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  1. deluded pom?

    19 Aug: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Yes, Worky and ‘Haven both have to play Bradford, Donny and York.
  2. They had a few last time around but not many. Do the TWP players spend enough time in Canada to become naturalised Canadians?
  3. deluded pom?

    2019 Season TIckets

    Clothing mills in ‘Ull 😂 The mills were West Yorkshire and Manchester way. The moths are the ones flying out of your wallet.
  4. deluded pom?

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    It’s difficult to put a number on it Kman but Rovers usually travel well. The short notice that they were playing in Toronto won’t help though. It’s also not the most affluent of areas. One thing I will guarantee is they will drink and they will sing.
  5. deluded pom?

    2019 Season TIckets

    Some rare moths have been spotted in Ontario.
  7. deluded pom?

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    The ferries from Belgium arrive at King George dock which is in the east of the city, Rovers territory. Hardly anyone calls it Kingston upon Hull although that is the official name of the city. I suppose it’s just laziness. It’s also pronounced ‘Ull. We’re not big on aitches in this part of the world.
  8. deluded pom?

    Qualifiers away games

    You could be an uncle AND a nephew!
  9. deluded pom?

    2019 Season TIckets

    You know how to hurt me Kman.
  10. deluded pom?

    2019 Season TIckets

    Most SL players aren’t 250 years old Krzzy.
  11. Retro!!! You’ve only been going five minutes. All I’ve seen TWP play in is an all black shirt with shadow print wolf head or an all white shirt with shadow print wolf head. Nothing like Hull.
  12. But they’re not. Just get the job done Krzzy. Half of Hull will be TWP fans on Saturday. Don’t let us down.
  13. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Kman. Next RL lesson. You are not playing Hull on Saturday. You are playing Rovers. Hull are the ones who play in black and white and aren’t playing for SL survival.
  14. deluded pom?

    Qualifiers away games

    With you lot they could be one and the same person. It’s a small gene pool over there.
  15. Anybody can, and often do, beat Hull Kman. It’s nothing to write home about believe me.