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  1. What even for the leagues that have only played in summer?
  2. Why would you say that? You cannot get promotion to the NCL, you have to apply as Coventry Bears did.
  3. The website is up to date, that must be the merit league you were looking at. There are ten teams in the Midlands premier league.
  4. Would the players who cannot commit to playing in the summer due to work not have the same problem in winter?
  5. Hi All, I am posting this on behalf of Chris Parker I Captain the Maltese National Rugby League side and head up the work we do in the U.K. I am looking to see if we can un-earth any Maltese Eligible players we have missed out. Players must have Grandparents or Parents that were born in Malta to be eligible. If any clubs have players that think they are eligible they can contact me on We are looking for players of all ages and ability. Also looking for clubs to tour Malta to play some games. Thanks Chris parker
  6. I wonder what the real reason behind this is! No comment from CardiffCymru, would have thought he would be sending best wishes.
  7. It happened in the Leigh Vs Sheffield game on Thursday, there was a knock on, the player re gathered the play and then kicked the ball away, it wasn't dissent but the clock was stopped which allowed water carriers on and the side who had knocked on gained a short rest before having to defend from the scrum. Though you could also argue the team who would now be attacking also had a break so no gain either way.
  8. He did ok, came on after about 60 mins, took the ball up from acting half back a lot of times, didn't really have a chance in attack. Lee Briers was one of the water carriers and was constanly encourging him, heard Lee had asked to come down with the team and was rooming with Rhys (though I do not know if that was a good or bad thing for Rhys)
  9. The referee is the sole judge on matters of fact except for touch, touch in goal and kicks at goal which are the jobs of the TJs. The TJ can offer advice as to knock ons, forwards passes, offside etc but it is down to the referee if the advice is taken or not, in most pro games the Match Officials have communication kits so you will not see any signals between the Ref and TJ.
  10. Lee Briers was in the 08 WC qualifiers but I understand his behaviour in the training camp was very poor, allegedly, according to other players in the squad, he stayed up most nights drinking in the bar of the Cardiff Village Hotel though you could say the coaches shouldn't have allowed him to get away with it.
  11. Ablett is going to appeal the severity of the sentence