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  1. What was the attendance at Hungary v Czech Republic?
  2. Why does it matter?
  5. But the ref did put him on report severely Graham
  6. Yet another get out of jail card used. How many are there in this pack?
  7. The "other" NZ cities often get NRL games. Taking games to Fiji is taking it to somewhere there's an interest in the NRL already unlike SA Japan or China.
  9. What's happened to the Kman? I hope he's OK and off paddling down a river somewhere.
  12. And they have the cheek to say Yorkshiremen are tight!
  13. I don't think it's going to be streamed but it will be on YouTube at some point.
  14. Canada Rugby League · 8 hrs · Canada here is your 2017 Canada Wolverines Extended Squad. (Resident domestic players - no professional inclusions as of yet) Shaun McKenzie BC Jack Couzins BC Jamie Kelly BC Kevin Gurniak BC Joel Huelett BC Adrian Meiring BC Colby Franko Alberta Alex Boyd BC Rick Shouten BC Jared Curry BC Christian Miller Ontario Nick Hails Ontario Danny Topou Ontario Jon Cregg Ontario Eddie Bilborough Ontario Cam Grace Ontario Tony Felix Ontario Denny McCarthy Ontario Matt Wyles Ontario Chuck Curran Ontario Connor Hunter BC Jeff Lohse BC Kelipi Gucake BC Austin Karius BC Jordan Reid Harvey BC Ryan Murray BC Erik Moyer BC Wes Black BC Sam McGee Ontario Joel O’Neill BC Scyler Dumas BC Enoch Wamalwa Ontario