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  1. Impartial Observer


    Really, why is that? Im sure that somebody said on here that now that the pennine league run there own website it would be up to date and have lots of news articles on it 😉
  2. Impartial Observer

    RL community fund

    Ive heard there hasnt been many applicants for the World Cup grants fund, strange that you cannot give money away
  3. Impartial Observer


    Yes a lot of their players are registering to other teams now and they have no fixtures now on the pennine league website
  4. Impartial Observer


    Heard that Queens have now folded which is a shame.
  5. Impartial Observer


    Yorkshire mens also do, they went to Serbia last year
  6. Impartial Observer

    NCL Premier 2019

    Unpaid,? I am sure some do get paid. 😉
  7. Impartial Observer

    Barla cup 2019

    What are the obstacles for NCL teams?
  8. Impartial Observer

    Barla cup 2019

    Im not sure what obstacles are there for NCL teams as they seem to keep winning it
  9. You can freeze your nuts off at Odsal any month on the year 😂
  10. Impartial Observer

    Great RL Photos

  11. Impartial Observer

    Yorkshire Cup

    I totally agree, you can have a sign on date and any player signed after that date isnt eligble for the cup semi or final, it makes everyones live easier.
  12. Impartial Observer


    Just had an email to say this Friday at 2.00pm
  13. Impartial Observer

    Conference South returns - details announced

    Only 6 of the 14 clubs have junior set ups 🙁
  14. Impartial Observer

    Yorkshire Cup

    heard that Toll Bar have been thrown out of the cup at last nights hearing and game awarded to Upton
  15. Impartial Observer

    Championship players average salary

    Some semi pro players will be on a high basic salary and small match fee/win bonus others will be a small basic salary with high match fee/win bonus so in answer to the question it is probably impossible to get a true average.