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Apparently, according to one report, nobody knows Sharks' best line up.

Who would you pick/what about positional decisions?


The Sharks have talent all over the park but they can’t seem to gel as a team. They have 3 above average options at fullback but neither Holmes nor Dugan have set the world on fire when they’ve been given the chance. Is the answer to give Moylan a go at the back and change up the halves? I’m not sure what they should do but at the moment it just seems like it isn’t clicking. I think Flanagan should probably give this 17 another few weeks to see if they find their feet, if not the Sharks do have a lot of options.


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I don't get it.

The Sharks have the current Test left Centre and left Winger which combined for record tries at the World Cup.

The Sharks have a FB in the same mould as Barba, by way of Moylan.

The Sharks have the only winning NSW SOO half in the last 11 years.

I can't see how after last year's very average performance, Holmes was given the gig at FB for round 1 when the Sharks recruited Duggan and Moylan.

It is a travesty to see such a talented backline performing so tragically.

1. Moylan

2. Holmes

3. Duggan

4. Leutele

5. Feki

6. Townsend

7. Hodkinson 

Thats my starting backline with the young and very talented Katoa (once his jaw is mended), Flanagan and Ramien pressuring for the halves, centre and wing positions.

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Dugan is a ballhog. Hodkinson has dodgy knees, has never been known for his sparks of brilliance and he and Townsend are too much alike. Holmes is about to behave like Maloney and Bird did in 2017. And the team mostly tends to attack to the left where Moylan and Graham play.

Earlier this year, I read about Dugan's supposed roving commission at the back, Moylan and Townsend swapping sides during the course of the match, and so on... I probably dreamed all of this because, nothing I've seen thus far indicates that it might happen.

I have no perfect solution, but once the team stops gifting the ball to the opposition 25+ times a game, things will look a lot better. Once Flanno fixes this attitude/commitment problem and his bench management, the team will contend... If not, Cronulla, in spite of its very good squad, will occupy the 7-10 spot on the ladder all year.

Quite frankly, I'd put Holmes @ FB against the Eels. Their team is in a rough shape as well, it's his chance to shine and prove that he got the message Flanno sent him last week. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll ever be a good first grade fullback.

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For me they have 3 very good players that can play well at Fullback at time, but are not near the likes of what Slater, Munster, Tedesco etc can do at FB. Dugan is a solid centre, but wants to play elsewhere. But he doesnt look a Great FB at times and somebody you would pay top $ for there.

Holmes is a quality winger, but again wants to play elsewhere. And again he doesnt look that great at FB at times. Looking at his stats in Round 2 he didnt seem interested as normal. Give him Space and he is a Quality finisher out wide. But I am not sure he will want that and I can see him going elsewhere. Maybe the Broncos in future if Darius cant move without doing his hamstring!

Moylan is a very good Fullback and Halfback, but he is a bit hot and cold and is not somebody I would say will be a Top Player like Munster, Tedesco, Cleary,, Morgan etc in either position in the coming future.I

3 very good players but none that standout at Fullback for me and 2 I wouldnt have signed. Moylan swapping for Maloney for me was a bad move. Despite Maloney wanting more money I think he offers far more than Moylan will do.

For me I think the Sharks have recruited badly and am of the opinion that Flanno is still unsure of what he exactly wants from his team and how they will get there.

The Sharks are a quality team with a number of Good experienced and Youthful players who have the potential to go all the way. BUT I think they lack the overall class, gameplan and teamwork to do this. I can see the Sharks being the Tigers of the past few years if not careful. Many Egos, but teamwork and ethic missing and seeing them up as what could have been.

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