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  1. deluded pom?

    Inspired By 2021

    Weren’t we promised a lasting legacy in 2013?
  2. Without wishing to make this cross code our friends in the fifteen aside game did as they liked. Nothing they did was ever challenged in a court of law by the RFL. Could a wealthy owner of a team denied promotion challenge it in a court of law with a chance of getting the decision overturned? I need a legal eagle to give me an answer.
  3. LE also says the vote was 11-1 despite what GH claimed.
  4. It’s not by invitation though. It’s by winning the league below whilst also meeting set criteria which clubs already in SL don’t meet. Is it legal is all I’m asking?
  5. True but the minimum criteria was never challenged in court. It’s OK to make up your own entry rules but all I’m asking is would they stand up in court if you have already allowed a team into SL that don’t meet the criteria for new entrants?
  6. If the SL clubs get their way and promotion is criteria based, would SL have a leg to stand on in a court of law if they rejected a team who don’t meet the criteria whilst allowing an incumbent SL club, who also don’t meet the required criteria, to participate in SL?
  7. It wouldn't. That's Robert Elstone's job
  8. Maybe not all of us live outside of the UK Bob.
  9. Or are they were they are because of millions of pounds of Sky money?
  10. deluded pom?

    New online England store

    You do know I'm from Yorkshire don't you? Let me know when the crowdfunding page is up and running and I'll link it here. Maybe the Lanky's/Merseysiders/Greater Mancunians/Cheshire Cats can help me out.
  11. That’s something a lot of SL fans tend to forget or ignore. They are were they are because they were in the right place at the right time.
  12. Who has claimed the lower leagues were “super”.
  13. deluded pom?

    New online England store

    Even that seems steep. I posted a polo shirt to an address in the UK a couple of weeks back for £3.50.I doubt a beanie was as heavy.
  14. deluded pom?

    New online England store

    Delivery is a bit steep. Seven quid if your order is below £45.