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  1. Once was more than enough 😂
  2. I think scotchy (correct me if I’m wrong scotchy) is looking to give England games against top class opponents i.e. New Zealand, Tonga etc. by reducing the amount of travelling NRL players would have to make to participate in the proposed match/es. We all remember the obstacles that were placed in front of the Denver match and how some of New Zealand’s automatic choices didn’t make the trip. Scotchy obviously believes these games would be well supported, attendance wise, in Perth which now has direct flights to and from the U.K.
  3. You are Cliff Richard and I claim my set of Rosary beads.
  4. deluded pom?

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    Stop with the goalpost moving. You know who you are.
  5. deluded pom?

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    I bet that vague quote of “five or six thousand” is playing havoc with your seat counting OCD. You’re never going to be sure how accurate attendances at Ealing are.
  6. deluded pom?

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    Is there a long term future for the Broncos at Trailfinders? I thought local residents were against too much development at the stadium?
  7. deluded pom?

    London Broncos/Ealing new stand

    Or three.
  8. I’m surprised you’re still banging your head against the Parky brick wall OFC.
  9. deluded pom?

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    There’s a report of the second Test on the APRLC website.
  10. Elstone will sort that out
  11. You can only access Leigh International by road though.
  12. deluded pom?

    Fans standing behind posts

    I wouldn’t be 100% certain but I’m not convinced that’s David Stephenson.
  13. deluded pom?

    Three Good Years

    Are your books available on kindle Geoff?