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    1. The World Cup qualifier was something to behold. 300 hundred or so Greek and Norwegian fans (inc the Norwegian ambassador) cheering wildly but I as I suspect the overwhelming majority had not been to a RL game before didn't understand much of the technicalities. Greece look a decent side and put their cue on the rack early in second half and allowed a plucky Norge side to show us how they got here. Final score 56-26. 2. More bizarrely, the Broncos again confounded the critics by careering into a Wakey side that they had already mugged at Ealing by exactly the same score 42 points. But typical Broncos they did what only the could do and leak 28 points in the final ten minutes or so. But, this win really puts the cat amongst the pigeons for next weeks big clash with Leeds in Liverpool at the Magic weekend. 3. Probably even more unexpected in League One Skolars sit proudly on top of the table tonight after an arm wrestle with a Doncaster with some big names in it. Not a pretty game in difficult conditions at times, but this Skolars side has something that previous ones haven't, the grit and the nous to grind out wins. The game at Haven next Saturday looks immense. But with now a seven point gap between themselves and sixth place Skolars look well place for the play-offs at least. Well done Jermaine and the crew. .
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    31555 the official attendance. New record.
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    Starting a petition to give you a new username.....Oliver Boreoff
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    Well I certainly did not see that one coming, for 70 minutes, London gave a passable impersonation of a Super League team in the Jordan Abdull show - Watch the tries whwen the club puts them on the webite its' worth it - All the things you just had not seen in weeks, off loads , line breaks, Solid defence it was there. I have been Ill all week so by the time the score reacheed 42-6, I was half-thinking - This medications strong stuff... As for the London Phantom well you saw good and bad Keiran on display today, Good going forward bad in defence in the last 10 minutes when it was his flank under attack. and lucky when we were only 10-0 up that his inability to deal with the high ball did not result in Wakefield dragging it back to 10-6. Wakefield fans were sanguine about the result one or two saying London was a bogey ground for Trinity even when the Broncos were a poor side. However the final scoreline flatters Trinity, Injuries or no Injuries, if you have Grand Final pretensions whatever XIII you put on the paddock should not be 42-6 down to the bottom club. Being 42-6 up posed a bit of a problem for the Broncos who were in the unusual position, for them, of having builit up a winning lead but seemingly perplexed as to how to approach the last 20 minutes. Fifita barged over for a try for Wakefield then.. From 42-12, London mad 10 minutes started with Wakley getting repeat tries, se after set. I think there was a case of "thanks I have seen enough" on and off the field with London showing an inability to kill the game n the manner other sides have when building up a lead at Trailfinders. We we all guilty of playing out time, for not only was I glancing at the watch every 30 seconds but the bloke next to me was doing the same staring at his right arm where his watch should have been... Ultimately London had a big enough cushion to win. Did the late flurry of Wakefield tries take the gloss off the win for me. Well put it this way, I did not think we would win so I will take a win by an 8 point margin and would have taken a one point win secured by a wobbly duck of a drop goal bouncing in off the cross bar. What it does do is it means Super Leagues Ultimate Underdogs have not only won more games than Widnes did all last season but have given themselves a punchers chance of staying up. I don't think it will be enough at the end of the day, but this team of try hards is not going away quietly and, as a fan, that's all you can ask for.
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    With 5 wins in a row. Admittedly Whitehaven have two games in hand but the Skolars are having a sensational season. I'd love for them to be promoted. Exciting times in North London.
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    Willie Minoga lands back in the country on Tuesday and I have almost agreed terms with a club for a season loan for another player, I'm 95% sure I will get the deal over the line. After that we are still talking about another player to their club and I'm hopefully we can get something agreed . Sometimes things go really slow then bang you have your signing. For tomorrow, we are probably at the strongest we have been for ages. Aspinwall, Stack and Walne return whilst Josh Johnson is now fit having played when he could hardly walk at Halifax.
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    Already over 1,000 tickets sold for Thunder v Keighley tomorrow
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    I had a battle on twitter earlier with a non expansion fan and asked him. The following Its 2021 you have 2 options. 1. Toulouse and Toronto are added to SL with a new improved SL offer from sky tv 2. SL stays as it currently is and sky offer no TV deal. What do you pick??? And yes he picked option 2!!!!! He then went on to claim that the sport being part time would not make any difference. I gave up then.
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    That was very enjoyable as a neutral. Purely on the basis of people around us, it’s clear a number of locals had turned up to support Catalan.(Edit: just read in Guardian quarter of tickets were sold locally). There was a great buzz around the game and credit to Wigan fans who traveled in big numbers and pretty much all stayed to the end.
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    Congratulations. Catalans now the SL crowd record holders. Hopefully this will be a kick start to other clubs moving games to big stadiums to break this.
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    Congratulations to Catalans. Even as a Wigan fan I was delighted they won today. Their fans were magnificent all the way through and it felt like hard earned recognition for the game after the plight of the game in France and the problems it has had to face. A tremendous day and weekend.
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    It comes across badly if you are too stupid to understand context, or are just a miserable tosser.
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    Amazing crowd. 14 team Superleague next year with Toulouse and Toronto will be immense.
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    Brexiteers are also obsessed, absolutely obsessed, with framing themselves as victims.
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    Yep. And I had to miss the Catalan and Skolars game because people couldn't play one game a bit later and the other event in the Capital on a different day. RL doesn't help itself.
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    Good effort from the Wigan fans, not just in numbers but in maintaining an 80 minutes silence What a great occasion, enjoyed watching the game and the enthusiasm of the Catalonian crowd.
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    What a fantastic experience for the players, fans and us watching at home. How happy do you think Betfred are getting their logo painted over the field at the Nou Camp? Brilliant work from Les Catalans.
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    Play the magic round in Barcelona
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    Someone posted a couple of months ago that Coleman wouldn't see May. Well it's the 18th May today and Skolars are top of the league.
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    The obsessive delusional harking back to wartime terminology is utterly pathetic and very terrifying. They are our neighbours and our friends - peaceful, tolerant neighbours and friends who have bent over backwards to accommodate our wanting to be special members of the EU for decades. The nationalist rhetoric of many Brexiteers all too often reveals their real, deeply unpleasant, reasons.
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    Dead chuffed for City. What a trophy haul! I did feel sorry for Watford, though. If they had buried that first chance, it could have been different. Once they had to take the game to City, though, they were ruthlessly exposed. Sixty years ago, I started supporting City as a six year old. I switched my allegiance to RL about 40 years ago but have retained my love of City. For most of that time, we have lived in the shadow of both Liverpool and our now-quiet neighbours. These last few seasons have been sweet!
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    Brilliant first 40 from London, probably the best we've played all season. Everyone was good, but Abdull absolutely bossed the show and Butler was awesome up front, really took on the Wakefield forwards. That kid's going places. The last 15 minutes was....not good! Twice Dixon got caught out of position, giving Caton-Brown space on his outside and being burnt in the sprint down the line. The sort of thing he gets away with against most wingers he was slaughtered for by a faster winger. It was not pretty. A couple of other messy tries and suddenly it was looking grim. The big guys in the middle were not happy with Dixon, Morgan and Smith out wide on our right - summed up by Butler absolutely demolishing Lyne in the final tackle of the game as the 3 mentioned above played pat-a-cake with him. Weird feeling afterwards. Such an impressive performance but you end up walking away relieved rather than excited. And a real shame we conceded those tries needlessly, our points difference could have really done with that boost. Still, a real confidence booster ahead of a massive game next week! Bring on Leeds.
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    You’d never get Catalans to attend the espanyol ground, the espanyol club are seen as the club of the guardian civile and of Castilian oppression
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    No anger here, just found your post rather tediously predictable. Hence, boring.
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    It doesn’t look great, let’s be honest. It’s great that the record is broken and fair play to both sets of fans and the French game for doing that but it looks lost in a ground of that size. Espanyol, the other Football side from Barcelona, have a new, modern 40,500 seater stadium, the crowd would have looked good in that but it looks what it is in the Camp Nou, sparsely attended.
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    Hour before kick off outside the turnstiles. Busy.
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    Man....we HAVE to stop depending on away fans to fill stadiums. It kills me when ever I see this argument. Away fan revenue is unpredictable at best Catalans (continued) success will fill their stadium on their own accord.
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    Personally I thought it wasn’t a knock-on in the Bentley try. His arm was always in contact with the ball, and his other hand was almost certainly on it, but unseen by the camera angles. On those grounds, no reason to overturn the on-field decision, which was entirely reasonable given the ref’s positioning and real-time speed. However, I guess if the team I was supporting was about to be pickpocketed in the 78th minute, I’d have been convinced it was a huge and obvious knock on. Before people work themselves into a lather, though, cast your mind back a few minutes earlier. Saints were utterly dominant, Salford couldn’t make 10 yards in a set, and kicked from their own line. A saints score looked almost inevitable. Coote returned the ball and got tackled on the Salford 40. The tackle was completed, Coote started to get to his feet to play the hall, and a Salford player came in and pushed him into touch. You’ll rarely see a clearer penalty. Instead, Salford were awarded the scrum and burned a couple of minutes before handing the ball over inside the Saints 10. That decision could have been the game. We need to do less focusing on a single decision which goes against us, and instead accept that perfection isn’t part of sport. That was a belting game tonight. Frantic, exciting, skilful and nerve-wracking. I watched it with two non-fans who were utterly gripped by it. That’s what matters, and as a fan I always admire the restraint and reasonableness of the players and coaches commenting after the match.
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    What a load of rubbish O’Connor comes out with
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    Sometimes we really shoot ourselves in the foot; no joined up thinking at all. Anyway, I really enjoyed my afternoon at White Hart Lane: two good games a pork gyros and a couple of pints of New River Brewery's finest. There were a lot more Norwegians in the crowd than I expected as well - including the ambassador according to the man sitting next to me.
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    When you see how well Bateman is going in the NRL, it makes you realise how us, fans of other clubs, have maybe underrated him while he was at Wigan.
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    You'll be playing Toulouse next year
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    And Radford can't help but have a sly dig at the fans, "you don't kick us when we're down", no Lee, we expect better from you and the team and not getting tonked several times hence why fans are 'kicking you' because we expect better. Don't start again by having a pop at fans, it's you and the team that dictate how the fans react and if you haven't noticed even fans like myself who don't think you're up to the job are still going to support the club, don't bite the hands that feed you!
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    Just announced on Sky as 31555
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    Getting better, dare I say, "Another one bites the crust"
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    Give him a contract extension, he’s class.
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    BBC talking up that the crowd will be at least 30K https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/48301695 All other reports now talking 25K+ at least, so I things looking promising for a new Super League record.
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    I wonder why someone much more qualified than you decided to recruit him? He's clearly not the player of old, Leeds had his vintage years, and yet your premiers still want him. He must be some talent to do that. Seriously what other player has gone to the NRL from SL for their final big pay day? I watched the game and he coughed up one or two which is uncharacteristic but forgivable given the circumstances! This is essentially his first preseason game and his first game back from a long lay off! The performance, given the intensity of the game and his lay off was very good. He is absolutely made for the NRL. I'm not talking flashy but he's sound defending kicks, has great awareness and field position, will physically dominate his opponent including in D and makes metres for fun.
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    Why quite honestly has everything got to have a 'purpose' to exist ... Coaches and Players have stated in the article that apart from one or two reservations regarding the match 'turn arounds ' its a concept that they enjoy and value . (John Kears comments were spot on ) My social media feeds have since last night been buzzing with statuses ,photos and videos of supporters from all the Championship clubs beginning to get their weekend started in Blackpool . Everytime I've attended it has been a cracking atmosphere and provided some long lasting memories. Commercial tie ups by the Club with the big bars giving supporters their own 'HQ' (Walkabouts for Bradford , The Manchester for Leigh) add to the day .. ok so it might a bit of a Northern day out at the seaside but if it's finacially viable and the clubs and fans are happy, quite frankly who bloody cares (and for the record I've attended SB with plenty of Southern RL fans who've enjoyed it just as much as anyone else ) . Yep we all know that Blackpool is a bit of a dump but quite honestly if it means that weekend accomodation is affordable e to most fans to make it the weekend occasion that it is , then why change it ? Can we not for once just have something that is enjoyable and would be missed by many if it was binned .. if you dont like it dont go, simples , meanwhile the rest of us will either be in the stands at Bloomfield or enjoying a full afternoon in front of the telly watching some cracking games .
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    Hastings, Lui, Sau, Evalds, Olipherts, now Watson all either being linked with other clubs or suggested they would be better employed elsewhere, take those guys away from the Salford Club and watch it start to disintegrate into oblivion, Salford have been involved in two of the best performances we have been witness to this season, at Catalan and last night at Saints, I wish the good Doc would return (or someone else) and finance top drawer signings to compliment the players already on their roster, with the type of football they are playing Salford are an asset to some of the humdrum performances from what we witness in the televised games, I am not a Salford fan but I wish them all the best in the near future, for without a cash injection I think they are going to need it. PS good luck to the guy stood on the terracing at Saints last night with a piece of cardboard in each hand, on them a written message trying to rally the good people of the city to support THEIR team. PPS, it is one of lifes mysteries to me how not 2 miles away at Old Trafford 70,000 people can assemble regularly to watch that boring round ball game and pay a vast amount for each visit, they would be far better entertained watching a manly sport and for better value at the AJ Bell, rant over.
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    Are you sure, Nige ? I seem to remember Liam being rather, shall we say, circumspect when thinking about taking the Knights line on in that game ?
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    I'd fancy my chances against him right now....though it would still be close

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