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  1. referees

    They have been back in training for a while. They are on a training camp at present with a number of the part time officials.
  2. New registration system

    We only had a couple of problems where players were using different emails to the ones on record. We emailed the helpdesk with the new email addresses. They updated them and the players were able to register straight away.
  3. New registration system

    sounds like the Pennine league. They love having paperwork sent to them when most leagues accept an email from a club saying a player was ok to transfer from them.
  4. New registration system

    pro players dont need a transfer coming back to a community club We had several players come back last season. As long as the RFL confirm their contract has been terminated they are free agents. I suspect it may be the Pennine league insisting on transfers. A player left us middle of last season so we removed him from our players register making him a free agent. He went to sign for a Pennine club but they insisted on a transfer form as they said all players need transfers. 😞
  5. Rugby league on Sky Sports in 2018

    BBC are showing the NZ tests which has already been announced so maybe that is why sky are not mentioning it.😂
  6. Challenge cup 2018

    I think the term these days is fake news.
  7. 2018 ncl

    I cannot see them now.
  8. 2018 ncl

    I looked at them yesterday and again just now, link works perfectly ok. There is also a menu bar on the left of the page where you can click to get the fixtures.
  9. Challenge cup 2018

    Apparently they were nominated by the pennine league
  10. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    Do we? Perhaps you could explain.
  11. Yorkshire cup Semi finals

    The start of the challenge cup has been the last weekend of January for several seasons. This years Yorkshire cup final was on 21 Jan according to the barla website and wasn't it usually played between Christmas and New Year in previous years?
  12. Challenge cup 2018

    My club in the NCL got their invite on Monday, I had also seen some clubs tweeting about it a couple of weeks ago
  13. Challenge cup 2018

    I think that is this years first round draw. As the invites to enter were only recieced by the clubs this week I doubt the information in league express is accurate
  14. 2018 Sponsors

    I am told it is a new kit every year for three years for the NCL team
  15. Blackbrook 2017

    It is no surprise. Some of what is written in that column is not correct each week.