means teams don't know who they are playing in the second half of the season until July, this in turn makes it harder to sell advertising, corporate boxes etc,additionally the play 7 @ home only and 7 away only in the first half of the season is stupid, look at Barrow Raiders for example they have played all the other top 8 teams away and all the bottom 8 teams at home and their gates have dropped because fans don't want to pay to see walkover games
  7. New York City & Dublin to join the league?

    For your information the barrow players had to use FOUR days last time and probably the same this time and if you are in a job where you only get 10 floating days then it IS an issue. you try telling your partner you cannot go on a family holiday because some d***head in the RFL makes you play the same team TWICE away... In farness why dont Toronto come to Barrow for this match? and NO we don't want a second overseas team as the fans just cant afford this sort of shenanigans each year
  8. New York City & Dublin to join the league?

    I think the LAST thing league 1 needs in anymore American/Canadian teams, what all these posters calling for them don't seem to realise is the players in league 1 and most of the championship are PART time and have to use holidays to play in these matches , Barrow Raiders for example have to go to Toronto for a SECOND time in one season and I can imagine them struggling to raise a team , after all if you weres would you want to waste all your holidays to do this and I can imagine if more american/.canadian clubs join the league 1 teams just turning round and saying ' we are not going as we cannot get a team up as our players have no holidays left'
  9. Whitehaven... it's Gareth Hewer

    Have to agree, Gareth had a good solid game yesterday
  10. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Do we include the Keepmoat athletic stadium where we played this year?
  11. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Did we play Gateshead at South shields FC one year as the international stadium was been re-seeded
  12. Challenge Cup

    lets hope its not on the rhinos normal home night of Friday
  13. Guess whos Back

    BARROW RAIDERS V KEIGHLEY COUGARS SATURDAY 18TH MARCH THE J F HORNBY STADIUM KO : 18:30 Referee: G Hewer Touch Judges: C Etchells L MacDonald Reserve Referee: Nicky Carter M Com: C Hodgson - See more at:
  14. Seen on Love Rugby league site

    Manchester charge The future of York City remains unsolved and there is no guarantee that the club will take part in League 1 in 2017. But if York failed to make the cut, who will take their spot in the third tier? We're told that Manchester Rangers are likely to step up if York is unable to. Rangers are an ambitious club that play their home games at a great venue, Manchester City's academy ground that hold 6,500 people and is located next to Etihad Stadium.. Anyone know how much truth is behind this?
  15. 2017 Fixtures

    Here is my forecast Toronto's first six fixtures in NO particular order will be South Wales,Oxford,Hemel, Coventry, North Wales and Gloucestershire Old Golds