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  1. oulton v milford

    It is only the sub who ran onto the pitch that gets sent off, nobody from the on field 13 has to come off.
  2. Pennine League Fixtures

    Not true, when a club enter the result on to the scoring system it feeds straight onto the league website and updates the tables automatically. Also when we put the team into the on line team sheet it appears on the website and player stats are updated.
  3. Pennine League Fixtures

    A great assessment of the people who run the pennine league. Making it up as they along and they want everything to revolve around them.They do seem to like a cup competition every other week so no wonder league games are not played. They should stand aside and let the people who run the YML run a winter competition
  4. Blackbrook ARLFC

    I heard that the junior sides at Blackbrook had no link up with the senior side so they did not have a pathway to move up to play in the 1st team
  5. Pennine League Fixtures

    You wound think that the Yorkshire mens league and pennine league could work together so the seasons do not overlap though I did hear that pennine league would not agree to this when it was suggested. Can't see that as being true as they are such forward thinking people who run the winter league. Our club received the dates of the fixtures for the season on 9th Nov so I would think barla sending their dates in on the same date would be too late to have any bearing on them.
  6. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    I'm confused that on here people, rightly or wrongly, criticise the leadership of the rfl. Now because they are moving it is all going to be wonderful and these people that according to some could organise a pee up in a brewery last week are now the savouirs of the game , why would it be if the head honchos are the same?. They make the decisions, just because the buildings are nice and glossy doesn't make the decisions made correct.
  7. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    not sure how putting a name and an avatar on proves that person is who they say they are
  8. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    You asked someone a question, they answered, for some unknown reason you don't believe them, that is odd behaviour
  9. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    My club is £1500 better off already due to the shirt deal as we have not had to buy a kit and we have got more sponsors, with a TV game where we can sell more sponsorship we will be even better off, more power to the clowns I say.
  10. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    harsh as those 'clowns' got a deal with rhino and games on tv
  11. Pennine League Fixtures

    no they don't
  12. Pennine League Fixtures

    Really? Each league sets their own start and end date and dates for cups
  13. Whippets and Flat Caps

    john wilkin was on the Chris Evans radio 2 show the other week. Chris said that the title would be people off as it was sterotyping the North of England
  14. Challenge cup 2018

    What is the criteria for entering?
  15. Challenge cup 2018

    I was involved in the Midlands league a while ago and the competition rule at that time if a game was forfeited was to have an average of previous results to count as the score which that league deemed fairer than a 18 0 etc, so you are correct scores were made up but in line with the competition rules.