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  2. Where do you think Peckham is you plonker? Mange tout.
  3. Bring on the Badgers.
  4. Stop obsessing OF. It's becoming embarrassing.
  5. What about New York, London, Paris, Munich?
  6. I think they are missing a trick here.
  7. There was a camera in each corner and one on each forty metre line as well as the one in the stand.
  8. I didn't know that. Was it just the playing shirts or did they have other stuff available?
  9. I think they should have a mobile merchandise unit they could take around the grounds they will be playing at too.
  11. Yes but how many people were there?
  12. You do now Nick.
  13. Just checked (I know I should have done this first). Park and ride is running tomorrow. Only the East and West stands are open with all seats unreserved.
  14. I thought it only operates on a Sunday if there is a match at the KCom. I don't think it operates on Sundays all year round.
  15. To quote Mickey Dolenz, "I'm a Believer" Oxo. I hope TW are a rip roaring success and drag RL to where it should and needs to be.